Five for Friday: Never Enough Neutrals

On the lookout for some more neutral color combination ideas? Here are five ideas using Sydney Grace Eyeshadows for some weekend inspiration! About This Series Each look idea is centered around a “quad” of four shades with the expectation that one might bring in the appropriate brow bone or additional transitional shade based on skin tone. Consider these ideas a jumping off point with four “core” colors that can inspire your next look. For reference, based on how I ...
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MAC Coffee and Cigs & Bated Breath Love Me Liquid Lipcolours Reviews & Swatches

Coffee and Cigs MAC Coffee and Cigs Love Me Liquid Lipcolour ($24.00 for 0.1 oz.) is a muted, medium-dark brown with subtle, warm undertones and a satin finish. It had opaque color coverage in a single stroke, which adhered evenly and smoothly to my lips without catching on lip texture imperfections. The consistency was lightweight, smooth, and fluid with a velvety feel that wasn’t too slippery but was easy to work with. It stayed ...
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ColourPop Spring Fling Super Shock Shadows Reviews & Swatches (Part 1 of 2)

Chirp ColourPop Chirp Super Shock Shadow ($6.00 for 0.07 oz.) is a medium-dark orange-coral with warm undertones and flecks of lighter orange sparkle over a pearl finish. It had rich color payoff in a single layer, which applied evenly to bare skin with a slight bit of fallout as it had a lot of larger flecks of sparkle. I didn’t have issues with additional fallout during wear, thankfully. The texture was smooth, lightly emollient ...
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The wonderful wackiness of the Miss Universe costume contest

From soccer uniforms to airline pilot costumes, the Miss Universe contest in 2021 had an eclectic mix of outfits. Johnny Oleksinski and Serena French break it all down.
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The Subliminary Hedonism of Perfumery

Perfumery, as well as the human mind, is a field so vast that it opens the parenthesis for countless analyzes regarding the exploration of interconnections with senses and sensations. Some of the many functions of the arts are to provoke, bother and modify, in a subjective and abstract way, the viewer's perception, and if we're bold, we could include perfumery in the list of arts as the 8th art,... Read full article: The Subliminary Hedonism of Perfumery from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes...
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Ebay bans sex

Late Friday afternoon is the classic hour to release news that you don't want widely reported or read about, and this Friday afternoon Ebay announced that it was banning sex on its platform. I did not until now even know that one could buy sex on eBay, and now it's too late. — Read the rest
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Maiden Noir's First Fragrance Inspired by the American Northwest and Japan

The launch of the first perfume by Maiden Noir, a contemporary apparel brand based in Seattle's Japantown, is set for tomorrow, May 15th, 2021.  Maiden Noir is known for its versatile collection, use of Japanese fabrics, and universal fits. Maiden Noir’s artistic director Christa Thomas has developed an Eau De Parfum over the last three years with an organic perfumer to bring their story an... Read full article: Maiden Noir's First Fragrance Inspired by the American Northwest and Japan from Fr...
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Fine-tuning Fine Curly Hair

Fine-tuning Fine Curly Hair All fine hair, regardless of the texture can be challenging, but there are many answers to help anyone fall in love with their strands. There's no right or wrong haircut, style or length for any type of hair from baby fine to very thick regardless of it's cuticle shape. With the best  professional texture advice any individual, regardless of their hair type and cuticle shape  can have the hair style and shape of their dreams. Hair, Health, Beauty blogs by HairBoutiq...
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7 Skin Care Tips For Women In Their 30s

Turning 30 can mean a lot of things – a more mature outlook on life, the readiness to take on more responsibilities, that feeling of being more in control, and, sometimes, making a change for the better. But, while not everyone will have a smooth transition to the second chapter of adulting, you can still control what you can do for your skin. The following are proven ways to keep your skin in good condition in your 30s:   1. Stay Hydrated  Water cleanses the gut, helps moi...
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A bar with no booze: ‘Anybody seeking to practice their sober pash skills should give it a try’

Australia’s first nonalcoholic bar has opened in Melbourne. So what is a bar for, if not for drinking?It must take steely nerve to open a new hospitality venture in the current climate. Let alone a bar without alcohol.Yet I’ve lost count of the number of friends who sent me excited texts about the opening of Brunswick Aces cocktail lounge, such was the buzz around the opening of Australia’s first nonalcoholic bar. Continue reading...
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9 Things Most People Put Off For Later – And Why You Should Do Them Now!

