Natasha Denona Zendo Eyeshadow Palette for Summer 2021

Release Date + About the Launch A warm & cool toned palette inspired by an ambiance where nature meets minimalist architecture – a mix of elements that conveys peacefulness & tranquility. It features 15 NEW iconic ND pressed-pigment eyeshadows, including a range of brown & beige to pink & coral shades complemented with teal, mint & green hues. A perfect balance & color combination to create warm & cool e...
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YSL Nude Protest & Inflammatory Nude Slim Matte Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Nude Protest (30) YSL Nude Protest (30) Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Matte LipstickYSL Nude Protest (30) Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Matte Lipstick ($39.00 for 0.08 oz.) is a medium-dark copper with moderate, warm undertones and a mostly matte finish. It had rich pigmentation in a single stroke, which delivered even color that didn’t emphasize my natural lip texture. The lipstick felt smooth, velvety, and lightweight with a thinner co...
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ColourPop Spring Fling Super Shock Shadow Swatches

There are nine new shades in the just-released ColourPop Spring Fling Super Shock Shadow Collection (as in, released yesterday), and most shades are already sold out, though I’m sure ColourPop will restock, so here are swatches for future reference, I suppose… In other news, they’re also selling all Super Shock Shadows, Highlighters, and Blushes for $5 for a limited time. Spring Fling Super Shock Shadows ...
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Terra Moons Summer 2021 Eyeshadow Swatches

Terra Moons Summer 2021 Collection includes seven new eyeshadows–three, super metallic metal-inspired shades and four, more sparkly shades (that the brand says are “best applied with a glitter glue,” though they had a lot of slip for adhesion on their own from my initial impressions!). There are also new Multichromes, which I purchased as a pre-order, so those haven’t arrived yet! Summer 2021 Eyeshadows ...
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ColourPop Rumor Has It Palette Review & Swatches

Rumor Has It ColourPop Rumor Has It 5-Pan Pressed Powder Palette ($10.00 for 0.15 oz.) is an aqua and blue-hued color story that included three matte shades and two shimmer shades. It was a poor performing palette from the brand; while one shade was exceptionally nice, the rest were lesser with three being particularly disappointing. Rumor Has It P ...
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3 Considerations For Moms When Purchasing Loungewear

As a housewife and mother, you might want to keep looking your best, even with the pressures of your daily life. While you might have set outfits that you wear when cooking, cleaning, dropping the kids off at school or their regular leisure activities, or even when you visit the gym, many women often forget to consider the items they wear around the home during times of leisure. Buying loungewear is not as simple as just picking out any old item. A lot of consideration will need to go ...
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How To Repot House Plants Like A Pro

If you want to repot house plants like a pro, this is the post for you! Replanting houseplants is one of the things that spring is associated with and an interesting way to spend a weekend. Let’s find out how replanting differs from repotting, how to choose the right pot, and what you need to know about drainage and soil for different plants. Determine If a Replant Is Needed  The traditional replant of houseplants is to carefully remove the old soil, spread the roots on a hill ...
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Homesick. perfume: Interview with perfumer Will Inrig

Recently, Eddie announced the launch of the new perfume, Homesick. (yes, with a period at the end), created by Will Inrig for The Observer collection. Some of you know Will from his creation Acide, which Sergey reviewed in detail in his Acide Editions M. R.: Eau de Cologne Reinvented. HOMESICK. Lime, Geranium, Aldehydes, Marine Notes Pine, Orris, Ambergris, Olibanum Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Vanilla... Read full article: Homesick. perfume: Interview with perfumer Will Inrig from Fragrantica Perfu...
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5 Home Decor Hacks Guaranteed To Wow Your Guests

When people visit your home, you want to be sure that your property makes a positive first impression. How you decorate your interior, the furniture you choose, the style you use and how you present your home, will all influence how your home is received by visitors. As a homeowner, you need to give some careful consideration to how your home is perceived by guests and focus on the right areas to ensure that you wow anyone who steps inside your house.  If you are redesigning your interi...
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Is Your Lower-Back Pain Something Else Entirely? Find Out Here

“I have chronic back pain.” That is such an easy statement to pass. Such an easy diagnosis to narrow your problem down to that it is almost impossible not to have landed on this conclusion if you’ve gone to your doctor a few times complaining about constant lower back pain. While it is one of the most common problems that people nowadays face, especially people between the ages 30 to 60, it can also be a side effect of an underlying condition that you are completely unaware of. Keep rea...
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Limone Bergamotto: Two New Perfumes by Laboratorio Olfattivo

