How to Use 1Blocker to Hide Everything That Annoys You On Mobile Sites

You’re browsing the web on your iPhone when you come across a pop-up box asking you to subscribe to a newsletter. You: A) frantically search for the little “X” to make it go away, B) Roll your eyes and press the back button to leave, or C) Wish you could get rid of those annoying pop-ups while still reading your…Read more...
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This Woman's Rape Case Was Dropped Because She "Did Not Scream"

A woman who survived sexual assault by a colleague now faces slander charges, after the court threw out her case, according to BBC News.Her case was dropped from the courts because the judge didn't think the woman had a strong enough emotional reaction to prove she had been raped. During the trial, the survivor testified that she had said "enough" to her attacker during the assault, according to BBC.The survivor worked in hospitals in a city in Northern Italy when a coworker forced her into sex...
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13 Tips That Will Make You A Google Maps Expert

Photographed By Rockie Nolan. You probably already use Google Maps to find the nearest Starbucks and directions to the train. But there are plenty of extras within the app that you might be missing on your usual search. Who knew you could win special perks from Google?We've rounded up the top hacks for getting the most out of the app, whether you're sightseeing abroad, taking a road trip, or just heading to a friend's apartment. Soon, you'll be able to navigate like a pro — and never have to...
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Kevin Hart Freaks Out About His Daughter's Crushes

Kevin Hart has taken on a lot in his career: the Rock; David Beckham; that huge stand-up special, What Now?; and about a zillion movies a year. Through it all, he handles it like a pro — you don't even see him sweat unless you follow him on Instagram, where he documents his intense fitness routine. But one thing he's not prepared to handle? His daughter, 12-year-old Heaven Hart, is growing up and starting to develop crushes. Oh, how time flies.In an interview with E! News, Hart told host Maria ...
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These Are The Latest Trends You'll Want To Rock At Coachella

The number of weekends until summer arrives is slowly ticking down, which means festival season is just around the corner. While we're still shedding a few tears over the fact that we'll be missing Queen Bey at Coachella this year, our level of hype hasn't diminished whatsoever. Music festivals are prime for Instagram content, let's be honest; it's the best time of the year to come in strong when it comes to fashion and beauty. For everything you'll be seeing from Coachella to Gov Ball this yea...
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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher "Can't Be That Wild" Now That They Have 2 Kids

Mila Kunis is back to work after giving birth to baby #2. The actress, who welcomed son Dimitri Portwood with husband Ashton Kutcher last fall, hit the CinemaCon red carpet in Las Vegas last night to tease her upcoming sequel to Bad Moms, which will be titled A Bad Moms Christmas.The 33-year-old actress, who is also mom to 2-year-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle, spoke to People about the challenges of parenting two young children."It’s different, there’s two,” she told the magazine. “He’s also 3 mo...
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This Guy Made A Ham & Cheese Sandwich That LITERALLY Looks Like Vin Diesel's Face

Vin Diesel's face is now memorialized in a sandwich — and no, this isn't like that piece of toast resembling Jesus. Vlogger William Osman has created an actual Vin Diesel bust using ham, cheese, bread, and lasers.Yep, lasers.In a video that's already accrued over 100,000 views since it was uploaded to YouTube, Osman toasts two pieces of bread, carves ham and cheese using a laser cutter — while wearing goggles, because this is serious business — and arranges the slices in a manner that truly res...
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What was the last product you received a sample of and purchased the full size of?

Temptalia Asks You Mar 29, 2017 March 29, 2017 Weekly Feature 0 ...
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The Laziest, Cheapest Way to Circumvent Your Snooping ISP

Congress decided that your ISP should be allowed to sell off your private browsing data, but the solutions to get around this are a bit complicated, costly, or just a pain. What’s a lazy-internet person to do? Use Opera.Read more...
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Hot News from Esxence: What's New on the Market

In my opinion, Esxence is the best event for discovering what's in the near future within the niche perfumery industry. It is the opportunity where most brands decide to show what they have been working on. But not always does what we see in the show correspond to the products we will immediately see on the market. I start this report with some brands from whom we've already seen and smelled excit... Read full article: Hot News from Esxence: What's New on the Market from Fragrantica Perfumes an...
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Fatal Attraction Crew Boiled A Real Bunny For That Infamous Scene

