Urban Decay Knowledge & Agility Lip Eclipses Reviews & Swatches

Knowledge Urban Decay Knowledge Lip Eclipse LipstickUrban Decay Knowledge Lip Eclipse Lipstick ($22.00 for 0.06 oz.) has a sheer, plummy brown base with muted, warm undertones and flecks of pink and teal sparkle throughout. It had a glossier finish with sheerer coverage, which was as marketed. The product applied fairly evenly, but the base settled noticeably into my deeper lip lines. The consistency was lightweight, thin, and very em...
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Clinique Coral Pop Cheek Pop Pearl Review & Swatches

Coral Pop (03) Clinique Coral Pop (03) Cheek Pop PearlClinique Coral Pop (03) Cheek Pop Pearl ($26.50 for 0.12 oz.) is a medium coral with warmer, more orange-leaning undertones with lighter gold pearl throughout. It had higher medium, buildable pigmentation paired with a smooth, moderately-dense gel-powder formula that was firmer in the pan but picked up well with a moderately-dense blush brush. I found the formula to be more yieldin...
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Terra Moons M51 & Cosmic Dancer Extreme Multichrome Shadows Reviews & Swatches

M51 Terra Moons M51 Extreme Multichrome Shadow ($17.00 for 0.05 oz.) has a gray base with multichrome shifting shimmer that went from olive green to cooler green to bluish-lavender to purple paired with a metallic finish. It had opaque color coverage that applied well to bare skin with a smooth, even laydown of product that was easy to blend out along the edges without losing the shift too readily. The texture was soft, more loosely-...
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Real estate heir Robert Durst gets life in prison for friend’s murder

Durst, whose case was made famous in the HBO miniseries "The Jinx," will spend the rest of his life behind bars for murdering Susan Berman in 2000.
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L'Artisan Parfumeur La Botanique: 25 Obscuratio 63 Crepusculum Mirabile

The house of L'Artisan Parfumeur has garnered intense popularity by perfume lovers, especially since its expansion in recent years. It is now a world-known brand whose original fragrances have delighted perfume connoisseurs and lovers since 1978. Its popularity caused a high demand to increase its presence in perfume shops, yet L'Artisan Parfumeur still adheres to its policy of exclusive distri... Read full article: L'Artisan Parfumeur La Botanique: 25 Obscuratio 63 Crepusculum Mirabile fro...
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Why and How to Front Squat

We’re big proponents of squatting here at AoM — particularly the low-bar squat. The mechanics of the low-bar squat allow you to work more muscles in your posterior chain, i.e., the “chain” of muscles that run up the back of the body. More muscle utilization = more weight moved. But there are other ways to squat that can provide similar benefits to the low-bar squat. For example, many people do the high-bar squat, which is similar to the low-bar squat, except the bar is held higher on the back. ...
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The New Perfume Pier NY by Kierin NYC

In 2021, Kierin NYC introduced its sixth fragrance, Pier NY, inspired by the vibes of New York City piers, where the ocean meets the streets. Pier NY is crafted in collaboration with perfumer Jerome Epinette, who also created Rose Ink for the brand in 2020. "An urban fragrance story that is as refreshing as it is soothing, a salty aquatic scent with a complex blend of notes evoking feelings ... Read full article: The New Perfume Pier NY by Kierin NYC from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes...
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The six ages of driving – or how I went from heroin alley speed junkie to terrified city motorist | Brigid Delaney

One driving instructor told me he’d driven with murderers who were safer than meThe amusement arcades in Russell Street were the place in Melbourne to buy heroin in the 90s and early 2000s. But I went there to learn how to drive. Continue reading...
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ColourPop x NBA Collection Swatches

ColourPop x NBA Collection debuts Friday, October 15th, at 10AM PT. The collection features six teams; each team has an eyeshadow palette, eyeliner duo, glitter gel, and makeup bag (the latter two products are not shown). Here are swatches of the palettes and eyeliners! ColourPop x NBA Collection Gallery Options Products ...
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Have you used makeup to change your mood?

