Gucci Goldie Red & Louise Orange Brilliant Glow Care Lipsticks Review & Swatches

Goldie Red (25) Gucci Beauty Goldie Red (25) Brilliant Glow Care Lipstick ($42.00 for 0.06 oz.) is a medium red with neutral-to-cool undertones and a glossy finish. The texture was smooth, lightweight, and moderately emollient but not too slippery, as it had a more gel-like feel that helped to soften and smooth out my lip lines. It had semi-sheer pigmentation that stayed on well for four hours and felt moisturizing while worn.FURTHER ...
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Glaminatrix High Seas, Imp, Mojito, Fairy Garden, Bunny Foiled Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches

High Seas Glaminatrix High Seas Foiled Eyeshadow ($8.04 for 0.06 oz.) is a medium-dark blue with cooler undertones and a slightly “warmer” blue sheen. It had opaque color coverage in a single layer, which applied well to bare skin with a smooth, even laydown of product. The consistency was moderately dense, lightly creamy, and easy to work with. It stayed on nicely for eight and a half hours before fading noticeably. Top DupesIngredi...
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How to get a job at Expensify, the software company that just went public and made 40% of employees on-paper millionaires

Kazi Awal/Insider Adele Kennedy is a people operations generalist at Expensify.Expensify Expensify's November 10th IPO made many of the 140 employees millionaires on paper.  The software company has a flat organization structure — meaning employees manage themselves.  Expensify employee Adele Kennedy told Insider how candidates can navigate the rigorous hiring process. This article is part of the 'Careers 2.0' series, focused on helping job seekers learn more about getting jo...
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An insurance company for people over 50 is giving employees paid leave when their grandchild is born

A lack of access to childcare can lead to working parents leaving the workforce.Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images UK insurer Saga is giving workers one week of paid leave when their grandchild is born.  The company, which caters to over-50s, said that the leave could help the company retain staff.  The grandchildren of any employee will also now receive access to Saga's onsite nursery. Grandparents at a UK company are set to receive a special work perk: paid time off to spend with their grandc...
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How to earn 6 figures with a side hustle, according to the graphic designer who did

Consider a profile on a freelancer platform to build your client portfolio.Getty Images / Luis Alvarez Starting a second job can allow you to explore your passions at the same time as earning extra cash. If you have to work a side-hustle alongside a full-time job, though, it can be exhausting. One entrepreneur told CNBC how she has earned six figures with her second job. Working a second job can obviously be a great way of boosting your income.It can also be a great way of exploring how it ma...
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Milk Makeup Beyond Bionic Blush Review & Swatches

Beyond Milk Makeup Beyond Bionic Liquid Blush ($20.00 for 0.27 oz.) is a medium-dark plum with subtle, warm undertones and a mostly matte finish. It felt like a very fluid gel as it was almost runny initially, but once applied and blended out on my skin, it dried down entirely to a transfer-resistant, near-matte finish. There was plenty of time to work, so I ended up finding it easier to apply some to the back of my hand and giving it...
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Pat McGrath x Bridgerton Collection for Spring 2022

Release Date + About the Launch You are cordially invited to glimpse the most romantic beauty collection of all time. PAT McGRATH LABS is honoured to join Netflix and Shondaland in an exclusive beauty collaboration inspired by the romance and passion of the Smash Hit debut season of “Bridgerton.” 12/26 Pat McGrath Sephor...
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The Story of Helena Rubinstein and her Perfume Courant

Helena Rubinstein has gone down in history as one of the great women entrepreneurs, nicknamed "the empress of beauty" by Jean Cocteau, while her feud with Elizabeth Arden is the epicenter of several books on their wild rivalry, such as Lindy Woodhead's War Paint. Founder of the eponymous company bought by L’Oréal in 1984 and continuing her fragrance canon, Madame Helena Rubinstein "defined her ... Read full article: The Story of Helena Rubinstein and her Perfume Courant from Fragrantica Perfume...
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7 Tips to Improve You and Your Loved Ones’ Health

Most families function as a unit. Caring for a loved one is a deeply ingrained feeling. When one of the family members is ill, the others take care of them. Family health comprises following specific measures to help everyone in the family thrive emotionally, physically, and cognitively. It has gained more significance nowadays due to the rise in illnesses. A combination of genetic and environmental variables passed down from our ancestors are a cause of common diseases. As a result, most ...
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Link Love: The Hair Edition

The Guardian’s Sali Hughes is impressed with Shrine, a new eco hair dye. If you’re interested in all things hair, the second season of Allure’s ‘The Science of Beauty’ podcast — with topics like hair thinning, and busting myths about silicones — is worth a listen. With hairdressers closed for most of the pandemic, more women stopped dyeing their hair. Earlier this year, The Guardian asked some of them about the impact it’s had. Fab Links from Our Members RoseandJoan found the idea of this leat...
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How To Pack Furniture Items For Long-Distance Moving

Though the entire moving process is complicated one of the most complicated tasks during relocation is handling the large, bulky, and awkward-shaped furniture items. When you arrive at your new home, you might want to get your expensive items without any kind of damage or scratch. To keep all the furniture items safe and resistant from any scratches too, it is important to take proper precautions. Hiring cross country movers is one of the best ways to do it without any hassle but if you wa...
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Tyler, The Creator: Golf Le Fleur French Waltz

