ColourPop Super Shock Shadows (Spring 2022) Swatches

are back with a vengeance for spring with 10 returning shades and 10 new shades that debuted this morning. Here are swatches! ColourPop Super Shock Shadows Gallery Options Products Swatches ...
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3 Minimalist Techniques to be More Creative & Productive

The people who can churn out masterworks in literature, visual arts, and the sciences are often called ‘geniuses’. We admire these super producers but too often we forget the words of Thomas Edison: Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. If you’re a creative professional like me, at least once in your life someone has asked “how do you do it?”  What they are really asking is: how can you be creative on demand and under pressure? I’ve come up with so many B.S. answ...
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Chanel Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Swatches

Chanel Spring/Summer 2022 Collections include a range of eye, lip, and cheek products, some of which I have received and swatched below. I don’t have all the products yet (some are on their way), but here are the ones I received ahead of the launch! Chanel Spring/Summer 2022 Gallery Options Products ...
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Careery is the Best Job Applying Service

Rather than overextending yourself and opting to independently apply to every company and position individually, an excellent way to streamline the process is by using a service to do the grunt work for you.
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Bill Gates says shaking up routine is the key to preventing burnout at work

Setting yourself challenges can work wonders when trying to avoid burnout at work.Leon Neal/Getty Images Burnout syndrome is recognized by the WHO, and symptoms can be caused by workplace stress. Bill Gates was confident from a young age that he wouldn't suffer from it. Here are the warning signs of burnout and tips to avoid it from happening. Staff in any profession are at risk of suffering from problems like fatigue, stress, depression, and anxiety.Symptoms like these can be caused by ...
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Six New Creations Have Joined the Range of Parfumeurs du Monde

Last December, Les Parfumeurs du Monde presented six new fragrances at Jovoy to join this collection of 100% natural perfumes, completely redesigned for the occasion. My colleague Sergey already talked about them in general terms, so here, I will focus on the ones that I would pick as my favorites. But first a few words about this brand founded by Thierry Bernard, born from the meeting of six�... Read full article: Six New Creations Have Joined the Range of Parfumeurs du Monde from Fragrantica...
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An engineer dreamed of being Porsche's first female CEO, but built a period product startup with her dad

"Bruno has never played the father card — nor I the daughter card." Carina Hader studied aerospace engineering and dreamed of becoming CEO of Porsche. Due to a personal problem, all this changed and she decided to start her own business. She founded Nayca, which makes a heating pad that helps with period pain, with her father Bruno. At some point in life, Carina Heidi Hader's main aspiration was to be the first woman to become CEO of Porsche. "That was my goal for a very long tim...
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Link Love: Sustainable Denim Brands for 2022

Traditional denim production has a heavy environmental footprint, requiring large amounts of chemicals, energy and water. However, more and more brands are trying to innovate the process. Here are three roundups with brands who are putting in the work to make eco-conscious jeans: Harper’s Bazaar lists 11 sustainability-minded denim brands. Fashionista found us 14 responsibly-made denim pieces. In another roundup, they added 19 more eco-friendly denim items in a variety of price points, sizes an...
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3 Need-to-Know L.A. Wellness and Beauty Treatments Favored by Zoë Kravitz, LeBron James and More

Under-the-radar aesthetician Jordan LaFragola’s keen eye for detail is hard to miss, from her jewel-box sanctuary tucked inside Charlie Chaplin’s former West Hollywood home to her all-natural facials. LaFragola honed her holistic approach to skin care during a decade working at prominent spas, leading to the development of her Flora Mirabilis face oil ($120) — […]
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Chanel Peche Rosee Blush Lumiere Review & Swatches

