Clinique Red Hot & Red-Handed Pop Reds Lipstick Review & Swatches

Red Hot Clinique Red Hot Pop Lip Colour + Primer Lipstick ($19.50 for 0.13 oz.) is a bright, medium red with neutral-to-warm undertones and a cream finish. It had nearly opaque color coverage that applied well to my lips with even color that softened my lip lines, so it was quite flattering to wear. The texture was lightweight, thin, and comfortable with light slip but not enough to feel like it was moving around while worn. It wore ...
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Do you have a signature scent?

If I did, it’d probably be Tom Ford Oud Wood, but I definitely don’t wear any scent consistently enough for anyone to actually associate it with me. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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What do you like about cream eyeshadows? What don't you like?

Tell us what you love and hate about... Cream Eyeshadows They seem really fantastic for one-and-done looks, which I don’t really do (lover of Multi-Shade Looks that I am). I love more cream-to-powder formulas as they work well for multi-shade looks, though, and sometimes, you can get a more intense sparkle or metallic finish from a cream than a powder. Not a fan of ones that dry down so much that they can be prone to flaking off! — Christine ...
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ColourPop Winona Forever Blush Stix Review & Swatches

Winona Forever ColourPop Winona Forever Blush Stix ($8.00 for 0.33 oz.) is a medium-dark copper with moderate, warm undertones and a luminous finish. The texture was lightweight, emollient, and gel-like, as it glided comfortably across my skin and wasn’t prone to lifting up base products. It had medium, buildable pigmentation that dabbed on easily with fingertips or patted on with a stippling brush and blended out with ease. It wore w...
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How To Shop For Luxury Sale Items All Year Round

Luxury items have been around for some time and have prestige and status attached to them. They are made from high-quality materials and built to last for years. Additionally, Bain & Company revealed that millennials and Gen Z consumers will contribute to approximately half of the luxury sales by 2025. Perhaps you are a fashionista with a taste for luxury and wondering how to get the best deal. It’s important to note that a luxury fashion store is not like other stores, making it necessary...
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Interview with Kathy Caprino Published in Forbes

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Forbes senior contributor and career coach Kathy Caprino about a topic that’s on a lot of employers’ minds these days: how to prevent your firm from being negatively impacted by the “Great Resignation.”  We talked about what’s driving employees to quit, the types of work cultures that are most engaging, and how to create the type of work environment that people don’t want to leave. You can read the full article here. Looking for more information on...
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How To Improve Your Smile in 5 Days

There are many ways to improve your smile, and most of these begin at home. A white and healthy smile is a huge confidence boost – and everybody wants the perfect photo-ready smile. The good news is that this is possible, and it can happen in just five days.  How important is my smile? Smiling is so important, it’s often the first thing you notice about a person. Smiling makes you feel more confident, look more successful, and it’s even known to reduce blood pressure. Many studies ...
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8 Amazing Ways to Use Your Ottoman at Home

Ottoman is a stylish and functional piece of furniture you can have at home. Its uses? You’ll be astonished by how versatile it is. Let’s learn how you can use an ottoman at home, whether in your living room, bedroom, and other parts of your home.     What is an Ottoman An ottoman, also called a pouf, is a low piece of sofa with no back or arms. If you think this piece of furniture has something to do with the Ottomans we learned in our History class, well, you are correct....
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Pitti Fragranze 2021: New Fragrance Ambre Blanc by Rebatchi Paris

Parisian perfume house Maison Rebatchi took the opportunity of Pitti Fragranze 2021 to present its new fragrance, Ambre Blanc. The fragrance was created by renowned perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer, who received formal training at the Givaudan perfume school and worked for the corporate system of Givaudan and Symrise, and now works as an independent perfumer at her Parisian company LAB scents. Among ... Read full article: Pitti Fragranze 2021: New Fragrance Ambre Blanc by Rebatchi Paris from Fragr...
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How to Dream Bigger

We take on the common misconception that people who dream and succeed BIGG aren’t constrained by the same forces that the rest of us are. Click the player to listen to this episode of The BIGG Success Show Podcast. Below is a summary of our discussion. It’s not that people who succeed BIGG don’t face […] The post How to Dream Bigger appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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They Made Me Wear It - You love them. We style them!

