ColourPop Rhapsody Palette Review & Swatches

Rhapsody ColourPop Rhapsody 5-Pan Pressed Powder Palette ($10.00 for 0.15 oz.) is a warm-toned neutral color story that included three matte eyeshadows and two shimmer eyeshadows. Four of the five shades were pigmented, blendable, and easy enough to work with (though watch out for the sparkle matte!), while one shimmer was weaker in coverage and texture. This palette is one of five in a holiday vault, though ColourPop said they would ...
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Lancome Si Seulement & Henne L'Absolu Rouge Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Si Seulement (277) Lancome Si Seulement (277) L’Absolu Rouge Sheer Lipstick ($32.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a muted, mediump pink with subtle, neutral-to-warm undertones and a luminous finish. It had semi-sheer to medium, buildable pigmentation with a smooth, lightly emollient texture that was almost balm-like but thinner and not as slippery. It remained comfortable to apply and to wear but stayed on better than the typical lip balm. This sh...
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Business Fashion Rules Every Professional Should Follow

Ever notice how when you put on an outfit you love you have an extra pep in your step? According to Vogue, your outfit may alter how you approach and interact with the world. On the other hand, clothing influences the impressions people have of us, says Psychology Today. A study in the article noted: people rated a man “more confident, successful, flexible and a higher earner in a tailor-made suit than when he wore a high street equivalent.” Photo source:, Downloaded 8/22/16, Us...
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Glaminatrix Darling, Fate, Musk, Breeze, Cherry Cocoa Matte Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches

Darling Glaminatrix Darling Matte Pressed Pigment ($7.30 for 0.064 oz.) is a bright, medium-dark pink-coral with warm undertones and a matte finish. The eyeshadow was richly pigmented with a smooth, almost cream-like texture that was very finely-milled and airy, the latter resulted in a fair amount of powder kicked up in the pan, but it wasn’t prone to fallout during blending or application. It wore well for eight and a half hours bef...
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Sunday Firesides: You’re Not Burned Out, You’re Bored

It’s hard not to open a book or scan a news site without hearing about burnout. Workers are burned out. Parents are burned out. Everyone is burned out. As the word denotes, and it’s popularly conceived, burnout is a function of being overextended, overwhelmed, and overtaxed. It’s a function of too much. Too much work. Too much pressure. And yet, statistically, we’re doing less than ever, not more. We work a little less than we did fifty years ago, and a lot less than a century and a half back. ...
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Conversation with Pat Farnack on Why “Brutal” Honesty Isn’t Ideal in the Workplace

Pat Farnack, longtime radio host on WCBS Newsradio 880 in New York City, recently interviewed me about the trend toward “brutal honesty” in the workplace and its unintended consequences.  While honesty is a good thing, brutal honesty often becomes an excuse for those with power to verbally abuse others. It creates a culture of control and fear rather than a culture of connection. Instead of brutal honesty, encourage honesty combined with respect. This approach increases the likelihood of criti...
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La Martina Colección Privada: Alpha Woods, Blue Gardenia, Nude Amber and Solar Musk

A very well-known Argentinian brand manufacturing luxury casualwear inspired by the polo sport (also the official supplier to the main national polo teams since 1982,) LA MARTINA, added a brand new collection to their offer. The line came out under the license of Venice Olfactive; they presented the Colección Privada with four fragrances in October 2020. As was the aim of the brand, th... Read full article: La Martina Colección Privada: Alpha Woods, Blue Gardenia, Nude Amber and Solar Mu...
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Sweet dreams are made of this: why dream analysis is flourishing

Are dreams a message from the soul or meaningless ‘brain farts’? Groups dedicated to interpretation are thrivingJason DeBord regrets the demise of an old parlour game once much-loved in the 19th century: What Did I Eat Last Night? It involved a player recounting their dreams – recorded in a journal upon waking – as an audience was challenged to guess what dream-provoking food they had consumed for the previous night’s supper, be it stilton, rarebit or undercooked or cured meats (all understood t...
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How do you resist buying a product?

For me, I look at the likelihood of me reviewing it, which is often a consideration between what else I’m reviewing, whether that product/brand is a higher or lower priority (relative to what I normally cover), and whether I anticipate a lot of additional launches in the short-term. If I don’t... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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New Perfume Collection: Paradis des Sens

As the name of the new French brand Paradis des Sens (by Arcadie de Niche) suggests – as well as the names of its eight fragrances, synonymous with the idea of Paradise (Arcadia, Bliss, Felicity, Cloud Nine, Eden, Utopia, Wonderland, Celestia) – when we get acquainted with the collection of fragrances, we'd experience paradisaic delight. An ideal place for life, harmony between man and nat... Read full article: New Perfume Collection: Paradis des Sens from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Ma...
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Are you dreaming of a booze-free Christmas? Join the (soda) club

