Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette Sale (Prices Starting at $11)

Hurry over to today to snag some incredible deals on a ton of different eyeshadow palettes and many other items! Enjoy! Where to buy Nordstrom You may also enjoy... Estee Lauder Violette Oh Naturelle! Spring 2019 Is Everything I Want In My Life Right NowJordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color Review & SwatchesSephora Glossy Gloss Review & SwatchesMorphe Launched $20 Blush Palettes and $12 Blushing Babes Blush Trio Palettes The post Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette Sale (P...
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Chanel Rouge Captivant & Rouge Irregulier Rouge Allure Laques Reviews & Swatches

Rouge Captivant (86) Chanel Rouge Captivant (86) Rouge Allure Laque (2020) ($40.00 for 0.18 oz.) is a vivid, ruby red with cool, blue undertones and a satin finish. The texture was lightweight, smooth, and almost balm-like as it was quite creamy, thin, and emollient, but it developed and set to a more transfer-resistant finish that was lightly tacky and did not slide around during wear. It had rich color coverage in a single pass, whi...
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ColourPop Born to Blush Cheek Quad Review & Swatches

Born to Blush ColourPop Born to Blush 4-Pan Cheek Palette ($18.00 for 0.3 oz.) is a light-medium set of shades that includes a cream-to-powder highlighter, powder bronzer, and two powder blushes. The three powder products had more buildable coverage paired with slightly more powdery, thinner textures that worked best over matte or powdered skin. The highlighter performed beautifully on bare skin as well as layered over foundation. In ...
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ColourPop So Au Naturel Eyeshadow Quad Review & Swatches

Au Naturel ColourPop So Au Naturel Pressed Powder Shadow Quad ($9.00 for 0.21 oz.) is a new, all-matte, neutral eyeshadow quad with a warmer, more orange-based color story that leaned more mid-depth and deeper. All four shades were pigmented, blendable, and long-wearing with the biggest “con” being that the formula was lightly to moderately powdery, so using a lighter hand or tapping off excess would be ideal. They were more of a velv...
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Maki Kaji, ‘godfather of sudoku’, dies aged 69 in Japan

The puzzle enthusiast and publisher is credited with turning the grid-based maths problem into a worldwide phenomenonMaki Kaji, a Japanese publisher who popularised the numbers puzzle sudoku played daily by millions around the world, has died from cancer aged 69.A university dropout who worked in a printing company before founding Japan’s first puzzle magazine, Kaji took hints from an existing number puzzle to create what he later named “sudoku” – a contraction of the Japanese for “every number ...
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What do you like about shimmery bronzer? What don't you like?

Tell us what you love and hate about... Shimmery Bronzer I find they are easier to blend, but I like a lower-level shimmer, like satin or pearl, so it is more luminous and “skin-like” but not overly shimmery. If it gets too shimmery, then I think it’s less of a bronzer and more of a highlighting/bronzer hybrid. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Our Favorite Accessory Trends of Summer 2021

Accessories can take any outfit or persona to another level, but they can also act as subtle ways to elevate your personal style. Accessories can add personality and individuality to any aspect of your style. You have the freedom to decide how you’re going to present yourself.  Every summer, new accessories find their way into the mainstream, and trends are born. From sustainability to technology, this year’s trends are better than ever. With another summer season underway, we’re taking...
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Stylistic Disparity At Chanel: Le Lion and Paris-Édimbourg Aim At Different Poles

In style, the difference between two of Chanel’s newest luxury creations is stark. Le Lion, in its liminality between Coromandel and Cuir de Russie (as noted by Sophie), expresses all the classic hallmarks of old-school Chanel, many of which the house shares with Guerlain. There is the nuanced amber base, rich powdery heart, and dry tailored bite that signifies perfumery from another era. You c... Read full article: Stylistic Disparity At Chanel: Le Lion and Paris-Édimbourg Aim At Different Po...
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3 Things to Unlearn from School for Success in Business

We found a great article in Entrepreneur that talks about the things you need to unlearn in school, because they could hurt you in business. We’ll share those with you plus get some insights. Click the player to listen to this episode of The BIGG Success Show Podcast. Below is a summary of our discussion. […] The post 3 Things to Unlearn from School for Success in Business appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Eyeshadow On Sale

Both the regular Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Eyeshadow and Color Design Sensational Effects Matte Eyeshadows are on sale for $13 at! I paid full price for the matte ones when they came out and I actually love them! They are worth a pick up if you like warmer browns, nudes, and terracottas. Snag them now at Macy’s! Where to buy Macy’s You may also enjoy... Up to 65% Off MACE.L.F. Studio High Definition Undereye Setting Powder Review & SwatchesElizabeth and Jame...
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Common Neurological Issues And Their Symptoms: When Should You See Your Doctor?

