ColourPop At First Crush Cheek Quad Review & Swatches

At First Crush ColourPop At First Crush 4-Pan Cheek Palette ($18.00 for 0.3 oz.) is a medium-depth set of shades that includes a cream-to-powder highlighter, powder bronzer, and two powder blushes. The highlighter was the best performing, but all the products were consistent with my experience with the formulas over time–the powder shades could have been more blendable and easier to work with for me. In my experience, ColourPop’s powd...
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Habibi’s 5th Anniversary Marked with Several Notable Releases

Habibi, the New York-based perfume house, is celebrating its fifth anniversary with many new additions to its lineup. As we’ve mentioned before in an introduction to the brand, Habibi fragrances explore conversations between Eastern-, Western-, and contemporary-style perfumes through the lens of precious woods, fruits, and flowers. While I enjoyed many parts of their original line, I feel Habib... Read full article: Habibi’s 5th Anniversary Marked with Several Notable Releases from Fragrantica...
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How To Choose the Right Solar Powered Ceiling Fan

Here are some facts that you should be aware of before purchasing your first solar powered fan. Sunlight may have an impact on fan speed and function. Solar panels charge the batteries in the solar powered fan, which assist to power the fan itself. If the batteries are not completely charged, the fan may revolve more slowly or cease to function entirely. That is why it is critical to install the solar panel in an area where it will receive lots of sunlight. Those who live in locat...
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Tips To Finance Homeschooling Your Child

Homeschooling does not have to cost you a fortune. Although it can be more expensive than sending your kid off to public school, it is an excellent investment in your child’s education, future, and overall wellbeing. In addition to the obvious benefits, it gives you complete control over the quality of teaching your child receives and helps you monitor their progress. If you are considering homeschooling your children, you may have wondered how you can finance homeschooling expenses. F...
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Survey Says... August 18th, 2021

Happy Wednesday! Here's this week's survey, which you can copy and paste and share as a comment. Your skin tone/coloring: Last cheek product you put on your wish list? Last lip product you put on your wish list? Last palette you put on your wish list? Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Chanel Rose Ambigu & Corail Alternatif Rouge Allure Laques Reviews & Swatches

Rose Ambigu (84) Chanel Rose Ambigu (84) Rouge Allure Laque (2020) ($40.00 for 0.18 oz.) is a medium-dark pink with strong, warm undertones and a soft sheen. The texture felt smooth, lightweight, and thin with a lot of creamy slip–almost balm-like–initially, which developed into a more transfer-resistant, slightly tacky texture that was no longer emollient or prone to sliding around. It had opaque pigmentation that applied evenly and ...
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ColourPop U Got Mail Super Shock Highlighter Review & Swatches

U Got Mail ColourPop U Got Mail Super Shock Cheek (Highlighter) ($8.00 for 0.15 oz.) is a medium-dark pink with subtle, warm undertones and a smooth, pearlized finish. It had medium, buildable color coverage applied with a synthetic brush and more opaque coverage applied with a fingertip, as marketed. The texture was wet to the touch with a smooth, lightweight, and thin quality to it that helped it apply well to bare skin as well as o...
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Why You Should Put Safety First When Using a Utility Knife

Safety should always come first when using a utility knife, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned pro in the industrial field, a novice, or a do-it-yourself (DIY) hobbyist. If you use a knife that’s unsafe or you don’t know how to properly use it, you run the risk of seriously injuring yourself. Perhaps folks tend to rank effectiveness above safety because they don’t think the two features can coexist. But there are safe utility knives with the ability to cut a wide variety of materials. ...
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Good Water Perfume Collection

The idea of alcohol-free fragrances has been around for a very long time. In Arab countries, the problem with religious prohibitions was solved with the help of an oil base, but in Europe, they decided to go the other way and create fragrances based on water. By now, perfumes can be as alcohol-free as wine and beer. At first, the pioneers were organic and highly ethical fragrance houses such as... Read full article: Good Water Perfume Collection from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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L.A. Chefs Niki Nakayama and Jordan Kahn Create Dishes Inspired by Lyriq Electric SUV for 60 Second Docs

Los Angeles chefs Niki Nakayama and Jordan Kahn are some of the country’s most innovative chefs, and they put their creativity to the test for a recent collaboration featuring the new Lyriq electric SUV, with their efforts showcased in two mini-documentaries on the 60 Second Docs platform. Nakayama, whose kaiseki restaurant N/Naka has won international […]
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A Tale of Writer’s Block