We live ever increasingly busy lives, and after a long day of work, there are lots of things we want to do with our weekends and evenings than be productive.   The benefits you can gain from doing just one or two of the things you have been putting off can be excellent. Here are some of the common things people put off and why you should do them now.   Go Traveling  Traveling can expand your horizons and give you valuable life experience. You should save money for traveling and fi...
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5 Simple Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

Backyards and patios usually come as an afterthought when it comes to the overall design and plan of the home. Back in the day, these outdoor spaces were simply used as storage spaces for the grill or some extra furniture hanging around. Nowadays, homeowners are breaking the bank to transform the outdoor into an oasis that serves a purpose and offers the perfect spot for relaxation after a hard day at work or a fancy spot for casual dinner with family and friends. Many outdoor spaces come ...
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Ultimate Guide to Types of Bras in 2021

When the bra was first invented, I’m sure the inventor has no frigin clue that by the 21st century there would be so many different types of bras on the market to purchase! from push-ups to slick-on bras, there are so many different styles that it can be pretty confusing. So we decided to put together the ultimate guide to the types of bras that are presently available: Types of Bras Adhesive The bra adhesive has two types, the first one is a paperless disposable bra, and t...
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A Little Cheap Thrill for Friday Get this NARS Mini Oil-Infused Lip Tint Duo for $13 with Free Shipping

Head over to today and grab up this NARS Mini Oil-Infused Lip Tint Duo for $13 with free shipping! It includes 2 x 0.11 oz shades in Solstice (sheer strawberry pink) and Beausoleil (sheer gold)! Also, don’t forget you can sang 20% off at with code FRIENDS as well as 40% off final clearance items! Enjoy! Where to buy Nordstrom You may also enjoy... Makeup Revolution Precision Contour Set ReviewL’Oreal La Palette Noir Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2016S...
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My Yes or My No for O.U.i?

The Brazilian market, even in the midst of its worst phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, remains voracious for news regarding comfort and well-being; perhaps this is one of the reasons that sales of perfumes and cosmetics have been booming here. The O Boticário Group has just introduced a new segment to the national and international market, aimed at consumers looking for something more exclusive w... Read full article: My Yes or My No for O.U.i? from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Emily Ratajkowski’s NFT sells for $140K

In six minutes of intense bidding, a mystery buyer in New York City won the token for a picture of the stunning model.
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Glass Dildo Safety: What You Need to Know

Glass dildos are the ultimate pleasure tools. There are a dozen movies that have brought up this fact, and if you have used one before, you can agree that the pleasure that comes with glass dildos is beyond comprehension. One thing you have to understand though is with great pleasure comes greater responsibility. There are certain safety codes you have to live by if you do not want your glassy orgasm to end up in the emergency room. Here is the perfect guide to dildo safety. Dildos and Safety ...
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Lancome On Sale at Sephora

I’m not sure what’s up at Sephora but almost all Lancome is on sale at! I’m thinking they are price matching since Lancome has a Friends and Family on at the moment! It’s strange but hey at least we get some goodies on sale. I just picked up the Mini Juicy Tubes Original Lip Gloss Set which was $20! Use code FREESHIP to grab free shipping on any order. Head over to Sephora and take advantage. Enjoy! Where to buy Sephora You may also enjoy... Clarins Pro Palette Eyebrow...
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‘Halston’ highlights his iconic bond with Liza — and other daring muses

Minnelli wasn’t the only unconventional beauty who inspired and hung out with Halston. The designer had an entire coterie of fabulous friends who traveled everywhere with him, always in his original designs. 
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Molinard Habanita: New Body Oil and Hair Mist

The historical fragrance house of Molinard is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its iconic Habanita scent with a range of wonderful new products, introducing the scent to the younger perfumephiles, but also fanning the flames of love for us old-timers who have loved it for years. I have already written an extensive article on the history and scent profile of Molinard's Habanita and there is an ... Read full article: Molinard Habanita: New Body Oil and Hair Mist from Fragrantica Perfumes and ...
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Nordstrom Beauty Trend Event: May 2021

Nordstrom’s spring Beauty Trend Event begins May 17th and ends May 22nd. Each day, there will be deals for up to 50% off selected beauty products — see below for teasers. May 17th: Up to 50% off selected eye makeup — Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford, & more May 18th: Up to 25% off selected self-care favorites — Herbivore Botanicals & more May 19th: Up to 30% off selected makeup favorites — IT Cosmetics, Drybar, & more May 20th: Up to 25% off selected eye essentials — NuFACE, Cl...
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If you had to wear only one lipstick forever, what would it be?

