I am pretty sure, that many years ago, it was L'Artisan that I bought first out of all the niche fragrances available back then. It was Premier Figuier by Olivia Giacobetti - incredibly original (never before had I experienced a perfumery fig!), moist, fresh, and fruity. I came to Paris wearing it, which had my Parisian acquaintance very much appalled. — "It is terribly sweet!" — she... Read full article: TALES of the ORIENT: L’ORIENT COLLECTION by L’ARTISAN PARFUMEUR from Fragrantica Perfume...
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How to Find Possibility

When I was in a stuck burned-out place in my career, I couldn’t see a different path. What I would tell my past burned-out self now is: You won’t see what’s possible for your life until you move out of being stuck. Yet, to do so, you first need to leave. Yes, that makes leaving even more terrifying. Know that possibilities will be waiting for you once you are able to open to them. They’ve been trying to get your attention all along. This is the story of how I came to find the possibilities...
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Ulta Love Your Skin Event 2022 | 1/2 - 1/22

Ulta’s Love Your Skin Event kicks off January 2nd! Every day through January 22nd, select products will be offered for 50% off for one day only. See below for a breakdown of what’s available on which day! Week 1 1/2: 50% off Tula Glow & Get It Eye Balm (now $14), Kylie Skin Foaming Face Wash (now $12), Nuface Trinity Facial Toning Device (now $169.50) 1/3: 50% off Skyn Iceland Eye Gels & Patches (now $7 to $16.50), Zitsticka Killa 4-Pack (now $8), Clinique Acne Solu...
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Scenting the Norse Gods

At this time of year when the days are long and dark, and before many of us return to our busy, working lives, it’s easy for our thoughts to turn towards flights of fancy and imagination. Relaxed by the festive break and not yet ready to get back into work mode, some of us think of more imaginative, creative things often precipitated, at least in the North of the UK, by endless drizzle and chill... Read full article: Scenting the Norse Gods from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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What were your three most used eyeshadow palettes in 2021?

Definitely the Sydney Grace x Temptalia palettes! I used primarily the Deep versions since the lighter shades were late additions. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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The person who got me through 2021: Dr Karl Kennedy in Neighbours was strangely reassuring

He became a stand-in for the family I couldn’t see – a paternal character who comforted me amid the loneliness and uncertaintyFor the past 20 years there have been a handful of constants in my life: my family, my best friend and Neighbours. Not neighbours like the people you borrow a cup of sugar from, but rather that sunshine-filled Australian soap you probably stopped watching once you left university.When I graduated, I carried on. First, out of habit (I needed to know the fate of Toadie’s mu...
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Should I quit my job? We ask the expert

Tony Wilson, director of the Institute for Employment Studies, on whether the huge rise in vacancies in the UK offers an incentive to look for another jobWith the pandemic, workers have been saying “I quit!” in their droves. In the US, employees packed in their jobs at such pace that a new term was coined – the Great Resignation – and alongside it, countless newspaper articles appeared about career-switching. But in the UK, are as many people quitting as we think? And would the greatest new year...
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How it Started and How it’s Going

How it started -> how it’s going. This is the one that started it all. Actually it started it again. Let’s rewind. I gave up perfume a few years ago. Donated most of my bottles and whittled my... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Say no to Fomo: how I embraced staying in

Remember being inundated with invitations and parties? If the last two years have taught me anything, it’s that you don’t have to go to any of themIt was never my intention to hide in the toilet. There was lots going on outside: highbrow small talk and top-tier networking; free drinks, air kisses, and cold canapés that – I’d quickly discovered, following glances – were very much, like my fellow attenders, there only for show. The gallery was filled, I’d been assured, with fashion figures and med...
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‘Birdwatching is not just a white thing’: the UK collective creating a new generation of twitchers

The nature collective was set up to encourage more people of colour to enjoy nature. Here, they take our writer on a spotting trip through the wildlands of north-east LondonI have lived in cities all my life. My childhood did not involve any education in the outdoors. It would be fair to say my knowledge of birds doesn’t go much further than the varieties mentioned in Old Macdonald Had a Farm. So when I arrive at east London’s Walthamstow Wetlands on a cloudy November day to meet Ollie Olanipeku...
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Starbucks is finally dropping its surcharge for plant-based milk in the UK — but US customers will still have to pay extra

Starbucks is dropping its surcharge for plant-based milk in the UK.Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images Starbucks UK is scrapping its £0.40 ($0.54) extra charge for drinks made with non-dairy milk. But Starbucks customers in the US will still have to pay extra for plant-based milk. The chain is under pressure from activists including PETA to ditch the surcharge. Starbucks is dropping its surcharge for non-dairy milk in the UK, but customers in the US will still have to pay extra if they wa...
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How Fashionable Dutch Women–Like the Girl with a Pearl Earring–Got Dressed in 1665

