The 7 best face sunscreens of 2021, according to dermatologists

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky You should apply sunscreen to your face every day, regardless of skin type, skin tone, or weather. Mineral and chemical sunscreens each have their own pros and cons for different people. We tapped 2 dermatologists, a scientist, a makeup artist, and a pro surfer for the 7 best face sunscreens. Rain or shine, face sunscreen is a year-round necessity. (As is sunscreen for the rest of your body, FWIW.) The best sunscreen for your face will help protect your skin a...
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Clionadh Aether Highlighter Review & Swatches

Aether Clionadh Aether Powder Highlighter ($14.00 for 0.21 oz.) has a slightly translucent base with more medium, warmer pink shimmer and flecks of larger, cooler pink and fuchsia sparkle. It was a very shiny, sparkly shade, which became more and more noticeable when buffed and blended out. The translucent base came through more noticeably as it was diffused as it was more sparkle than it was base color. It had semi-opaque, buildable ...
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ColourPop Cherry Up & Roll Out Glossy Lip Stains Reviews & Swatches

Cherry Up ColourPop Cherry Up Glossy Lip Stain ($8.00 for 0.21 oz.) is a more muted, medium red with subtle, warm undertones and a glossy, cream finish. The gloss appeared warmer and almost brownish when swatched, but it developed a pinky-red stain underneath, which influenced the overall color to be only a little warm-toned (this happened within a couple of minutes). It had a lightweight, more watery consistency initially, which beca...
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Terra Moons Duochrome Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches (Part 3 of 3)

Martian Terra Moons Martian Duochrome Eyeshadow ($8.00 for 0.05 oz.) is a rich, molten copper base with gold to green-gold shifting shimmer paired with a highly-reflective, metallic finish. At a glance, it looked like a typical copper, but the shimmer was incredibly intense in its shift and shine. It had nearly opaque color coverage that applied well to bare skin with a smooth, even lay down of product that diffused well along the ed...
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Burberry Reveals Adam Driver as Face of New Men's Fragrance

Adam Driver Photo Credit: Courtesy of Getty Images Coty informs us that Oscar-nominated actor, Adam Driver, will front a major new men’s fragrance for Burberry, launching August 2nd, 2021, exclusively at Bloomingdale’s. This will be Burberry's chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci’s first fragrance for the house. "I'm very happy to be working with Burberry on this campaign, and with Ric... Read full article: Burberry Reveals Adam Driver as Face of New Men's Fragrance from Fragrantica Perfume...
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ColourPop Wave Breaker Super Shock Shadow Duo Review & Swatches

Wave Breaker ColourPop Wave Breaker Super Shock Shadow Duo ($12.00 for 0.07 oz.) is a new cream eyeshadow duo designed to complement the High Tides palette. It features Coconut, a repromote, and Shore Thing, which is new (at least to me!). Both shades were pigmented, emollient, and fairly easy to work with, though Coconut was a little more emollient than ideal. Ingredients ...
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Graham Pott Huacaya

In mid-July 2021, the house of Graham Pott launches their new fragrance Huacaya, which follows the three creations presented earlier this year: Mon Jasmin, Imperial Amber, and Ruby Staple. "From the arid conditions of the Altiplano plateau in the Andes, 4000 meters above sea level, the GRAHAM POTT Huacaya Parfum is born. An oriental, woody floral scent, it opens with a beautiful dose ... Read full article: Graham Pott Huacaya from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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2021 Global Virtual Graduation Ceremony

With graduation ceremonies being cancelled or turned virtual around the world, students have not been able to truly celebrate their well-deserved achievements. As a community, please join us to celebrate the Zoroastrian youth triumphs from around the world at the first Global Zoroastrian Graduation Ceremony.  July 18th 2021 8:00 AM Pacific | 11:00 AM Eastern| 3:00 PM  UK | 8:00 PM Pakistan | 8:30 PM India | 7:30 PM Iran | 11:00 PM Hong Kong, Singapore and Perth Australia The...
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Flattering Fashion 101: Style Tips for Looking Your Best

  For many women, feeling confident about the way they’re dressed can be difficult. Whether you feel you’ve got nothing to wear, or you think that everything you try on just doesn’t look good on you, finding flattering fashion options takes some trial and error.  If you want to avoid not knowing what to wear or want to learn how to make your clothes work better for you, look no further! We’ve got just the tips you need to make any outfit flattering and make you feel good in your ow...
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3 Ways CBD Can Help Your Workouts