Peche Rosee Chanel Peche Rosee Blush Lumiere ($70.00 for 0.49 oz.) is a lightly brightened, medium orange with a hint of red and very fine, gold pearl woven throughout that created a more satin-like sheen when applied and blended out on my skin. The texture was moderately dense, slightly firm, but not stiff; it seemed like a gel-powder hybrid but with a much less shimmery finish than most of them come out with. It had opaque color co...
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Tom Ford Scarlet Shock, Luscious, Blush Nu Extreme Badass Lip Colors Reviews & Swatches

Scarlet Shock Tom Ford Beauty Scarlet Shock Extreme Badass Lip Color ($58.00 for 0.1 oz.) is a bright, medium orange-red with warm undertones and barely-there pearl over a semi-matte finish. It had semi-opaque color coverage that applied somewhat evenly on my lips but could have been better, especially around the edges and the inner area of my lips. The texture was creamier and more forgiving compared to the other shades in the formu...
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Chanel No. 1 de Chanel Lip & Cheek Balms for Spring 2022

Release Date + About the Launch A multi-use lip and cheek balm enriched with Red Camellia Oil. The nourishing, buttery formula melts into skin while adding a touch of colour. Lips appear vibrant and plump. The N°1 DE CHANEL line seeks to minimize its environmental impact with sustainably developed formulas that contain up to 97% naturally derived ingredients and 76% from the camellia flower. Each product is...
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The Doctor Who treasure trove in a Northumberland village cellar

Neil Cole’s Museum of Classic Sci-Fi, hosted in cellar of his Allendale townhouse, holds costumes and props from numerous TV classicsAt first glance the Northumberland village of Allendale, with its pub and post office and random parking, is like hundreds of sleepy, charming villages across the UK. It’s the Dalek that suggests something out of the ordinary.Behind the Dalek is a four-storey Georgian townhouse. In the cellar of the house is a remarkable and unlikely collection of more than 200 cos...
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Chanel La Comete Collection for Spring 2022

Release Date + About the Launch 8 Exclusive Creation lipstick shades with a new luminous matte formula infused with ultra-fine pearly pigments. Each is presented in a click case embossed with an asymmetrical 5-pointed star, a symbol of good luck for Gabrielle Chanel. Now online Chanel Pr...
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What is one category of beauty products you'll be buying less of in 2022?

Skincare. I need to get through what I have before I start accumulating again! — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Chanel La Pausa de Chanel Collection for Spring 2022

Release Date + About the Launch The Spring-Summer 2022 Collection – La Pausa de CHANEL celebrates the legendary villa situated among the hilltops of Roquebrune, France, that belonged to Gabrielle Chanel. It is from this place of perfect harmony, surrounded by nature and bathed in a soft and warm light, that the Makeup Creation Studio draws its inspiration. Now onlin...
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Naomi Scott Signed as New Face for Chloe Fragrances

French fashion and fragrances brand Chloé has tapped British actor and singer Naomi Scott as their newest face to communicate their concept and style to international audiences. The newest iteration of Nomade Eau de Parfum Naturelle follows in the footsteps set out by Chloé Eau de Parfum Naturelle, announced on our page a while ago. For a review of the latter, read here, and a comparative revie... Read full article: Naomi Scott Signed as New Face for Chloe Fragrances from Fragrantica Perfumes ...
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Dein Liebeshoroskop 2022: An diesen Daten ist das Glück auf deiner Seite

Wir beginnen das neue Jahr mit jeder Menge Hoffnung im Herzen. Direkt zum Jahresanfang steht die rückläufige Venus im Steinbock – eine Konstellation, die uns Vorsicht in romantischen Beziehungen und Begegnungen gebietet. Wenn die Venus, Planet der Liebe, Schönheit und des Geldes, am 29. Januar hingegen im Steinbock in eine progerade Bahn wechselt, fühlen wir uns dazu bereit, aus unseren Höhlen zu kriechen und uns aufregenden neuen Chancen zu öffnen. Wenn du Single bist, fühlst du dich jetzt durc...
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the thick of it

