Chanel Chance & Opportunity Rouge Coco Bloom Lip Colours Reviews & Swatches

Chance (110) Chanel Chance (110) Rouge Coco Bloom Lip Colour ($40.00 for 0.11 oz.) is a soft, peachy coral with strong, warm undertones and a glossy, cream finish. It had nearly opaque pigmentation in a single layer, which gave it a more cream-like finish compared to some other shades in the range (those tended to look more balmy). The texture was smooth, moderately dense but lightweight to wear with a creamy feel and moderate slip....
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ColourPop Lust for Dusk, High Tide, Fine Feathered Palettes for Summer 2021

Release Date + About the Launch Three new palettes have launched exclusively at Ulta. Now online Ulta Products in the Launch Lust for Dusk Eyeshadow Palette, $24.00 (Limited Edition, Ulta Exclusive) Sunset Chaser Metallic warm gold Wild Sky Matte y...
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Terra Moons Matte Eyeshadows & Pressed Pigments Reviews & Swatches (Part 5 of 5)

Utopia Terra Moons Utopia Matte Eyeshadow ($6.00 for 0.05 oz.) is a medium pink with subtle, cool undertones and a matte finish. It had semi-sheer to medium coverage paired with a drier, more powdery texture that was slightly thin. The product was more prone to fallout and sheering out when applied to my skin, though it blended out evenly. It lasted for seven and a half hours before fading visibly.FURTHER READING: Form...
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Bite Beauty Hibiscus Slush Daycation Whipped Blush Review & Swatches

Hibiscus Slush Bite Beauty Hibiscus Slush Daycation Whipped BlushBite Beauty Hibiscus Slush Daycation Whipped Blush ($32.00 for 0.33 oz.) is a medium-dark pink with subtle, cool undertones and cooler flecks of lavender shimmer. It seemed to have more medium, buildable coverage when initially squeezed out of the tube, but in practice, it was sheer and difficult to build up due to how quickly it sheered out and how much it dried down....
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Sephora Colorful Eyeshadows (Summer 2021) Reviews & Swatches (Part 2 of 4)

Wine O'Clock (371) Sephora Wine O’Clock (371) Colorful EyeshadowSephora Wine O’Clock (371) Colorful Eyeshadow ($9.00 for 0.042 oz.) is a deep copper with moderate, warm undertones and a metallic sheen. It was intensely pigmented and had a lightly creamy, moderately dense texture that wasn’t too thick or too thin. The eyeshadow applied evenly to bare skin and blended out evenly without having fallout. This shade wore well for eight h...
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Community Favorites, Looks & Color Stories, Vol. 096

Sundays are for readers! Each week, on Sunday, I like to see what the community has been enjoying. “Most Loved” are products that readers specifically loved but didn’t add to their wish list ( ). “Most Wanted” are products that readers specifically added to their wish lists ( ). This is populated based on the last seven days of activity! You’ll find the icons to interact with products throughout the site, like on Glossovers. You’ll also find recently submitted makeup looks and color stories ...
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Maison Crivelli Releases Lys Sølaberg

French perfume house Mainson Crivelli announces the release of its tenth perfume, Lys Sølaberg. The perfume is an homage to the lily, and a lily in a very specific context. The maison's current director came across a group of such lilies while hiking near a fjord, and was struck by their particular smell:   "The lily that made the biggest impression on me was one that I came across after severa... Read full article: Maison Crivelli Releases Lys Sølaberg from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Ma...
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The Perfect Outfits for June 21st – Unofficial Pandemic Independence Day

The lifting of restrictions is finally going in the right direction, with much of the country now allowed to socialize again, albeit in smaller groups. However, the promise of June 21st is only around the corner, where hopefully we can finally enjoy real freedom again and a lot of this pandemic nonsense will finally be over. If you haven’t already started thinking about your pandemic wardrobe and what to wear out into public for when restrictions are fully lifted, now is definitely the ...
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Ervad Soli P. Dastur: In Memorarium

We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing away of Soli Uncle. This is a huge loss for the community in North America and all over the world. Soli Uncle was a huge supporter of Parsi Khabar right since inception nearly two decades ago. He would regularly correspond with us either thanking us for highlighting something, or pulling us up when the information was inaccurate. We will miss his readership and we will forever be greatful for his mentorship and for his service to the community in...
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New Gangster of the 21st Century: Bandit Suprême Robert Piguet

Bandit is probably the most famous of the Robert Piguet perfume family (along with Fracas, of course.) The first Robert Piguet scent was born in 1944 and nearly everyone knows the apocryphal story that at the fashion collection show all the models wore half masks covering their faces, brandished knives and revolvers, wore this perfume and even broke perfume bottles on the podium. Can you imag... Read full article: New Gangster of the 21st Century: Bandit Suprême Robert Piguet from Fragrantica ...
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Behram Yazad Jashan of Victory to be performed at Zoroastrian Association of California.