(Gabrielle and Fernando with Willow and Dilla)   It all began with our dogs Willow (a Bichon Frise, Maltese & Havanese mix) and Dilla (a FrenchBo aka French Bulldog and Boston Terrier mix to the uninitiated), posing in their favorite outfits on Instagram. The response was great and what started out as a bit of fun for us and our two dogs, turned into a fully-fledged business. Now we carry a wonderful selection of dog-friendly outfits and accessories for whatever mood you and your pup a...
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Sunrise in Cadaquès: When Dali Does Hermès

Cadaquès, a small Spanish fishing port on the coast of the Mediterranean known throughout the world as "Dalí’s village," appears in a number of his works. Salvador Dalí lived there with his wife Gala for many years, attracting a number of artists and personalities that came from all over the world to visit them in their incredible home. "In this privileged place the real and the sublime almo... Read full article: Sunrise in Cadaquès: When Dali Does Hermès from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes ...
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Creating value in your business? It’s all about integrity

If you cut corners, fudge numbers, or break the rules, expect to be busted. It will kill the deal or deflate your valuation. Don’t put your biz up for sale if there's rot in the basement.
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Podcast #741: The Exercise Prescription for Depression and Anxiety

If you went to the doctor about treating your depression or anxiety, you might expect to be written a prescription for Zoloft or Xanax. But if you went in to see Dr. Jasper Smits, he might write you a different kind of prescription, one that instructed you to take a jog around the block. Dr. Smits is a professor and clinical psychologist, as well as the co-author of Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being. Today on the show we talk about wh...
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News from Fragranze 2021: Vanilla, Opal, Leather, Herbs, and Harem Patchouli

Italian perfume brand Maison Tahite has released their second collection of fragrances, which is dedicated to cocoa. (The first collection was focused on vanilla.) The four fragrances were created by Luca Maffei, Paul Guerlain (grandson), and David Maruitt. (The fifth is expected next year.) They smell like a chocolate cake with raspberries soaked in rum, 95% bitter chocolate, and two ext... Read full article: News from Fragranze 2021: Vanilla, Opal, Leather, Herbs, and Harem Patchouli from F...
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It’s Never Too Late – How To Fix A Strained Marriage

Marriage is one of the three life stages that human beings go through, from birth, marriage and death. But, in some cases, a marriage can be challenging, especially considering that it involves two people from different backgrounds and upbringings. Sometimes the partner you know might start behaving differently from when you first met causing you pain. This can make the marriage strenuous both to your physical, mental and emotional state bringing up the questions, “Should I walk away? Is it...
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Ist es (un-)gesund, Sperma zu schlucken?

Du kannst deinen Stolz runterschlucken. Du kannst eine bittere Pille schlucken. Und du kannst Sperma schlucken. Letzteres ist ein Thema, das uns schon seit Ewigkeiten zu faszinieren scheint – und dank der Popkultur werden wir auch immer wieder damit konfrontiert. Denk nur mal an die Storyline aus American Pie, wo Steve Stifler einen Becher voller Sperma-Bier trank. Zum Schlucken vom Vulva-Ejakulat – auch bekannt als squirting bzw. Squirten – gibt es deutlich weniger Popkultur-Beispiele,...
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Das sind die 7 heißesten Serien-Küsse der TV-Geschichte

Ob du eher auf witzige Büro-Sitcoms stehst oder komplizierte Politik-Thriller-Serien bevorzugst – sie alle haben eins gemeinsam: Wir interessieren uns vor allem für die zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen der Charaktere. Insbesondere, wenn ein bisschen Romantik mitspielt. Wir können einfach nicht anders, als mitzufiebern, während sich diese oder jene große Liebe über mehrere Staffeln hinweg entfaltet. Es gibt kaum etwas Spannenderes, als wenn zwei Charaktere, die füreinander bestimmt (oder einfach ...
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How a Strong IT Department Can Change Your Business

The roles of an IT department go beyond troubleshooting computer issues, answering computer-related questions, and solving company network issues. Your IT department is the backbone to which your company’s technology and security hang on. Your IT department takes on essential company roles such as building and maintaining information systems to maximize the smooth flow of data in your business. Maximizes Business Data and Device Security The chief benefit a strong IT department team brings to...
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6 things you should never do at a high-end restaurant, from a Michelin-starred restaurant manager

neinchpunch/shutterstock Matthew Mawtus is the general manager of Hide, a Michelin-starred European restaurant in London. Even at as fancy a venue as Hide, Mawtus says he often sees diners making etiquette faux pas. Don't change tables without asking staff, be upfront about dietary restrictions, and please - don't fight over the bill. See more stories on Insider's business page. Michelin-star restaurants are a high-pressure environment. Staff work the craziest hours to bring y...
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Ulta Beauty Break Has a Full Size Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil Lipgloss + 20% Off Prestige Item

