ColourPop x Hocus Pocus Trouble Brewing Super Shock Shadow Trio Reviews & Swatches

Trouble Brewing ColourPop Trouble Brewing Super Shock Shadow Trio ($15.00 for 0.21 oz.) includes three cream-powder eyeshadows in sparkly, metallic finishes. The shades can also be purchased individually if preferred. They were pigmented, blendable, and long-wearing with consistent performance with the brand’s Super Shock Shadows. P.S. — All three of mine were labeled with the same name (“To Be Young and Beautiful Again”), but the sha...
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Tom Ford Fall 2021 Collection Swatches

Tom Ford Fall 2021 CollectionTom Ford Fall 2021 Collection includes new shades in the Lip Color and Gloss Luxe ranges, along with six blush duos (I have four). The Gloss Luxe formula came out some time ago, though this is my first time trying it, and now I need to go see if I have any more lingering around that I never got around to reviewing–lip products are endless!–because they seem promising with respect to texture. The blush duos are stupidly expensive; it’s Tom F...
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Charlotte Tilbury Holiday 2021 Collection Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury Holiday 2021 Collection has started to debut in drips and drabs with a new, 12-pan eyeshadow palette and five lipsticks (in a new formula). There’s also an eyeshadow quad that came up after I made my initial purchase, which I’ve bought but don’t yet have. The palette is now available for sale, though the lipsticks seem MIA at the moment! Here are swatches of the palette and the lipsticks… Holiday 2021 Collection ...
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Community Favorites, Looks & Color Stories, Vol. 113

Sundays are for readers! Each week, on Sunday, I like to see what the community has been enjoying. “Most Loved” are products that readers specifically loved but didn’t add to their wish list ( ). “Most Wanted” are products that readers specifically added to their wish lists ( ). This is populated based on the last seven days of activity! You’ll find the icons to interact with products throughout the site, like on Glossovers. You’ll also find recently submitted makeup looks and color stories ...
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What does your current five-minute face consist of?

Brows (Anastasia Dipbrow), mascara (whatever is currently open), foundation (La Mer The Soft Fluid), and gloss (Fenty Beauty Fenty Glow). — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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ColourPop x Hocus Pocus Fresh Kiss Lip Cremes Reviews & Swatches

Calming Circle ColourPop Calming Circle Fresh Kiss Lip Crème ($8.00 for 0.24 oz.) is a deeper peach with moderate, warm orange undertones and a cream finish. It had opaque color coverage in a single layer, which applied fairly evenly across my lips without emphasizing my lip texture, though there was a bit that settled into my deeper lip lines. It wasn’t noticeable in person, thankfully. The texture was smooth, like a velvety cream w...
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Your First Style Steps: Beyond Jeans, T-Shirts, and Tennis Shoes

With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve decided to republish a classic piece each Sunday to help our newer readers discover some of the best, evergreen gems from the past. This article was originally published in October 2019. A lot of guys would like to improve their personal style, but they feel a little overwhelmed as to how to start. Men’s sartorial blogs and magazines often showcase photo spreads of male models wearing expensive, fashion-forward clothes that seem inaccessible an...
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ColourPop Mallrat Blush Stix Review & Swatches

Mallrat ColourPop Mallrat Blush Stix ($8.00 for 0.33 oz.) is a soft, peachy-coral with warm undertones and a luminous sheen. It was dewy without being overtly shimmery or so glossy that it was heavy or sticky; there was a slight dry down, so it was a little transfer-resistant but not a full dry down. It had semi-sheer, buildable pigmentation that applied well with fingertips or brushes, and it layered well over foundation or placed j...
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Clinique Cheek Pop Pearl Swatches

Clinique Cheek Pop PearlClinique Cheek Pop Pearl is the successor to the brand’s Cheek Pop formula. There are six shades, which all hover around more light to mid-depth and warmer hues. I was really disappointed that this wasn’t used as an opportunity to diversify the shade range, and at the very least, a shade like Cola Pop didn’t return. From initial use, they seem very similar to the original Cheek Pops, though they seemed to have less luminosity and slightly more ...
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Yucatan Secret: A New Perfume by Comptoir Sud Pacific

The French perfume company Comptoir Sud Pacific has released a new fragrance called Yucatan Secret in the Eau de Voyage Eau de Parfum collection. The name of the fragrance takes us to the southwestern tip of Mexico, a country that bewitches with its ancient history and the intoxicating beauty of its nature. What is so secret about the Yucatan? The Yucatec civilization, the last in Central Americ... Read full article: Yucatan Secret: A New Perfume by Comptoir Sud Pacific from Fragrantica Perfum...
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Entire Sephora Collection 30% Off Including Brushes