It can be difficult to find the time and motivation to exercise on a regular basis. When you have a longer gap between workouts, you wind up feeling sorer when you try to get back into it. This is why people search for methods of working out at home, such as fitting in faster and more intense workouts, and using supplements to make workouts more manageable. One such supplement is cannabidiol (CBD). It is a natural chemical compound found in hemp, and it provides a number of health benef...
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Python Uomo Trussardi: Clean, Quiet, Barely Visible

Of course, our enlightened readers know that Trussardi is an Italian brand originally from Bergamo that started its business with leather gloves (back in 1911). In the 1970s, Nicola Trussardi expanded the brand's specialization to luxury leather accessories in general, which is when the grayhound logo appeared. Later, in the 1980s, lines of clothing, jeans, and of course, fragrances were added ... Read full article: Python Uomo Trussardi: Clean, Quiet, Barely Visible from Fragrantica Perfumes ...
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How to Make Coffee Like a Civil War Soldier

For soldiers at war, there aren’t too many creature comforts at hand. Living conditions may be Spartan, food barely edible, and daily routines either terribly boring, or thoroughly terrifying, depending on proximity to the heat of combat. That makes the morale-boosters that are available all the more appreciated, and numbered in the top tier of these is surely a hot cup of coffee. That’s as true in the modern day as it was all the way back in the days of the Civil War, though the preparation of...
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5 Crafts To Do At Home in Peace

It is no secret that the world is slowly returning back to normal, and most of us are in for a shock when it comes to remembering all of the sheer chaos we tolerated before the pandemic. Loud noises, people everywhere, no personal space, and queues for things for miles are all part of our lives again, although this time, it feels a lot harder.  This piece will give you a few ideas on some crafts to do at home that you can enjoy in the peace and comfort of your own house – perfect for tho...
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Trump says he has no financial interests in Russia. Here's a run-down of the decades his businesses have spent trying make his mark there.

Emin Agalarov, Donald Trump and Aras Agalarov attend the red carpet at Miss Universe Pageant Competition 2013 on November 9, 2013 in Moscow, Russia. Victor Boyko/Getty Images Former President Donald Trump has often claimed he has "nothing to do with Russia," but that's far from the truth. Trump's efforts to lay down his name in the Russian capital stretch back more than 30 years. His most recent attempt to break ground in Moscow was a long process that reportedly lasted well into...
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The best summer hats to buy from Patagonia, Nike and more

Who can resist a great hat? Hats add shade, skin protection and a splash of style to any wardrobe. Whether you love fedoras, bucket hats or visors, summer is a great time to rock them. 
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Xerjoff Spray To Help: COEXISTENCE

The special project and perfume line "Spray To Help" by Italian luxurious brand Xerjoff presents its third edition in mid-July, 2021, named  CoExistence. This new release arrives after the 1986 edition from 2020 and Save Me launched in 2021.   "Over the last five years, a symbolic herd of over 100 elephants has been taking shape in the forests and farmlands of India. During the summer o... Read full article: Xerjoff Spray To Help: COEXISTENCE from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazin...
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Kingston Osmanthus Eric Buterbaugh: White as a Wedding Gown

Eric Buterbaugh is a company known in Los Angeles primarily as a boutique of flower bouquets for special occasions and Hollywood stars. But as often happens with florists, love for the beauty of flowers often develops into the creation of floral fragrances - there are many examples: the French brand Christian Tortu, the American company Antonia’s Flowers by Antonia Bellanca, and the Australian... Read full article: Kingston Osmanthus Eric Buterbaugh: White as a Wedding Gown from Fragrantica Per...
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5 Lessons I Learned After Losing Everything

I have had the privilege of losing everything. – Byron Katie I was rich at one point in my life. I felt on top of the world and yet, emptier than ever. I was aware that I was grinding myself to the bone, but that wasn’t enough to stop my push forward. It wasn’t enough, it was never enough. I wanted more, more. One faithful day, my luck ran out. The sleep deprivation was compounding. I hit my breaking point. I was staring at my monitor in disbelief. I had lost 75% of my net worth in a ...
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18 Film-Sexszenen, die absolut alles veränderten