Spend $60 today at and get a Free Beauty Break 4 Piece Gift that includes: Free Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil Infused Lip in Slow Jam Smokey Eye Mascara Mini Vitamin Enriched Face Base Mini Vitamin Enriched Eye Base Mini Don’t forget the 20% off one prestige item is still working as well. Select any prestige item and apply code INSPIRED20 to get 20% off your order. For some reason, the coupon says “not working” when applied in the cart but if you notice the total reflects the discount an...
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Giorgio Armani Cool Brown (20) Neo Nude Melting Color Balm Review & Swatches

Cool Brown (20) Giorgio Armani Cool Brown (20) Neo Nude Melting Color BalmGiorgio Armani Cool Brown (20) Neo Nude Melting Color Balm ($38.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a light brown with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish. It had semi-opaque, buildable color payoff applied with a fingertip and more semi-sheer, buildable coverage applied with a brush. The texture was smooth, more velvety in its glide and feel, which made it clay-like–dr...
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Hank Skincare

Here’s one for the men – not that they’re excluded from everything else, but what I mean is here’s a brand that’s made with men in mind. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hank Skincare is a... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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2021 ABA Profile Of The Legal Profession

The American Bar Association’s 2021 Profile of the Legal Profession is a snapshot of where things stand as of the end of July of this year. Certainly another year outside of the ordinary, with the country and the legal profession still grappling with the global pandemic. From demographics, “legal deserts” and wages, to legal education, lawyer well-being and legal tech, the ABA’s profile is an interesting and informative read for those wanting to see where the profession stands – and where it is ...
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Your Personal Figure-Flattering Priorities

Style is art, not science. Opinions about it are subjective. What makes an outfit flattering is in the eye of the beholder. Also, there is no one way to be stylish, and an outfit has to feel right in order for you to wear it with joy and confidence. Body type dressing guidelines and traditionally flattering outfit proportions can be helpful as a starting point, but they are by no means essential. Not at all. Instead, I suggest creating a PERSONAL set of figure-flattering priorities. These are gu...
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Right as rain! 10 ways to boost your mood on grey, wet or cold days

After a disappointing British summer, many of us won’t be looking forward to autumn and winter. But there are many ways to keep your spirits high in the bleaker seasonsIf you have ever spent summer in the UK, you will know that there is often little to distinguish the season from any other wet, miserable time of year. Nonetheless, many of us cling to the idea that we are in for endless days of sunshine and cheerfulness – so, when the season draws to a close, having been a washout, it can feel di...
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How to Succeed in People Prediction

Understanding what's actually being said--a study in subtexts and mind reading: THE BIG KEY TO CAREER SUCCESS. Thanks to Google Analytics, I pay a lot of attention to my blog readership so I can better figure out where to focus my blogs. Back in 2014, I published a blog entitled Mind Reading 101. For years my clients have been asking about my "secrets" to mind reading and that blog revealed much of the information about that subject. Surprisingly, the readership on that blog was limited. So,...
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Für dicke Frauen wie mich ist Kuh-Print viel mehr als nur ein Fashion-Trend

Wenn ich an die krassesten Situationen meines Lebens zurückdenke, in denen ich öffentlich für mein Übergewicht gedemütigt wurde, erinnere ich mich oft zuerst an den Vater von zwei Kindern, mit dem ich an einem Strand auf Mallorca zusammenprallte. Er hatte ein Kind an jeder Hand, blieb aber trotzdem vor mir stehen, um mich genau zu mustern. Ich weiß nicht, ob er sich instinktiv hatte entschuldigen wollen, wie es Menschen meist tun, wenn sie versehentlich mit jemandem zusammenstoßen. Ich glaube ab...
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Crash and burn: the intense and fleeting romances of the Covid era

The unspoken rules of dating went out the window as people found themselves deeply alone – perhaps it’s no surprise these couples didn’t make itOn 4 July 2020, 34-year-old Samantha Higdon, a tech worker in Austin, Texas, was swiping through the dating app Hinge when she came across a profile that made her thumb pause and hover over the screen.His smile struck her as warm and somehow familiar: “He just felt right,” she says. And so it began. Continue reading...
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Fragranze 2021 – For Home and for Yourself

Young perfumer from Armenia, Tsovak Voskanian, introduced four new fragrances at Pitti Fragranze: Patchouli et Memoires, Iris Boise, Peche Chypree, Lonicera de Nuit. They are inspired by the beauty of natural raw materials put in a traditional and experimental environment. Well-known to our readers, the perfume brand from Amsterdam, Baruti, has been focused on home fragrances for a couple of... Read full article: Fragranze 2021 – For Home and for Yourself from Fragrantica Perfumes and Co...
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