The entire Sephora Collection is on sale currently! Take 30% Off your total Sephora Collection order with code SCSALE. This includes brushes! I’m a big fan of the concealer brushes and I’d def recommend snagging those! Enjoy! Where to buy Sephora You may also enjoy... Benefit Punch Pop! Will Bring Back the 90’sWant It: Lush Serum Bars Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave In Conditioner ReviewAvon Holiday 2011 The post Entire Sephora Collection 30% Off Including Brushes appeared f...
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10% Off Ulta Buy Online Pick Up in Store

Enjoy 10% off your purchase (includes prestige but excludes Chanel, The Ordinary Dyson, and Fall Haul items) with code FALL10. Order your items, apply the code, get 10% off after selecting the pick up in store option. Happy Shopping! Where to buy Ulta You may also enjoy... And Claire’s Makeup Tests Positive For Asbestos AgainUlta Diamond and Platinum Rewards DayLounge Fly 20% Off Coupon Code Today’s 21 Days of Beauty Items Now Available at Ulta The post 10% Off Ulta Buy...
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Perfumed Horoscope: September 27 - October 3

  We might feel a little exhausted these days, thinking, "Do I have time, or does time have me?" I suggest not to be taken hostage by time and to do everything possible to feel like you are the master of it. This week is perfect for just that. We may get carried away, so a little warning: Some humorous events can occur along with the good news pouring in this week. For this horoscope, we are ... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: September 27 - October 3 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colo...
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The Very Serious Topic of SpongeBob Perfumes

He lives in a pineapple under the sea... All serious players in the fragrance game and perfumistas know, without question, that pineapple, the key note of the beloved Creed Aventus, could first be found in the sands of Bikini Bottom, and is none other than SpongeBob's house. That's right, SpongeBob, the man, the legend, the one who, with his gang of pals, invited us under the sea, could be cal... Read full article: The Very Serious Topic of SpongeBob Perfumes from Fragrantica Perfumes and C...
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Happy 17th Birthday to my William!

My oldest “baby” is 17! I’ll never forget when they placed William in my arms, it was instant love and I couldn’t believe this child chose me to be his mother. That tiny baby is now 6 feet tall and I couldn’t be prouder of the man he’s becoming. William’s the quintessential oldest child. He’s hard-working, determined, driven, and always there to help out. He’s funny and witty and silly. He’s protective and watchful over those he loves. He’s smart, kind, and generous. He’s loyal and...
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Loud and clear: the art of political dressing

Making a fashion statement has a controversial history. Emma Beddington looks at what happens when you wear your heart on your sleeveComment on the delightfully absurd spectacle of the Met Gala this year coalesced around the pointed image of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a gorgeously traditional white gown, the kind of thing a deep south debutante might wear, with “Tax the Rich” in a vast red scrawl on the rear. Was the Aurora James dress provocative or performative, just facile radical cosplay? C...
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Straight from the heart: the lockdown-inspired love letter boom

Not since pre-internet days has there been such a resurgence in romantic letter writing. Elle Hunt hears the stories behind the handwritten dispatches – and whether the senders lived happily ever after IRLIn March last year, as lockdown was starting to seem inevitable, Lauren turned to her colleague Paul with a proposition: “Will you be my penpal?” Though they had worked together for two years, it was only recently that they had started messaging after hours. Now they had talked more over text t...
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Is Facebook leading us on a journey to the metaverse?

Nick Clegg will on Monday set out the tech giant’s vision of a virtual world where you can work, shop and ‘live’. But the move is prompting new fears over privacyThe concept of the “metaverse” first came from the 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash as a place that people flee to escape a dangerous corporation-dominated world. It has since come to refer to a range of virtual experiences that have gained popularity during the pandemic – including video games such as Fortnite, non-fungible tokens or even ...
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‘Oh my gosh, the kittens!’ How the pandemic unleashed bedlam in veterinary clinics

Staff attrition, high demand for appointments and enraged human clients have strained vet practices across the USEarly in the pandemic, Dr Monica Mansfield, a veterinarian based in Medway, Massachusetts, became haunted by a recurring nightmare.“There were these vulnerable kittens in my basement, and I forgot to feed them,” Mansfield recalls. “I’d wake up, terrified. ‘Oh my gosh, the kittens! Where are they?’ I felt like I was missing details and forgetting things that were critical to a case – t...
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I was seeing a man for a few months. Why am I so heartbroken?

It may not be logical that your heart is broken but it’s important to let the feelings outThe question As soon as I started writing this letter I could feel the hot tears generating in their ducts. I’ve got great friends and family, but I need an outsider’s take.I was seeing a man, for a few months. This ended around eight weeks ago. He was unhappy living in this country and had plans to move even before we met, which he was always very open about, and I was aware the entire time that he was emo...
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