Why Everyone’s Favorite Game Of Thrones Couple Were Cut From The Premiere

There isn't a Game of Thrones fan among us who don't ship Tormund Giantsbane and Brienne of Tarth. Watching Tormund, a giant, lumbering warrior get in touch with his softer side when he's around the equally tough Brienne are some of the cutest moments on a very dark show about murder and betrayals. Last week's season 7 premiere, "Dragonstone," gave our shipping fantasies plenty of fodder when the not-couple interacted after Brienne was giving Podrick some sword fighting lessons. After she shove...
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People Are Tweeting Their Worst (& Most Hilarious) Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookie writers must get writer's block, right? One can only create so many fortunes from Killers' song lyrics. Or, at least that's what we think the reason for the existence of these so-bad-they're-good fortunes that people have been tweeting out must be. It is either that, or the good folks at Panda Express want to have some fun with us.Thanks, @PandaExpress fortune cookie. ...I guess.— Clifford Chapin (@CliffordChapin) July 20, 2017 Logically, everyone kno...
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These Images That Prove Crown Eye Shadow Is the Most Regal Beauty Trend Ever

If you have been a beauty girl your whole life, chances are you've been called a princess at least once or twice. Your love of makeup has likely been seen as a kind of vanity rather than a passion for product. It can be hard to ignore the haters, but that's why we love the new crown shadow trend: it acknowledges makeup shamers in a saucy, IDGAF way. Crown shadow is just what it sounds like. Instagram makeup artists are painting tiny detailed tiaras on their eyelids, even bedazzling the tips with...
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We're Jelly of Anyone Who Has the New Harry Potter Inspired Jelly Bath Bomb

Someone at Lush just pulled a reverse Aguamenti on us (that would be a water-making spell, duh). Hold onto your wands, because this news is pretty exciting: Lush has just released bath bombs that turn water into jelly. If that's not enough, one of them is Harry Potter inspired. The one caveat is that these bath bombs are currently only out in the UK, but we're so excited about this that nothing can rain on our parade of black jelly. According to Cosmo UK, the wizards at Lush have whipped up a...
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Charlene Pun, 33, Danbury, CT

This year, as part of our Take Back The Beach program, we are asking YOU to tell us about your experiences with body talk and self-perception. Below, one reader's story. "Your Scar Is Beautiful" Exactly 16 months ago today, I became a mom. My son came into this world full of life, and my entire world changed the minute I heard his little cry. My delivery did not go as expected and ended with an emergency C-section, leaving me with a belly and an ugly scar, albeit a beautiful baby that oversha...
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Hawaii’s tourism industry alarmed at state plan to prepare for North Korean missile attack

Hawaii's tourism industry is worried that visitors might be scared away by the state Emergency Management Agency, which is making plans to educate residents and visitors about what to do in the event of a North Korean missile attack.
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A Cheers with the Royal Couple in Berlin

In Berlin, we are famous for Techno, for being creative and to solve problems with minimal resources. But to be truely honest we are also famous all over the world for being frank and direct to the point to be actually rude. So are we rough Berliners able to be gentlemen and gentlewomen and to respect a certain etiquette when the British Royals come to visit? Let’s say, that we tried our best. On occasion of the visit of William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (or Prince W...
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Canon wins “World’s Best Drink Selection”

Canon took home one of the biggest prizes in the drink industry when it won the title of "World's Best Drink Selection" from Tales of the Cocktail, the world's biggest booze fest held in New Orleans.
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Yes, Lesbians Fake Orgasms, Too

I’m not someone who goes camping, but less than a year ago I found myself in the woods, with the worst sunburn I’ve ever had, all because of a girl who I wasn’t even dating. We liked to say that we were the definition of friends with benefits, because we were friends first, and then later there were benefits… lots of benefits.But, as amazing as sex often was with her, it wasn’t always a home run — at least not for me. I faked several orgasms over the five months that we were “together.”So as I ...
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Stila’s Sale on Sale

Stila has a ton of new sale and clearance and you can use the promo code SALE20 to get an additional 20% off already reduced prices at Happy Shopping! You may also enjoy... Juice Beauty Friends and Family SaleStill Time To Take 20% Off Your Sephora Order! Go On Do Another Order!Sephora Sale on Sale 20% Off Clearance20% Off Vintage StilaStila Cosmetics 20% Off The post Stila’s Sale on Sale appeared first on Musings of a Muse.
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Following Spicer's Resignation, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Named Press Secretary

