I Took On 10 New Accounts at Work This Month And It’s Kicking My Butt Here’s 4 Products I Use To Keep Myself Looking Bright, Fresh, and Awake

Wakey wakey friends! I hope you’re doing well over there. That your work week was productive, that you had plenty of time for play, that you were treated well and your treated others just as well, and that you were the good humans I know you are! I’m not a morning person at all but I push myself to get an early start to my day. Every morning I’m up at 4:45AM to get my day going! I get my workout in, my morning meditation, I start taking pics for the blog and writing articles, and prepare for...
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ColourPop Clap If You Believe & Tinkerbell Glossy Lip Stains Reviews & Swatches

Clap If You Believe ColourPop Clap If You Believe Glossy Lip Stain ($8.00 for 0.21 oz.) is a darker coral with moderate, warm undertones and a lightly sparkly, cream finish. It had semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation paired with a smooth, gel-like cream consistency that spread easily over my lips. There was a bit of product that settled into my deeper lip lines, though it was barely noticeable in person. It wore well for four and a h...
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ColourPop Magic Moon Super Shock Cheek Review & Swatches

Magic Moon ColourPop Magic Moon Super Shock Cheek ($8.00 for 0.15 oz.) is a light-medium, pink-leaning coral with a satiny sheen. It had smoother, finer pearl throughout that gave it a luminous finish on skin but wasn’t as noticeably shimmery as most shades in the formula. It had opaque pigmentation when applied with a fingertip and more medium, buildable coverage applied with a synthetic brush, which is how the formula is marketed. T...
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Conversation with Pat Farnack on Employee Retention in Today’s Environment

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed again by Pat Farnack, longtime radio host on WCBS Newsradio 880 in New York City. In the middle of the “Great Resignation,” companies are struggling to attract and retain employees. Studies show that negative emotions in the workplace have been rising. These negative emotions make people less enthusiastic about returning to work and incentivized to seek a more positive experience elsewhere. In our conversation, Pat and I discussed strategies that ...
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L.A. Chef/Author Alice Carbone Tench to Stream Cooking Shows!

 Here’s a great story that hits a number of topics all at one time: cooking,  an LA Chef who becomes an author, plus she is launching a new streaming cooking show in LA!. Los Angeles Chef + Author Alice Carbone Tench Streams Live Weekly Cooking Shows From Italy! by Michelle Perez &  Saeli Eshelman.    […] The post L.A. Chef/Author Alice Carbone Tench to Stream Cooking Shows! first appeared on
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Smell the Jazz in Phantom: Paco Rabanne Delivers the Future With Its Kaleidoscopic New Fragrance

Personally, I think the artificial intelligence story behind Paco Rabanne’s new scent Phantom is almost irrelevant. The way the industry is using AI is nothing new, with the implementation of statistics, deduction, foresight, data and risk management within an averaging strategy being no different from processes that have guided the fragrance and flavour world for decades. Perhaps the breadth a... Read full article: Smell the Jazz in Phantom: Paco Rabanne Delivers the Future With Its Kaleidosc...
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Kayali Invite Only Amber 23

The eighth fragrance of the Kayali collection celebrates the beauty of amber. KAYALI INVITE ONLY AMBER 23 is announced as a warm, sweet gourmand fragrance, woven as a pleasant embrace of amber and resins. The new fragrance is seductive and extremely rich in shades, created with exceptional silage and longevity, states the Kayali brand. "A divinely sensual, decadent, and enticing fragrance ... Read full article: Kayali Invite Only Amber 23 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Fashion News Roundup: August 2021

A new Pinterest feature, Target’s designer collaborations for Fall 2021, and more news from the style trenches in August. Old Navy has launched BODEQUALITY, a new initiative that promises price parity for all clothes, regardless of size.  Pinterest now gives you the option to narrow down your searches for hairstyles, haircuts, and hair colours by your specific hair texture or type. The new feature is designed to make the platform’s hair content more accessible for people of colour.  Here’s a fi...
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Get off my lettuce! Three quick ways to deter snails without poison

Copper, coffee and beer come together in a cumulative effort to keep pests out of your patchAnyone who has ever had a tree get in the way of a breathtaking view or pending development approval will know the consequence of a copper coin – come on, we’re all aware of this nasty poisoning tactic! But did you know that copper can be used to kill other stuff too, like pesky snails and slugs? Continue reading...
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My Kinky Target Bullseyes Playground Item Addiction And How I Can’t Find Any Of It or An Ulta at My Target

