Blushes (Under $15) | 2021 Editor's Favorites

Well, it comes as no surprise that out of 75 blush reviews (under $15 a pop), ColourPop made up all of them. Sometimes I’m surprised more indie brands don’t offer blush ranges (they more commonly have highlighter ranges), so maybe that’s something we can put on our wish list for 2022. That being said, it would still be nice for ColourPop to launch single blushes in a variety of shades (not just mid-tone pink and coral) and utilize more more finishes. If you’re unfamil...
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ColourPop By the Rosé Collection Swatches

ColourPop By the Rosé Collection is a new collection that debuts later today (at 10AM PT) and includes a new eyeshadow palette, three cream blushes, three cream eyeshadows, and three lipglosses. Here are swatches! ColourPop By the Rosé Collection Gallery Options Products ...
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No, putting a spoon in an open bottle of champagne doesn’t keep it bubbly – but there is a better way | Geoff Scollary for The Conversation

The teaspoon myth persists, despite clear evidence to the contrary – but you can still preserve sparkling wine after it’s openAt a recent tasting, I was presenting some sparkling wines from the Limoux region of France, a region that produced sparkling wines at least 100 years before wines from the Champagne region were well known.Towards the end, I commented that if the bottle is not empty, seal it with a sparkling wine stopper and store it in the refrigerator. The response was: “Why bother to s...
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Chypre de Sauzé Paris

The historical perfume company Sauzé Freres is known very widely for its beautiful advertising posters. Even if you don't know anything about its perfumes, you've probably come across some of the unique posters for the fragrances Fleurs de Mousse (1898), Flouvella (1906), or Liane Fleuri (1911), which were drawn for Sauzé Freres by one of the founders of the Italian advertising illustration, L... Read full article: Chypre de Sauzé Paris from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Which Style Trends to Bring into the New Year — & Which to Drop

Which Style Trends to Bring into the New Year — & Which to Drop New year, new you? That effort begins in the closet. Now’s the time to clear out the trends that are slowing down, to make room for what’s landing. The slate … more at Which Style Trends to Bring into the New Year — & Which to Drop. This is an original post from Budget Fashionista.
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2 Things to Reflect on When Setting Goals

To make the most of the New Year, take some time now to reflect. That’s a common phrase with an uncommon challenge… Click the player to listen to this episode of The BIGG Success Show Podcast. Below is a summary. To reflect is to carefully consider. But when setting goals, we often don’t carefully consider […] The post 2 Things to Reflect on When Setting Goals appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Nobles Collection by Laverne - Review

I got acquainted with the new Laverne brand from Saudi Arabia at the BeautyWorld Middle East 2021 exhibition in Dubai. The brand made its debut in the Quintessence space, dedicated to the fastest growing segment of perfumery - niche fragrances (see review). To the five Laverne fragrances created by Moellhausen before the exhibition, two more, Musk Patchouli and Phantom, were added during the sho... Read full article: Nobles Collection by Laverne - Review from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes ...
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ColourPop So Fly & Wanna Bee Palette Swatches

ColourPop just released two Ulta-exclusive nine-pan palettes, So Fly and Wanna Bee. They will eventually make their way to ColourPop’s site later on, though. Here are swatches! So Fly + Wanna Bee Gallery Options Products Swatches ...
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Bronzers | 2021 Editor's Favorites

I tested 64 different bronzers during 2021, and I narrowed down my list of favorites to a mere six, but there were some new and high-quality formulas released with–gasp!–more than two shades available. While the shades below represent my personal favorites, the shade of bronzer is often dependent on one’s skin tone, not just a matter of preference, so be sure to check out the full ranges of these formulas, which were top performers this year: Anastasia Cream Bronzer, D...
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What were your five most used single/individual eyeshadows in 2021?

I tested a lot of eyeshadow this year, so I didn’t end up revisiting much, especially since any down time was testing out the shades from my collaboration with Sydney Grace! I think the shade I used the most outside of the collab would be Pat McGrath VR Fire Opal (from Bronze Seduction).... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Emily in Paris: Warum wir über die Oben-ohne-Szene sprechen sollten

Gegen Ende der Brexit-Übergangszeit im letzten Jahr nahm ich meinen ganzen Mut zusammen und zog nach Paris. Ein Monat danach erschien die Sendung Emily in Paris auf Netflix. Ich hatte nicht vor, sie mir anzusehen, aber nachdem ich unzählige Nachrichten von Freund:innen erhalten hatte, die mich „Faye in Paris“ nannten, konnte ich nicht anders. Weil ich es unterhaltsam fand, dass das Pariser Leben so anders dargestellt wurde, als es tatsächlich ist, machte ich nicht Halt bei der ersten Staffel. Wa...
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Kosas 10-Second Gel Watercolor Eyeshadows Back for Spring 2022

Release Date + About the Launch Lightweight cooling formula lets you play with soft diffused color and layer for more vibrance. Dimensional neutrals with a little extra something for a sexy-without-trying mood + a pretty sheen (glitter-free!). Goes with any look from sweatpants to second martinis. 1/4 Kosas Sephora ...
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The person who got me through 2021: LayedBakDFR captured the perfect joy of discovering a great song

I was shaken out of my musical apathy by the rapper, whose video channel shows him listening to others’ tracks for the first timeThroughout the pandemic, I, like many others, found myself turning to familiar music I listened to as a teenager, seeking comfort in 2000s nostalgia playlists and the hollow, monotonous “landfill indie” of the 2010s. It wasn’t that I especially enjoyed listening to music that I’d last heard on student nights at bad nightclubs in York, or that they marked a particularly...
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Fake it Till You Make It with First Aid Beauty Hydrating Eye Cream