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been promoted to White House press secretary and New York financier Anthony Scaramucci has been formally named White House communications director in the Trump administration's latest shakeup.Sanders, the only daughter of former two-time Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, is the third woman in history to hold the position of White House press secretary. She served as deputy to Sean Spicer, who resigned on Friday after it was announced Scaramucci would b...
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50 Of the Best Buys From Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale

Update: Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is officially open to the public. You have until August 6 to shop the mega sale so go buck wild with our 50 picks ahead.This story was originally published on July 13, 2017.If you're overwhelmed by the amount of sales happening on the Internet right now, we feel you. With all of your favorite sites offering 50% off and beyond, it can be tough to decide where to actually spend your cash — and how the hell are you supposed to choose which few items to buy when...
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This Is The Most Frustrating Part Of Valerian & The City Of A Thousand Planets

This story contains spoilers for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Luc Besson's magnificently-designed space epic, takes place in the 28th century. This means that humans can now get around in voice-controlled spaceships rather than Uber, and we've traded in the Mall of America for a fantastic marketplace in another dimension.For those who hoped that this would also translate into a more enlightened social structure, I regret to inform you ...
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Wet ‘n’ Wild Rose Champagne Color Icon Blush

Rose Champagne Wet ‘n’ Wild Rose Champagne Color Icon Blush ($2.99 for 0.20 oz.) is a soft peach with warm undertones and fine, gold pearl. It had a subtle shimmer-sheen finish that became softly luminous when buffed and blended out on the skin. The brand says that it’s supposed to be a “buildable, blendable powder” with “long-lasting color.” It had good pigmentation that was buildably from mostly opaque to opaque. The blush had a fairly soft, lightly dusty texture that was blendable on...
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Jenny Slate Says The Media Tries To Control Every Aspect Of A Woman’s Life

Jenny Slate is still getting used to the spotlight. Her performances in movies like Obvious Child and Landline have given her some well-deserved attention, but as much as she's enjoying the perks of fame, she opened up to Vanity Fair about the not-so-pleasant aspects of her recent success. Specifically, Slate has had trouble with the media, and how people who don't know her try to change her story — especially when it comes to romance."This is the first time in my adult life that I haven’t been...
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12 Bra Tops To Wear À La Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West is doubling-down on bras as going out tops. On Thursday, she partied with Olivier Rousteing to celebrate the opening of Balmain's Los Angeles store (and its new collaboration with Beats by Dre) wearing the Internet called a "crop top " — but what is actually just a sports bra — with a heavily-embellished, extra-high-slit skirt (by Balmain, of course).But, this styling move kiiiind of looks familiar. Remember when the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was photographed in a...
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Jada Pinkett-Smith Finally Addresses That Swingers Rumor

Tabloid rumors are all over the place. Some are based on facts, some are just speculation, and others are just completely baseless. For Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith, their longest-running rumor has been false this whole time! The Fresh Prince and his wife are not swingers, you guys!The rumor that Pinkett-Smith was in an open relationship with her husband has been around basically since the pair got married in 1997. That's twenty years of the general public assuming that they're swinging. I...
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What Kyra Phillips Believes O.J.'s Murder Trial Tapes Teach Us Today

Kyra Phillips was there when the infamous tapes featuring Los Angeles Police Detective Mark Fuhrman  helped sink the murder trial against NFL legend O.J. Simpson.Fuhrman was the one who found the bloody glove on the athlete's property, which was a central piece of evidence in the case. During his testimony, he said he hadn't used the n-word in the last 10 years, but Simpson's defense team uncovered old recordings of Fuhrman making racist and misogynistic remarks and suggesting it was common for...
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Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives Available Now For Everyone, What I Purchased, and Recs

Heads up! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to everyone! Last week, as you may know it was open to Nordstrom cardholders only but now anyone can shop the sale. I’m not terribly excited about this year’s sale as I was about it several years ago. I think the offerings have evolved a lot in recent years and many of the really special limited-edition items just aren’t around anymore. But there’s still a lot of goodness to be had and I did pick up a few of the beauty and makeup bits and...
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This 21-Year-Old Artist Turns Body "Flaws" Into Beautiful Rainbow Art

Cinta Tort Catró, who also goes by the name Zinteta, is a 21-year-old artist from Barcelona who is not only is taking the art world by storm, but is also using her talents to protest sexism. She highlights her inspiring artwork on her Instagram account, where she's leading a conversation about body "flaws." By filling in her subjects' stretch marks and painting rainbow period stains, Cinta is beautifying the things women are frequently told to change or feel embarrassed about. "I have not always...
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Do Destination Wedding Guests Have To Buy A Gift?