Just in time for Easter, we've got some movie trivia that's sure to turn your stomach.Leading Lady, the new memoir by former Paramount Pictures CEO Sherry Lansing, features a section that reveals the truth about the infamous bunny-boiling scene in 1987's Fatal Attraction. Film-goers will recall that Glenn Close's character Alex seeks revenge on her lover Dan (Michael Douglas) and his family by breaking into their home and killing his daughter's pet bunny. His wife Beth (Anne Archer) finds the c...
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Lean Into the Alexa-Powered Future With $20 Off Three Amazon Echo Dots

Amazon’s Alexa is basically the operating system of the home, but to fully appreciate it, you need to scatter Echoes and Echo Dots around your house until they can basically hear your from anywhere. If you’re ready to fully commit, Amazon’s offering a solid discount on the already-affordable Echo Dot when you buy threeRead more...
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The Sephora Spring Launches Our Beauty Editors Are Loving

Spring equinox brings a whole lot more than just light showers and fresh flowers. By the time all the snow melts, the temperatures rise, and our open-toe shoes are in rotation again, many of us are already in the midst of a total transformation. That is, we get a new haircut or switch up our color, change our go-to mani shades, and overhaul our beauty routines.Not to play favorites, but the latter is easily the most fun. Spring just (officially) started last week, but we’ve wasted no time sifti...
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Where Is Mary Jane In The Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer?

From an alliance with Iron Man to a dramatic Staten Island Ferry incident, the latest Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer is bursting with details for the next film. But one aspect that’s conspicuously absent from the latest clip? Mary Jane, the Lois Lane to Peter Parker’s Superman, the Pepper Potts to his Iron Man. It seems like only yesterday, a timid Tobey Maguire was making movie history by kissing Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane upside down. But who’s poised to take over the illustrious role of Spid...
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What To Do If Your Poop Is Suddenly Black

It's hard to describe the feeling of looking into the abyss of the toilet bowl and seeing a black poop staring back you. It's definitely disconcerting, but it also instantly turns you into the most panicked detective ever. We don't usually eat black food, so trying to figure out where this anomalous number two came from can be a frustrating and confusing exercise. However, please know that you are very much not alone in this quest."Patients ask me about black stools all the time," says Felice S...
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This Year's Lingerie Trends That Are Worth Showing Off

Putting an outfit together can be as much about what we're wearing underneath our clothing as it is about what we're wearing on top: Lingerie is no longer reserved for just a night in. While the bedroom is still a good place to give these pieces a test run, the innerwear-as-outwear trend is allowing our undergarments a chance to really stand out. And as we find ourselves showing off our lingerie more frequently, we're also seeing a rise in underwear designs being influenced by ready-to-wear tre...
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Kopari Coconut Lip Love Review

Kopari Coconut Lip Love ($10) is my lip balm or lip treatment if you will of choice this week! I’m sick and I’m a big baby about it. I hate being sick! I could whine all day about it but needless to say my skin is suffering especially my lips which are dry, cracked, and feel like I ate a ball of cotton. I picked up the Kopari Coconut Face The Day & Night Kit earlier this month and it contains a full-size Coconut Lip Love! Yay! Since my lips are all kinds of dry and cracked this was a good time ...
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Adam Levine Rightfully Points Out Alicia Keys Does Actually Wear Makeup 

If you asked me who I’d side with during an argument between Adam Levine and Alicia Keys, I’d probably just slowly step back, shake my head and run off to do something worth my time. So imagine my surprise as I now HEARTILY agree with Adam Levine for pointing out that Alicia Keys’ “no makeup” look does, in fact,…Read more...
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Would You Rather Get $1 Million or $5000 a Month for Retirement?

 One million dollars sounds like a hell of a lot of money, but when it comes to retirement, it might not take you as far as you think. The Wall Street Journal refers to this perspective as “the illusion of wealth.” Here’s what it means.Read more...
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12 Positions For Hot Pregnancy Sex

Maybe during pregnancy you feel bloated, tired, and nauseated, and sex is the furthest thing from your mind. Maybe you're at a point at which hormones are sending your libido into overdrive, and you can't get enough. Either way, you do you: Sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe, although doctors do recommend that you skip missionary position come the third trimester, since lying on your back can reduce the amount of blood going to your baby and put strain on your hips.Even if you're raring to ...
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The Oval Office Got A Very Trump Makeover

Times, they are a'changing. Much like health care, immigration, and women's rights, President Donald Trump is putting his Midas touch on just about everything in Washington — and the Oval Office isn't immune. Today, the White House released an official 360-degree tour of the famed room on Facebook and many lovers of liberty (shoutout to you, Olivia Pope) noticed a slew of changes since President Trump took the oath.Elle Decor reports that like glimmering, gilt property in New York City, Trump h...
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Alec Baldwin Fell In Love With Tina Fey The Moment He Met Her

