ColourPop All That Topaz Eyeshadow Quad Review & Swatches

All That Topaz ColourPop All That Topaz Pressed Powder Shadow Quad ($9.00 for 0.21 oz.) is a new, topaz-inspired color story that included two shimmers and two matte shades housed in a clear, plastic compact. One of the shimmers had noticeable fallout and was best used with a dampened brush or fingertip, but the other three shades were pigmented, blendable, and very easy to work with. Ingredients ...
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Maison Francis Kurkdjian Grand Soir Perfume Review

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Grand Soir is simplistic scent that is best summarized by being a honeyed amber with vanillic sweetness that starts off in the background and gets sweeter and more sugary (bordering on gourmand) as the drydown approaches. Maison Francis Kurkdjian (MFK) describes Grand Soir’s notes without delineating whether they’re top, heart, or base notes, but here they are in the order MFK lists them: tonka bean, which MFK describes as a “gourmand facet ev...
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Coloured Raine Floral Cream Blush Review & Swatches

Floral Coloured Raine Floral Cream Blush ($16.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a bright pop of medium pink with subtle warmth and a semi-matte finish. It had an incredibly creamy texture that was thicker, emollient, and felt like it was partially melted at all times, which made it difficult to work with using a fingertip as the pressure was just too much and resulted in product displacement. It was best to use a fluffy, synthetic brush and a very ...
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4 Skills to Teach Your Child this Spring

Spring is here! It’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Spring is also an excellent opportunity for your kids to learn new skills. Here are some of the skills you can teach your child this spring. #1 Swimming The first skill on our list is swimming. Swimming is a great way to stay active and cool in the summer months. It’s also an important life skill. Make sure your child knows how to swim before the weather gets too hot. In addition,...
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This Week in Dupes, Vol. 177

Did a product catch your eye this week? Check out dupes for the most loved and most wanted products between January 4th and January 10th before you buy! Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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My First Experience with Imaginary Authors

The 2021 vote by Fragrantica readers, despite the ongoing controversies and discussions, was very helpful. It brought well-deserved recognition to some brands; to others it provided guidelines for development in the new 2022 year, and personally, the vote made me take Imaginary Authors samples out of my chest of drawers. The brand won two first places in the Best American Niche Fragrance 2021 n... Read full article: My First Experience with Imaginary Authors from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colog...
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Chanel Terre d'Etoiles & Bois de Rose Astral Rouge Allure Velvet La Cometes Reviews & Swatches

Terre d'Etoiles (108) Chanel Terre d’Etoiles (108) Rouge Allure Velvet La Comete ($40.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a medium-dark, rosy brown with subtle warmth and a satin sheen with barely-there gold micro-sparkle strewn throughout. It had rich color coverage paired with a lightweight, lightly velvety texture that glided comfortably across my lips but wasn’t overly slippery. It was forgiving of lip texture, though it could have been more smoo...
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Conversation with Walt Rakowich on Connection Culture

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to participate in a LinkedIn Live conversation with Walt Rakowich, former CEO of S&P 500 firm Prologis and author of the book Transfluence. We talked about the role of relationships in the long-term success of individuals and organizations, strategies for managing stress, real-world stories of connection in action from Costco and Starbucks, our experiences with mentors, how to grow in influence even when you aren’t in a position of formal authority, and...
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I interviewed hundreds of people in search of the perfect routine. I realised there isn’t one

In our pursuit of improvement, we’re often told consistency is key. But obsessing over productivity means ignoring how our days vary – and how we vary within themIn our culture that places productivity on a pedestal, an optimised routine has been sold as the salve to all kinds of dilemmas. Lost your job? Stick to your routine. Experiencing anxiety, depression, or grief? Find a routine. Living through a pandemic? Get a new routine.Sometimes we do need the support of a schedule. Routines are benef...
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GUY FOX Releases its New Fragrance: Tyler

California-based perfume and lifestyle brand GUY FOX has released their new fragrance: Tyler. Known for their irreverent, easy-to-wear approach to fragrance, which we first wrote about in an article last year, Tyler is another fragrance named for a specific person in the founder's circle — in this case, one of the company's earliest supporters — also named Tyler.  As the website says, "Tyle... Read full article: GUY FOX Releases its New Fragrance: Tyler from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Ma...
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4 Great Tips for Women to Sleep Better at Night

Every woman needs adequate and proper sleep to stay refreshed, energetic, healthy, and beautiful –it’s not called beauty sleep for nothing. Yet, about 1 in 4 women struggle with falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. If you want some tips to sleep better at night, keep reading! Don’t feel alone if you have trouble sleeping. The stress of homemaking, driving kids to school and back, and having a career takes a toll on the average woman. This is probably why younger women in their 30s a...
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What’s the Deal with Cordless Vacuums