Laboratorio Olfattivo presented its two new perfumes, Limone and Bergamotto, in May 2021. These two new citrus fragrances were created by the legendary perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena to be included in the special collection named Viaggio In Italia by Jean-Claude Ellena that was started in 2020. The Master Perfumer invites us to travel further through sun-lit Italy and smell the gold-like citrus fru... Read full article: Limone Bergamotto: Two New Perfumes by Laboratorio Olfattivo from Fragranti...
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3 Sunglass Styles That Will Suit Any Outfit

Sunglasses might be small accessories, but these are regarded as must-have portable items for each closet. Apart from its purpose to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, sunglasses are also fashion accessories to add a finishing touch and complement any of your outfits.  Sunglass Styles With tons of style, shape, finish, and design available in the market, you wouldn’t have to scout further to secure your pair. Also, aside from it elevating any outfit, the ...
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Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Rings: Do You Really Need Both?

There are many opinions out there on what engagement rings and wedding rings should look like, and how couples should have just one or both sets of rings. Some people believe that you need to have both, while others think it’s traditional for the bride to wear a wedding ring, but not necessarily an engagement ring.  However, most couples agree that they don’t want to spend their entire budget on just one piece of jewelry. For this post, we will explore the pros and cons of buying the pe...
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A New Limited Edition From Yves Rocher: My Kiwi Kiss Eau de Toilette

The French cosmetic brand Yves Rocher loves to mark the arrival of springtime with limited thematic collections. This year, 2021, the brand again invites us to discover a new "pop limited edition line" that aims to bring all the joyful energy of Spring! Besides various bath body and make-up products, a new Eau de Toilette has also joined the fun. The name: My Kiwi Kiss. The limited-edition M... Read full article: A New Limited Edition From Yves Rocher: My Kiwi Kiss Eau de Toilette from Fra...
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The founder of $5 billion healthy snack company Kind on how to build a culture of empathy without losing your competitive edge

BI Graphics Daniel Lubetzky. Kind Daniel Lubetzky is founder and executive chairman of Kind snacks and a "Shark Tank" guest judge. He recommended leaders incorporate kindness into their cultures as it helped him find success. To build an empathetic culture, define and implement your "how" and encourage honest feedback. This article is part of a series called "Secrets of Success," which examines specific leadership tips from prominent business leaders. Daniel Lubetzky, founde...
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16 Smart Ways to Use Leftover Herbs

Leftover herbs are an inevitability if you cook often and since they’re so pricey, you don’t want to throw them away! We’re sharing some simple ways to use leftover herbs to help you reduce food waste and make the most of your grocery budget. The Best Way to Store Leftover Herbs You’ve probably noticed that... Read More The post 16 Smart Ways to Use Leftover Herbs appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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Hope Fragrances Offers a Special Mother's Day Set

Just in time for Mother's Day, Hope Fragrances now introduces the Lifestyle Collection. The founder of Hope Fragrances, Audrey Gruss, was inspired by her mother, Hope — who suffered from depression — to create a trio of unique and distinctive scents to uplift one's mood. The set arrives with a luxurious travel pouch and consists of three travel-sized sprays, one each of Hope Signature... Read full article: Hope Fragrances Offers a Special Mother's Day Set from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes...
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Corkball: The Mutant Baseball Game That’s a St. Louis Tradition

The batter tightens his grip around the bat and stares down the pitcher with a flinty look. The pitcher winds up and hurls the ball with all his might. WOOSH PLOP! As the golf-ball-sized ball lands in the catcher’s mitt, the struck-out batter dejectedly walks away from the plate, leaving his broomstick-width bat behind. Wait, what? Why are the ball and bat so slimmed down? What might have initially sounded like a game of baseball isn’t America’s pastime at all. Rather, it’s a regio...
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50% Off Select Tom Ford Beauty

Hurry over to and enjoy 50% off select Tom Ford Beauty! A few items that caught my eye: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad $88 Tom Ford Eye Kohl Intense $19 Tom Ford Lip Color $28 Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Lux $28 Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Luxe $28 Tom Ford Satin Matte Lip Color $28 Enjoy! Where to buy Cosbar You may also enjoy... Kiko Files for Bankruptcy and Closes Most US StoresBobbi Brown Skin Foundation Mineral MakeupBath and Body Works Sassy Strawberry Three in One Shower Gel ReviewRevlon...
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Black Collection Widian: Delicate Like You and Me

The first WIDIAN collection, which debuted under the name Black Collection AJ Arabia in 2014 and culminated in five fragrances a year later, is well known to many. Its perfumes are distinguished by a soft delicacy and a hugging feeling, fusing the perfumery aesthetics of the East and West. These oriental fragrances are as close as possible to both Europeans and residents of the Middle East. You ... Read full article: Black Collection Widian: Delicate Like You and Me from Fragrantica Perfumes a...
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Ja, du solltest dein Workout-Programm an deinen Zyklus anpassen – so geht’s

