Community Favorites, Looks & Color Stories, Vol. 116

Sundays are for readers! Each week, on Sunday, I like to see what the community has been enjoying. “Most Loved” are products that readers specifically loved but didn’t add to their wish list ( ). “Most Wanted” are products that readers specifically added to their wish lists ( ). This is populated based on the last seven days of activity! You’ll find the icons to interact with products throughout the site, like on Glossovers. You’ll also find recently submitted makeup looks and color stories ...
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Natasha Denona Baby Glam Micro Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Baby Glam Natasha Denona Baby Glam Micro Eyeshadow PaletteNatasha Denona Baby Glam Micro Eyeshadow Palette ($19.00 for 0.09 oz.) is a new, limited edition micro palette–three mini-sized pans in a plastic compact–that features three shades from the permanent (full-size) Glam palette. I’m happy to report that the quality was consistent with the original palette, and I’d say that the shimmer shade was actually smoother and creamier in th...
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Pat McGrath Galactic Sun Divine Blush + Glow Palette Review & Swatches

Galactic Sun Pat McGrath Galactic Sun Divine Blush & Glow TrioPat McGrath Galactic Sun Divine Blush & Glow Trio ($52.00 for 0.37 oz.) includes two blushes and one highlighter; all three shades are available individually, if preferred. The colors were fairly consistent compared to the standalone versions, though Desert Orchid looked lighter and a little warmer when initially swatched, but once on, they seemed to end up the same. For re...
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9 Winter Coat Trends You’ll Love Wearing

9 Winter Coat Trends You’ll Love Wearing What’s shaking in coat trends this year? I see coats extending the rule-breaking vibe that fashion has had all year long. Expect bright colors, fun prints, and style details that … more at 9 Winter Coat Trends You’ll Love Wearing. This is an original post from Budget Fashionista.
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Bombay Parsi Punchayat trustee to go on hunger strike against decision to postpone election

The crisis in the over 300-year-old Bombay Parsi Punchayat (BPP) intensified over the weekend with a trustee planning to go on a hunger strike from Monday morning. Article by Nauzer Bharucha | TNN Noshir Dadrawala, who resigned last week, protesting against the majority trustees’ decision to postpone the BPP elections to October 2022, said, “This is a serious attempt on my part to ensure good governance through peaceful, non-violent means.” “I will be sitting at the BPP office (DN Rd in Fort...
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Tricky Horror Flicks and Perfume Treats: A Guide to Your Scented Spooky Autumn

Chicago has a few fake outs in our lurching from summer to autumn where dips in temps climb back up into balmy sunny weeks. But by October, fall has finally been properly summoned, as much perhaps by our collective witchery and occult anticipation of Halloween as by the wicked grins of candy fixated children and children at heart. Last year, my treat du jour amid more or less staying at home and ... Read full article: Tricky Horror Flicks and Perfume Treats: A Guide to Your Scented Spooky Autu...
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Holidays in Gold: New Fragrances and Collector Editions

The holidays are approaching and with that, we will see more glitz-'n-glam, gold bottles, and special editions. Golden flacons were not so aggressively presented in 2021, yet we can still find some of them listed under the new fragrances, specially designed for and dedicated to the upcoming holidays. Besides the new duo Dolce Gabbana The One For Men Gold Eau de Parfum Intense and The One Gol... Read full article: Holidays in Gold: New Fragrances and Collector Editions from Fragrantica Per...
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Beautyworld Middle East 2021: Dominique Moellhausen and Her New Perfumes

I met Dominique Moellhausen, the young perfumer and RD vice-president of the Moellhausen perfume company, at the Ritz Carlton DIFC in Dubai. There, she was participating in (or rather, starring in, surrounded by an all men crew) a short new film dedicated to a couple of her new fragrances - Musk Patchouli and Phantom. These two perfumes she created for the Saudi brand Laverne, which debuted at�... Read full article: Beautyworld Middle East 2021: Dominique Moellhausen and Her New Perfumes from ...
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MAC Spicy Pimienta & Jalea Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours Reviews & Swatches

