Sydney Grace Taupe (Light) Mystery Bag Review & Swatches (2021)

Taupe (Light) (2021) Sydney Grace Taupe (Light) (2021) Mystery Bag (2021) ($30.00) includes five new eyeshadows and a new highlighter, which are intended to remain the same across all Taupe (Light) mystery bags, while two to three other products are also included that can vary (my bag contained a cream shadow and a loose glitter, which are both from the permanent range). I was a little surprised that the highlighter was so, so warm-to...
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ColourPop Just a Glitch Palette Review & Swatches

Just a Glitch ColourPop Just a Glitch 5-Pan Pressed Powder Palette ($10.00 for 0.15 oz.) includes two matte shades with three shimmer shades. The shimmery shades had a drier feel to them that made them harder to apply to bare skin, so this palette would be ideal for someone who tends to use eyeshadow primer and prefers to use fingertips/wet brush for application. Ingredients ...
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This Week in Dupes, Vol. 156

Did a product catch your eye this week? Check out dupes for the most loved and most wanted products between August 10th and August 16th before you buy! Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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YSL Radical Chili & Fatal Carmin Velvet Radical Matte Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Radical Chili (308) YSL Radical Chili (308) The Slim Velvet Radical Matte Lipstick ($39.00 for 0.08 oz.) is a rich, coppery-red with warm undertones and a satin finish. The texture felt velvety and smooth, dense without being heavy to wear, and had enough glide that it applied even, opaque coverage in a single layer. It stayed on nicely for six and a half hours, left a stain behind, and was lightly moisturizing while worn.FURTHER READ...
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Burberry Hero: Irony Abounds Within This Cowardly Composition

I do not think Burberry’s Hero is a bad fragrance, in that it is pleasing on the nose with an attractive easy-going hedonic, in the hand with a simple elegant bottle, and carries performance you’d expect of this price point, but I do think it’s a cowardly product. Irony abounds everywhere in your experience. Foremost, for a scent entitled “Hero” there isn’t really any olfactory content... Read full article: Burberry Hero: Irony Abounds Within This Cowardly Composition from Fragrantica Perfumes ...
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Alexa Chung’s YouTubes haven’t helped my hair – but they have helped me through lockdown

Sinead Stubbins is the first to admit she might know a bit too much about the British personality. Is it creepy? Maybe. Maybe not? Who knows• Internet Wormhole is a new column where Guardian Australia writers take you on a tour of their online obsession. Click here for moreLast year, I spent a lot of time staring intently into a computer screen at a person who does not know I exist. Let’s just say if restraining orders were determined by hours spent watching someone’s YouTube channel, British mo...
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Enterprise Bank Boot Scootin’ Boogie 5k & Brewfest is Happening THIS SATURDAY!

Okay, ladies! Get your running sneakers (and your dancing boots) ready for this weekend! The Enterprise Bank Boot Scootin’ Boogie 5k and Brewfest is happening August 21, 2021 at the Londonderry Athletic Field Complex on 98 Sargent Rd. in Londonderry NH. More than just another NH road race, this exciting and highly popular event is also known for its fabulous live concert event, 40-foot bonfires, and a drool-worthy Brewfest featuring local and regional breweries. This year’s live musi...
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Is 2021 the best Outfest ever? The must-see titles from the AWESOME lineup.

[caption id="attachment_588383" align="alignnone" width="670"] Boy Culture: The Series[/caption] Outfest, the inimitable LGBTQ-themed film festival based in Los Angeles, has returned for another year. This year’s lineup also has us convinced: it might be the best Outfest lineup ever. In an even more fortuitous turn, Outfest will also allow festival members to view titles from home anywhere in the USA. That gives attendees a great chance to catch some of these awesome titles ahead of the rest of ...
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How Rolex became the top luxury watch brand in the world from its humble origins as a tool for professionals

Getty/Astrid Stawiarz Rolex effectively invented the category of watches you wear on your wrist over 100 years ago. For much of the company's history, it was focused on making timepieces that could survive anything. Precision and quality are now higher than ever, but that's not why fans pay a premium for the brand. See more stories on Insider's business page. When watch aficionado Adam Golden stopped into his local Rolex dealer's shop in Florida this summer, there was just...
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The Homeschooler’s Back To School Mega Bundle is On Sale NOW!