Sometimes ideas float around in my head and I have to write them down before they disappear just as quickly as they come to me. Other times there’s nothing. A void that if you should yell into it you’ll hear an echo return. With the delay in Fall and Holiday Collections a case of writer’s block, I fear I haven’t been putting my best into Musings of a Muse lately and I’m really sorry about that. Lately, I feel a little overwhelmed. I’m so behind on approving comments and replying to them, so...
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I Heart Revolution x Fruity Pebbles Arrives at Ulta and It’s As Sweet As The Cereal

The new I Heart Revolution x Fruity Pebbles Collection arrives at today and yeah, my inner little kid might have squealed in joy as how sweet and cute it is! This is such an adorable collection! Who doesn’t want fruity pebbles scented body lotion in their life? Am I right? I Heart Revolution x Fruity Pebbles Palette $22 18 fruity scented pigmented brightly colored shades inspired by yummy Fruity Pebbles cereal! I Heart Revolution x Cocoa Pebbles Palette $22 18 chocolate scented ...
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Antigay activist banned from Canada is absolutely losing it over how gay Netflix has become

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Peter LaBarbera. The antigay activist hasn’t made too many headlines since he was denied entry into Canada back in 2014 for being too much of a bigot. But LaBarbera, or “Porno Pete” as some people refer to him because of his strange obsession with talking about the graphic details of gay anal intercourse, is back! Basic, common sense truths: Men cannot be women. Women cannot be men. There is no such thing as a “pregnant man.” 2 dudes cannot truly be “ma...
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The Large Pharmacy of the Brazilian Imperial Family: Discover the Entire Granado Tradition

It is impossible for me to think about Brazilian perfumery and not draw a timeline that reflects the social changes of each period and the long road traveled from the indigenous and African traditions of perfumed baths to the density of the perfume extracts brought from Europe to the colony and Brazil – how all this evolved so that we became one of the countries with the highest perfume consu... Read full article: The Large Pharmacy of the Brazilian Imperial Family: Discover the Entire Granado...
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Jesse James Keitel lands the lead in the ‘Queer as Folk’ reboot

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jesse James Keitel (@jessejameskeitel) Nonbinary actor Jesse James Keitel has landed a leading role in the new reboot version of Queer as Folk, set to debut next year on Peacock. Deadline reports that Keitel–who uses both “she” and “they” pronouns–will step into the role of a transgender party girl struggling to get her life in order. Keitel shared the news ...
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How to Become a Copywriter: From No Experience to Sharpening Your Skills

Learning how to write great copy can be an excellent career move. You can make a good amount of money while flexing your creative muscles and working in a flexible setting. The best part: You also don’t need any formal education. In fact, some of the most sought after and highest-paid copywriters in the world never took a writing class in their life and clear six figures a year. Bonus: If you want to learn how to write amazing content like a six figure copywriter, download my FREE Ultimate...
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The 8 best razors for women, including subscription services that deliver them straight to your door

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Well Kept Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Razors are an easy option for those who choose to remove their body hair.With so many options out there, it can be tough to figure out which blade is best.We tested a handful of the best razors for women, and these 9 reigned supreme.When every razor in the aisle guarantees a nick-free close shave it's hard to determine which one truly lives up to its pro...
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Podcast #733: What a Man With 60,000 Books Can Teach You About Lifelong Learning and Building Your Home Library

Gary  Hoover  loves books. Among the nine companies he founded was the bookstore chain Bookstop, which was acquired by Barnes & Noble. He has a personal collection of 60,000 books, which he had to purchase an abandoned medical center to house. And he’s the author of his own book, which is about books, called The Lifetime Learner’s Guide to Reading and Learning.    Today on the show, Gary shares how his fascination with books was born in his youth, why the collection he amassed over the d...
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Nobody wants to read Ted Cruz’s crappy new book, so his campaign spent $153,000 buying up copies

Nobody wants to read Ted Cruz‘s crappy new book… except, apparently, for Ted Cruz. Recently released FEC filings suggest the antigay senator blew over $150,000 on copies of his own book using money donated to his campaign in 2020. Last September, Cruz released One Vote Away: How a Single Supreme Court Seat Can Change History, for which he was paid a $320,000 advance by his publisher. A ccording to FEC filings, his campaign spent $153,000 at Books-a-Million shortly after its publication. ...
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PHOTOS: Travel virtually to Toronto and get to know these sexy Canadian guys

