Exploring Scotland’s majestic Isle of Skye

Among Scotland’s countless islands, the favorite among travelers is the scenic Isle of Skye, with its narrow, twisty roads winding around the island in the shadows of craggy, bald mountains, and a coastline ruffled with peninsulas and sea lochs.
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Sponsored: Men and women see sexual harassment in the workplace differently, survey says

On the job, there’s a stark difference in perceptions: a colleague looking at another colleague’s private parts or asking for sexual favors isn’t always harassment, according to a majority of men, while two-thirds of women say it is.
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37 Gifts That Your Live-In Partner Needs & You Kind Of Want

A few years ago, my partner introduced me to a concept he calls "a baseball bat gift." It's a gift that you get for someone with the purpose of then using it yourself. For example, if you're someone who likes to play baseball, you'd get someone a baseball bat as a gift so you can both play together. I don't know if it's actually a thing, but it is certainly a brilliant way to spin something you want into a thoughtful "gift" for someone else. And honestly, isn't that what the holidays are all ab...
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Ulta Beauty's Holiday Gift Sets Are Amazing — & We Have Picks For Every Budget

When your life is moving too fast — your inbox is overflowing, you desperately need a haircut, and you're wondering how the hell we're already two weeks into December — it's hard to feel in control of anything. But one way to instantly find your footing, and feel like a badass planner who has it all together, is to wrap up your holiday shopping.In fact, you can get it all done today, on your laptop, with one single virtual shopping cart. That's right, because Ulta Beauty has the most gift-able ...
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7 Holiday Kits We'll Be Scooping Up For Everyone On Our List

Ever walk into a store with a specific mission — say, to restock on toilet paper — and leave with a million other goodies? Let's be real, you have, and you've probably told yourself every excuse in the book to justify the dent to your savings account: The sale on those Chelsea boots was just too good to pass up! I totally forgot I really needed [insert thing you don't need]! I just got paid and deserve to treat myself to a new liquid lipstick!The store that takes the cake on said failed #winn...
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Kim Kardashian Hilariously Reacts to 9 Things Anyone Obsessed With Makeup Would Understand

There are a few things in life that we all know to be true: water is wet, the sun rises and sets, and the Kardashian/Jenner family are the queens of cosmetics. You likely already have your hands on some of Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty products, which include everything from concealer kits and lipsticks to fragrances and highlighter palettes. But now she's bringing fans straight into her cosmetics world with an experiential and immersive pop-up featuring her iconic products transformed into instal...
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30+ of the Hands-Down Best Celebrity Beauty Looks of the Year

Celebrities tend to be extraordinarily beautiful people by the nature of their industries, and when they have a beauty team of top-of-the-line hairstylists, makeup artists, and manicurists on call to help them get glam for the red carpet, magical things can happen. This year saw some especially standout beauty moments, so we searched the archives to find the best celebs had to offer in 2018 so you can marvel at their incredible style, drool over their beauty, or get inspiration to experiment wit...
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Now That We Love K-Pop & K-Beauty, This Website Is Introducing Us To Korean Fashion

Over the past year, Korean womenswear designer Jee Won has been working on Suggesty, a personal styling/e-commerce app and website featuring curated Korean fashion brands indexed into a shoppable database. Suggesty is still in beta, with an expected rollout in early 2019 – but Won timed her brand’s launch perfectly.“K-Beauty and K-Pop hit the U.S. rather hard,” the former Eli Tahari womenswear designer tells Refinery29. “The U.S. is already fascinated with Korean culture. I think K-Fashion alr...
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24 Holiday Steals That Gift Like Luxe Home Goods

The major seasonal sales may have come to a close, but our holiday bargain hunt isn't over yet — especially where gifting's concerned. Instead of paying full price on last-minute present purchases, we're going to save some extra cash by shopping the best slashed-price finds. And here's your Paperless Post to join us.Ahead we're outlining our hit-list of 20 buys from across the web that shop like a stylish steal and gift like a luxe home good. Whether you're shopping for a coworker, in-law, S.O....
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The Meaning Of 2019, According To A Numerologist

We're barreling ever closer toward 2019 whether we like it or not — and for every person who views the new year as a totally clean (and therefore blank) slate, there's another who'd rather know ahead of time what the next 12 months may hold in store. For the sake of the latter group, we're taking a look at the year 2019 from a numerological perspective.If you aren't already familiar with numerology, it's simply the study of the spiritual significance of numbers. A numerologist may glean meaning...
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Taxpayers Spent $58,000 On Security For Ivanka Trump's Caribbean Getaway