Tyler, the Creator outside the Golf le Fleur pop-up shop in Malibu; wwd American rapper and producer Tyler, The Creator (Tyler Gregory Okonma), under the auspices of his new brand GOLF le FLEUR, launches his first fragrance called French Waltz. In late 2021, the rapper introduced the new fashion brand Golf le Fleur, having previously participated in the brands Odd Future and Golf Wang. The br... Read full article: Tyler, The Creator: Golf Le Fleur French Waltz from Fragrantica Perfumes and C...
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Phytosurgence Wild Oak, Velvet Leaf, Deeply Rooted Cream Shadows Reviews & Swatches

Wild Oak Phytosurgence Wild Oak Flash Florescence Cream Shadow ($17.07 for 0.14 oz.) is a rich, golden bronze with strong, warm undertones and a pearly sheen. It was one of the more high-shine shades in the range, but it wasn’t metallic. It looked very “melted” when applied and blended out on my skin. The texture was lightweight, creamy enough to feel like a cream eyeshadow, but it was thin and more powder-like as I worked with it on ...
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How to Keep Your Windshield From Fogging Up

You’re driving down the highway and your car’s windshield fogs up, so you blast the defroster. The fog goes away but then returns again a few minutes later. You repeat this process until you arrive at your destination. The same thing happens to the car’s driver- and passenger-side windows. The windows fog up so you can’t see your rearview mirrors, so you roll the windows down and then back up to squeegee the moisture off. But then the fog simply comes back again. And on the fight against vehicu...
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Did you discover any new (to you!) brands that you enjoyed this year?

ILNP, which is by no means new, but certainly new-to-me, which is a nail polish brand. Glaminatrix, which is an indie brand from Australia that does pressed eyeshadow. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Wie du einer geliebten depressiven Person hilfst, ohne ihr zu schaden

Die Depression ist ein mieser Dieb. Sie kann dir all das klauen, was dich zu dir macht – deinen Sinn für Humor, deine Bescheidenheit, deine Fähigkeit, dich anderen Menschen zu öffnen. Sie kann dafür sorgen, dass dich deine Liebsten kaum noch wiedererkennen. Sie kann all deine tollen Seiten durch eine tiefunglückliche, schmerzhafte Taubheit ersetzen, die normale menschliche Kontakte erschweren oder ganz unmöglich machen. Das ist das Erste, was du wissen solltest, wenn du jemanden liebst, ...
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Why we’re supporting Bombas this holiday: The gift that gives back in more ways than one

Every year we share our favorite holiday gifts that give back, to help us maximize the impact that our gifts can make on the world this time of year. And every year, we talk about Bombas Socks — the incredibly comfortable, increasingly stylish, mission-driven socks that were designed expressly to help give comfort to you, […]
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Rare Beauty Lip Souffle in Fearless

Got the Rare Beauty Lip Soufflé in Fearless and I’m surprised. This formula is different from everything else out there which is cool. It’s so creamy and thick, while still being matte. It has a bit... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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A Stanford professor said workers will have to put up with Zoom fatigue. Here's what he's learned about video meetings during the pandemic.

Working from home is becoming more common again in the wake of the Omicron variant.Basak Gurbuz Derman/Getty Images The Omicron variant is causing companies to delay their return-to-office plans.  Zoom fatigue could be one challenge workers face, according to a Stanford professor. Nick Bloom said that his research into remote meetings shows that smaller ones are more effective. Some companies, like Google, have delayed their office-return plans as a result of the Omicron variant. In the UK, f...
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A Stanford professor said workers will have to put up with Zoom fatigue. His research into remote work recommends keeping meetings small.

Working from home is becoming more common again in the wake of the Omicron variant.Basak Gurbuz Derman/Getty Images The Omicron variant is causing companies to delay their return-to-office plans.  Zoom fatigue could be one challenge workers face, according to a Stanford professor. Nick Bloom said that his research into remote meetings shows that smaller ones are more effective. Some companies, like Google, have delayed their office-return plans as a result of the Omicron variant. In the UK, f...
Tags: Google, UK, Leadership, Stanford, Careers, Trends, Management, Remote Work, Tips, Meetings, Stanford University, Video Calls, Zoom, Bloom, Stephen Jones, Nick Bloom

Matching Socks and Sweaters

It can be fun to match socks with your sweater. I’ve noticed people in the Netherlands do this quite frequently because they commute on bicycles. When you cycle, your socks are visible unless your pant hems are extra long, so why not create a cohesive match. My 75-year-old Dutch aunt is a skilled knitter and does just that. When she knits a complicated Fair Isle sweater for herself, she sometimes knits a pair of socks to match. She commutes on her bike daily to do a quick errand or grocery run, ...
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Do You Know How To Argue Correctly?

So it turns out that we’ve all been arguing the wrong way Image Credit: Adam Cohn Part of the job of being a manager is disagreeing with other people. Look, their ideas may be wrong and you are the person who is going to have to step up and let them know that they are wrong. As you can well imagine, this does not always go over well. This is where arguments come from. Arguments are a natural part of life. However, knowing how to argue is one of the key manager skills that we need to ...
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Run Your Career Based on Facts and Statistics – Not Opinions

Rely on facts and statistics rather than opinions; when you depend on mere opinions, you inevitably face disastrous consequences. You must understand the difference between facts and opinions,... By Harrison Barnes
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The inner lives of dogs: what our canine friends really think about love, lust and laughter

They make brilliant companions, but do dogs really feel empathy for humans - and what is going through their minds when they play, panic or attack?Read more: the inner lives of cats: what our feline friends really think It is humanity’s great frustration, to gaze into the eyes of a dog, feel so very close to the creature, and yet have no clue what it’s thinking. It’s like the first question you ask of a recently born baby, with all that aching, loving urgency: is that a first smile? Or yet more ...
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