Let’s get weird and freaky for a little bit here! I have a home decor kink! It turns me on like you would not believe! Home Goods, Home Sense, Target, yassss, please! So hot! Mmmm….! Those long strolls down the aisle of Target to pick up toilet paper just makes me so…..wink wink nudge nudge! I know all of you have a Target kink and a Home Goods one and a Home Sense one…! I see you, I know. Yup! Don’t sit there acting like you don’t know exactly what I mean when I say I have a Target fetish! I...
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Essential Oils To Help Keep Your Kitchen Fresh and Clean

Having the long-lasting smell of pecan pie or Slow-Cooked Brisket and Onions in your kitchen is always great and – really delicious. But what would you feel about the smell of rotting food, garbage can, garbage disposal, or the smell of bacon grease? Really offensive odors they are. Aren’t they? Well, the good news is that you can turn to your favorite breezy air freshener to break up the scent in the air. But the bad news is that you’ll then be known as the person who compromises on t...
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From Wine Barrels to the Perfume Shelves: What Made Malbec a Success?

O Boticário is one of the great perfume houses of Brazil, and over more than 40 years, the brand has created countless classics that are part of the history of Brazilian perfumery. Some are already discontinued, leaving their faithful fans yearning for their aromas, while others are continued, sometimes in new bottles and with some changes in their formula, but still very successful. Amid... Read full article: From Wine Barrels to the Perfume Shelves: What Made Malbec a Success? from Fragran...
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Yves Saint Laurent Libre Hair Mist

The Yves Saint Laurent Libre collection, which includes the three extraordinary creations Libre, Libre Intense, and Libre Eau de Toilette, has included a new product: the Libre Hair Mist. This latest release is for those who want their hair to smell like their favorite fragrance while using a product that improves and nurtures it. The composition remains the same as the first Libre creat... Read full article: Yves Saint Laurent Libre Hair Mist from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazin...
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Escada Fairy Love

  Last September, Escada presented a heart-shaped fragrance called Candy Love. The fun and sweet scent of candy apple will be followed by a new heart this year. This flirty and delicious creation repeats the design of the bottle and the cheerful theme, now in lacquered red!   The brand announced the fragrance as a magical, colorful, and whirlwind journey through pure, unbridled emotions... Read full article: Escada Fairy Love from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Louis Vuitton: Spell On You

The latest fragrant creation by LOUIS VUITTON offers a unique floral scent that brings a powerful charm and leaves an attractive lingering finish. Spell on You is a fragrance that expresses the excitement of lovers’ games, and the pleasant tension between two people in love. Spell On You belongs to the Les Parfum Louis Vuitton collection, aimed at a woman who is both romantic and a con... Read full article: Louis Vuitton: Spell On You from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.

China says a media worker collapsed in the break room and died as a result of the country's brutal '996' work culture - and now the state is promising to clamp down on unpaid overtime

Office workers walk along a street during lunch time in Beijing Nicolas Asfouri/AFP via Getty Images China has produced a document that it says highlights the dangers of some companies' "996" work culture. 996 refers to people working 9 a.m. until 9 p.m., six days a week. The practise has come under fire from workers, some companies, and now the state. See more stories on Insider's business page. China says a media worker collapsed in a company break room and later died from heart ...
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What was the last cheek product that caught your eye? Did you resist or give in?

The new Dior highlighters — it’s always been a good formula… like even 10 years? ago when I reviewed it. There’s been some evolution over time, but I don’t recall ever finding one to be bad! I did purchase all shades to review, but lucky me, easy to justify! — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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OCD has plagued me for most of my life – can I ever escape it?

Ask your GP to refer you to a specialist, says Annalisa Barbieri. It’s not surprising you haven’t been able to conquer it on your ownI am a 76-year-old married man and have had intense and ongoing obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) since the age of 13.My father was killed in the second world war, just after I was conceived. When I was six, my mother remarried; the marriage soon became unhappy and tense. My mother was a strict disciplinarian and hit me frequently when she felt I had been naughty...
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The 4 essential skills to include on your resume to find remote work in 2021

New skills are needed to work efficiently with remote teams and to be as productive as possible. Kilito Chan/Getty Images Finding a job this year is a very different ballgame from what it was pre-pandemic. Digitization has accelerated, tech is more advanced, and remote work is more common. Here are the skills job advice blog Infoempleo says you need to include on your resume to find work. See more stories on Insider's business page. If you're looking for work, finding a job this ye...
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Netflix cofounder Marc Randolph said the 'glorification of entrepreneurship' has set up a mistaken perception of what it takes to launch a business

Marc Randolph. Courtesy of Marc Randolph Many aspiring founders misunderstand what running a company takes, said Netflix's co-founder. Marc Randolph said the availability of startup education had 'glorified' the idea of running one. He said it's a often a much more repetitious, grinding and disappointing career choice. See more stories on Insider's business page. Netflix cofounder Marc Randolph says that the "glorification of entrepreneurship" has given many aspiring...
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Keep it short and before 3pm: what the sleep scientists say about naps