It's always a good time to jet set to the Caribbean for a weekend getaway. Give us the beach, the sound of the ocean, and a few tropical adult drinks. And you know who agrees with us? First daughter and White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump. But as with every trip the Trump kids take, this one wasn't without cost to U.S. taxpayers. Quartz reports Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner's weekend getaway to a luxury resort in the Dominican Republican this past August came at a price tag of around...
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I Tried Out A Concierge Medical Practice For A Month — This Is What Happened

I’m one of those people who is seemingly always sick. I’ve tried everything: I upped my intake of vitamin C, I use hand sanitizer like it’s a religion, I get my flu shot every year. But no matter what I try, I can’t help it. I live in New York City, where just one subway ride pretty much guarantees you’re catching something. And it’s not just that: My office is an open concept (which means my team can brainstorm freely — and pass colds from person to person freely), my schedule offers very litt...
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Lamborghini Urus

INTERTRADE GROUP presents the new fragrance for the Automobili Lamborghini collection, and it's ready to race! It is inspired by prestigious car manufacturer Lamborghini's latest Super Sport Utility vehicle. "URUS is perfectly suited for every day driving, yet it comes with the power, performance, and engine sound of a full-fledged Lamborghini Super Sports Car. The car’s luxurious interiors ... Read full article: Lamborghini Urus from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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How To Avoid Having Unengaged Employees On Your Team

What you really want is for the members of your team to be engaged Image Credit: Ged Carroll When you have new people join your team, they generally do so with a great deal of excitement. There are a lot of things that they want to accomplish and they are looking forward to learning many new things. However, over time this has a habit of changing. Over time you are almost guaranteed to have a dip in morale. Surveys have been done and what they have found is that this affliction hits roughl...
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Last-Minute Food Gifts That Cost $20 Or Less

If you recently found yourself wondering, h ow the hell we are halfway into December?! — we can relate. Other than a working title for our annual holiday disaster drama, it's also the panic inducing feeling we get as we glance at our Google calendars, prompted by a co-worker's cheery question, "Have you finished all your holiday shopping?" No Susan, no we haven't. Turning into a last-minute shopper isn't our first choice, but the idea of blowing our budgets at the beginning of the month isn't a...
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The 9 Mascaras Our Editors Loved This Year, That You Need to Try

If there's one thing beauty fanatics love, it's long, thick, voluminous lashes. Luckily, with the right mascara, anyone can achieve false-lash-level drama. Whether you're after volume, length, or curl (or all three), we've got a game-changing mascara pick for you, no matter your budget. Luxury-lovers might opt for a Nars or Charlotte Tilbury, while drugstore devotees are going to rave about our L'Oréal and CoverGirl picks after they get them onto their eyes. With these incredible products, you c...
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The Wartime Adventures of Chanel's Perfumes: From Collaborator to Deal Breaker

Gabrielle Chanel (1883-1971), known by the sobriquet, Coco, from her cabaret singing days, was a prickly character who truly captured the collective unconscious. However, her darker side remains rather obscured to this day to the mass of consumers who recognize in the nanosecond reserved for only the greatest of brands her interlocking CC insignia and her iconic black and white Chanel packa... Read full article: The Wartime Adventures of Chanel's Perfumes: From Collaborator to Deal Breaker fro...
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Hailey Baldwin Just Chopped Her Hair Into A Chin-Length Bob

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... haircuts? That's at least the case with Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, the celebrity couple with the murky wedding timeline who have both now debuted shorter hair in the past few weeks.On Wednesday evening, Baldwin, who made her marriage to Bieber Instagram official last month by changing her name to "Hailey Bieber," showed off a chin-length bob courtesy of stylist Melissa Parizot. She uploaded a photo of the cut to her Instagram Stories w...
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Here's How to Do NYE Makeup Without Going Overboard

If there is a time to break out the glitter, tinsel, or any other shiny embellishment you can think of, it's New Year's Eve. Sure, some of the sparkling looks we create with these materials can be beautiful, but maybe packing on the glitter isn't what you were thinking of doing for your next ball-drop-themed party. We hear you. Ahead, we've compiled some of our favorite wearable NYE beauty looks that don't go overboard, giving you just the right amount of color and sparkle to shine all night.
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Live, laugh, love! My message to the world is to just chill, go through life with grace and ease, and let our Higher Power work his magic.