Spicy Pimienta MAC Spicy Pimenta Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour ($21.00 for 0.17 oz.) is a deep plum with subtle, warm undertones and a flat, matte finish. It had opaque color coverage in a single layer, which applied evenly across my lips and didn’t emphasize my lip lines. The texture was smooth, fluid, and very spreadable to the point where I found it necessary to remove some product at the edge of the tube prior to applying. It drie...
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Urban Decay Cuneirune Afterglow Highlighter Reviews & Swatches

Cuneirune Urban Decay Cuneirune Afterglow Illuminating HighlighterUrban Decay Cuneirune Afterglow Illuminating Highlighter ($26.00 for 0.08 oz.) is a medium copper with moderate, warm undertones and a metallic finish. It had nearly opaque color coverage in a single layer, so it wasn’t “semi-sheer” as described by the brand. I could use a lighter hand or a less-dense brush to achieve sheerer coverage if desired. The consistency was fir...
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Do you enjoy testing out new products?

I do! I like seeing what’s new, if it’s better than things that have come before it, and seeing different tech get deployed. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Pat McGrath Celestial Odyssey Collection Swatches

Here are swatches of the remainder of the limited edition Pat McGrath Celestial Odyssey Collection. This post features swatches of the two eyeshadow quads, two cheek trios, and individual highlighter. Pat McGrath Celestial Odyssey Collection Gallery Options Products ...
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Inside the Golden Door Spa, the California retreat loved by the wealthy that's $9,950 for a week's stay

Inside the Golden Door Spa and Resort. Thomas Pallini/Insider The Golden Door Spa and Resort in California has hosted the world's elite at its 600 acres. Guests pay $9,950 for a week-long stay that includes spa treatments, workouts, and other activities. Executive Chef Greg Frey Jr. crafts the spa menu that's unlike traditional spas with satiating, nutritional, and delicious food. Hidden in the hills of San Diego County in California is Golden Door, a top-rated spa and resort...
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Perfumed Horoscope: October 18 - October 24

  If at this point in time we have become used to being slightly clueless and avoiding big issues, this spell now slowly but surely will break. We will have to get out of our comfort zone of not saying or doing anything that is somehow tangible and value-related. The air will become too dry for sandcastles to hold, or there may even be a great wave to wash it away. As Saturn, Jupiter, and Me... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: October 18 - October 24 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Cologn...
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We put our child in charge for a day – it was both terrifying and freeing

One day a year our daughter does as she pleases and it’s always great fun… and a good education for us allWe call it her “in-charge day”. A day when our nine-year-old daughter Flora is in charge, and we are, effectively, hers to command. A day when all the traditional hierarchies between parent and child are reversed, when she can fulfil her fantasies, refuse to do anything she doesn’t want to and experience a taste of power, authority and absolute freedom.OK, not absolute freedom. There are som...
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‘Nobody ever put hands on me before’: flight attendants on the air rage epidemic

Although travelers’ hissy fits are nothing new, incidences of bad behavior have spiked amid the tense landscape of Covid-19Alexander Clark had only just boarded the Los Angeles-bound United airliner when the man seated behind him became incensed. As Clark tells it, a flight attendant had repeatedly asked the passenger to alternately stop talking on his phone or don a face mask when, after the fourth ask, the passenger snapped.“I will find your name, date of birth, and address! I will know your s...
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Art at their heart: homes that have become museums

A magical glimpse inside the house museums of five pioneers of art and designIf you are reading these pages, chances are you like nothing more than having a good snoop around other people’s houses. Below is a selection of five of the world’s best house museums – inspiring, creative, but ultimately delightfully domestic spaces that have been preserved as they were when the owners lived in them. Continue reading...
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I’m sad at work and don’t know what to do with my life

You’ve been working hard to tick the expected boxes, maybe it’s time to find and tick you ownThe question I am 37, have a lovely husband and a wonderful child, and a job in the creative industries. The problem is that I haven’t been happy in my career for a long time and have felt very stuck, and every now and again I end up crying because I just don’t know what to do with my life. I was an over-achiever at school (worked hard, got the grades, went to a good university), but am now in a role whe...
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