Knowing Your Hair Porosity Is the Key to Healthy Hair - Here's How to Find Yours

Finding the right way to nourish your hair can be a quite the journey, especially if you're a fellow natural who can't quite seem to figure out which products will keep your curls in their best shape. If your hair sometimes suffers from dryness, breakage, and/or frizziness, and no product or treatment you've pumped into it seems to be helping, there's a chance you might be missing a pretty big step, which is determining your hair's porosity level. In case you're not sure what that is, we talke...
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‘Abilities not disabilities’: A nonprofit coffee shop hired them when others wouldn’t

The nonprofit Our Grounds employs people with developmental disabilities. For some, it's their first “real” job, despite having degrees.
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Lipstick Queen Luxury Lip Vault for Holiday 2019

The makeup vaults are starting to trick in my friends! I’m guilty of picking up the Charlotte Tilbury Glittering Galaxy Of Makeup Magic Beauty Advent Calendar! Did I need it? Probably not. Did I want it? Hells yes! Someone might have to pull me back from grabbing the Lipstick Queen Luxury Lip Vault that’s available online only at I have my 20% Off coupon burning a hole in my pocket and this is tempting but I have a few of the items in it so that’s the only thing holding me off a...
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Bobbi Brown Autumn Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2019

Bobbi Brown is having a really good time releasing palettes this year! The Bobbi Brown Autumn Eyeshadow Palette is the fourth new eyeshadow palette I’ve seen that launched in the past month! Damn girl, slow down. Both the In the Flash and Luxe Gems Eyeshadow Palette are two others on my list that recently launched! This is an interesting one as the shape and style is like nothing I’ve seen from the brand before. Autumn Eyeshadow Palette is a limited edition palette that’s $29 and includes ...
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Make Your Own Halloween Sweater

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Lucky Scent Opens a NYC Store!

Among Fragrantica's members, especially those with a preference for niche perfumes, you'd have a hard time finding someone who hasn't heard of Lucky Scent. Established in 2002, is the premier online destination for rare and exclusive fragrances. The company shops the world for niche, hard-to-find, cult-following lines, presenting a unique web experience to those weary of suspicious... Read full article: Lucky Scent Opens a NYC Store! from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazin...
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Kylie Jenner Just Showed Us the Subtlest Way to Wear the Neon Nail Trend

Just when we thought the neon nail polish trend would be left behind with Summer, Kylie Jenner showed us how to make it appropriate for Fall. She posted a video to Instagram showing off her new manicure, which featured a beige color as its base and a razor-thin, hot-pink outline along the tips and sides of her nails. The reality star and entrepreneur credited the design to manicurist Chaun P., who was also responsible for Jenner's go-to butterfly design that she wore over the Summer. The subtle ...
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Complete Your Disney Villain Costume With These On-Point Nail Art Ideas

Let's be clear: no detail is too small when it comes to winning a Halloween costume contest, so don't neglect your manicure when dressing as your favorite Disney villain this year. Whether you opt to go as a murderous fashion lover, a sea witch, or another evil character, there's a ton of nail art inspiration available on Instagram to finish off your Halloween beauty look. On this list, you'll find everything from Dalmatian-printed accent nails to poison-apple-printed manicures that are sure to ...
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Eva Mendes, Lover of Bargains, Gets Her Hair Cut at Supercuts - So What?

Celebrities have access to some of the most prestigious and talented glam teams in the world, so it comes as a major surprise when one opts to forgo those services. Eva Mendes just revealed that she sometimes skips over luxury salons to go to Supercuts. The actress posted a selfie of herself in a salon apron with the caption, "Ok this is a terrible angle but thought you guys would like to know that yea, I stop into @supercuts every once in awhile. Y que?!" It's unclear how often Mendes visits th...
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How to Stick to Your Creative Goals

The next time you worry that everything you want to do creatively has already been done by someone else, or feel anxious about the amount of time it will take for you to become as good at your creative work as you’d like to be, tell yourself that you’re on a bus. In Helsinki, Finland. And the most important thing you…Read more...
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Gabrielle Union Showed Off Her Natural Curls, and She Really Is All That

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Gabrielle Union-Wade (@gabunion) on Oct 14, 2019 at 9:48am PDT Gabrielle Union's hair seems to change almost weekly, and her latest is one of our absolute favorites. In an Instagram post on Monday, Union shared a Boomerang video of herself showing off her naturally curly hair, marking her location as "My Happy Place." Paired with an open-front leather m...
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These Under-$25 Multitasking Beauty Products Save You Both Time and Money

Multitaskers: they're quick, convenient, and the best products for when you're trying to create a backseat beauty beat. (You know, a beauty look you put together in the back of your Uber.) Purchasing one of these multitasking beauty products will streamline your routine, helping you get ready in as little as five minutes. Whether you're looking for lipsticks that double as subtle blushes or hardworking SPF products disguised as face and body makeup, you'll find it on this list. There is even a ...
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Victoria Beckham's Latest Beauty Collection Includes Lip Liners and a Universal Lip Tint

After nearly a year of anticipation, Victoria Beckham finally launched her beauty brand last month during London Fashion Week. Beckham's debut, direct-to-consumer collection was all about the eyes - aptly named the Smoky Eye Wardrobe - and was designed to help you re-create the designer's signature makeup look on your own. Although the initial launch only featured eye makeup, there was a promise from the beginning that Beckham was coming out with more products in the future (including skin care ...
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How designers are fighting the rise of facial recognition technology

