To Cope with Labor Shortage, Raise Emotional Compensation

The current labor shortage and employee retention are concerning issues for organizations. Many leaders are scrambling to attract and retain the workers they need. A combination of factors has resulted in an insufficient number of workers to meet available jobs: job quits hitting historic highs, declining immigration, and fewer individuals who are of working age (16-64 years old). This labor shortage started before the Covid-19 pandemic and is expected to persist for some time. And then there ...
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Milani Champagne d'Oro Baked Highlighter Review & Swatches

Champagne d'Oro Milani Champagne d’Oro Baked Highlighter ($10.99 for 0.28 oz.) is a light, peachy gold with strong, warm undertones and a metallic finish. The texture was slightly drier and the shimmer particles seemed more prone to separating from the base color, so the finish was harder to even out and some of the shimmer seemed more prone to catching on dryness/flakiness on my skin. It had semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation that ...
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Revolut has a 'digital nomad' program that lets staff work from anywhere in the world for 2 months a year

"Employees wanted to be able to choose when to work from home and when to go to the office." Getty Images British fintech company Revolut has launched a new remote work program. Its 2,000 employees now have the option to work from anywhere they like for up to two months a year. One employee said it allows her to see her family and friends more often. See more stories on Insider's business page. With many companies looking for new ways to combine work in and out of the office, pandemic ...
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And Just Like That Bite Beauty Power Move Hydrating Soft Matte Lipstick Arrive for Fall 2021

Bite Beauty Power Move Hydrating Soft Matte Lipstick for Fall 2021 arrives today at and just like that Bite Beauty is back in business and ready for lipstick business again. As you know Bite Beauty has been out of the lipstick game for nearly a year and a half now. As you know Bite Beauty completely eliminated all their Amuse Bouche Lipstick Collection as well as many of their other lipstick formulas. It was great time to haul your favorite shades with the many discounts and offe...
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Why Is It So Hard to Learn?

There are at least ten or so reasons that tend to make learning difficult for most of us. Less than 10% of professionals are agile enough learners to quickly process an experience and apply their lessons to new situations. That's a spooky statistic. In today's economy where innovation, skill development  and learning are the only means to circumvent  personal obsolescence, why is the number of agile learners so small? In other words, why is it so hard to learn? Max Bazerman of Harvard  s...
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ColourPop So Charming Creme Gel Liner Duo Review & Swatches

So Charming ColourPop So Charming Crème Gel Liner Duo ($14.00 for oz.) includes two bolder, matte liners in pinky-red and deep burgundy. Lover Boy was the star of the duo, while Charmer was so poorly performing that it ruined the duo. Ingredients So Charming LE Limited Edition . $14.00. ...
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Kannst du mit OnlyFans reich werden? – Es ist kompliziert

Als Gwen Swinarton während des Studiums ihr erstes ASMR-Video auf YouTube postete, war das ein Geschenk für ihren damaligen Freund. Fünf Jahre später nennt sie sich auf YouTube „Gwen“ oder „Gwen Gwiz“, hat über 500.000 Abonnent:innen auf ihrem ASMR-Haupt-Channel, weitere 210.000 auf ihrem Zweitkanal und fast 100.000 Follower auf Instagram. Über diese Plattformen hat sich Gwen ein eigenes kleines Social-Media-Imperium aufgebaut und verdient zwischen 3.000 bis 10.000 Dollar im Monat (umgerechnet s...
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Bite Beauty Praline & Sugar Buns Power Move Soft Matte Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Praline Bite Beauty Praline Power Move Hydrating Soft Matte LipstickBite Beauty Praline Power Move Hydrating Soft Matte Lipstick ($28.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a light, peachy coral with warm undertones and a semi-matte finish. This shade appeared pinker applied to my lips compared to in the tube or swatched. The texture was lightly creamy, thin, and lightweight to wear, though it separated along my deeper lip lines and clung to lip textur...
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What do you like about Marc Jacobs Beauty? What don't you like?