Urban Decay Rebel Vice Lipstick (discontinued) is a flattering, mauve color with shine and pearl. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Jaden Smith and New Balance release trendy Pink Vision Racers

Jaden is back -- and if you loved this popular shoe, then copping its pink colorway is a worthy investment.
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Completely Free MILF Hookup Websites

Singles, and they would’ve missed out on something genuinely unique. From hiking and biking, to Wild West entertainment and also the Grand Canyon, work a sexy sweat together in Williams. Most relationships end with a whimper and not a bang. The pair’s love of art and devotion to sustainability comes within their approach into the wine market. All these 60-minute recordings discuss strategies, inventions, and technology which may elevate any sort of event. Regrettably there isn’t any universal re...
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Life Goals! I’m Learning to Sew (Finally)

This post is sponsored by Brother Growing up in the Caribbean gives you a different perspective on style and fashion, and so much of that has to do with our sewing culture. In my homeland of Trinidad and Tobago, if you visited the downtown streets of Port of Spain you will find stylish little boutiques... Read More The post Life Goals! I’m Learning to Sew (Finally) appeared first on Afrobella.
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How is Covid-19 Working from Home impacting HR teams?

As the coronavirus pandemic creates a landmark shift in the way staff operate, the role played by the HR industry and HR teams will influence the way employees vision performing their duties post-pandemic.  Sharing your attitude towards flexible working, such as remote working and working from home, will pave the way workplaces will react to the reopening of offices in the coming months. We run through the overhaul of duties for internal and external HR teams and how working from home is likely...
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Chanel Les Eaux de Chanel: PARIS-ÉDIMBOURG

  Chanel presents the fifth fragrance for their lovely Les Eaux de Chanel line, inspired by the specific destinations beloved by Gabrielle Chanel. Starting June 1st, 2021, we can expect CHANEL PARIS-ÉDIMBOURG in stores. The fragrance is announced as a woody and aromatic scent, as comfortable as a tweed jacket, and it is a creation of perfumer Olivier Polge. "Both fresh and woody, PARIS-ÉDIM... Read full article: Chanel Les Eaux de Chanel: PARIS-ÉDIMBOURG from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colog...
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Poor Employee Healthcare Has Significant Effects on Your Business. Here’s How to Avoid That

As an MSME or startup owner, we are sure you have set goals for yourself this year. From expanding in new geographies to growing profits, you might have a list of priorities you want to achieve. To do that, you will need employees who are hardworking and productive. If you want that, you’ll need to put employee healthcare high on that list of priorities. Employee healthcare is a very important aspect for all businesses to consider. Whether you have five employees or 50, you’ll need to ensure th...
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Pretty Things I Want for the Warmer Weather

I started doing a little Spring cleaning this week. Everyday for the past week I’ve started slowly bringing my Spring/Summer clothing and accessories to the front of my closet. All my sweaters I’ve tucked away onto the back shelves and brought my t-shirts, cooler blouse, and shirts to the front of the shelves. I put a lot of my flats and colorful Converse to the front of the shelves for easier to access. The weather isn’t quite perfect yet but it’s getting there slowly and I want to be prepa...
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You Have to Start Somewhere

Years ago (in 2006) I started this crazy entrepreneurial journey. Somehow I caught wind of blogging, and realized it would be a significant part of getting my story out so more people could learn about JibberJobber. Starting my blog was… scary. I wasn’t sure about the technology, my voice, my tone, what I should and shouldn’t say, etc. I didn’t have anyone editing my stuff (still don’t, obviously ;)), and wasn’t quite sure how to do it right. I was also a little nervous about the commitment, rea...
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