YSL Rouge Vinyle, Rhythm Red, Orange Electro dRouge Pur Couture Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Rouge Vinyle (72) YSL Rouge Vinyle (72) Rouge Pur Couture SPF15 LipstickYSL Rouge Vinyle (72) Rouge Pur Couture SPF15 Lipstick ($38.00 for 0.13 oz.) is a deep red with cooler undertones and a luminous sheen with very faint, ruby red pearl. It had semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation with a lightweight consistency that was slightly thin, emollient without being slippery, and comfortable to apply in a single, fluid motion. It stayed on...
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Sorry, aber Netflix’ Awake macht keinen Sinn

Awake: (L-R) Lucius Hoyos as Noah, Gina Rodriguez as Jill, Ariana Greenblatt as Matilda. Cr. Peter H. Stranks/NETFLIX © 2021 Achtung: Spoiler für den Netflix-Film Awake direkt voraus! Innerhalb von 90 Minuten versucht der neue Netflix-Film Awake, den wir uns laut Netflix’ Top 10 scheinbar gerade alle angucken, eine Frage zu beantworten, die niemand gestellt hat: „Was würde passieren, wenn weltweit plötzlich alle Autos nicht mehr fahren, Elektrizität nicht mehr funktioniert und niemand ...
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Just when the Middle Ages couldn’t get worse, everyone had bunions

In a unique study, researchers have determined how many people in medieval England had bunionsA fashion trend towards pointed toe shoes made the affliction common. Even monks got in on the trend, much to their discomfort later in life.Late Medieval England had its share of problems. The Wars of Roses raged, the Black Death killed off large parts of the population, and passing ruffians could say "Ni" at will to old ladies .To make matters worse, a first of its kind study published in the Inte...
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Chanel Soleil Tan Bronze Bronzing Cream Review & Swatches

Soleil Tan Bronze Chanel Soleil Tan Bronze Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream ($50.00 for 1.06 oz.) is a light, golden brown with warmer undertones and a natural finish–not quite dewy but not quite matte either. The texture was emollient, smooth, and had a gel-like glide that worked well over bare skin and on top of foundation. The formula wasn’t prone to lifting up base products, even when they were more matte. It appeared to have more se...
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One Of My Fav SPFS is On Sale is back with a good deal of makeup and beauty clearance. This includes select Shiseido sunscreens are also included in this clearance. One of my favorites, Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF 40 is included in this sale. Other Shiseido items on sale: Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion WetForce for Sensitive Skin $29 Ultimate Sun Protection Spray SPF 50+ $28 Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion WetForce for Sensitive Skin $29 There’s quite a few other items on sale as well li...
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Die besten Bikinis & Badeanzüge für große Brüste

So sehr wir uns auch über die Badesaison freuen, bringt sie jedes Jahr ganz eigene Herausforderungen mit sich – insbesondere die Suche nach dem perfekten Bikini oder Badeanzug für einen bequemen, hübschen Tag am Wasser. Das kann besonders schwierig werden, wenn du dich in Körbchengröße D und aufwärts bewegst. Von verrutschenden Bandeau-Tops bis hin zu unschmeichelhaften Schnitten: Mit größerer Oberweite das ideale Bade-Outfit zu finden, ist leichter gesagt als getan. Vor allem, wenn du am Stran...
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Team Pattern or Team Solid

There has been a large variety of pattern in retail over the last few years. From bold and bright, to quiet and subtle, and everything in between. Dots, stripes, checks, plaids, florals, paisley, animal print, novelty prints, conversational prints, ombré, geometric designs, swirls, galaxy designs, botanicals, bohemian, tie-dye, abstract designs. You name it, and it’s there. So it’s time for a poll. You bat for Team Pattern if you incorporate a lot of patterns into your outfits. You bat for Team ...
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Bin ich noch dieselbe Person wie vor der Pandemie?

