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8 Quick Ways To Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Once the frost of winter has passed, it’s time to spruce up your home for warm summer days. A bit of spring cleaning goes a long way, but dusting isn’t the only way to create a summer-friendly home. Here are eight ways to get your home summer-ready.  1. Install Air Conditioning While the heating may have been on all through winter, once the temperature soars, you’ll crave a cold burst of fresh air. Before it gets too hot, make sure your house is equipped for cooling down so you don...
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9 Reasons Why I Keep My Basement Free of Humidity

In most of our homes, basements have a well-known reputation of being musty, damp, and underused. After every long, wet, and humid summer, excess moisture is likely to find its way into our houses from the soil underneath and around the basement. Maintaining ideal humidity levels of 40-60% in the basement has a significant effect on the conditions of my house especially in summer and during the rainy months of the year. Here’s why I keep my basement free of excess moisture. High Humidity...
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Tips For Hiring An Air Conditioner Repairing Professional

  When any of our electronic appliances act funny, the first thing that we’d want to do is get it fixed. If you search on the internet, you’d find thousands of agencies providing repair services. The question is- how would you be able to figure which one to hire? Denver AC repair can be easy if you do a little bit of research before hiring an expert. Here are some of the tips you should read through before you hire a professional for repairing your air conditioner. Get familiar with your a...
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How to Heat Up and Cool down Your Home with Marvelous Efficiency

Heating, ventilating, and cooling your home could be one of the biggest parts of your monthly budget. If your HVAC equipment or your home itself is inefficient, you could be paying a lot more than you need to for indoor comfort. Follow these four tips to improve the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system. Buy an Efficient HVAC System When it comes time to replace your heat pump, furnace, or air conditioning system, choose the most efficient equipment that you can afford. The U....
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4 Reasons You Should Switch To Solar Power

Over the past few years, we have started to see more and more people begin to use solar power. You may have noticed it in your own neighborhoods, with a few houses getting solar panels installed on their roofs. With so many people starting to make the switch, you may have wondered to yourself “Should I start using solar power as well?” Switching your home over to solar power is a big step, so if you are still unsure that you want to do it, here are a few reasons that you may want to consider. ...
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Determining How Much Air Conditioner Your Home Really Needs

It is so important to try and get the temperature just right in your home as it is really frustrating when you find that no matter what you do with the dial it is either too hot or too cold. It never pays to play a guessing game with the size and the number of air conditioning units that you really need for the size of the space you are living in and you don’t have to, as there a couple ways to work out just the right size, type, and number of AC units needed. Here are some tips to guide y...
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If You Can't Beat the Heat Outside, Turn Off the AC

You’re not going to like this, but your air-conditioner is actually making it harder for your body to handle the heat outside. If you want to feel more comfortable outdoors during the hot summer months, you need to cut back on your AC use.Read more...
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Top 10 Ways to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Whether you just don’t have air conditioning, don’t want to fire it up just yet, or want to save money on energy, there are lots of ways to keep cool as the mercury rises. Here are some good ones.Read more...
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