Napping is a symbol of laziness but it can improve our memory, creativity, empathy and problem-solvingNapping has long been a symbol of laziness, but actually it is an essential bodily function that improves our memory, creativity, empathy and problem-solving abilities.Sleep scientists say the gold standard for good physical and mental health is making sure you get between seven and nine hours’ sleep every day, but not necessarily all in one go. Related: National Trust to give staff siestas in...
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Chloe Original by Lagerfeld Perfumes

Fun fact: when you took an international business class flight in the ‘80s, you got a perfume gift set as a present to take home. Yes, this Chloe is another original from my mom’s collection, and... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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"The eldest by a minute, she is the only heterosexual in our family; her twin is a lesbian and so are her two Moms...."

"... Because I grew up in an Irish-Catholic household where sexual feelings were at best contained, at worst annulled, I took particular pleasure in allowing hers to flourish. The boyfriend’s parents... had been raised in other faiths and had converted to Islam. They insisted on strict compliance with religious laws. Meaning: Their boy with the luxurious hair was not allowed to date.... I became complicit in their circumventing his parents’ prohibitions.... [M]y own family’s disapproval of my le...
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‘Sleep is venture capital’: employers wake up to benefits of a nap

After lockdown some businesses understand better how flexible working hours enhance productivityA three-hour break in the middle of the working day for a languorous lunch, followed by a restorative nap sounds like the Mediterranean dream, but employers in Spain are increasingly moving away from this rigid schedule, which for many workers feels more like a nightmare. The merits of introducing the siesta in the UK have been hotly debated this week after the National Trust unveiled plans to move to...
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Outfit Formula: Soft Green

By soft greens I mean shades of sage, mint, seafoam, and very light versions of teal. These types of greens are not as earthy as shades of light olive. Some tones are more blue, some more green, and some more grey. Inge likes to wear these types of greens when they aren’t too yellow. In fact, when we met Inge for the first time in Belgium thirteen years ago, she was wearing a column in this soft shade of green, and looked smashing! Lovely with her dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and cool-toned comp...
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The Responsible Approach to Fashion

Fashion is a big part of your life, bigger than you might even imagine. The average person spends about $16 a month on clothes. Since you can spend that much on fashion, it’s vital to approach fashion responsibly. Ethical Sourcing It’s essential to start with the fact that all clothes are not produced ethically. Most people go to a store and buy clothes without thinking about how they were made or why they’re so cheap. Some companies, including those in America, find sneaky ways to h...
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What will our eco-friendly homes of the future look like?

The planet-saving innovations available, and which are most likely to be used in UK housesAs we argue over heat pumps and electric car charging sockets here in the UK, it is undeniable that most of our homes have a long way to go to be eco-friendly.To reach net zero, we are going to have to change how we heat our houses. The way they are built will probably have to change, too. Perhaps the ubiquitous squat brick suburban house will become a thing of the past. Hopefully so will our Victorian pipe...
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Experience: I was attacked by two sharks at once

The great white swiped for my head, but missed, because another had got there firstIt was a warm winter’s day in South Africa and I planned to go surfing at Nahoon Reef. I was 15 and had just finished my first day back at school after the winter break. The reef is famous among surfers for its powerful waves and popularity with sharks. If you see lots of birds diving into the reef or notice a strong fishy smell in the air, you should not surf there.But on that day in July 2000, the waves were per...
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Parmesan and Pop-Tarts: 17 foods you’ve probably never frozen – but really should

From spinach to sandwiches, here’s how to reclaim your freezer from loose peas and crystal-encrusted lollies, to instantly improve your life in the kitchenIf there is one skill I wish I was better at, it’s freezer optimisation. Right now, my freezer is a mess of ice cubes and lollies and roughly a ton of loose peas, leaving me without enough room to freeze things that are actually useful. Getting your freezer organised is a great idea, so allow me to list all the things you can freeze, but proba...
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A new start after 60: ‘I always dreamed of being a writer – and published my first novel at 70’

In her thirties, Anne Youngson wrote a book in her lunch breaks at work. It stayed in a drawer. Then she retired, wrote her debut and was shortlisted for a major awardWhen Anne Youngson’s agent told her a publisher had made an offer for her first novel, she was worried. “I said: ‘Don’t they want to meet me?’ I was convinced that when they discovered how old I was, their whole attitude to whether they wanted me would change,” she says.Youngson was 69 then and 70 when her debut – Meet Me at the Mu...
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