I just had to take a minute to let all of your know about an AWESOME deal on a huge mega bundle of homeschooling resources! The Back To School Mega Bundle is on sale for just $25 from August 17th till the 24th! Homeschool Bundles are an excellent way to get perfectly curated resources to help your children learn about things they love. We use learning resources like this to build on seasonal traditions, facilitate hands-on learning opportunities, and give all 5 kids an opportunity to...
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Leslie Jordan just schooled T.I. on his homophobia and it went surprisingly well

Leslie Jordan recently took to Instagram to weigh in on T.I.’s misguided defense of DaBaby, when he accused LGBTQ of being bullies for holding the 29-year-old rapper accountable for his homophobic remarks. 66-year-old Jordan admitted that, despite watching a lot of television, he doesn’t actually know who T.I. is, mistakenly calling him “T.M.I.” before quickly correcting himself. “He said some very homophobic things,” Jordan explained. “But I don’t know who that is. I’ve never heard of him ever...
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Matthew McConaughey Doesn’t Wear Deodorant Here’s What He Smells Like

I’m a supporter of deodorant. I like it, I wear it, I think it’s cool. But of course, I’m all about live and let live. If you don’t like it nor wear it I’m cool with that. What you do what your life is your business likewise for what you do what your body, totally up to you! But this whole you don’t need to shower until the dirt shows and I don’t need deodorant movement is squeaking me out a little bit. Celebs are just really letting things run wild in these articles about how they don’t sh...
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New UK Brand The 5th Launches

When a new brand arrives, there is always an elephant in the room: that of market crowding. Thousands of scents now launch each year and even the growing niche sector is groaning under the weight of new products vying for both our hard-earned cash and shelf space. Compounding the challenge facing any fledgling business is the fact that it is hard to make a product that stands out, and many brands ... Read full article: New UK Brand The 5th Launches from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazin...
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How To Make Your Bathroom More Hygienic

Keeping your bathroom clean is one of the most important household tasks you have. It’s where you want to go to clean yourself, so you definitely don’t want it to be a dirty or unhygienic space. But the nature of a bathroom means that there will be bacteria, and keeping it clean can be harder than you might think. You can never get rid of 100% of bacteria, but you can try to make your bathroom as hygienic as possible. If you want to design a more hygienic bathroom, you should try to make i...
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Pete and Chasten Buttigieg share some big news

“For some time, [my husband] Chasten and I have wanted to grow our family. We’re overjoyed to share that we’ve become parents! The process isn’t done yet and we’re thankful for the love, support, and respect for our privacy that has been offered to us. We can’t wait to share more soon.” — Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg shares some good news via Twitter
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Santino Rice under fire for bonkers anti-vax COVID conspiracy tweets

Project Runway alum and RuPaul’s Drag Race fixture Santino Rice has come under fire on Twitter for a series of remarks insisting COVID-19 is a “man-made” disease, and thus discouraging his followers from getting vaccinated. As early as May 2021, Rice began tweeting misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, railing against the various vaccines designed to protect against it. What they are selling people isn’t even a vaccine! They are calling it a “vaccine” but it is not really a proper vacc...
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Juliette Has A Gun Lili Fantasy

  Juliette Has A Gun has just launched their newest fragrance, LILI FANTASY, offering a gourmand and sweet accord of bubble gum to the newest composition. A bubble gum accord has already been used in the latest Moschino Toy 2 creation. It's also very prominent and convincing in Bubble Gum by Bel Rebel, and loud, fun, and fruity-floral candy-like in Bubblegum Chic by Heeley, so let's che... Read full article: Juliette Has A Gun Lili Fantasy from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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‘My bosses were happy to destroy me’ – the women forced out of work by menopause

Almost a million women have left their jobs because of menopausal symptoms. Countless others are discriminated against, denied support and openly mocked. Do they need new legal protections?In 2019, Mara’s weekly performance review meetings grew intolerable; she would sit in a cramped conference room with her supervisors only to be told that she wasn’t performing well enough. “I felt like a child,” says Mara, who is 48, lives in Hampshire and works and works as a public servant. “They would tell ...
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Sonnenschutz & (frische) Tattoos: Was du beachten solltest

Dir im Sommer ein Tattoo stechen zu lassen, ist nicht unmöglich – aber definitiv kompliziert. Jede:r Tattoo Artist wird dir bestätigen können, dass die Gesundheit und Heilung eines frischen Tattoos davon abhängen, ob du es auch brav vor Sonnenstrahlung schützt, insbesondere während der ersten paar Wochen. Aber was, wenn dein nächster Strandurlaub schon ein paar Tage nach dem Stechen ansteht und Canceln für dich nicht infrage kommt? Zuallererst die brutale Wahrheit: Wenn du möchtest, dass...
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ColourPop Such a Rush Cheek Palette Review & Swatches

Such a Rush ColourPop Such a Rush 4-Pan Cheek Palette ($18.00 for 0.3 oz.) is more of a medium-dark depth cheek set of shades that includes a cream-to-powder highlighter, powder bronzer, and two powder blushes. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the powder shades actually applied more evenly and blended out with less difficulty than I typically experience with this formula. The highlighter was fantastic, which was what I’d expect...
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What's your criteria for keeping or decluttering a lip product?