Photographing these guys was a tough job for Liam, but somebody's got to do it!
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Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk posts his first thirst trap to show 40 is “fabulous”

Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk can generally be relied upon for transforming your drabby living room into domestic bliss, but the show’s interior design expert appears to be taking a similar approach with his fitness goals. Taking to Instagram, Berk tried his hand at the ubiquitous bathroom mirror selfie. “Am I doing this right?” he asked in the caption, adding “#thirsttrap” and “#40andfabulous”. AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdBridg.display("div-gpt-ad-inarticle1"); }); ...
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PHOTOS: Meet Samantha’s replacement on ‘Sex and the City’

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by SJP (@sarahjessicaparker) News on the new Sex and the City spinoff And Just Like That keeps coming. Now, star Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed the newest castmate of the show, a sort of replacement for Kim Cattrall’s Samantha. “Oh so fine,” Parker posted to Instagram. “I’d sing along to 70’s love songs with this trio deep into any night. @justlikethatmax I’...
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Todo Verde Brings Plant-Based Menu to Ford Theater and More Restaurant News

With outdoor performances just about the only saving grace this summer, two of L.A.’s top venues are taking different but delicious approaches to feeding music lovers. At The Ford theater, where upcoming shows include Rodrigo y Gabriela and Patti Smith with Jackson Smith and Tony Shanahan, Jocelyn Ramirez recently introduced Todo Verde, featuring plant-based Mexican […]
Tags: Lifestyle, Ford, Patti Smith, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Suzanne Goin, Jackson Smith, Ford Theater, Jocelyn Ramirez, Todo Verde, Todo Verde Brings Plant Based Menu, Tony Shanahan Jocelyn Ramirez

WATCH: Airline pilot subjects passengers to incredibly detailed rant about his sexuality

via Shuterstock Video of a strange incident aboard an American Airlines flight has gone viral. In it, the pilot of a commercial flight shares a biographical rant about struggling with his sexual orientation. American Airlines has confirmed to Inside Edition that the rant occurred earlier this year on June 15 on a flight from Washington DC to Chicago. Video of the incident began circulating online earlier this month. In it, passengers try to deplane as the pilot details the horrors of being se...
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Get ‘back to the land’ with Carhartt hoodies, leggings and more

Get ready to land a win for your fall fashion game! Carhartt has you covered while exploring the great outdoors during the dog days of summer and into the fall, with the “Back to the Land” collection. “Whether you’re in need of some inspiration, relaxation, or some off the grid isolation – the great outdoors...
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Charlotte Tilbury Supernudes Collection for Fall 2021

Release Date + About the Launch Be one of the FIRST to discover your SUPER YOU with Charlotte’s easy-to-wear neutral nude makeup collection, decoded for everyone, EVERYWHERE! The Super Nudes makeup collection features Charlotte’s easy-to-use Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette to create 2 dreamy smokey eye looks, and NEW! nude icons like the showstopping Glowgasm palette in Nudegasm for a SUPER STAR sculpt, bronze...
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What's your criteria for keeping or decluttering an eye product?

First is if I really love the formula, because if I personally LOVE a product, then I am more apt to keep it regardless of its utility to me as a reviewer. If it’s exceptionally bad across the board, then I don’t bother keeping at all because who even needs to hold onto to compare later on? Otherwise,... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Guerlain Rouge G Luxurious Velvet Lipstick for Fall 2021

Release Date + About the Launch The new ultimate matte lipstick with a velvet finish. Never has a matte lip colour been so sensorial, as Rouge G combines exceptional softness, depth and long-lasting (16-hour) wear**. Its highly pigmented, velvety formula glides effortlessly over the lips for an absolute comfort. The new sleek and modern design of the lipstick offers precise, generous application, with its r...
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ColourPop Astrology Eyeshadow Quad Swatches (x12)

ColourPop Astrology Collection includes 12 new eyeshadow quads; each quad includes two shimmer shades and two matte shades. The collection launches tomorrow, August 19th at 10AM PT. You can use code TEMPTALIA to get 10% off. ColourPop Astrology Eyeshadow Quads Gallery Options Products ...
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