There are many benefits to cordless vacuum cleaners – from their lightweight nature to the fact that they are mostly battery operated and offer more maneuverability. Many people are willing to... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Paris Chéri: A New Perfume by Astrophil Stella

The Italian niche brand Astrophil Stella was born in 2020. Its concept is based on the meeting of the earthly and the heavenly, the dreaming mortal and the beautiful deity, whose meeting gives rise to the love that binds earth and heaven together. The name of the brand is a reference to the marvelous poetry collection of sonnets (1582) about the unrequited love of British poet Philip Sidney to s... Read full article: Paris Chéri: A New Perfume by Astrophil Stella from Fragrantica Perfumes a...
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An Argument for Making Exercise (Not Diet) the Foundation of Weight Management

Decades ago, society was more bullish on the importance of exercise in weight management. Just go jogging a few times a week, the thinking went, and you’d shed the pounds — never mind that you ended your run by heading to the bagel shop for a big, well-earned, carb-tastic breakfast. In the last decade, much water has been thrown on the idea of using exercise to manage your weight, and the importance of diet has risen ascendant. Nutritionists and fitness trainers are quick to tell folks that “Yo...
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Ohr, Nase, Bauchnabel & Co.: Welches Piercing tut besonders weh?

Bevor du dich piercen lässt, schießt dir zwangsläufig irgendwann eine Frage durch den Kopf: Wie doll wird das wehtun? Eine Google-Suche später stellst du fest, dass du mit dieser Frage nicht allein bist; dasselbe haben sich schon Millionen von Menschen gefragt. Vermutlich haben sich die wenigsten von ihnen dadurch davon abhalten lassen, einen weiteren Goldstecker zu ihrem Sternbild-Piercing hinzustechen zu lassen – aber trotzdem, die Frage bleibt.  Der Promi-Piercer Brian Keith Thompson aus Los...
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Wordle creator overwhelmed by global success of hit puzzle

Josh Wardle developed game to play with his partner – and now more than 2m others have joined in Wordle, a deceptively simple online word puzzle, has had a meteoric rise since its launch last autumn, from 90 daily players in November to 300,000 at the beginning of January, to 2 million last weekend. But, for its creator, the game’s rapid success has resulted in as much anxiety as excitement.The game has become an unexpected grassroots hit for Josh Wardle, who developed it for his puzzle-loving p...
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Warum ich 2022 auf To-do-Listen verzichten werde

„To-do-Liste erstellt“. Abgehakt! Mein Leben besteht aus einer Menge bunter Listen mit guten Vorsätzen, die ich ausdrucke und in Notizbücher klebe oder nachts um drei Uhr im Schlaf in mein Handy tippe. Ich bin bekannt für meine To-do-Listen, die ich so formatiere, dass die kleinen Kästchen grün werden, sobald ich eine Aufgabe erledigt habe – was für ein Erfolgserlebnis. Während der ersten Januarwoche 2022 wimmelte es nur so von Artikeln, die uns Zu-erledigen-Listen schmackhaft machen sollt...
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Do You Gatekeep Your Favorite Fragrances?

Are you a gatekeeper? Do you gatekeep your favorite fragrance or, gasp, your favorite makeup like concealer, foundation, or even blush? I was watching Ghostbusters: Afterlife for the second time this weekend, sobbing my eyes out, because no spoilers, but, Spengler’s appearance made me think of my childhood and how I had (still have) the biggest crush ever on Egon Spengler and how he shaped the type of men I’m attracted to today. I mean, really, the man had a brain the size of a small planet, ...
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What's your favorite fragrance house?

I’d say Tom Ford Private Blend since I have the most favorite scents from there. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Iansã Chili: The Orixá of Seduction and Fire

Continuing our saga through the Afro-Brazilian traditions of the traditional gods and goddesses of the Yoruba cultures, which we inherited from the black peoples, today is the day to meet one of the female Orixás with the most aggressive temperament among all. Known as Iansã or Óya, she is the female entity linked to fire and rays, a woman who owns great beauty and is known as one of the most ... Read full article: Iansã Chili: The Orixá of Seduction and Fire from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colo...
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Perfume Gifts for My Mom Video

Fragrances to gift my mom. Gifting is hard but I think I’ve chosen things she will like and has an affinity for. I’ve got a safe bet, one that’s her style, and a wildcard. 1. Frederic Malle Portrait... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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So sparst du Geld – je nach deinem Persönlichkeitstyp