Tell us what you love and hate about... Marc Jacobs Beauty Something I’ve been appreciating from the brand lately is they actually have quiet, smaller seasonal releases, though perhaps the fact that very few are talking about them suggests that’s not the most successful way to go about releasing products! I think the brand has improved their offerings from when it first debuted, so it’s nice to see that. — Christine Join Discussion ...
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‘Very pragmatic’: 42% of Australian women are open to egg freezing as a work perk

Demand for fertility preservation has ballooned in the last decade. New research by Monash suggests many are happy for their employer to pay for itLast year, while working from home as a result of the Covid pandemic, Emily went through the process of freezing her eggs.It was something the 26-year-old Australian had been interested in for several years, but she made the decision to undergo the procedure when her company introduced it as an employee benefit. Continue reading...
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Get. Off. My. Lawn.

Perfume PosseGet. Off. My. Lawn. Well, Posse!  It’s time to Get. Off. My. Lawn. I am cranky.    Siddown, because I’mo holla! Not too loudly – this is a mild screed against … omgosh, where to start?  Pretty much piss-poor Everything Writing.  And if you… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseGet. Off. My. Lawn.
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India’s first woman architect – a tribute to Perin J. Mistri

For many Indian women, the 1930s was a fundamental time, particularly in the political domain with their increasing participation in Independence movements.  The advent of the Art Deco style (then simply known as ‘modern’ or ‘style moderne’) in Bombay[1]  at the same time, ushered in a short-lived but significant era in Mumbai’s architectural and modern history. In 1936, the field of Indian architecture witnessed another landmark event – the professional qualification of the first Indian (and ev...
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Sharon Stone To Host amfAR Cannes Gala

Sharon Stone will host the 27th annual amfAR Cannes Gala on July 16. The gala will take place outdoors at Villa Eilenroc and consist of an exclusive dinner, auction, multiple performances and a fashion show curated by French fashion editor Carine Roitfeld. Simon de Pury and Sandra Nedvedskaia will conduct the live auction, which will […]
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Coomi Kapoor: The Tatas, Freddie Mercury & Other Bawas: An Intimate History of the Parsis

Bombay’s first rioters and go-getters Spurred by the events of the now infamous Ratan Tata versus Cyrus Mistry controversy, Coomi Kapoor explores the history of the Parsi community through its most prominent names, and how they transformed cities with their entrepreneurial genius Jane Borges | Mid Day Bombay was once synonymous with the Parsis. And, the Parsis with Bombay. Reading Delhi-based author-journalist Coomi Kapoor’s new biography of the community, The Tatas, Freddie Mercury and Ot...
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“Let’s Get Up” Shaun T Beachbody DANCE Workout Review

... Do click the title to see the full, beautiful article!
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Twilly Eau Ginger Review – The Older Eclectic Cousin

When I first smelt Twilly in 2017, I immediately understood the whys, whats and wheres of the composition – creamy fiery tuberose designed to attract a younger generation to the classic flower. The effect was apt and appropriate, washing away tuberose’s indolic bite in favour of a softer, but no less rich, floral spiked with the freshness of an immune-boosting shot from the juice bar.  With ... Read full article: Twilly Eau Ginger Review – The Older Eclectic Cousin from Fragrantica Perfumes an...
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Swimsuit models dazzle catwalk in bikinis made of tape

Miami swimsuit models redefined "sex tape" after steaming up the runway in risqué bikinis comprised entirely of different types of adhesive.
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Chantecaille Offers an Orange Blossom Face Spritz

The American skincare and beauty company Chantecaille was founded by French-born Sylvie Chantecaille more than 30 years ago and has remained a family business since its establishment. The brand is mostly known for its botanical flower-based cosmetics, but in 1997, they decided to venture into the world of niche perfumes, introducing 4 floral fragrances: Frangipane, Le Jasmin, Tiare, and Wi... Read full article: Chantecaille Offers an Orange Blossom Face Spritz from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colo...
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Wet n Wild Wild Crush Collection Shares Some Colourpop DNA

Wet n Wild Wild Crush Collection has popped up at and in Target stores (I saw it there this weekend) and I have to say those Wild Crush 9 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes are looking a lot like the Colourpop 9 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes right? The main difference is each palette has a different fragrance that they are inspired by! I was squealing a little when I came across a full display of the collection this past weekend. It looks like Target either has early dibs on the launch or it could be...
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Podcast #722: Think More Strategically

A lot of organizations and individuals will set some aim for themselves, and then, when they reach the point where they should be seeing progress, but don’t, seem surprised that things haven’t worked out the way they hoped. They shouldn’t be surprised, my guest would say, if they never had a strategy in place for reaching their goals. His name is Stanley K. Ridgley, he’s a former military intelligence officer, a professor of business, and the lecturer of The Great Courses course, Strategic Th...
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Ich habe mir einen asymmetrischen 90er-Bob schneiden lassen

