Chanel Heat & Sunbeam Rouge Coco Flash Lip Colours Reviews & Swatches

Heat (166) Chanel Heat (166) Rouge Coco Flash Lip Colour ($40.00 for 0.1 oz.) is a medium-dark, reddish-copper with subtle, warm undertones and flecks of copper and gold sparkle strewn throughout a glossy finish. It had medium pigmentation in a single layer, which could be built up to semi-opaque coverage at best. The lipstick had a moderately emollient consistency that was more slippery than ideal, though it didn’t feather/bleed on...
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Sunday Firesides: Social Media Is Extending Everyone’s Adolescence

People almost universally recall their adolescence, at least the part encapsulated by the middle school years, as their least favorite phase of life. It’s a time in which you keenly feel the eyes of your peers upon you. You wonder whether you’re cool. And you desperately, desperately want to be cool. You want to be popular. You want to be liked. All your choices are measured by how they will be perceived by others and accomplish these goals.  To get attention, you use crude humor. To get a...
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5 Most Common Hair Removal Methods

For some people, leaving their hair to grow as nature sees it fit is their method of grooming and feeling warm. To others, overgrown hair is a nuisance, and they can’t wait for their next removal session. If you fall in the second category, you understand how difficult it can be to find the best hair removal method. Finding the right method can drain you down the line as it involves momentary pain and accidental bloody knees. But if you find the best solution, it will yield a blissful r...
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Tribute Avon: The Fragrance of a Better You

I first found out about this scent when I wrote an article about Wild Country Avon, including all its fancy bottles of various forms. Although they shared several bottles, the perfumes were really different. Since then, I've dreamed of finding some Tribute Avon - and now, the dream has come true. Tribute Avon is older than Wild Country, but it was not the first men's fragrance from the Ameri... Read full article: Tribute Avon: The Fragrance of a Better You from Fragrantica Perfumes and Cologne...
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Lisa Eldridge Spring/Summer 2021 Collection Swatches

Lisa Eldridge Spring/Summer 2021 Collection became available for pre-order last week (some things are sold out now), and I just received press samples of many of the new products. I also purchased the remaining items, so when I receive those, I’ll be sure to add those swatches as well. The collection includes two new formulas: cream blush (in six shades) and liquid highlighter (in four shades). There are six new lipsticks and four new lipglosses. Spring/Sum...
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Pat McGrath Electric Bloom Divine Blush Review & Swatches

Electric Bloom Pat McGrath Electric Bloom Divine BlushPat McGrath Electric Bloom Divine Blush ($38.00 for 0.34 oz.) is a vivid, medium-dark orange-coral with a semi-matte finish. It had medium, buildable color coverage, which was more in line with the brand’s marketing of the formula than most shades in the range. It had the type of pigmentation that wasn’t so intense that it could be diffused and sheered out if one forgot to use a ...
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Magnolia in New Perfumes: Etro White Magnolia and Beautiful Magnolia Estee Lauder

ETRO White Magnolia FOR WOMEN BY SANDRA RAIČEVIĆ PETROVIĆ Who doesn't admire magnolias when they bloom in spring and cover trees with large graceful petals before leafing? There are many magnolia species, and their flowers, as well as their smell, vary significantly – strong or shy, the magnolia scent is always appealing. When absorbed by their beauty and intoxicated by the fresh air o... Read full article: Magnolia in New Perfumes: Etro White Magnolia and Beautiful Magnolia Estee Lauder...
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Gleefully single seniors: ‘If I wanted to feel complete, it had to come from within’

Far from being isolating, for some older Australians single life has major benefits – from a closer attachment to friends and community, to the joy of doing things on your own termsBeing “self-partnered” is not just for those in their 20s or 30s, but for some seniors too.Although being alone in the later years of one’s life often comes with a stigma of loneliness attached, some people just prefer living life on their own terms – whether it means not having to share the bed, or eat dinner on anyo...
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Betty Barclay Dream Away

The German fashion brand Betty Barclay, under license of Maurer Wirtz, is launching its newest fragrance Dream Away. As the brand explains: "Dream Away by Betty Barclay Fragrances is an airy-light fragrance for all women who not only like to dream, but also take their dreams into their own hands. A tribute to the dreamlike ease through which anything seems possible."   "Dreams ar... Read full article: Betty Barclay Dream Away from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Preparing for Re-entry into the Physical Workplace: Lessons from NASA

Astronaut crews living and working in space experience as a matter of course what many of us experienced unexpectedly during the SARS-CoV-2 global pandemic. Consider these similarities: They are physically isolated for a long period of time from family, friends, and the majority of their work colleagues. Their daily in-person interactions are limited to the few people they live with and their other interactions are intermediated through digital technology. Their home also serves as their workpl...
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Education for girls and vaccines can save Africa from disaster | Phillip Inman