A Jashan of Victory   “….The Most courageous Beheram yazata then speaks unto him (i.e. seeker for help): I am the most courageous in courage, I am the most victorious in victory, I am the most glorious in glory; I am the most favored in favor, I am the most profitable in profit, I am the most health-giving in health.”- Behram Yasht  para 3  A Behram Yazad Jashan will be performed at the ZAC Atashkadeh/Agiyary for Victory over the virus on Dae mah Behram roj, on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 07:30 PM...
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Zen and the holiday weekend

Perfume PosseZen and the holiday weekend It’s a three-day weekend. The sun has been out for days. The weather is decidedly warm. I am thankful. After so much poor weather and stressful work it is good to have the space to just breathe. Saturday started with… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseZen and the holiday weekend
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Has a pet ever destroyed a beauty item?

I don’t recall Mellan doing so, and he, in general, was not a destroyer of things (even as a wee pup!) unless it was wood in nature, then he did destroy a couple of things over his lifetime. We have a gate blocking off access to the makeup room for Winston, so thus far, he hasn’t gotten into... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Purple Land ALTAIA: The Dawn Of Romance

Italian brand ALTAIA was founded by loving spouses Sebastian Alvarez Murena and Marina Sersale, famous for their first Eau d’Italie perfume brand and the luxurious five-star Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano on the Amalfi coast of Italy. The history of the ALTAIA brand can be revisited from our 2015 interview - but the general idea is to convey (with fragrances) the story of love within one happy f... Read full article: Purple Land ALTAIA: The Dawn Of Romance from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes...
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Perfumed Horoscope: May 31 - June 6

  In the backdrop of confusion and impending personal and social stressors, there is this friendly week, between the lunar and solar eclipses, which can give us the support that we need, and prepare us for the next cycle of balanced inner/outer growth. Epic astrologer Dane Rudyar calls this the process of individuation: If you are growing according to your own sovereign values, you will reap gr... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: May 31 - June 6 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Ma...
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Most Britons cannot name all parts of the vulva, survey reveals

Nearly 40% mislabelled clitoris regardless of their gender in study conducted out of concern for female patientsDo you know your urethra from your clitoris? And could you locate either of them on a diagram? According to a survey of patients in hospital waiting rooms, half of Britons could not identify the urethra, while 37% mislabelled the clitoris – regardless of their gender. Meanwhile, just 46% correctly identified that women have three “holes” down below.Dina El-Hamamsy, a senior obstetrics ...
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‘Don’t freak out!’ Why keeping calm and carrying on exercising can help back pain

When it hurts to walk, bend or even sit, it’s tempting to lie down until your spine sorts itself out. But moving can be the key to getting betterTurns out pandemics can be atrocious for our backs. By last October, more than a third of people in the UK had reported increased back pain, according to one study – and that was before an intense winter lockdown, followed by a month-long storm. We’ve been doing online yoga without an instructor’s watchful eye and lunging with Joe Wicks without warming...
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Centre Seeks More Time From Guj HC To File Reply

Next Hearing To Take Place On June 9; Parsi Trust’s Petition Says Burial Or Cremation Of Parsis Succumbing To Covid-19 Is Against Their Religion The Central government on Thursday sought time from the Gujarat High Court to file its reply to a petition seeking right to perform customary burial of Parsis succumbing to Covid. At present, as per the central government Covid norms, Parsis are either buried or cremated against their traditional burial Dokhmenashini that involves placing the dead body...
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Bees give me a sense of calm: discovering nature in my back garden

Their busy buzzing supplies the soundtrack to our summer – and by spotting them I’ve found a fresh sense of inner peaceLockdown started, or reignited, a love of nature in many people. The RSPB reported a 70% increase in visitors to its website during the first lockdown. This came as no surprise to me; stuck at home, without the usual distraction of social engagement, my interest in nature grew. During the winter, I would look up into leafless trees trying to locate a bird whose loud call I could...
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4 Steps to Reach Your Goal Faster

This show is inspired by the Indy 500. We think the racing world offers some insights into how you can reach your goal faster! Click the player to listen to this episode of The BIGG Success Show Podcast. Below is a summary of our discussion. Horsepower equals speed to race car drivers. Generally speaking, the […] The post 4 Steps to Reach Your Goal Faster appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Character-Building Thought Power

In his book, Character-Building Thought Power, Ralph Waldo Trine draws a clear distinction between good and bad habits. In the process he raises questions as to whether we have control over habit... By Harrison Barnes
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I can’t find a partner. How can I learn to love my single life?

We don’t have to live like swans, mating for life with one partner, says Mariella Frostrup. And be of good heart, someone nice may come alongThe dilemma I am a 48-year-old single woman with a full and independent life. I’m close to my family and have a 15-year-old daughter. I have a good group of friends and several hobbies. I’ve had struggles with mental health in the past, but am doing better now than ever.I’d also love to be in a relationship, but it’s something I’m just not able to find succ...
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