Remember how it felt to be bundled into tights, socks, jeans, a thick sweater, a snowsuit, mittens, only to realize that you really needed to pee? Back in 1665, the Little Ice Age compelled the well-to-do ladies of Delft to turn themselves out with a similar eye toward keeping warm, but their ensembles had a distinct advantage over the Christmas Story snowsuit approach. Relieving themselves was as easy as hiking their skirts, petticoats, and voluminous, lace-trimmed chemise. No flies for...
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FRAGRANTICA Editors' Best Perfumes of 2021

Fragrantica Team wishes you a Joyful and Blissful Holiday Season, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The year 2021 has gone down for me as the year I pretty much didn't go to any store, due to the pandemic. Therefore my sampling was conducted almost entirely online and through the mail. This presented its own challenges, but also many rewards. I find companies more often tend to our needs for ... Read full article: FRAGRANTICA Editors' Best Perfumes of 2021 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Col...
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How to pronounce real estate’s trickiest names and terminology

Here's how to talk shop with the best in the biz and how to avoid looking like a dork at your next cocktail party.
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Experience: I was born in a different millennium to my twin

I get to mark my birthday 24 hours before she does. But she’ll at least get an extra day in her 40s when I’m 50Mom went into labour on 31 December 1999, while playing cards with family. My sister and I had not been due until February; though twins are often born early, I don’t know if my parents had imagined us arriving so close to the new year. At the hospital in Indianapolis, a doctor came into the maternity ward at about 11.30pm and asked on which side of the millennium they wanted their babi...
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Escape your comfort zone: I am on a diving board the height of a two-storey building. Can I take the plunge?

I have always wanted to be a diver. So at the centre where Tom Daley once trained, I aim to graduate to a five-metre board – arms locked, bend, one, two, go …I’m standing on a five-metre diving board – about the height of a two-storey building – preparing to throw myself off, headfirst. And I’m terrified. I take a determined step towards the end, lock my arms above my head and begin to tip forward.I have always admired people who can dive, and secretly wished that I could do it. I watch them tak...
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Auld Lang Syne arm-linking at new year connected to Freemasons, book finds

Study of Robert Burns’s best-known song associates joining of arms with masonic ‘circle of unity’Research has uncovered a masonic connection to why revellers around the world link arms when they sing Auld Lang Syne at new year.A study of Robert Burns’s best-known song links the practice to Freemasonry, where singing with arms crossed and hands joined was a parting ritual in many lodges. Continue reading...
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Freemasonry behind Auld Lang Syne arm-linking at new year, study reveals

Masonic connection uncovered as to why revellers link arms when they sing Robert Burns’ best-loved songResearch has uncovered a Masonic connection to why revellers around the world link arms when they sing Auld Lang Syne at new year.A study of Robert Burns’ best-loved song links the practice to freemasonry, where singing with arms crossed and hands joined was a parting ritual in many lodges. Continue reading...
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The big 2021 travel quiz: from Hadrian’s Wall to outer space

In what city did Bond almost come a cropper, and which country ditched the Queen? See how much you remember from the world of travel in 2021 Continue reading...
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You be the judge: should my high-earning boyfriend pay more of the rent?

Will an an unequal split lead to a divided house? We air both sides and ask you to deliver a verdictHave a disagreement you’d like settled? Or want to be part of our jury? Click hereJames resents paying more rent than me and constantly criticises my spending habits Continue reading...
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I spent years trying to drink and eat myself numb. The numbness almost killed me

Who, at my age, truly starts over? But I did. I gave up booze, took up running and found the strength and stamina to fight for a better futureAt 42, I believed that my food and alcohol dependencies defined me. In my mirror, I would always be as I saw myself then: fat and drunk. I was over the hill and past the point of any meaningful change. Who, at my age, truly starts over? I had clearly missed the opportunity to be one of those healthy, mindful people I mocked on Instagram. I was who I was: d...
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Give People What They Want

You need to provide people what they want, otherwise you will not have a job. Although they might not always be the most desirable kinds of jobs, certain jobs always exist because they provide... By Harrison Barnes
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My winter of love: I went to rescue my boyfriend from rabid dogs – and realised how brave I was

When I woke up alone, I was terrified he was in an alley somewhere, animals feeding on his face. I am forever grateful for what I learned that nightIt was New Year’s Eve, and we were in an unheated stone hut. Adam and I had hit it off at a silent meditation retreat in Minneapolis, and I’d invited him to spend Christmas break with me in India. At the time, ringing in 2018 in a little village framed by the granite formations and snow-streaked peaks of the Himalayas had seemed like a fairytale. But...
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