The market in no- and low-alcohol drinks is booming in the UK as more people swap the festive hangover for mindful drinkingThe concept of a Christmas without champagne, wine or whisky is counterintuitive to many. But this festive season, growing numbers of Britons are eschewing alcohol and gearing up for a teetotal – or at least partially so – celebration, according to retailers.Sales in the no- and low-alcohol category, also known as “NoLo”, are expected to grow by 17% in the UK this year, repo...
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‘I dread Christmas. My husband won’t get jabbed’: The families split over Covid vaccines as they plan holiday gatherings

We talk to three people faced with moral crises over reconciling family festivities with the risks posed by coronavirusCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageChristmas is meant to be a time filled with joy, but for many families it can underline divisions between parents, children or siblings and bring unresolved tensions to the surface. This year adds a particular issue to that dynamic – whether or not individual family members are vaccinated. Continue reading...
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Louis Theroux: ‘I’ve always found anxiety in the most unlikely places’

The broadcaster, 51, talks about his first memories, last meal, lockdown resets and his brainier older brotherI always felt like the second fiddle to my older brother Marcel, who I thought was impossibly brilliant and mature and seemed to be reading more or less from the womb, although I’m two years younger, so I wouldn’t have known that first-hand. I was the sideshow: the funny one, the ridiculous one my grandparents said was “good with my hands”, which at five or six I embraced. It was only as...
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I was told the 12 steps would cure my addiction. Why did I end up feeling more broken?

In this quasi-religious programme, ‘working the steps’ is the remedy for any problem, but for me the cracks soon started to showEight of us sat together in a circle in a wooden shed, an outbuilding at a large country house, somewhere in the south of England. The door was ajar, and spring light flooded the room. “Can anyone name any treatment methods for addiction, other than the 12 steps?” asked a counsellor.“Cognitive behavioural therapy?” offered a patient. Continue reading...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: The Gospel Coalition 2021 Book Awards Congratulations to the winners of The Gospel Coalition 2021 Book Awards. Struggling with Doubt? Here are 5 Important Truths to Remember How do we handle these doubts when they come? Or, how do we help others who admit they are struggling with what they believe? Why So Harsh? Harshness toward lost sheep and gentleness toward predators are equally devastating to the church. You Can’t Reform a Church ...
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Abuse, intimidation, death threats: the vicious backlash facing former vegans

Going vegan has never been more popular – but some people who try it and then decide to reintroduce animal products face shocking treatmentIn 2015, Freya Robinson decided to go vegan. For more than a year, the 28-year-old from East Sussex did not consume a single animal product. Then, in 2016, on a family holiday in Bulgaria, she passed a steak restaurant and something inside her switched. “I walked in and ordered the biggest steak I could have and completely inhaled it,” she says. After finishi...
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How the ‘mundane’ trend is bringing some Christmas sparkle for everyday brands

Aldi, McDonald’s, Ikea and Marmite jump on the festive bandwagon with branded jumpers, pants, hats and baublesA Lidl bit of style goes a long way. After the supermarket chain scored a surprise hit with its own-brand trainers, rivals are looking to capitalise on the “mundane” trend which has seen clothes emblazoned with the logos of everyday brands become surprise fashion icons.Aldi, McDonald’s, Ikea and Marmite have all jumped on the bandwagon with jumpers, hats and even Christmas baubles after ...
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Grounded! What did a year without flying do to the world?

Normally, planes are in constant motion, pinballing between continents. But in March 2020 all that came to a halt. What did it mean for our jobs, our horizons – and the planet?On 14 March 2020, I left my home in the Orkney Islands to drive to Edinburgh international airport. I was due to travel to Germany for a research trip. Full of nervous anticipation, and making frantic last-minute preparations, I hadn’t paid as much attention to the coronavirus crisis as I might have, but events were develo...
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Blind date: ‘It would have been better if he hadn’t had to stop for a takeaway on the way home’

Adriana, 27, reporter, meets Streisand, 27, freelance reporterAdriana on StreisandWhat were you hoping for?A good night, some delish food and to meet someone fun and exciting. Continue reading...
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Fragrantica Awards 2021 Readers Chat

We have started our 5th Fragrantica Readers' Awards – please visit the Awards page, nominate your best perfumes and vote! In our Awards, we have traditional categories we repeat every year and some custom categories to reflect current trends such as Vanilla and Ambroxan, the latter is rather a collective term for modern synthetic woody amber accords. This year, we are happy to include the Warmes... Read full article: Fragrantica Awards 2021 Readers Chat from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes M...
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Your Ultimate Goal: How You Can Find Job Security

In this article Harrison discusses the importance of keeping one’s job secured, and how external factors affect job security. It is crucial for job seekers to choose the right kind of job, the right... By Harrison Barnes
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