Nadia Ayala wusste vor ihrem Friseurbesuch genau: Sie brauchte Veränderung. Für die Mama eines einjährigen Kindes gab es im letzten Jahr eigentlich nur einen Haarstyle: den Pferdeschwanz. „Ich bin frischgebackene Mutter. Da ist es ein bisschen schwieriger, mich um meine Haare zu kümmern“, sagt sie. „Weil ich so viele Haare habe, halte ich sie meistens kurz, damit ich weniger Arbeit damit habe.“ Jetzt wünschte sich Nadia aber doch mal wieder eine „richtige“ Frisur – und ist deswegen der Sta...
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How do you deal with eyeshadow patchiness?

I’ll use another eyeshadow (that’s not so annoying to use) to fill in, cheat the edge, etc. If it is somewhat patchy but not enough to be noticeable to others, I may just live with it, too. I always try to think of the “big picture” since most people are not staring at your closed eye at 5x... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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6 Simple Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Job Search

Sabotage your job search and you’ll be on the sidelines or stuck in your current position forever. Many jobseekers make the same simple mistakes over and over, and this prevents them from being seriously considered for a coveted job. These apply generally, but others have written specifically or in-house counsel jobseekers. In some cases, jobseekers are shooting themselves in the foot due to mental roadblocks that they cannot overcome. In this, the hottest legal market in recent history, don’t t...
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Did you see… James Vince’s silky, casual departure?

If there’s one thing we can all take from the weekend’s sporting events, it’s that England are an unstoppable winning machine. The various members of England’s one-day squad are currently sitting around their houses doing really not very much at all. And England are still winning. They just can’t stop. On Saturday, the B-team won the second one-day international against Pakistan and therefore the series. This is in large part thanks to Saqib Mahmood, who presumably won’t be in a second-...
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How Can Your Business Evolve Amidst COVID-19

What to Consider in Order to Future-Proof Your Company Nowadays, many companies are in a tough quandary. The global lockdown has forced many business units to close temporarily and hold out for the best. The pandemic has been going on for almost a year now, and that is no easy challenge for many small businesses. Especially if one relies on the functioning of their brick and mortar stores, things can be difficult with little to no profits coming in. Above all, it is most important to think str...
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Is a Sectional Couch Right for You and Your Family?

Has your search for new living room furniture led you to consider sectionals? A sectional sofa is a great way to add lots of seating in one versatile piece of furniture. But sectionals take up quite a bit of space, and there are other considerations that should be weighed before making such an investment on such a large piece of furniture. Here are the top things you need to ask yourself to see if a sectional is right for your home. What size is the living space being decorated? ...
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Doing a MAC Purchase? Grab a $5 Lipstick with Any Order

Heads up! If you’re doing a MAC purchase today you can grab a $5 lipstick with any order. Simply head over to and choose your lipstick (Up to $22) when you check out. Enjoy! Where to buy MAC You may also enjoy... Beauty and Makeup I’m Stalking in the Mail This WeekPhilosophy Pink Frosted Layer Cake Shower Gel ReviewSephora Favorites Vacay All Day Set Contains Three Full-Size Goodies and 4 Deluxe SizesVictoria’s Secret Exotic Jewels Collection: Victoria’s Secret Lumi...
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Empties: Lip Product with SPF

Empties from the week. MAC Cosmetics lipstick and a Blistex Superfruit Soother with SPF in it. You’d think I’d wear less lip stuff because of masks but.. 🤷🏽‍♀️... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Coach takes an extra 50% off best-selling styles in blowout sale

There are purses, watches and even boots along with apparel finds that will totally revamp your wardrobe.
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Jessica Simpson Fancy Forever Eau De Perfume $30 3.4 oz

The Macy’s Christmas in July Sale ends today! There are numerous fragrances, makeup, and other beauty on sale that are 50% or more original retail! Head over to to score. Also, Jessica Simpson’s newest fragrance, Fancy Forever, is on sale! The 3.4 oz bottle is $30 ($61 regularly) Enjoy! Where to buy Macy’s You may also enjoy... Beauty & Makeup RemixPhysicians Formula Butter Collection x Casey Holmes Featuring the Return of Butter Paradise FragrancebareMinerals bareGold ...
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