This post was originally published on Leave a comment or share this post by visiting Live, laugh, love! My message to the world is to just chill, go through life with grace and ease, and let our Higher Power work his magic..
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18 Products That Totally Transformed Our Hair This Year

If you're looking for ways to up your hair game next year (a new beauty resolution, maybe?), you're going to need the right tools. Luckily, a ton of products debuted in 2018 that aimed to eliminate frizz, make your hair silky-soft, and repair damage. Whatever your hair goals are, we've found your new go-to, can't-live-without-it product. We've rounded up the best hair launches of the year - from Sephora to the drugstore - so you can stay perfectly styled and get tons of compliments, regardless ...
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In winter, lowland hikes beckon — and Deception Pass delivers

If hiking satisfies your soul but slogging through snow gives you cold feet, give lowland hiking a try. Here are three routes to consider at Deception Pass.
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The 8 Trendiest Nail-Polish Shades To Wear This Winter

Like the comforting warmth of pulling your head through the neck of a turtleneck sweater, there's something almost ceremonious about the first manicure of winter. The gusty windchill is officially here — your heavy socks and chunky scarves are proof — and it's high time to get your tiniest fashion accessories on board.Everyone knows that the trickiest part of any manicure, be it a DIY job while binging Netflix in bed or sifting through the rainbow of tiny glass bottles at your favorite salon — ...
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Sponsored: Should you change jobs in the new year?

Feeling restless? Good news: We’re moving into prime job-hunting season.
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Pinterest Search Is Up 5,000% For Winter-White Nails

White-hot nail polish swept L.A. this past summer, thanks to a lineup of trend-setting stars like Ariana Grande, Amara La Negra, and Blake Lively who owned the look. The seasonal pick made sense: It was the middle of August, skin was bronzed, the sun was blazing, and white nails felt like a much-needed breath of fresh air. No one expected the summery vibe to carry over into the fall and winter — but it did.According to Pinterest, searches for white nails are up 5,000% right now. Maybe it's beca...
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Dr Cyrus Poonawalla congratulated for life-long commitment to boosting vaccine coverage in the world’s poorest countries by the GAVI

Serum founder wins inaugural ‘vaccine hero’ award ABU DHABI, 10 December 2018 – Dr Cyrus Poonawalla, Founder of Serum Institute of India (SII) and Chairman of Poonawalla Group, has been given the first ever Vaccine Hero award by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. The Vaccine Hero award was inaugurated to celebrate global figures whose dedication to the Vaccine Alliance’s mission has played a key role in helping Gavi and its partners to protect hundreds of millions of children across the world “Sin...
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Kim Kardashian Has Two Makeup Rules For North West

Scroll through Kim Kardashian West 's Instagram on any given weekend and you'll be sure to see: a gigantic floral arrangement, dispatches from a private jet, promo for her latest KKW Beauty launch, and if you're lucky, videos and pictures of her daughter North West playing with makeup and sometimes even roleplaying as her mom's makeup artist.In an interview with Refinery29 for the launch of KKW Fragrance at Ulta, Kardashian West says that she is all too aware of West's makeup fascination."I alr...
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Too busy to exercise? Revised national fitness guidelines suggest building activity into your routine

In short, all movement counts. For people with jampacked schedules, and those with chronic conditions, that's good news.
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A cricket being conspicuously indifferent to the Home of Cricket

Ged writes: I was showing some guests around the Lord’s pavilion on a non match day. In the Committee Room, I pointed to the chair upon which Her Maj (The Queen, not King Cricket’s Mother) sits when she visits Lord’s. There I spied this little cricket, which was being conspicuously indifferent to the home of cricket. Not only was it signally failing to look out upon the field of dreams, it was also negligently hogging the Royal Seat. I hope this is not a sign of declining standards in societ...
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How to try new flavors in a less overwhelming way

I started to write this post as a helpful guide for parents on feeding their kids… (A couple of parents shared this ‘hack’ in my private meal planning FB group) Then realized this applies to adults too!! If you are uncomfortable with “new” foods or ingredients... If you lack motivated to try new things… If the “unknown” or “unfamiliar” makes you doubtful... If some cuisines or ingredients are foreign to you… If you self-describe as a “picky” adult… If you are feeding a nervous eater… If you are ...
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