Presumably you RSVPd "yes" to your friend's destination wedding in the Bahamas because you love her. But does love always have to translate into...expensive gifts?It's a tricky subject. With the average guest already spending $888 on attending a regular old wedding — which includes travel, a hotel, gift, and attire — how on earth are you supposed to afford that plus all the costs of a destination wedding? After all, you're probably paying more for airfare; spending more nights in a hotel or Air...
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What To Actually Wear To All Those Outdoor Weddings

Weddings are difficult enough to get dressed for, so when a wedding is outdoors, well, it makes things even more complicated. First, you need shoes that won't be a total disaster on grassy or hilly terrains. Two, you need to be prepared for whatever the weather might have in store (high humidity, thunderstorms, who knows). Add the fact that an outdoor wedding tends to have a totally different, more relaxed vibe, and you need a look to match.Since it's late-summer and wedding season is in full-f...
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American Horror Story Revealed The Title & Premiere Date For Season 7

After teasing the next installment of their FX anthology series for weeks on Instagram, co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have finally revealed the title of American Horror Story season 7. The 2016 election-themed season will be called American Horror Story: Cult — and it looks like it'll be just as creepy as that sounds.The title isn't all FX revealed on Thursday, either. The network also announced that American Horror Story: Cult will premiere on September 5 — so fans don't have to wai...
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Everything You Need To Know About The Love Triangle On Insecure

Insecure is many things: A love letter to Los Angeles, a catalogue of great (and Solange-chosen) music, and a parcel of rapid-fire funny. But at its most basic, it is a romantic comedy about the trials and tribulations of being a young woman in love in Los Angeles. Most of the show's drama revolves around Issa's (playing herself) dwindling relationship with Lawrence (Jay Ellis), and her potential-maybe-sorta relationship with Daniel King (Y'lan Noel). It's a love triangle, plain and simple.Seas...
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The Real Reason Starbucks' Baristas Wear Green Aprons

When we think of iconic coffee companies, Starbucks is probably the first one that comes to mind. The Seattle-born mega chain has essentially trademarked our morning cup of joe. And it isn't just the crowned siren logo that we hold so strongly synonymous with our go-to a.m. drinks — it's also the color they use: a bright forest green (or as we now call it, Starbucks green). Everything from the logo, to the cups, and even the store front architecture incorporates this globally recognizable hue. ...
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Make Up For Ever Artist Face Colors – Highlighters Photos & Swatches

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Colors – Highlighters Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color ($23.00 for 0.17 oz.) is available in three types–Highlighter, Sculpting, and Blush–with a total of 34 shades available. I just finished swatching everything late last night, and I’ve divided the swatches into the three types. This post features the highlighters! Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color H100 ...
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I Spent 5 Days Learning About Sex Ed — & Here's What Happened

If you've followed my eclectic history of five-day challenges, you probably know that I like to keep my sexy side a little bit on the down-low. It's not that I'm embarrassed or anything — I just tend to think of that stuff as private. But this week, I'm breaking out of my comfort zone to combat the stigma that leaves sex feeling like this weird, mysterious topic we're not supposed to talk about. I hope you're ready to join me on this truly titillating five-day adventure through the world of sex...
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Where Did The Whole “Yoni” Thing Start?

Between Gwyneth Paltrow's shining endorsement of them, and their appearance on The Bold Type, yonis (and their favorite accessory, the jade egg) are having a real moment. Case in point: It's even a brand name now. But, if you push past the curtain of contemporary wellness marketing, you'll find that the term has ancient roots — and means much more than Goop would have you believe.The word "yoni" is actually Sanskrit for "womb," "source," or, yes, "vagina," but, more generally, it refers to the ...
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These Gilmore Girls Stars Want You To Join For A Very Special Event

Calling all Gilmore Girls fans: this October there will be a fan festival that will have you saying oy with the poodles already. In fact, attendance may be mandatory to prove your fandom. How do we know about this Gilmore Girls festival? Well, Lane Kim told us herself.Keiko Agena took to Instagram on Saturday to announce the second annual Gilmore Girls Fan Fest is coming to Kent, CT from October 20 to October 22. She will be there, along with Mrs. Kim herself Emily Kuroda, who joined Agena in a...
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About That One Time I Hated Snow Fairy……

You ever get really excited about some new makeup or beauty product? I mean the night before Christmas excited. You see it in catalog, online, or in a magazine and it just calls to you or maybe whispers in your ear about how you need to buy it, own it, possess it. What happens when you get it and you’re crushingly disappointed by it?! But wait, it’s slowing growing on you and after a few days you’re suddenly madly in love with it! What makeup or beauty product did you hate at first but love ...
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