D ense stitch. Gives a textile an instant history somehow.  Like an old tapestry. Here, some old indigo thread I want to talk about. But not now. Now, the dentist.  
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The 12 Days of Christmas

This is what happened: I got talked into participating in the 12 days of Christmas, and I chose December 2 to get it over it. Of course, I decided to pick a perfume for each person and write a little... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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7 Stunning Ideas for Bridesmaid Dresses To Make Every Girl Feel Special

From the reference of history to the fun of parties in modern weddings, the role of bridesmaid can never be left unnoticed.  And it’s worth hitting robust planning for the dressing of all these friends of the brides if the wedding day has been set to special preparation. Bridesmaid has a unique role on that wedding day. All girls are dressed alike, prepared with a bit of evil spirit inside to add more fun to the wedding celebration. No surprise, the definition of a bridesmaid is well...
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Dining across the divide: ‘I thought she was going to be an over-the-top liberal’

Libertarians, Brexit, Covid: can two strangers find common ground over dinner?Click here if you’d like to dine across the divideJames, 24, RochdaleOccupation Student Continue reading...
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Reminder: You Look Fab!

Two years into the global pandemic, and most aspects of so-called normal life have been affected in big or small ways. 2020 was tough, and for some, 2021 was even tougher. It’s inevitable that feelings of restlessness, negativity, boredom, listlessness, anger, sadness, and fatigue have set in for even the most positive, energetic, and hopeful among us. And even when our own situations are relatively good, we are surrounded by those who are struggling and we feel sadness and compassion for them. ...
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Detectives, sea monsters and stupid dangerous stunts – take the Thursday quiz

Fifteen questions on general knowledge and topical trivia, plus a few jokes every Thursday – how will you fare?A new year! 2022! A chance for a new beginning! A chance to put it all behind you! Everything is renewed! But not here at the Thursday quiz, where it is the same old gubbins as ever, or as one excited commentator put it last week: “Sheesh Martin, the Sparks shoehorn? Again?” Ahead of you lie 15 topical and general knowledge questions, sprinkled with a generous helping of Ron from Sparks...
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Managers Learn That Innovation Works Best As A Team

Innovation is required in order for a company to be truly successful Image Credit: thinkpublic The job of every manager is to find ways to use their manager skills to get the most out of their teams. Although this is easy to say, it’s actually quite hard to do because most of us don’t have any manager training on how to go about doing this. One way that a manager can get more out of their team is by finding ways to get the team to innovate. Innovation is the key to coming up with ne...
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‘I hated it the minute it was finished’: bad body art and regrets in a tattoo removal clinic

From Brexit written across a bum to the name of an ex, some tattoos are mistakes that their owners are desperate to erase. But is costly laser treatment worth the pain? At the temple of regret, you can have your mistakes burned away by a smiling practitioner, if you are willing to pay a hefty fee. I’m at an unremarkable office block near Monument tube station in central London, watching the remorseful have their body art erased at Pulse Light Clinic, which offers state-of-the-art tattoo removal ...
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Your work is not your god: welcome to the age of the burnout epidemic

The reason why so many of us are at the end of our rope? We allowed work to be what gave our lives meaningThe rich are irrational when it comes to work. Out of everyone in our society, they have the least need to earn more money, but they work the most.Billionaire tech-industry titans brag about their hundred-hour work weeks, even though their labor isn’t what boosts their companies’ stock prices and enriches them further. Americans with advanced degrees have the highest average earning power, b...
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‘I have moments of shame I can’t control’: the lives ruined by explicit ‘collector culture’

The swapping, collating and posting of nude images of women without their consent is on the rise. But unlike revenge porn, it is not a crime. Now survivors are demanding a change in the lawRuby will never forget the first time she clicked on the database AnonIB. It is a so-called “revenge porn” site and in January 2020, a friend had texted her for help. Ruby is a secondary school teacher, used to supporting teenagers, and her friend turned to her for advice when she discovered her images were on...
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