Sunday Firesides: Bring Back the Kids Table

When you were growing up, and your family was invited to a dinner party, chances are you ate exclusively with your young peers at a kids’ table, while the adults ate exclusively with their fellow grownups at their own. Today, the host of a dinner party might put children and adults together, calling to his own progeny: “Come sit next to me and tell these folks what you’ve been working on at school!” While there isn’t hard data tracking the use of the kids’ table over time, an anecdotally-b...
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What Hair Color Lines Do Most Salons Use?

What Hair Color Lines Do Most Salons Use? What Hair Color Lines Do Most Salons Use? The list of professional hair color lines used by top colorists, are endless. Professional hair colorist's select professional hair color lines based upon a range of different issues. Hair, Health, Beauty blogs by
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3 Tips for a More Fulfilling Career

Whether you are looking on your own, or are forced into it, there are certain steps you can take to find a more fulfilling career. Click the player to listen to podcast episode #1056 of The BIGG Success Show. Below is a summary of our discussion… Our show today is inspired by the movie, Larry […] The post 3 Tips for a More Fulfilling Career appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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I ate like Warren Buffett for a week - and it was miserable

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett Rick Wilking/Reuters I ate like Warren Buffett for a week. Buffett does not eat very healthy. My body felt terrible by the end of the week. See more stories on Insider's business page. Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors in history.He also has a really weird diet.Buffett's diet of sugary soda, junk food, and limited vegetables has reached legendary status.The Berkshire Hathaway CEO drinks about five cans of Coca-Cola products...
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‘Stop the Breast Pest’: MP’s ‘horror’ at being photographed while breastfeeding

Stella Creasy launches campaign to change law after a boy took pictures of her feeding her baby on a trainAn MP has described her “horror” after she was photographed while breastfeeding on public transport, as she and a fellow MP launch a campaign to criminalise the taking of such pictures.Stella Creasy, the Labour MP for Walthamstow, said she was breastfeeding her then four-month-old on a overground train near Highbury and Islington in north London when she noticed a teenage boy laughing and ta...
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Mend your clothes and do yourself some good

Care and repair is an invaluable mantra for your wardrobe, your mental health, your wallet and the planetIn today’s society, many of us go through our whole lives without ever working with our hands; we live, we work, we eat, we buy, we repeat. Everything is made and delivered at a blistering rate, from fast food to fast fashion and, although this may keep the economy buoyant, it’s not necessarily good for our mental health, or for our planet.But during the past year of lockdown, we have been fo...
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Companies are focusing on building out their employees' people skills during the pandemic

Luis Alvarez/Getty Images A new McKinsey report finds which skills workplaces are focusing on developing in their employees. About half of respondents said leadership, critical thinking, or project management skills. About 39% said interpersonal and empathy skills, roughly double the share that said this in 2019. See more stories on Insider's business page. A new McKinsey report highlights the changes in the kinds of skills companies are focusing on while the pandemic continues to lo...
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‘I was addicted to the high’: I became an influencer as a joke – then it nearly broke me

Comedian Bella Younger thought wellness Instagrammers were ripe for parody. Soon she was drawn in herself. Could Deliciously Stella find her way back to reality?I have always wanted to be a comedian or television presenter, but never knew how I’d make it happen. After years of working in TV production, pestering executives to put me in a show, I conceded that I might have to demonstrate to them what I could do in order to prove my worth. This is how I ended up spending a Friday afternoon in Apri...
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Saturday Links

Podcast: In the latest Gospel for Life podcast, I talked to Jared C. Wilson about Discipleship and Gospel-Driven Ministry. Curated links for your weekend reading: Christianity Can Be the Safest Space for Truth-Seeking Intellectuals Christianity has an opportunity to again become the most fertile intellectual ground — as it was for most of the last 2,000 years (until fairly recently). Humility on the Opinion Front Please my brothers and sisters. Join me in:giving more care to your ...
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Tony Blair’s hair: ‘it’s not been this long since I was in a band’

The former PM isn’t just echoing the mullet trend, he is following the trend of men who love their lockdown locksTony Blair’s appearance on ITN News this week, with a slightly matted mane of slate grey hair styled into a mullet, may have prompted many to mistake the former PM for Peter Stringfellow, Paul Smith or an older version of Steve Coogan’s Portuguese crooner Tony Ferrino (it was less ‘former Labour leader’ and more ‘dude from Ugly Rumours’, indeed he told the Evening Standard: “it’s not ...
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Julia Donaldson: ‘I worry some children will be unable to sing’

The bestselling author of the Gruffalo is concerned about the limits coronavirus has placed on the lives of her young fansChildren are not, says Julia Donaldson with a smile, going to write to her directly about the pandemic. Her assistant has just delivered a fresh pile of post, and the author shuffles through a stack of opened letters to make the point: “Children aren’t going to write, ‘Oh dear I feel so lonely or overcrowded’ – they are just writing their usual, ‘There were four kittens calle...
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Blind date: ‘We were under a blanket for most of the evening’

Chris, 29, digital experience consultant, meets Ariana, 31, graduate student – in person!What were you hoping for?When I heard I had a date with a girl called Ariana from America, I was hoping it would be Ariana Grande. Continue reading...
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