Love the look of well-rested eyes, but don't have time for a full night's sleep? First Aid Beauty's NEW Hydrating Eye Cream with Hyaluronic Acid can help you fake it till you make it. This nourishing cream is clinically proven to hydrate ...
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Dining across the divide: ‘I was surprised by her views on eastern European immigration as she seemed so open-minded’

Vaccinations, housing, mixed toilets: can two strangers find common ground over dinner?Click here if you’d like to dine across the divideAlex, 29, BristolOccupation Conference producerVoting record Alex, who was born in Vienna and grew up in Warsaw, votes Labour in Poland by postal vote. She cannot yet vote in the UK, where she has lived since 2013Amuse bouche Alex used to live in Derby, and appeared in the local paper in her first month in the city, in a piece about street fashion Continue read...
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I had accepted my life in prison – until it prevented me helping a friend in need

For 16 years, on and off, I was held at Her Majesty’s pleasure. It was the struggles and loss of a friend on the outside that made me realise how powerless I wasI am sure those who know my backstory of criminality imagine – reasonably – that the toughest times of my life were while I was a guest of Her Majesty, who kindly gave me full board and lodgings for 16 years, on and off, during the first six decades of my existence. And they are half right.My first taste of her hospitality came in 1957 w...
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Ullman’s show, Rasputin’s tune, and Robert Burns’ new year words – take the Thursday quiz

Fifteen questions on general knowledge and topical trivia plus a few jokes every Thursday – how will you fare?And now, the end is near. Not of the Thursday quiz, but of 2021. It will be good to bid farewell to this cursed year, and to look forward to an equally dismal 12 months the way things seem to be going. Never mind. In the meantime, here are 15 questions to tease and entertain you. The quiz master is away and will not be able to join you in the comments today, but you will still have the c...
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Your New Year’s Resolution: Subscribe To The Accidental IT Leader Newsletter!

Subscribe To The Accidental IT Leader Newsletter! Yet another New Year is almost here! What is your plan for becoming a better IT Manager this year? Clearly you are already reading The Accidental IT Leader blog and so that’s a step in the right direction! However, there’s one more thing that you need to do: subscribe to The Accidental IT Leader newsletter! Once you subscribe, you’ll have the IT team management tips and techniques that you’ve been looking for automatically delivered to your ema...
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Das ist der beste Rat, den ich dir als Beauty-Expertin geben kann

Seit fast fünf Jahren habe ich nun meine eigene Beauty-Kolumne. In meinem letzten Artikel dieser Reihe möchte ich die wichtigsten Dinge, die ich über Schönheit gelernt habe, mit dir teilen – von der Hautpflege bis zu den Haaren und darüber hinaus – sowie darüber, wie sich meine eigene Pflegeroutine im Laufe der Zeit verändert hat. Mein erster Job in der Beauty-Branche – und in vielerlei Hinsicht auch der, der den größten Einfluss auf meinen weiteren Werdegang hatte, – war der einer Verkäufer...
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Escape your comfort zone: I have always been the quiet one. Could learning to shout change my life?

I can endure anger, pain and frustration without the need to scream. But I realised that that could, in fact, be a problem. So I travelled to the countryside to try yellingIn the summer of 2020, the London-based psychotherapist Zoë Aston hit the headlines with a scream-therapy campaign she had devised for the Icelandic tourism board. On a website called Looks Like You Need Iceland, visitors were invited to record a scream which would then be blasted out for you in the vast, frozen wilderness. “A...
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FRAGRANTICA Readers' Choice AWARDS 2021

Thank you Fragrantica members for voting in our Readers' Choice AWARDS for the fifth time! Almost one and a half million votes were cast to choose Fragrantica's favorite perfumes of 2021. Happy New Year to all Fragrantica readers! Best Perfume for Women 2021 Libre Intense Yves Saint Laurent In 2021 women preferred bright and intense perfumes based on sweet fruits, amber, and vanilla. Libre Int... Read full article: FRAGRANTICA Readers' Choice AWARDS 2021 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Cologne...
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When did I decide to stop living in denial? While lying on a plane gangway during a panic attack

I had refused to accept my PTSD had returned. But on a flight to Budapest it became impossible to ignoreIt is hard to pinpoint the worst moment of your life. But when I think about my lowest ebb, a certain image begins to solidify: me, lying in the gangway of a plane, the cabin crew administering oxygen via a canister and a mask as we descend to Budapest airport and other passengers look on (bemused or horrified, I couldn’t say). A couple of minutes previously, a fog had descended on me as I sat...
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My winter of love: I was on holiday with my boyfriend – and the B&B owner told me a horrifying home truth

We went for walks, marvelled at the views, saw baby eagles and had a lot of sex. But as the proprietor of the guest house could tell, not all was well between usBack in 2008, I lived in New York. I wasn’t a total stranger to North American winters – my stepmother is from Michigan, and the one and only time she persuaded me to go on a family sledging outing I was so cold I bailed and went back to sit in the car, like the moody teenager I most definitely was. But I’d never been on the continent fo...
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Never Get Too Comfortable

The most successful people never slow down, and do not allow themselves to get too comfortable. Everyone works to achieve their goals, but failure comes when they decline the amount of effort they... By Harrison Barnes
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