Es war noch nie so wichtig wie heutzutage, unser Geld richtig zu verwalten und für unsere Zukunft vorzusorgen. Aber denjenigen von uns, die sich kaum an eine Hautpflegeroutine halten können, geschweige denn an ein Budget, kann das ganz schön schwerfallen. Falls du zu diesen Menschen gehörst, bist du damit aber alles andere als allein. Außerdem haben wir gute Neuigkeiten für dich: Deine Geldprobleme lassen sich aus der Welt schaffen, indem du deinen Umgang mit Geld auf deinen „finanziellen Persön...
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Eine Woche in Köln mit einem Jahreseinkommen von 73.000 €

Willkommen bei Money Diaries! Einem Format, in dem wir das allgegenwärtige Tabu Geld angehen. Wir fragen echte Menschen, wie sie ihr hart verdientes Geld sieben Tage lang ausgeben – und verfolgen jeden Cent. Diese Woche: Eine 32-Jährige aus Köln, die im Marketingbereich arbeitet und ihr Geld gerne für gutes Essen ausgibt. Beruf: Head of Marketing Branche: AutomobilbrancheAlter: 32Ort: KölnJahreseinkommen: 73.000 €Monatliches Einkommen (Netto): 3.580 €Anzahl deiner Mitbewohner:innen: 1Pr...
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Winter Jacket Cosiness

A new outfit from Alexandra Fleurisson of Mademoiselle Modeuse, whom we introduced to YLF in February 2020. The cosy black and white aviator jacket with matching booties make this outfit for me. The white shearling lightens up the look and adds fluffy textural interest. Alexandra has tucked a lightweight turtleneck into relaxed straight cropped jeans. This lengthens the leg line from the waist up, while the top’s vertical ribbing creates further vertical integrity. Belting the jeans, and opting...
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A 10-year-old girl already owns 2 companies, and could retire at 15 as a multimillionaire

Pixie already has another Pixie Curtis may become the youngest person in the world to retire. She's the creator of Pixie's Fidgets, a toy company, and Pixie's Bows, a hair accessory company. Pixie’s Fidgets made over $140,000 in its first month, according to Despite still being in elementary school, an Australian girl is on her way to retiring as a millionaire at the tender age of 15.10-year-old Pixie Curtis set up a toy company that's alrea...
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D.B. Leighton Shares a VERY Meaningful Poem! It

D.B. Leighton has a great poem that I think that everyone can identify with. The topic is about how our current lives seem to be stalling a bit or maybe “STUCK”.      I’m Stuck You tell me you don’t wanna be sick, show some skin and it’s all gonna stick. I’m stuck, I’m really […] The post first appeared on
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Der Moment, in dem ich wusste: Meine Beziehung ist vorbei

Wenn Beziehungen doch nur wirklich so leicht wären wie in romantischen Komödien! Stell’s dir vor: Alle außer dir wissen genau, dass deine „bessere Hälfte“ eindeutig falsch für dich ist – und ihr seid bloß noch zusammen, weil der Film die dramatische Spannung braucht. Wenn ihr euch dann schließlich trennt, kannst du endlich du selbst sein, und triffst kurz darauf deine einzig wahre Liebe. Zwei Stunden später ist dein Liebesleben für immer und ewig gesichert. Das wahre Leben sieht aber eben anders...
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Why You Should Learn to Say No More Often in 2022

As part of my professional and personal growth, every January I select a new word to be my mantra in the coming year. But this year, I’m a little scared to tell you my word because it feels really negative, especially after almost two years full of negativity.  My 2022 word of the year is […] The post Why You Should Learn to Say No More Often in 2022 appeared first on Career and Workplace Expert and Speaker, Multigenerational Work Expert, Lindsey Pollak.
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Mike Pompeo says he lost over 90lb – but experts are skeptical about his fitness journey

Trump’s secretary of state claims he lost weight via self-guided workouts and diet changes, but nutritionists and fitness professionals say it’s ‘unbelievable’In a phone interview with Fox News Digital on Saturday, Mike Pompeo revealed that he lost in excess of 90lb (41kg) over the past six months after making wholesale lifestyle changes following his exit from the Trump administration last year. The interview came after photos of a slimmed-down Pompeo emerged over the weekend, renewing speculat...
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‘I’ve been expecting things to fall apart at any moment’: Dan Smith on 10 years of body dysmorphia, burnout and Bastille

He has found critical and commercial success, while behind the scenes the frontman has battled with his self-confidence and severe stage fright. He explains why he still loves being in the bandDan Smith doesn’t know how to switch off. In the decade or so that he has been the creative heart, and frontman, of the band Bastille, he has thought about music constantly. There was a two-week period over Christmas and new year where he thought he had managed not to. Then he went to a double bill at the ...
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