Gifts for Fashionistas: How To Shop For Style Mavens

Gifts for Fashionistas: How To Shop For Style Mavens Choosing gifts for fashionistas is hard. They, like you, are particular about their style — and they seemingly have everything. Even if you’re a confident gift shopper, shopping for a … more at Gifts for Fashionistas: How To Shop For Style Mavens. This is an original post from Budget Fashionista.
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Lululemon Cyber Monday 2020 sales: Discounts leggings and more

Score major savings of $30 to $60 on popular items while supplies last.
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My husband donates money to the church, but leaves me short

It’s not about the money, says Mariella Frostrup. You describe your husband as if he were a stranger, so think hard about your futureThe dilemma I’m a 60-year-old woman and although I have worked for years teaching English, I have always been financially dependent on my husband. He is very involved in the evangelist church and gives them a percentage of his salary. The knowledge of this, together with a constant struggle to get by, has made me feel so bitter. I contemplated leaving, when the chi...
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How to Plan a Luxurious Eco-Friendly Party

As the holiday season quickly approaches, you may be knee-deep in party planning. Whether you are throwing a festive family get-together or an elegant New Year event, there is no reason that your celebration has to be wasteful. People are searching for sustainable entertaining ideas more than ever before. Eco-friendly practices can be immersed in... Read More » The post How to Plan a Luxurious Eco-Friendly Party appeared first on .
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Bake me happy: 10 deliciously different mince pie recipes

From the perfect traditional version, to brownie hybrids, deep-fried delights and a throwback from 1591, homemade never looked so goodNothing should make the heart sink quite as much as the phrase “homemade mince pies”. The chance of failure is simply far too high. Pick a bad recipe and you run the risk of serving up a tray of inedible pastry bin lids gummed together with a miserly Marmite smear of mincemeat.But it doesn’t have to be like this. An endless array of mince-pie variations are now av...
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Soapbox Hand Lotion

  Have you guys heard of Soapbox Soaps? They donate a bar of soap to someone in need for each of their products that have been purchased. The bars of soap are made with local soap producers... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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What Does Hypoallergenic Actually Mean? The term hypoallergenic is a term that you have probably seen before on your skincare, makeup, or hair care products. But the term hypoallergenic may not actually mean what you think it does.  When you think of hypoallergenic you think of products that are...
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Cyber Monday 2020’s best clothing and fashion deals

Great sales from Spanx, Madewell, Coach, Everlane, Kendra Scott, Salvatore Ferragamo and more.
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Scandal’s Kerry Washington: ‘My mother’s nightmare was for me to be a starving actress’

She hit the big time playing the high-powered political fixer Olivia Pope. In real life, she has spent years campaigning for Kamala Harris and her fellow Democrats. So what’s someone who lives and breathes politics doing in Ryan Murphy’s musical The Prom?In a rational world, somewhere deep in the Democratic National Committee headquarters, a small staff would be hard at work planning Kerry Washington’s presidential bid. “Washington 2028: Tough on Scandal” or “2032: Ms Kerry Goes to Washington” –...
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Why You Need to Consider Agile Coaching

Thousands of people start a new business every year. Unfortunately, not all of them survive. The fact is, close to 22 percent of new companies close at the end of the first year. There are many reasons why this takes place. A downturn in the economy or lack of funding is two. However, what really hurts a new business is a failure in project management. My Image Source: Envato Issues With Project Management When too many projects are worked on at one time the result is mismanagement. One p...
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Desperately seeking headbangers: the lonely hearts who found love in the back pages

It was tough being a punk or metal obsessive in a small town. Seven fans who sought love or friendship via music mag ‘lonely hearts’ ads tell us if they found what they were looking forFrom headbangers in Hastings to new romantics in Norwich, pen pals and lonely hearts columns were a staple of music magazines from the 1970s to the 1990s. Hopeful, passionate and bored fans sent in their photos, names, addresses and obsessions for publication and crossed their fingers, hoping for a big response. D...
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'I stopped trying to control my body': the women who gave up grooming in 2020

From shaving to threading to dyeing to painting, the little touches that used to seem so important have been squeezed out by the pandemic. And many Britons are all the happier for itDuring the first lockdown Afsaneh Parvizi-Wayne, a 55-year-old entrepreneur, went for a drive around London. “I remember looking in the rear-view mirror,” she says, “and I noticed all these little hairs coming out of my chin. That was a bit of a shock. Like, bloody hell, I’ve really been growing these out.”Parvizi-Wa...
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Sunday Firesides: Gnaw Your Bone

The first few dozen times you listen to a killer new album, the experience is nigh near euphoric. The songs just seem to get better and better with each “spin.” Eventually though, they start to lose some of their verve, and you listen to the album less and less frequently, until it drops off your regular playlist. This parabolic arc of pleasure occurs in our encounters with every novel and rewarding stimulus, from relationships to material possessions. The “buzz” rises, peaks, and then desce...
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Home insurance startup Hippo raises $350M

Japanese insurance giant Mitsui Sumitomo is injecting funds into the company's efforts to usher its insurance product into more than 95 percent of U.S. households.
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Best Cyber Monday 2020 deals you can shop right now

Score the hottest deals on TVs, tech, makeup, apparel, housewares and more.
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Black Friday?

Perfume PosseBlack Friday? Pictures are now up in the house (making it much more of a home) and we’ve had a few cold days. Maybe those (plus a few more December-February) will see off the nasties that would otherwise inhabit the garden and… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseBlack Friday?
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Could Reishi Be the Leather Alternative Luxury Embraces?

If eliminating fur from your wardrobe is the sartorial equivalent of giving up red meat, then perhaps ridding a closet of leather is comparable with going vegan. One requires only a minor stylistic shift; the other forces a person to swear off near-entire categories of apparel and accessories. Leather is ubiquitous, and difficult to avoid,...
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Podcast #664: The Masters of the Art of War

Looked at from the heat of combat, war can seem disorganized and chaotic. But overarching the conflict is typically some kind of thoughtful, well-ordered, even scientific strategy that is influencing when, where, how, and why dueling forces have met. My guest today will introduce us to a few of the military philosophers and tacticians who made the most significant contributions to the art of strategy over the last couple millenia. His name is Andrew Wilson, and he’s a professor at the Naval W...
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Best Car Sex Positions

Sex is amazing in any form, period! However, it can be made better by adding a little adventure, and nothing shouts adventure more than car sex. It is quite common in movies, and the main reason why car sex makes so many cameo appearances in cinematics is that it is at the top of the pleasure spectrum. The best way to enjoy car sex is to choose the best sex positions for that naughty session on wheels. Certain variables should be considered for the act. These include the size of the car and the ...
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Half off makeup? Don’t mind if I do

Bottom line: Up to half off and free shipping at a variety of online beauty retailers for Cyber Monday. The post Half off makeup? Don’t mind if I do appeared first on Want Not.
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