Parts of the continent potentially face a decade of crisis. These two measures are more important than any other in avoiding itThere are so many good causes in the world it is often difficult to know where aid money should go. As leaders line up to attend the G7 summit in Cornwall, the most effective destinations for aid money have become clearer – a global vaccination programme and improving girls’ education.This is especially true in sub-Saharan Africa, where so much can go wrong over the next...
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Makeup by Mario Soft Sculpt Collection Swatches

Makeup by Mario Soft Sculpt CollectionMakeup by Mario Soft Sculpt Collection just launched earlier this week, and it is a mega-sized collection featuring all face products. The collection includes six cream blushes, five powder blushes, five powder highlighters, six powder bronzers (one was out of stock when I bought these), and six cream contours (which I didn’t purchase). Makeup by Mario Soft Sculpt Collection ...
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12 of the richest LGBTQ people in the world

Tim Cook and Giorgio Armani are billionaires. Getty Images Some famous LGBTQ figures are worth billions after inheriting empires or building companies. In 2020, Apple CEO Tim Cook officially became a billionaire. Giorgio Armani's is worth $8.1 billion, while Domenico Dolce is worth $1.6 billion. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. David Geffen, the co-founder of DreamWorks, is worth $9.9 billion, according to Forbes. David Geffen. Stephen Lovekin/Getty ...
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How do you handle criticism of your makeup collection?

I feel like it’s so rare to hear criticism now; I think when beauty blogging was newer and YouTube wasn’t so popular, having as much as I do was really jarring. Now, I think a lot of people understand why I have as much as I do and no longer even want that much, LOL! I don’t even add much to... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Why self-belief is a superpower that can be harnessed

Lockdowns may have eroded people’s swagger, but research suggests there are ways to remedy the situationIn July 2007, the Irish golfer Padraig Harrington won one of golf’s most coveted competitions, the British Open. The story of how he did this, one of the most remarkable finishes in golfing history, illustrates one of the ways confidence works.The Claret Jug – the Open’s famous prize – was within Harrington’s grasp as he teed off at the penultimate hole of the tournament. He had a one-shot lea...
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‘We are born hungry for faces’: why are they so compelling?

We’ve spent a year obscured by masks and pixellated by Zoom. Are you ready to go back to reading real-life facial expressions in all their fascinating glory?This has been the year of a thousand faces. Every face is an inch or two high on my laptop screen, and trapped inside a rectangle. The rectangles form a wall of faces that builds up brick by brick. As each new face arrives, the wall shifts and rearranges itself. Outside, in the real world, other people’s faces have been frustratingly elusive...
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Anna Friel: ‘I thought acting would be a hobby – never a job’

The actor, 44, on learning to relax, the double edge of kindness, and the power of herbsI don’t know which memory came first: falling down the stairs and knocking down our Christmas tree, being bought my first nail varnish and getting it on my Wonder Woman pyjamas, or accidentally setting my brand-new parka on fire the first day I wore it. Each probably reveals something about my soul.Pop stardom was my plan for a while, although briefly. Coming from an Irish family, I’d often walk into the livi...
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The new summer of love: ‘People are desperate to have sex – it’s been a long year’

Whether single, curious or just plain horny, many people are planning to make the most of life after lockdowns. Are we ready to get up close and personal?The past year has changed 35-year-old Georgie’s outlook on dating. Several disappointing socially distanced dates and limp text exchanges meant she stopped using dating apps at the beginning of 2021. And now her parents have been vaccinated, she feels confident about returning to physical dates, “but not to the apps”, she says. “As things open ...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: Bored to Death There he now sits, a glutton for interruptions, spending hours on his phone — and countless hours on other distractions. He no longer possesses the power of fixed attention (so vital in the Enemy’s service). Pastor, Be One In A Thousand It is not enough to possess a leadership position. We ought to embody the kind of leaders that God desires: “faithful, reliable, caring shepherds.” Five Reasons to Pastor an Old Church, Even Wi...
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Kim Leadbeater on running for her sister Jo Cox’s seat: ‘I know this is what she would want me to be doing’

Five years after Jo Cox MP was murdered in her constituency, her sister is standing for Labour in a crucial byelection there. She explains why she’s ready to take on Cox’s political legacyIt was the most shocking day in British politics this century. On 16 June 2016, a week before the Brexit vote, brooding tensions came to a climax with one horrific act of violence: the murder of Jo Cox. It was only 13 months since she had been elected to parliament as Labour’s MP for Batley and Spen in West Yor...
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‘I’d like to think my daughter is proud’: the life of single parents – in pictures

When photographer Polly Braden became a single mother, she set out to capture the unique joys and frustrations faced by other lone parents in the UKOn 14 February 2012, Fran took her two children, both aged under five, and left her partner of 10 years. Their relationship had broken down. “He went to work. By the time he came back, we’d gone. We took no clothes, nothing. We just walked. I went into a photo booth and took a photograph of the three of us: I call it my liberation photo. I never look...
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Blind date: ‘We had to abandon our main courses and seek shelter’

Chris, 35, civil servant, meets Greg, 30, fashion PR editorWhat were you hoping for?Nice food and good conversation. It was my first meal out in 2021, so I was quite excited. Continue reading...
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