Nur zu gut erinnere ich mich an den Moment, als der erste Lockdown – wie sich später herausstellte, war das der erste von mehreren – öffentlich angekündigt wurde. Kurz darauf erhielt ich eine Nachricht von einem Freund, der schrieb: „Ich fühle mich nicht wie ich selbst. Ich weiß nicht, was mit mir los ist. Ich will einfach wieder ich selbst sein.“ Jetzt kann ich ein Lied davon singen. Was ist, wenn wir tatsächlich nicht mehr die Menschen sind, die wir vor der Pandemie einmal waren? Was ist,...
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11 last minute Father’s Day gifts to shop in NYC

It's time to think beyond the polo shirt! Here are gifts dad will actually use this Father's Day.
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‘Orchidelirium’: how a modern-day flower madness is fuelling the illegal trade

With traffickers taking species from the wild before they are even recorded, one of the UK’s oldest constabularies is on guard at Kew Gardens• Podcast: Inside the world of wildlife traffickingJohn Deer runs a peculiar operation. As Kew Gardens’ security manager it is his job to protect the 1.8 million people that visit every year. It is also his job to make sure plants and cuttings do not vanish from the botanical collection while the public are on the royal estate. To do so, members of one of t...
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‘I put my life savings in crypto’: how a generation of amateurs got hooked on high-risk trading

Online trading apps are drawing in novice investors willing to risk everything on volatile stocks. Do they really know what they’re doing?Noor is whispering so her boyfriend won’t hear her. The 30-something designer from London is down about £14,000 as a result of her decision to get into investing, in addition to another £8,000 profit she made on bitcoin last year, but then lost. Nobody knows the full extent of Noor’s losses – hence the whispering. “I feel so stupid,” she says. “I can’t talk ab...
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How do you organize your eyeshadow singles?

I organize by brand! If the brand has enough eyeshadows, and I am diligent, then I also organize by finish (matte vs. shimmer) and then in rainbow-color order. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Laura Mvula’s teenage obsessions: ‘I thought a briefcase was the most buff thing ever’

The singer-songwriter recalls the life-changing joy of playing in an orchestra, the beauty of her first braids and being empowered by EternalThe first orchestra I played in was Birmingham School, a concert orchestra. The first time I played in a symphony orchestra was this powerful, life-changing experience, like the first time I took a plane – you know, when the engine kicks in and you’re about to take off? Playing with the brass section behind us and full woodwind, I was blown away by the magn...
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"Slutty outfits for men."

It's TikTok, so... below the fold:   @colinslaps I saved the best one for last #outfitsformen #fashion #theartofseduction ♬ Careless Whisper - Peter Michael [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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‘Elf ears’ are the creepy new plastic surgery trend in China

Young women pay thousands to perk up their ears thanks to a beauty trend started by social media celebrities.
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Should You Have a Portfolio: Regrets of a Single Tweet

Welp. Apparently I tweeted something yesterday that caused a small brushfire on Twitter. Since Twitter has a limit of character you can write, I wanted to take what i’ve learned and expand on it here. First, here’s the tweet: If you are a front end developer, PLEASE have a portfolio. When I evaluate front end devs it’s one of the first things I look for. — Jason Alba (@jasonalba) June 17, 2021 Seems like a pretty harmless statement. Turns out it was pretty, um. hurtful. This has gotten the w...
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Natural Hair Care Ingredients for Shiny, Bouncy Locks

Natural Hair Care Ingredients for Shiny, Bouncy Locks There are a lot — and I mean a LOT — of hair care products out there. Trying to find the right one for your hair can be overwhelming. And … more at Natural Hair Care Ingredients for Shiny, Bouncy Locks. This is an original post from Budget Fashionista.
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Diptyque Do Son Review

Unpopular opinion: big white florals are overrated. This @Diptyque number can stay though. Diptyque Do Son is a tuberose scent that is woody, earthy and to my nose almost smells creamy, and smooth.... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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How to Pack a Backpack for Backpacking

Next week, Kate and I will be joining a friend in Colorado for a backpacking trip. We’ve gone on a few trips in the past few years and each time we go, we figure out something new to make the next excursion more enjoyable.  One part of the backpacking pursuit that I’m constantly refining is how to pack my backpack so it feels as comfortable as possible while I’m hiking. Below I share what I’ve learned on that score, as well as other packing tips that make a backpacking trip go smoother.  ...
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Why Every Man Should Have 3 Signature Dishes