To combat the rise of facial-recognition technology, designers have created clothing and accessories that helps to conceal people's identities from A.I.Although some of these inventions appear to be effective, their main point seems to be to raise awareness about facial-recognition technology.In the U.S., surveys suggests that most Americans would oppose strictly limiting the government's ability to use facial-recognition technology. None Concerned about the rise of facial-recognition technolo...
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Career Planning: 3 Things You Should Do Before Graduating

There is nothing quite like the experiences that you get to enjoy during your university days – sure they might be hectic what with the studying, part-time working and trying… Read more » The post Career Planning: 3 Things You Should Do Before Graduating appeared first on
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Understand Your Ultimate Goal

Several years ago, I was living in New York City and taking the subway to work every single day. Like many young people, I’d been taught somewhere along the line that this was “the place” to work and where the most sophisticated work happened, where the highest salaries were paid, and where the most important work occurred. I think this is true to a great extent. The city is extremely exciting and people work so hard there they can’t help but become incredibly good at their jobs. The concentrati...
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The Almost Invisible Church

I love this paragraph from James K.A. Smith’s new book On the Road With Saint Augustine: Let your eyes skate past the megachurch industrial complex and take note of the almost invisible church in your neighborhood that you’ve driven past a thousand times without noticing. Check on it some Tuesday night, and see if there aren’t lights on in the basement. Maybe the food pantry is open. Or the congregation is offering financial management classes or marital counseling for couples who are struggl...
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Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate unveils new ‘staging inspiration guide’

The guide, created by Max Wilker, the style director at Meredith Corporation – the publisher of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine – provides agents with 14 pages of tips and suggestions for every room of the house.
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10 Inventive Ideas to Reward and Engage Employees

How vital are rewarding and engaging employees? Employees who are engaged at work perform better, stay longer, and invest more of themselves in their job. However, a Gallup survey found the following: Only 34 percent of the US workforce is engaged in their jobs. 53 percent is not engaged. 13 percent is actively disengaged.   The numbers imply that less than half of US workers strive for high performance while the majority of them only give the minimum to reach expectations. Still, the most al...
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Tatcha Silk Peony Melting Eye Cream

I haven’t used an eye cream in a long while. Normally, I just smooth on whatever moisturizer I’m using on my face, but now that the weather is a little colder and my skin is a little... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Team Nike or Team Adidas

Today’s poll asks you to choose between two of the biggest athletic brands in the world: Nike and Adidas. Nike is American, and Adidas is German. Adidas is the slightly older company, and Nike is the slightly larger company. For as long as I can remember, these brands have competed with each other for market share, sales, and brand loyalty.  I’m not athletic, but I greatly appreciate both of these brilliant brands and their products. Their items have a high longevity factor, and are always in st...
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The difference between an agent and a Realtor, explained

Many consumers aren't sure what the difference is — or whether there even is one.
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Fashion designer Sophia Kokosalaki dies aged 47

Known for her elegant drapery, the Greek-born designer created gowns for the red carpet, costumes for the Greek Olympics and chic wedding dressesSophia Kokosalaki, the London-based Greek designer, has died at the age of 47. Kokosalaki was known for her talent for drapery and clothes that had a female-friendly glamour. They were worn on the red carpet by Chloë Sevigny, Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Connelly.The fashion world took to social media to express their grief about the news. Journalist Mela...
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Growing Up In Marriage

This past weekend I had the chance to speak at Freedom Church Los Alamos. It’s so great to be among real people – who love God – and are bringing God’s love to others! *Interested in having me come speak to your group or church? Let’s start the conversation by contacting me here. The post Growing Up In Marriage appeared first on SMR Nation.
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Tom Ford Metallique Perfume Review

Hmmm, it must have been the name or the brash bottle that’s not at all classic or even fresh, but I knew that there would be something about Tom Ford’s new fragrance, Metallique, that I... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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7 Tips From Top Marketers on How to Strategically Ask for a Promotion

As part of Adweek's First Things First newsletter (sign up here), we've been soliciting tips from our readers on a variety of topics about your careers and workplaces. Sometimes promotions just land your lap. Your accomplishments speak for themselves and your company recognizes them. Other times, you need to be prepared to toot your own...
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Gigi Hadid for Vogue Sunglasses

These amazingly trendy sunglasses are what are in my car right now, and they are Gigi Hadid for Vogue on Smart Buy Glasses. Not only are they comfy, but they fit my head just right. Check them out if... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Sweaty Scents for Sweater Weather

Perfume PosseSweaty Scents for Sweater Weather NOTE ON POSSE COMMENTS: we’ve got a new comments widget I’m playing with, you can edit your comments, woohoo!  Also, they thread, and they post newest first.  The only fail so far is the emojis.  Sadface.  Anyway, let me know… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseSweaty Scents for Sweater Weathe
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Rant and Rave: Not a fan of the bright uniforms

RANT to the Seahawks for wearing those neon green uniforms last Thursday night on nationwide TV. I saw my TV screen and immediately adjusted to a darker tone in response. The neon green against the turf with the TV’s darkened shades made the game very difficult to see, especially as the TV then tried to […]
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Biosilk Silk Therapy

A while ago, a reader recommended the Biosilk Silk Therapy. Well, I finally have had a chance to try it and I have to say that it’s not your typical shine serum. Although the main ingredients... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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