Tom Ford Lava Lustre Extreme Badass Eye Quad Review & Swatches

Lava Lustre ($89.00 for 0.1 oz.) features a new, “high-impact” formula that delivers high-shine, twinkling sparkle, and full coverage. It was like a much-improved take on the brand’s signature “sparkly” shade in their regular eyeshadow quads. All four shades performed similarly; they were dense and emollient enough to have minimal fallout during application and throughout wear, though it was not fallout-proof.FURTHER READING: ...
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Sol Body Lunar or Later Shimmering Body Powder Review & Swatches

Lunar or Later ($12.00 for 0.18 oz.) is a medium peach with moderate, pinkish undertones and a golden sparkle throughout. It had finer, more metallic shimmer as well as more visible sparkle particles, so those who shy away from “glittery” highlighters may find this too sparkly for their tastes. The texture was dense, firmer, and a little thick in the pan, which I’ve found is consistent with the formula. As the brand recommends, the p...
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Giorgio Armani Sì Passione Éclat de Parfum

The Si Collection has really brought great popularity to the Giorgio Armani perfume line from its Si pillar launched in 2012 up until today, offering variations of the original. Si Passione made the first "red step" into this line — among other flankers — in 2017 when it launched. The one thing that is constant for all the releases: the advertising face perfectly suiting the line, the... Read full article: Giorgio Armani Sì Passione Éclat de Parfum from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magaz...
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Podcast #625: The Code of the Warrior

Editor’s Note: This is a rebroadcast. It originally aired July 2020. War is a violent and bloody business, but it’s rarely a no-holds barred free-for-all. Instead, codes of conduct that determine what is and isn’t honorable behavior on the battlefield have existed since ancient times. My guest today explored these various codes in a book she wrote during the decade she spent teaching at the United States Naval Academy. Her name is Shannon French, she’s a professor of ethics and philosophy, an...
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Chanel Dreamy White & Flirty Coral Rouge Coco Baume Lip Balms Reviews & Swatches

Dreamy White (912) Chanel Dreamy White (912) Rouge Coco Baume Tinted Lip Balm ($40.00 for 0.1 oz.) is a transparent lip balm with a hint of shimmer and moderate shine; it was intended to be clear/transparent in its base, which was what it was. The texture was lightly emollient–it looked glossier than it actually felt–and lightweight, which ensured it was comfortable to wear. It lasted for about two hours from what I could tell and wa...
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ColourPop Lunar New Year Collection (2022) Swatches

ColourPop Lunar New Year Collection launched earlier this month and included three lip colors, one eyeshadow quad (one shade is a pressed glitter), and a Sol Body highlighter, which are swatched in this post! ColourPop Lunar New Year Collection Gallery Options Products ...
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What do you like about single eyeshadows? What don't you like?

Tell us what you love and hate about... Single Eyeshadows I think you can get really creative if you’re someone who’ll purchase individual eyeshadows, since they’re a great way to fill in gaps in one’s collection or to get unusual shades (often from indies). The downside is figuring out how to organize them in a way that makes them most useful. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Hope Is What People Need from Leaders Today

Wouldn’t it be nice if a new year truly ushered in a fresh start? The optimism we may have ordinarily had in past years as we turned the calendar to January and considered all of the new possibilities that lay ahead of us is a little harder to muster up this time. The Covid-19 pandemic, now in year three, and other stressors have taken a toll. Many people are exhausted and struggling. We’re seeing it in higher levels of frustration and uncivil behavior being directed at others as the Omicron var...
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Tom Ford Private Rose Garden

Following Rose Prick from 2020, Tom Ford now grows the Private Blend Collection with three more rose-centered fragrances. Rose D’Amalfi, Rose de Chine, and Rose de Russie are all coming out in February 2022, just before Valentine's Day, as part of the new Tom Ford Private Rose Garden collection  These three new fragrances are inspired by roses from different countries found in Tom Ford's g... Read full article: Tom Ford Private Rose Garden from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Bortnikoff and Balkrishnan Present Santa Sangre with a Worldwide Giveaway

Virginia-based nose and medical professional Rajesh Balkrishnan has again teamed up with perfumer Dmitry Bortnikoff for a collaborative fragrance project. The latest offering has been released by the Bortnikoff house and is called Santa Sangre (translated as "Holy Blood" in Spanish and a few other languages). It combines rare natural elements to create a unique, wood-floral fragrant cloud. This p... Read full article: Bortnikoff and Balkrishnan Present Santa Sangre with a Worldwide Giveaway fr...
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Homesick. The Observer Collection