When you’ve studied the nervous system in your science class before, perhaps you may have been presented with a network of nerves, all interconnected to make it function the way it should, every day. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that one simple disruption in the way your nerves function or behave may lead to a possible neurological issue, both mild and serious. From simple day-to-day activities like talking, eating, and walking to more complex functions like critical thinki...
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Skin Inc Mask Liner Is On Sale for $10

Dunno if anyone remembers but Skin Inc introduced a mask liner last year that helps prevent acne when wearing a mask. The liner is a Hypoallergenic, synthetic fabric that can be worn under your mask and helps to create a breathable barrier between your skin and your mask to sooth, calm, and prevent maskne (acne) from the humid environment under your mask! It was regularly $20 but it’s now $10 and ships free at! Where to buy Nordstrom You may also enjoy... Celebrate Lush...
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New Salvatore Ferragamo Special Edition: Ferragamo Spicy Leather

In 2020, Salvatore Ferragamo introduced its new masculine fragrance line simply called Ferragamo. A year later, in 2021, the first flanker came out, Ferragamo Intense Leather, which was a very pleasant surprise, largely improving upon the original edition with more fruits, leather, and aromatics. At the time of the launch, I wrote a review, but also my colleague Elena appreciated it very much. N... Read full article: New Salvatore Ferragamo Special Edition: Ferragamo Spicy Leather from Fragrant...
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Essential Home Buying Guide For First Time Buyers

Buying a home can be a daunting process, especially for first-time home buyers. There are many factors to consider and you need to ensure that you are fully prepared for everything that comes along with buying your first property. As a novice, you might feel apprehensive and slightly concerned about all the things you have to get done, however, if you just take it one step at a time, everything should eventually work out in your favor.  Here is a simple home buying guide to help you sim...
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What to do once you’ve found your Dream Job (the 3 step plan)

Have you ever noticed that 85% of advice about finding your dream job is about job hunting? Which is weird. Sure, job hunting is an important skill. But people look for new jobs maybe every two or three years. We go to work every day. What’s more important than job hunting is figuring out how to score Big Wins — like a promotion, or a $10,000 raise — at the jobs we already have.  So let’s talk about what to do once you’ve found your Dream Job in order to become indispensable at work. We inter...
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6 Options to Get a Second Phone Number

Whether on Craigslist, Facebook, or any advertisement websites, a second phone number gives you the utmost privacy you need to sell online. And if you’re into online dating, you don’t have to worry about your safety. Moreover, with a second phone number, you can sign up for discounts and forget about the incessant marketing emails from retail establishments and online vendors.  The benefits of getting a virtual second phone number are endless. So we’ve helped with some of the available ...
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How to Teach Kids About Online Privacy

These days, even kids use the internet every day. They are totally comfortable using computers and smartphones, and they are also accustomed to using a variety of apps for fun, learning, and interaction with friends. So, it is critical that you teach your kids about the potential dangers that come with being on the internet. By giving them this valuable education from a young age, they will understand that being online does come with certain risks, especially when it comes to the privacy o...
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Podcast #732: Tips From a Top TED Talker on How to Be Heard

Julian Treasure knows a thing or two about how to speak well. He’s given five TED talks which have been watched over 125 million times, including one on, well, how to speak well, which resides in the top ten TED talks of all time. But as a former audio branding strategist, Julian got his start in the world of hearing, and as the title of his book — How to Be Heard: Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening — implies, he believes that if you really want to be a good communicator, you’ve got ...
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Beauty Things I Brought But Didn’t Need

Hello friends! It’s been a long Summer hasn’t it? I blame it on the fact that we haven’t been force fed Fall early in June and we aren’t already on to the Holidays. These slow rolling seasonal releases are really making the days and the season seem longer and I’m going to go ahead and say that I don’t hate it. The slower pace of releases really makes the days and the months seem so much longer. Of course, that doesn’t mean I didn’t get into some trouble the past several weeks because after al...
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How To Macerate Your Perfume and Do You Really Need To Do It?

How do you macerate your perfume and do you really need to macerate a perfume? In order to understand the art of maceration one must first know what it is. Macerating a perfume is a lot the concept of curing a new bar of Lush soap. It basically means you’re allowing the perfume to age and sometimes this can consist of introducing oxygen to it. How do macerate a fragrance? The concept is fairly simple. After purchasing a new fragrance you can introduce oxygen to the bottle simply by misting...
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Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Love Birds Collector

In summer 2021, Atelier Cologne presents the newest limited edition flacon for their famous Orange Sanguine fragrance: Cologne Absolue Orange Sanguine Love Birds Collector. It invites us to a poetic sunny morning in Positano offering the rich beauty of the blood orange juice. As the brand says, "the magical translucent blue bottle is adorned with a meticulously cut metal plate hand painted w... Read full article: Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Love Birds Collector from Fragrantica Perfumes a...
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Beware the melatonin coursing through England’s veins