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Variety/REX/Shutterstock. Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey make for a hilarious odd couple, as the duo demonstrated over their many seasons together on 30 Rock. But when Baldwin first met the comic genius, two years before they would share the screen on the show Fey created, he was sure they'd get along swimmingly. In fact, he immediately had a massive crush on his future co-star, as he reveals in a new Vanity Fair piece adapted from his new memoir, Nevertheless."When I fi...
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These $10,000 Boots Are Rihanna-Approved — & Apparently Already Have A Waitlist

Following up Hedi Slimane's divisive but hugely profitable tenure at Saint Laurent is no easy feat — and while Italian-Belgian designer Anthony Vaccarello has received a slightly lukewarm reception so far for his '80s-infused collections, it appears that only two seasons in, he already has his first hit accessory for the label. WWD reports that the ultra-glittery, fit-for-Studio-54 boots that opened his fall '17 show have already amassed a waitlist for the first delivery. Apparently, not even a...
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10 YouTube Astrologers To Follow When Your Horoscope Isn’t Enough

In a world as wide and complex as astrology, we'd like as many guides as we can find. And thanks to social media, you can find soothsayers of all stripes spouting wisdom on Twitter, Instagram, and, yes, YouTube. It can just be a little tricky to know where to start.So, if you've been looking for something to supplement your weekly Astrotwins reading, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up 10 of our favorite astrologers on YouTube. Whether you're looking for a quick and dirty forecast ...
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These Tinted Lip Oils Do Way More Than Meets The Eye

I have this weird loyalty to Clarins lip oils. It's not just for the major dose of hydration they provide or the surprisingly budge-proof sheen they leave behind, it's also that holding the tube conjures up a memory that never fails to make me chuckle. Let me explain.When the brand first introduced the slick concoctions in 2015, I was working at Shape magazine and had what you'd call a dream boss. She had the charm of a young Leo DiCaprio, the comedic timing of Kate McKinnon, and the dirty mind...
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The Latest Items Hitting CVS Are Delicious — & You Won't Find Them In The Food Aisle

Beauty brands, retailers, and consumers alike are sipping the K-beauty Kool-Aid. And with good reason: This last year has introduced us to double-cleansing, multi-masking, product layering, and more — turning the beauty industry on its head. The proof? A few months ago, Target teamed up with Peach & Lily founder Alicia Yoon to bring a specially curated collection to the superstore with much success. Now, the brand is back and better than ever — this time, it is bringing the K-beauty magic to CV...
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Can You Get Pregnant Through Your Clothes?

Try as you might to remember to take your birth control and use a condom or sexual barrier — semen happens. Having potential progeny near your reproductive organs can be straight-up scary when you're just cuddling or dry humping and not expecting it, but can you really get pregnant through layers of clothes?"Dry humping with jeans on, not so much, but lets say you have ejaculate or semen inside underwear in touch with vagina, there is a possibility, but it's not likely," says Draion Burch, DO, ...
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This Cult-Favorite British Brand Just Hit Ulta — & Everything Is Under $20

Downton Abbey. Dairy Milk. One Direction. The Kates, Middleton and Moss. These are just a select few of the British things that Americans can’t get enough of — because as far as we’re concerned, the grass is always greener on the other side of the Atlantic. When it comes to beauty, however, the U.K. doesn’t get quite the same play as overseas powerhouses like Paris, Japan, and South Korea, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of hidden gems that the U.S. just isn’t privy to yet.Take Models O...
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Lime Crime Is Launching Rainbow Dye So You Can Fully Morph Into a Unicorn

If you're a fan of the cult-favorite brand Lime Crime, you know that it's not just the cosmetic range's formulas that are rainbow-hued. The founder, Doe Deere, has been sporting cotton candy-esque strands for many, many years. As it turns out, the self-professed "Unicorn Queen" been using her own hair as inspiration for Lime Crime's newest launch! After three years of development, the company will be launching Unicorn Hair, a range of 13 semi-permanent hair dyes. While we're not sure when the pr...
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Beauty Confession: How Many Colourpop Eyeshadows Do You Actually Own?

I think if I go through my makeup and eyeshadow stash and pick out the one brand I have the most eyeshadow from it would be Urban Decay. For a tiny, heart beat of a moment, I thought my Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Collection was bigger but not really. After counting them I actually don’t have that many at all. Maybe the chunkier pots make them look like I have more than I actually do. I won’t embarrass myself by admitting the sheer number of Urban Decay ones I have but I will tell confess ...
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