Viele Leute haben über den Menstruationszyklus nur ein sehr rudimentäres Wissen. Eine Handvoll Fakten kennen wir alle: Einmal im Monat setzt die Blutung ein, vielleicht begleitet von Schmerzen, Pickeln oder depressiven Verstimmungen. Und irgendwann zwischen einer Blutung und der nächsten kommt dann der Eisprung. So weit, so gut. Dabei beschränkt sich der Menstruationszyklus aber natürlich nicht nur auf die Blutung und den Eisprung, sondern endet nie – ein Zyklus eben. Und tatsächlich hat jede Ph...
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Sollten wir jeden Tag Sex haben?

Am Anfang einer Beziehung haben die meisten von uns oft, sehr oft, Sex. Frischverliebte tun es oft drei-, vier- oder sogar fünfmal an einem Tag. Für gewöhnlich verändert sich unser Sexleben aber im Laufe der Zeit. Irgendwann willst du vielleicht lieber ausschlafen, anstatt vor der Arbeit extra früher aufzuwachen, um genug Zeit für Morgensex zu haben. Sobald die „Flitterwochen-Phase“ vorbei ist (dazu sind keine wirklichen Flitterwochen erforderlich) und sich eine neue Normalität eingestel...
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MAC Love Me Liquid Lipcolour Swatches (x16)

MAC Love Me Liquid Lipcolour ($24.00 for 0.10 fl. oz.) is a new, permanent liquid lipstick available in 16 shades (though MAC showed 20 tubes in some promotional images) that just released. Here are swatches of the 16 shades I was able to purchase! MAC Love Me Liquid Lipcolour Gallery Options Products ...
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Urban Decay Launches Prince Inspired Collection for Summer 2021

The Prince Estate and Urban Decay will launch an exclusive limited edition makeup collection inspired by Prince on May 27th called Urban Decay Prince Live Loud in Color. Yes, it’s true there will be an Urban Decay Prince Makeup Collection to look forward to and there better be purple in there or someone is going to get cut! No but seriously, Urban Decay actually has disclose that the collection will include Prince’s signature purple shade along side golds and blacks. Urban Decay x Prince was ...
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MAC Love Me Liquid Lipcolour Going Fast

MAC Love Me Liquid Lipcolour is a new argan oil and shea butter infused creamy lip color with a satin finish that launched in 14 shades today at and some shades are already sold out. Who even sees MAC Collection sell out anymore? I better get the shades I want before now. I really like Love Me Lipstick so I’m hoping this new liquid version is just as nice. Apparently the wear for 12 hours but I sure hope it’s not a super dry experience. They do have a pretty exciting blend of hydra...
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Are Job Seekers Ready to Get Back Out into the World?

It's been more than a year since the world changed, but as we're beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel, are job seekers and employers ready to get back out into the world? At Nexxt we’ve been checking in with job seekers to understand how their behavior over the course of 2020 into 2021 has changed when it comes to searching for jobs, their priorities, and their confidence levels.  Download the pdf. Nexxt is a recruitment media company that uses today’s most effective marketing ta...
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What was the last skincare tip that changed your routine?

It’s definitely been using something like CeraVe Healing Ointment to help lock in moisturizer. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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From A to Z: The must-have jewelry pieces for spring 2021

The best new luxury necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings from the world's most iconic jewelers have arrived. These are must-have pieces for spring 2021:
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Back to normal – wie du dich wieder daran gewöhnst, unter Leuten zu sein

Letzten Samstag stieg ich zum ersten Mal in diesem Jahr in einen Zug. Ich war mit einem guten Freund unterwegs, um einen anderen zu besuchen, der während der Pandemie zu seinen Eltern zurückgezogen war. Als wir im Waggon nebeneinandersaßen und uns persönlich (!) unterhielten, konnte ich die körperliche Anstrengung spüren, die mich diese Unterhaltung kostete. Die Durchsagen während der Fahrt, die mir extrem laut und schrill vorkamen, und die Gespräche der anderen Menschen um uns herum lenkten mic...
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SUPERGLOSS is a new fragrance from the Italian fashion brand CoSTUME NATIONAL, launched in April 2021. The bright pink/fuchsia and red colors of the new creation represent a hypnotic and sophisticated fragrance of seduction, as explained in the official description. If this fragrance were a dress, it would have "character, strong and sexy lines, and contrasting colors," as the brand states. The... Read full article: CoSTUME NATIONAL Supergloss from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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