Young and talented independent perfumer Will Inrig created several fragrances for debutante brands in 2021. If you've read our articles and interviews about his fragrances, you might have noticed that Will doesn't strive to create pleasant and enjoyable fragrances. He uses his scents to convey an important message to society. His first, Acide Editions M.R. was a protest against the IFRA bans; C... Read full article: Homesick. The Observer Collection from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magaz...
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Robert Durst, convicted murderer and real estate heir, dead at 78

Durst was found guilty in Oct. 2021 of murdering his longtime friend Susan Berman by shooting her in the back of the head.
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Utah couple’s home renovation show axed from Chip Gaines’ TV network

Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Network yanked "Home Work" off the air following complaints of shoddy workmanship and cost overruns from dissatisfied clients.
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How to move: with osteoporosis

The benefits of exercise for those with osteoporosis are great, and many exercises may be safe – so long as you avoid the risk of falling Ageing brings with it inevitable physical declines, including loss in bone density which can lead to osteoporosis. This condition affects 3.8% of Australians, although many people don’t know they have it until they have a bone fracture. Importantly, it can be prevented and managed through lifestyle factors including exercise.“Physical activity is one of the mo...
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What fragrance concentration or format do you prefer?

I like eau de parfum with a sprayer! — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Fast bowling: County cricket’s diesels and the unprepared Test batters they create

In the wake of England’s Ashes failings, there’s been a lot of talk about how the County Championship is played on pitches that encourage medium-pacers. Pitches are not the big problem. There was a good recent piece about county pitches by CricBuzz’s Rob Johnston. The overly-reduced version of that article is that actually county pitches are pretty good. Not perfect, but probably better than they were in the lead-up to England becoming the number one Test team in 2011. So what’s the pr...
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4 Key Attitudes of Critical Thinking

As a result of apartment renovation and moving upstairs, a number of my first floor and new second floor neighbors have been in my apartment. They wanted to see my new digs. One of the most striking features of their perusal is a seemingly profound lack of curiosity and very little ability to “notice.” “You have a beautiful apartment,” most respond. But what’s intriguing is what they don’t see unless I call attention to it. And these are not ill-educated people. I have nearly 45 photos, sculptur...
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HUGO BOSS: Boss The Scent Le Parfum For Him and Boss The Scent Le Parfum For Her

Following the trend of highly concentrated editions offered as Parfum, HUGO BOSS adds two fragrances to the collection BOSS THE SCENT. Available starting January 2022, the collection Boss The Scent will be more decadent with the BOSS The Scent Le Parfum For Him and BOSS The Scent Le Parfum For Her editions. BOSS THE SCENT LE PARFUM FOR HIM is a powerful and sophisticated interpretation of... Read full article: HUGO BOSS: Boss The Scent Le Parfum For Him and Boss The Scent Le Parfum For Her...
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Lancome La Nuit Trésor Intense

In January 2022, Lancome launched the newest Tresor as a highly addictive floral fragrance in a beautiful, iconic, diamond-shaped, ruby flacon, and decorated with an opulent red, satin rose. The latest release, LA NUIT TRESOR INTENSE L'EAU DE PARFUM, invites us to experience an intense love story cherishing the rich smell of Damascus rose. The Lancome La Nuit Tresor line includes La Nuit T... Read full article: Lancome La Nuit Trésor Intense from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine....
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Würdest du dir bei der Partner:innensuche von Freund:innen helfen lassen?

Wahrscheinlich lässt du dich von deiner besten Freundin oder deinem besten Freund beraten, wenn es ums Daten geht, denn es ist immer hilfreich, eine andere Perspektive zu hören. Würdest du aber noch einen Schritt weiter gehen und Freund:innen erlauben, dir bei der Parnter:innenwahl zu helfen? Tinder arbeitet gerade an einer neuen Funktion, mit der du das tun könntest. Sie soll „Swipe Party“ heißen und würde es einem Freund oder einer Freundin ermöglichen, an deiner Tinder-Session virtuell tei...
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How a Challenging Time in My Life Led to My Surrender

Surrender – what an amazingly powerful world. It often engenders the thought of weakness and cowardice. In my case, it required all the strength I had to be brave enough to follow the invisible into the unknown. – Michael A. Singer I had forgotten my words. I had forgotten the sound of a regular heartbeat when I woke up and realized the worst of the storms of change had passed. It was a new season and the winds of change had blown chaos, loss, destruction, confusion, and pain into what I kn...
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Boscia Plant Stem Cell and Ceramide Barrier-Devense Moisturizer Review

Nice, if basic, antioxidant moisturizer from Boscia. If you have oily skin, then their products are for you because they aren’t thick or greasy. You can see from the picture that this has a... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Wollen wir überhaupt ein posthumes Aaliyah-Album?