I started baking bread a few years ago. The simplicity appealed to me. With just four ingredients — flour, salt, yeast, and water — I could make a hearty, delicious loaf of bread. I started, as one does with any new recipe, by hewing to the ingredients and directions as closely as possible. Over time, as I got more comfortable with it, I not only used the paper recipe less and less (it was an easy one to memorize), but started experimenting with varying amounts of the base ingredients and play...
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Brazil Dating Sites

She’s also joined a health club to its very first time in history, also plays tennis at a women’s league. Low selfesteem and inadequate self-image will naturally make you doubt your own worthiness. Named after the famed Buffalo Bill, Cody is where the cowboy and cowgirl culture still thrives. Additionally, resist driving sex and also let physical intimacy happen naturally. As a general rule, you would like to incorporate your man into your circle before you introduce them to your family. But if ...
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Do you plan your makeup in advanced?

Sort of! Somedays, I have a really good idea of what I’ll be putting on the next day, and other times, there are a few items that I have to test and it’ll be where the mood takes me! — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Scarlett Johansson criticises ‘hypersexualisation’ of Black Widow in Iron Man 2

Actor says her character was ‘talked about like a possession’ in her first appearance in the Marvel film franchiseScarlett Johansson has spoken out against the sexualisation of Black Widow in Iron Man 2, the 2010 blockbuster in which her character first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series.Speaking to Collider in the run-up to the release of the standalone Black Widow film, Johansson said: “While [Iron Man 2] was really fun and had a lot of great moments in it, the character is so se...
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Chinese academic suspended for advocating polygamy

Bao Yinan from East China University of Political Science and Law accused over WeChat statementsA Chinese academic has been suspended by his university after he advocated polygamy on his personal WeChat account, sparking a new discussion around China’s evolving attitudes towards sex.Bao Yinan, a legal researcher at the prestigious East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai, was accused by his employer of “making wrong statements”. The university has now suspended all his tea...
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Linen condoms and bed curtains: tour exposes history of sex in Scotland

National Trust for Scotland presents exploration of intimacy from 17th to 20th centuryThe chafing doesn’t bear thinking about. A replica linen condom secured with a dainty blue ribbon is one of the more wince-inducing props for a new exploration of the history of sex and intimate lives in Scotland.The other material used to fashion prophylactics in the 17th century was animal gut, which was dried then rehydrated at the crucial moment. The Edinburgh-born diarist James Boswell writes about dipping...
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Intentionally Improving my Blood Pressure — Join Me on This 90 Day Journey

OMRON has challenged me to make a 90-day decision to start a journey towards monitoring and improving my blood pressure. I’m ready. I’m doing it for me, and I’m doing it on the advice from my mom who doesn’t want me to go through what she’s experienced. The post Intentionally Improving my Blood Pressure — Join Me on This 90 Day Journey appeared first on Afrobella.
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Job opening: Communications and Grant Manager, Life’s Kitchen

Because helping spread the word about jobs — even those that aren’t agency-related, is just one of the many services I offer…and thanks for the heads-up, Mike. Life’s Kitchen is looking for a Communications and Grant Manager. From the job description: This position is responsible for assisting in the creation and implementation of marketing and fundraising strategies to grow the base of philanthropic support and increase public awareness of Life’s Kitchen. The Communications & Grant Manage...
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Tarte Shape Tape Collection Now in Canada

Tarte Shape Tape is now available in Canada (check their website and Sephora). This is a heavily pigmented long-wearing concealer available in 38 COLOURS! Because it is so pigmented, I find that I... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Sabrina Verjee sets record for running 214 Wainwright peaks in less than six days

Cumbrian’s 325-mile route takes in 36,000m of ascent39-year-old vet slept a few hours a nightThe British ultrarunner Sabrina Verjee has shattered the record for completing all of the Lake District’s 214 Wainwright peaks in less than six days – making her the fastest athlete, male or female, by more than six hours.The 39-year-old veterinary surgeon from Ambleside finished the 325-mile route in five days, 23 hours, 49 minutes and 12 seconds, sleeping a few hours a night to keep ahead of the previo...
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Blind date: ‘He was very willing when I suggested tequila shots’

David, 24, civil servant, meets Alex, 24, PR account executiveWhat were you hoping for?To meet someone new and enjoy a few drinks. Continue reading...
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