There is a very good chance this article about England’s day five capitulation is not biologically sound. We’re pretty sure it’s cricketally accurate however. The second Test was won and lost at some point during a morning of pointlessly bouncing Jasprit Bumrah. It’s a hard moment to pin down precisely, but doing so is way less important than the fact that we all just intrinsically understand that it’s true. Bumrah bounced James Anderson, you see – including with a series of no-balls. En...
Tags: England, Sex, India, Pakistan, James Anderson, Cheteshwar Pujara, Jasprit Bumrah, Bumrah, Sussex County Cricket Club

Will power: preparing for my death has provided me with way more entertainment than is seemly | Elizabeth Quinn

Although confronting, the act of getting my affairs in order has provided much space for reflection – and gratitudeIt’s lockdown number whatever, and this time I’m going to make it count. No sourdough therapy, no binge watching Schitts Creek, no ordering recklessly expensive artisan cakelets. This time I’m preparing for death.A few years ago I helped my mother write her advance care plan. Now it’s my turn. I download it and work my way through the personal details to the end-of-life section. Who...
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Ich habe meine Bildschirmzeit eine Woche lang gegen Lesen ausgetauscht

Wir zerbrechen uns schon seit langer Zeit den Kopf darüber, wie viele Stunden wir täglich vor unseren diversen Bildschirmen verbringen – vor allem, was Kinder angeht. Aber erst mit der Einführung der „Bildschirmzeit“ auf iPhones und vergleichbaren Tools auf Android-Handys bekamen wir 2018 einen handfesten, ungeschminkten Denkzettel zu unserer Smartphone-Nutzung verpasst. Genau dieses rechteckige Teil, von dem wir so abhängig sind, lieferte uns jetzt eine Aufschlüsselung der Zeit, die wir vor uns...
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Don't Be a Victim of the Great Resignation

By now, you’ve likely heard the term “the great resignation.” Anthony Klotz, a professor at Texas A&M University, coined the term in a May Bloomberg article to refer to the great numbers of workers expected to exit the workforce after the pandemic. Klotz does his own research, but a recent Microsoft study, the 2021 Work Trend Index, mirrored his findings. Microsoft surveyed more than 30,000 people in 31 countries and analyzed trillions of productivity and labor signals across LinkedIn and Micros...
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Fall 2021 Lip Swatches: More MAC Lustreglass Lipsticks + Smashbox x The Suicide Squad

MAC Lustreglass Sheer-Shine Lipsticks debuted a month or so ago, and not all shades were available, so I picked up those that I was missing but also noticed that Selfridges had several additional shades I hadn’t heard of. I’m guessing they are exclusive to EU/UK. Hug Me and I Deserve This are available in the US (I’m still waiting to receive Can’t Dull My Shine and Thanks, It’s MAC lipsticks from Nordstrom). MAC Lustreglass Sheer-Shine Lipsticks ...
Tags: Mac, US, Eu, Beauty, Suicide Squad, Christine, Sneak Peeks, Smashbox, Nordstrom MAC, MAC Lustreglass Lipsticks Smashbox, MAC Lustreglass Sheer Shine Lipsticks, Smashbox Be Legendary Anti Hero Lipsticks

What would you like to see in an autumn makeup collection?

I’d love to see someone go full grunge! Lots of taupe – gray-taupe, bronze-taupe, purple-taupe. Lots of earthy greens – think green-golds, sage green, olive green, deep forest green. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Ulta Diamond & Platinum Appreciation Days: 5X / 10X Points

Ulta’s 5X/10X event is here for Diamond and Platinum members! Today and tomorrow, get 10X points on everything listed here (also shared below) and 5X points on everything else online. Editor’s note: You have to activate the offer through your rewards’ section of your profile. It may not be showing yet for some accounts but should roll out shortly. I was able to activate via the email they sent out, but the offer hasn’t actually activated in my cart yet (as of 5AM PT). ...
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Cindy Crawford sells Beverly Hills home to Whatsapp co-founder

Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber originally listed the home for $16 million in 2020.
Tags: Listings, Lifestyle, Whatsapp, Radio, Luxury, Nbcuniversal, Beverly Hills, Calvin Klein, Jan Koum, Givenchy, Cindy Crawford, Onerepublic, Crawford, Miu Miu, Kaia Gerber, Rande Gerber

New Beauty at Ulta

Wakey wakey friends! Today is apparently a good day to haul makeup and skincare as Ulta has 10X points on select brands and 5X points on everything else for Diamond and Platinum Members (activate via email or in your dashboard)! Plus there’s a nice free gift set with your $50 purchase (two of them to choose from in fact). Here’s some new makeup and skincare picks you might wanna grab during this extra point day! Catrice 5 In A Box Mini Eyeshadow Palette $6 Catrice has three new mini five s...
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