Singer Aaliyah arrives for the world premiere of the 20th Century Fox film ‘Planet of the Apes’ at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City, 7/23/01. Photo by Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect. Vergangenen Sommer wurde bekannt, dass Musikfans endlich Aaliyahs gesamte Diskografie auf verschiedenen Streaming-Plattformen zu hören bekommen werden. Die Veröffentlichung der Musik der verstorbenen Sängerin durch ihren Onkel und ehemaligen Label-Chef Barry Hankerson war ein umstrittener Schritt, da das Ga...
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4 of the world's top athletes revealed how they stay mentally healthy despite stress

The expectation to perform is huge.Gregory Bull/AP Images Professional athletes are under such pressure to perform, it can create a lot of stress. Many of them, however, have found hacks for managing stress. Athletes including Simone Biles and Lewis Hamilton revealed the methods they use. The pressure on professional athletes is immense. Whether racing at 200mph or scoring a last-second field goal that could ultimately decide a game, the expectation to perform is huge. This adds up to an extr...
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Ich habe ein Jahr lang keine Musik gehört & viel über mich gelernt

Kanarienvögel hören jeden Herbst auf zu singen. Nachdem sie sich gefedert haben, verlieren sie alle Energie fürs Musizieren und konzentrieren sich ganz darauf, ihre Federn nachwachsen zu lassen. Wenn sie sich dann wieder in ihr Wintergefieder kuscheln können, fangen sie erneut an zu singen – Jahr für Jahr für Jahr für Jahr. 2021 hatte ich meine eigene Phase der Stille und des Neuanfangs. Die begann mit einem Versehen: Gegen Weihnachten 2020 verlor ich meine AirPods. Bei einem meiner täglichen...
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Assorted Fab Finds

There’s a lot on sale at the moment, so if you like a bargain then have some fun browsing end-of-season sales. At the same time, stay mindful and focussed on your shopping needs. Remember to listen to both your head and heart when adding items to your wardrobe.  I’m shopping more out of season than I used to. Personally, I don’t mind if a new item goes unworn for many months, because when an item is fab-for-me, and especially if it’s a signature item, it’s going to get worn when the weather and ...
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‘It felt like losing a husband’: the fraudsters breaking hearts – and emptying bank accounts

Romance scams robbed Britons of nearly £100m last year. Thanks to online dating and the pandemic, these cruel crimes are more sophisticated and prevalent than everIn February 2019, Anna, a finance professional in her 50s, joined the dating website Zoosk. She had been single for four years, recovering from an incredibly difficult, abusive marriage. “I was finally ready to meet someone,” she says.So, when she met Andrew, a handsome Bulgarian food importer living in London, she was thrilled. The pa...
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Agent advice on navigating the smelly reality of sewage problems

Arming buyers with the right information can help them avoid common sewer line issues or navigate them when they happen, real estate agents told Inman.
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A new start after 60: ‘I almost died of cancer. Then I became an actor – at 63!’

Julian Bird was a psychiatrist when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer – and began daydreaming about being an actor. Seventeen years later, he is playing the lead at a London theatreWhen Julian Bird was 60, he was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. He had a series of operations, “all very unpleasant”, and learned that he “was likely to die pretty soon”. After 34 years as a psychiatrist, in that intense state of mind, he began to daydream about becoming a professional actor.The bleak prognos...
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‘We’re just little country bumpkins!’: 2022’s hottest band Wet Leg on songs, silliness and their surprise success

Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers’ feelgood anthems have beguiled fans. But after playing for fun and turning down record labels to rollerskate – do they finally feel they are a ‘real band’?How does a song by an unknown band get to be listened to 6.5m times? It was hard enough to determine in the olden days, before streaming existed, when we still said “popular” instead of “viral”; it is absolutely baffling now. If anyone knew, Facebook would have written an algorithm for it. That hasn’t stoppe...
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