Kannst du dich noch an eine Zeit erinnern, zu der Film und Fernsehen noch ohne Sexszenen auskamen? Vermutlich nicht – und wahrscheinlich war es dir als Teenager unheimlich peinlich, wenn du mit deinen Eltern einen Film geguckt hast und es darin plötzlich etwas heißer zuging. Davor blieben wir alle nicht verschont, denn Sex und Film gehen schon immer Hand in Hand. „20 Minuten nach der Erfindung des Films dachte sich vermutlich jemand: ‚Wäre es nicht super, wenn wir mal nackte Leute filmen würden?...
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What brand are you least likely to wait for a sale to purchase from?

I’m usually excited for new Natasha Denona releases, so I think I’d be snagging those quickly and not worry about a sale, especially as newer products have tended to be excluded when the brand has a sale going on. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Reebok's New Jurassic Park Collection Just Stomped All Over Your Shoe Budget

Life finds a way to undo all of your responsible budgeting. Read more...
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Summer Shoes That Will Help You Survive the Summer Heat

The summer season is a great time to refresh your footwear collection with new styles. If you’re heading to the office, packing for a trip, or getting ready for a date night, there’s a warm-weather shoe for every occasion. Every summer outfit, whether you prefer skirts or capri pants, will be enhanced by a pair of shoes that complements the look. Continue reading for our top summer footwear picks: Ballet Flats The ballet flat is the ideal summer shoe for women who want a pair of shoes th...
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A Futurist's View of the Post-Pandemic Workforce

Given that I wrote a book about the rapid transformation of work as we knew it back in 2018, people often ask me what has surprised me about how human capital is evolving today. As a Workforce Institute Board Member, I’d like to share my topline thoughts, some of which have been derived as the result of quantitative research, and others which came about through engagement with organizations and futurist groups such as the Association of Professional Futurists (APF), the Future Today Institute, t...
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Get Olivia Rodrigo’s White House look for less: Tweed, pumps and more

Her girly girl and chic professional attire is the "Clueless" and "Gossip Girl" hybrid we're all here for.
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The 25 best large companies for career growth, according to employees

ZipRecruiter is one of the best companies for career growth, according to employees on Comparably. Courtesy of Comparably Some companies stand out for their career advancement opportunities. Career site Comparably used employee ratings to find the top companies for growing your career. Here's the top 25 large companies for career growth. See more stories on Insider's business page. 25. Cue Health Courtesy of Comparably Location: San Diego, CaliforniaIndustry: Biotec...
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The 25 best small and midsize companies for career growth, according to employees

IntelyCare is one of the best companies for career growth, according to employees on Comparably. Courtesy of Comparably Career site Comparably just released its latest ranking: the best companies for career growth. To find the most highly rated companies, Comparably used employee ratings over a 12-month period. Here's the top 25 small and midsize companies for professional development. See more stories on Insider's business page. 25. Grammarly Courtesy of Comparably ...
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Veronique Gabai Le Point G

Wearing Le Point G by Veronique Gabai, and so intrigued by this brand. The founder, Veronique Gabai, used to be a perfume executive at Estee Lauder and then she left to start her own brand. This... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Goodbye Logic+Emotion, Hello Armano Design Group

This will be the last blog post I'll write on this Website. Let me take a step back. In February of 2006, before TikTok, Snap, Facebook, and Twitter, there was a form of social media built on the open Web where like-minded people found others like them as well as audiences. They were called blogs.  I picked a weekend during this coldest of months in Chicago to dig into what it would take to learn more about this space. I was intrigued by the potential and had become a reader of blogs myself...
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Buy 1, Get 1 Free On All Fresh Lip Products Including Lip Gift Sets + Free Shipping

All Fresh Lip Balms, Lip Scrubs, Lip Sets, and Lip Treatments are buy 1, get 1 free at today! You don’t need a code, the item will automatically be deducted when you check out. I just grabbed Sugar Peach Hydrating Lip Balm and got the lemon one I wanted free! $9 bucks each? Hells yes! Enjoy! Where to buy Fresh You may also enjoy... Neutrogena Crease Proof Eyeshadow for Spring 2013Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Turns 15New Makeup and Gift Sets at UltaWet n Wild Lash-O-Matic Mas...
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