First is if I really love the formula, because if I personally LOVE a product, then I am more apt to keep it regardless of its utility to me as a reviewer. If it’s exceptionally bad across the board, then I don’t bother keeping at all because who even needs to hold onto to compare later on? Otherwise,... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Are You Suffering From Soft Suburban Dad Syndrome? 50 Questions for Self-Examination

Years ago, I found myself at Kate’s ten-year high school reunion. As I surveyed the room of her former classmates, I noticed a dichotomy in the trajectories that the males and females had taken. By and large, the women had kept themselves up; they still seemed vibrant, engaged, and in shape, even if they had had a few kids by that time. The years had not been as kind to the majority of dudes, however. Many were already overweight, out-of-shape, and looking pretty schlubby and dead behind the e...
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Goodbye wicked stepmother: ‘bonus’ families adopting more positive terms

Princess Beatrice is the latest public figure to use new terminology, which many prefer to words such as ‘stepfamily’The wicked stepmother of fairytales and bad films is no more: welcome, instead, to the “bonus” mum, dad and children of the blended families of the 21st century.Princess Beatrice, the Queen’s granddaughter, spoke this week of her “bonus son” after her marriage last year to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. Continue reading...
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Wie stehen die Chancen auf einen vierten Teil von The Kissing Booth?

THE KISSING BOOTH 3 (2021) Joey King as Elle. Cr: Marcos Cruz/NETFLIX Achtung: Spoiler zu Netflix’ Filmreihe The Kissing Booth direkt voraus! Niemand verabschiedet sich gern von etwas Heißgeliebtem – kein Wunder also, dass wir uns nach dem Ende von The Kissing Booth 3 fragen, was die Zukunft für Elle Evans (Joey King) bereithält, jetzt, da ihre jugendlichen Abenteuer vorbei sind. The Kissing Booth 3 erschien am 11. August auf Netflix und verrät uns Elles finale Pläne für ihr Studien- u...
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There's hardly been a better time to be a wealth manager as the war for talent accelerates. Here are 5 firms on the hunt.

The war for wealth talent intensified during the pandemic, and shows no signs of stopping. Samantha Lee/Business Insider Demand for private wealth and banking services grew during the pandemic and shows no signs of stopping. Firms are competing for talent to cater to moneyed clients who are worth at least $10 million. These are five of the top players on the hiring hunt. See more stories on Insider's business page. America's wealthy are getting richer thanks to a booming stock mark...
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A startup is making 'real' milk, cheese, and ice-cream without cows

The startup is already seeking regulatory approval in Canada, India, and Europe. Shutterstock Perfect Day, based in California, advocates for dairy-free products, free from animal exploitation. They aim to ethically produce milk using a cow's milk gene and reproducing it using a fungus. The firm is already selling ice cream and cheese. At the end of 2021 it plans to sell cream cheese. See more stories on Insider's business page. What if there was an alternative to plant-based mil...
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Milano Fragranze: Fragrance Reviews of an Italian Voyage

Establishing a new brand is never easy, especially in a saturated market that is heaving under the burden of too much choice. However, the makers of Masque Milano, Ricardo and Allesandro Brun, have had such a smashing success with their original brand that they decided to found a new one, one that would be close at heart, highlighting their Italian roots and providing a bit of la dolce vita to the... Read full article: Milano Fragranze: Fragrance Reviews of an Italian Voyage from Fragrantica Pe...
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Don’t be lonely: how to make friends if you’re moving house

Yes, the pandemic has made it harder to connect with strangers. But, from fitness classes to social media, there are plenty of ways to meet people in a new area – especially if you assume you’re naturally likableFreed from the shackles of the office and the misery of the commute, and with a newfound appreciation for space and air, it may suddenly have seemed as if a new kind of life was possible. Last summer, a few months after the first lockdown, data from Rightmove found searches by city resid...
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Vichy Ideal Soleil Mineral Tinted Sunscreen

Light, runny texture and a long-lasting formula. Vichy Ideal Soleil mineral tinted sunscreen does not disappoint. No, the colour doesn’t match me perfectly, but sometimes, I don’t care, and other... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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