Absolutely! Sometimes if I’m just feeling very blah, sometimes playing with eye makeup cheers me up and gets me thinking in a different direction (as a distraction, almost, but also using a different part of my brain than I feel I usually use most days). — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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National Study Helps Confirm Why It’s So Challenging to Hire Hourly Workers

Survey reveals how hourly workers feel about searching for jobs at the moment, the types of jobs they’re seeking, and what they are most enticed by when it comes to job offers. Nexxt, a talent solutions technology company, recently announced the results of a national survey of more than 1,200 job seekers which revealed what hourly workers want, the types of hourly jobs that are the most desirable, and who is most likely to search for an hourly job.According to the survey, a little more than ha...
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A company in Iceland's official '4-day work week' trial had to increase its hours again after initially cutting them too much

Reykjavik, Iceland NurPhoto / Contributor Getty Images A company in Iceland's four-day work week trial initially cut hours too much, a manager told Bloomberg. Social workers at the company were reluctant to increase their hours back when asked, per the report. But the trial was overall positive and left workers more satisfied, Sólveig Reynisdóttir said. A manager who took part in Iceland's "four-day work week" trial said her company had to increase workers' hours after initial...
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Any 2 Too Faced Mini Palettes for $20

Choose any two Too Faced Mini Eyeshadow Palettes and get both for $20 with code 2MINI at Enjoy! Where to buy Too Faced You may also enjoy... Harajuku Lovers Sunshine CutiesNUDESTIX Smokey Nude Glow Gift Set by Taylor Frankel $32Do Want Vera Mona Color Switch DuoSephora Color Play Palette The post Any 2 Too Faced Mini Palettes for $20 appeared first on Musings of a Muse.
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Ich hatte 7 Jahre lang keine Periode – wegen zu viel Sport & wenig Essen

Letzten Monat – während meines ersten Urlaubs seit der Pandemie – bekam ich unerwartet meine Tage. Für die meisten anderen Leute wäre das wohl ein kleines oder großes Ärgernis gewesen; für mich war es ein Grund zum Feiern. Wegen eines Syndroms namens RED-S (relative energy deficiency in sport, z. Dt.: „relativer Energiemangel im Sport“) hatte ich zu dem Zeitpunkt seit sieben Jahren keine Periode mehr gehabt. Die Hauptsymptome eines RED-S sind Amenorrhö (das Ausbleiben der Regel), wenig Energi...
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Byredo Mumbai Noise

With the new Byredo perfume Mumbai Noise, Ben Gorham wanted to pay remembrance to Chembur, a suburb of the city of Mumbai in India. This fragrance serves to show the sensory diversity of his childhood and his nostalgia for that place.   "From a young age, almost as soon as I was born, I would often travel to India to spend time with my grandmother in Chembur, Mumbai. I have very vivid childhoo... Read full article: Byredo Mumbai Noise from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Let It Be Thin

E verything Is So Fragile. I named this that. Awhile back. Form is temporary... Direct link to audio if you see no player above.
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Choose 1 of 2 Different 16 Piece Samplers at Ulta Today

Spend $70 or more today at and you can snag one of two different 16 piece samplers today! Don’t forget today’s hair care deals: Color Wow Root Cover Up $17 50% Off Select MATRIX 50% Off MANIC PANIC First Sample Set includes: Loli Beauty Arnica Elderberry Jelly Organic All Day Maskne + Spot Rescue mini Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser deluxe sample First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads (10 ct) belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb deluxe sample Bad Habit Wake Things Up Matcha & Mint...
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Murad Skincare Daily Clarifying Peel

I got this Murad Skincare Daily Clarifying Peel a few weeks ago, and I wanted to really use it before I updated because with a mix of AHA, BHA, and retinoid in one product, the risk of irritation is... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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On The Shortness of Life: Lucius Seneca

Life is a story. A story that could be filled with love, passion, adventure, good and evil, heroes and villains, but is more often filled with routine, schedules, and the daily monotony of life. What if we each have the chance to write our own story? Our own marriage story if you will? What role […] The post On The Shortness of Life: Lucius Seneca appeared first on Sexy Marriage Radio.
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A List of All Perfume Launches at Pitti Fragranze 2021

About 140 brands participated in Pitti Fragranze 2021. Many new brands and new fragrances were introduced at the fair, and we are happy to share a list of all new perfume launches. In this list, we included not only the newest releases of 2021 but also some interesting perfumes from 2020 which were not widely distributed due to the pandemic. 19-69 The brand creatively used the 2 years of the p... Read full article: A List of All Perfume Launches at Pitti Fragranze 2021 from Fragrantica Perfu...
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6 Masturbations-Tipps, die alle Frauen kennen sollten

Stell dir Folgendes vor: Du bist auf einer Party und eine Freundin fragt dich: „Mit wem hattest du den besten Sex deines Lebens?“ Lisa Finn, Sexualpädagogin bei Babeland, hofft, dass jede Frau diese Frage folgenderweise beantworten würde: „Mit mir.“ Schließlich wird dich niemand jemals so beglücken können wie du dich selbst.„Wenn du eine Möglichkeit findest, dich auf dein eigenes Vergnügen auszurichten, wirst du für den Rest deines Lebens in guten Händen sein“, sagt sie. Diese Fähigkeit ist wie...
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Orthodontics: New Ways To Make It In Today’s Market

The rise of technology gives consumers new means to communicate with sellers and industries. Do not get us wrong. Traditional methods, such as word-of-mouth and printing of advertisements continue to work. But if you want your orthodontics business to stand out, you have to look at alternatives. So for today, we will talk about how you can market your orthodontics business. Let’s get started. Introduction It is clear that technology has changed the way consumers and business concer...
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My Kids Were In a Car Accident, What Should I Do?!

Serious car accidents can elicit various emotions, from shock and joy to rage and illogical behavior. It’s natural for these feelings to be amplified when traveling with our children along with us.  Nobody likes to prepare for the worst-case scenario. But being prepared can make all the difference if you have to inform emergency services, “My child was in a vehicle accident.” Even though no parent wants to find themselves in this position, it happens far too frequently — more than...
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Pitti Fragranze 2021: New Perfume Opale Di Fuoco by Omnia Profumi

The Italian perfume house Omnia Profumi, led by perfumer and mineral connoisseur Fabrizio Tagliacarne, presented a new addition to its perfume collection at the Pitti Fragranze 2021 perfume fair. The Omnia range contains collections inspired by metals, precious stones, and minerals. The new Opale Di Fuoco is part of the Stones Collection and is designed to convey the vibrant, fluid beauty of fire... Read full article: Pitti Fragranze 2021: New Perfume Opale Di Fuoco by Omnia Profumi from Fragr...
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Profits or PeopleWhat Should Leaders Focus on First?

Profits or People—What Should Leaders Focus on First? Both are important but in this Heartcount video I argue that a leader’s most important skill is to create good relationships with their employees. That’s how you get great results!
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Fab Finds: Jackets, Skirts, Boots, Hoodies

Despite severe supply chain challenges caused by the global pandemic, online collections for Autumn and Winter are looking surprisingly good and well-stocked. Brick-and-mortar stores on the other hand, are quite bare. It’s very tough gauging how to stock retail these days, and I wish all retailers the very best. On that note, these items have been winners on some clients and forum members recently. Be sure to browse all the size and colour options. 1. Karen Kane Bias-Cut Midi Skirt Bias-cut sk...
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What Should Managers Look For In A Mentor?

Positivity may not be the most important factor Image Credit: Brian Ujiie In order to become better managers, we all realize that there are a number of ways to make this happen. We can go seek manager training and try to develop the manager skills that we know that we need. However, there is another way to go about becoming better: get a mentor. If you decide to go this route, right off the bat you’ll be faced with a difficult question: what should you look for in a mentor? Wha...
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Netflix’ Maid half mir, meinen eigenen Missbrauch zu verarbeiten

Triggerwarnung: Der folgende Artikel beinhaltet Schilderungen von häuslicher Gewalt. Achtung: Der folgende Artikel enthält Spoiler zur Netflix-Serie Maid. Es ist Nachmittag, und ich habe eine Packung Marlboros in der Jackentasche. Ich soll eigentlich gar nicht rauchen, weil die Mutter meines Freundes das nicht mag – aber Zigaretten erinnern mich daran, wie ich richtig ausatme. Ich denke mir also eine Ausrede aus, verlasse das Haus seiner Familie und mache mich auf den Weg zu dem kleinen Ba...
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3 Healing Mantras To Make You Feel Whole Again

Being completely whole is something that people strive to achieve their entire lives. Unfortunately, only a small number of people ever actually get there. Most of us get stuck in the mud, feeling like we are living incomplete lives. The good news is that scientific experts, psychologists, and spiritual masters all agree that we each have the capacity to feel whole. It’s not always an easy journey, but it is within reach. Healing mantras are a wonderful way to help you feel whole again. These ...
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NIFT Patna Group-C Job Vacancy Recruitment 2021

Recruitment of Group-C Job Vacancy Recruitment in NIFT Patna 2021 The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Patna invites online applications in the prescribed format for Recruitment of the following Group-C Sarkari Naukri Vacancy posts of Administrative / Technical positions at NIFT Patna Campus. (Advertisement No. 1000(01)/Rectt. of Group C/2021-22) The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Patna was established by the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of... Please Click on th...
Tags: Fashion, Nurse, Technology, Jobs, Administrative, Assistant, Technical, Institute, Manisha, Laboratory, Stenographer Vacancy, Nift, Group C Sarkari Naukri Vacancy, Group-C, NIFT Patna Group, Recruitment of Group C Job Vacancy Recruitment

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