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What Are The Best Gym Bags For Women On The Go?

Friends, we are here to stage a gym bag intervention. Please, just put down that flimsy freebie tote that was foisted on you at that work conference five years ago, or the cool thrift-store find with unique, Memphis-y design but non-working zipper — save it for an Instagrammable picnic come summertime. These literal sad sacks have no place acting as the trusty workout and commuter bag your lifestyle deserves.In our era of competitive wellness and uniform-like devotion to activewear, there are g...
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25 Breezy Beach Cover-Ups To Lighten Up Your Carry-On

As we move towards planning our grown-up, sand-filled getaways (more commonly known as spring break), our limited carry-on space means needing a proper swim cover-up that does more than just one job. It has to be beach- or poolside-ready, serve as a restaurant-appropriate outfit for a quick al fresco lunch break, and bonus points if it plays a factor nailing that perfect OOO Instagram shot. The new cover-up takes you from street side to waterfront, all without having to pop back into your hote...
Tags: Amazon, Fashion, Music, Anthropologie Free People Leonora Kimono, Everlane Ekouaer Swimsuit Shirt Dress, Amazon Madewell, Madewell LOFT, LOFT La Blanca Slouchy, Nordstrom Michael Stars Nicole Tie Dye Caftan, All Lennon Tassel Jumpsuit, Garden Sasha Ruffle Dress, Etsy H M Satin Romper, Seafolly Sleeveless Tiered Sundress, Amazon Lacausa Buena Mini, Amazon Reformation Marlowe Dress

Is this $10 aromatherapy kit really 'life-changing?' Why over 13,500 Amazon shoppers gave it near-perfect reviews

Thousands upon thousands of Amazon shoppers swear by this on-sale essential oils kit — and here's why.
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What to Watch: Love after death, galactic swashbuckling and a dark queer comedy

After Forever Stepping out on a movie date this weekend? Netflix and chillin? Whatever your entertainment needs, we got your back (and hopefully your mind) with Queerty’s weekly “Culture Club” column with some of the highlights of new releases, streaming shows, classics worth revisiting, and what to drink while you watch. The Stream: The Clone Wars: Season 7 Suffering from Mandalorian withdrawal? Still angry over the hot mess that was Rise of Skywalker? Yeah, us too. Luckily, the Star Wa...
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Tired of Heavy Conditioners Weighing You Down? These 9 Lightweight Choices Are For You

I have thin, fine hair, and finding the right conditioner that doesn't weight it down has always been a challenge for me. Throughout the years, I've tried and tested tons of products which often end up leaving me feeling flat and greasy. So, that's why when I finally find one that gives me that thick yet lightweight feeling I've been searching for, I recommend it to everyone. If you're also struggling to find one that won't weigh you down, then I'm here to help. Ahead, I curated a list of a few...
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This $10 Product Will Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

Here at POPSUGAR, we've been going through our routines, looking for ways to make our lives more environmentally friendly, and that means looking at the products we use every single day. Cotton pads have been a staple in my personal routine for as long as I can remember; I use them with toner, hydrogen peroxide, you name it. I always have a little container of cotton pads by my vanity, but now I've switched to these ($10). These little reusable rounds are genius. Instead of throwing them out...
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Jeff Bezos’ $165M mansion deal shatters Los Angeles sales record

Bezos bought the Beverly Hills estate from Hollywood mogul David Geffen in an off-market deal without the involvement of any agents.
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14 Popular Cosmetic Bags That'll Keep Your Products More Organized Than Ever

Every time I travel, I already know half my suitcase will be dedicated to cosmetics. From face creams to hair products and then all my makeup, there are so many necessities I just can't leave behind. I learned the hard way to not make the mistake of stuffing my products into plastic bags that might rip and leak. Instead, I use cosmetic cases that I know will keep my things safe and organized. Ahead, I curated a list of the best choices on the internet right now. A few of these picks are my pers...
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I Cleared Up My Adult Acne With These 7 Skincare Products on Amazon, All Under $22

Throughout all of high school, I washed my face with a bar of soap and water - I almost never dealt with acne. But as soon as I hit my 20s, zits started popping up regularly and I knew I had to take my skincare routine more seriously. As a shopping editor, I have tried hundreds of beauty products, but I have found that the tried-and-true drugstore formulas work best for my pimples. With my improved daily routine, I rarely ever have to deal with acne anymore. If you need help getting stubborn ble...
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By Terry V.I.P Paris By Light and Night Eye Palette Will Have You Spending Spring in France

The new By Terry V.I.P Paris By Light and Night Eye Palettes ($56) will having you swooning in joy for Spring 2020 if you’re a Francophile. Paris, Champs-Elysees, Brioche à Tete, the Eiffel Tower, romance, ahhh France! There’s something magical about it! You know what else is magical? These two V.I.P Paris By Light Eyeshadow Palettes from By Terry! I just want them both so I can look at them. They are just so damn pretty. Each palette holds 10 eyeshadows printed with images of Paris. The...
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5 Tips To Help Lower Your Grocery Bill

Food is probably your biggest expense aside from housing. After all, you always have to eat. So is there any way you can really cut back on this category? The easy answer is to stop going out to eat and spend more time cooking at home, but what if you’ve already done that and still can’t afford to be spending what you’re spending on food? The answer lies in your grocery bill. Just because you’re cooking your own food doesn’t necessarily mean you’re saving a lot of money. Groceries can cost a lo...
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Date Night Outfit for Over 50 — Under $150

Date Night Outfit for Over 50 — Under $150 Specs: Occasion: Date Night Body type: Over 50 Budget: Less than $150 Pieces: Loveappella Wrap Dress, $79: Buy now at Nordstrom Anne Klein Lonnie Pump, $49.98: Buy now at DSW Wallyn’s Clutch, $18.99: Buy now at Amazon more at Date Night Outfit for Over 50 — Under $150. This is an original post from The Budget Fashionista.
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After Getting Highlights, This $6 L'Oréal Mask Totally Saved My Dry, Damaged Hair

After years of keeping my hair dark brown, I finally headed to the salon and got a full head of balayage to lighten things up. I absolutely love how it looks, but my hair quickly became more dry and rough. I needed a deep conditioner that would quench my parched and damaged strands, so I headed to the shopping site I know best: Amazon. I bought a few different hair masks and tried them all out; there was one that worked significantly better than the rest. My new weekly go-to is the L'Oréal Paris...
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Paranoide Vorsichtsmaßnahmen, die ich als Single-Frau treffe

Erst Mal muss ich etwas klarstellen: Ich bin verrückt. Du sollst nicht denken, du würdest hier einen Artikel von jemandem lesen, der bei klaren Verstandes ist. Ich bin heute 4:30 Uhr aufgewacht. Ohne Alarm, an einem ganz normalen Wochentag. In meiner Wohnung wirst du das ganze Jahr über die eine oder andere Halloween-Deko finden. Und das ist nur die Spitze des Eisbergs. Aber davon mal abgesehen, liebe*r Leser*in, mache ich mir wirklich Sorgen. Ich bin eine Single-Frau, die freiwillig alleine ...
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Inman News quiz: Think you’re on top of the week’s biggest stories?

The real estate industry threw some curveballs. Take Inman's real estate news quiz to demonstrate how strong your talking points and cocktail banter are this week.
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Review: Warm Touch warming lube dispenser

The problem of the lube bottle is one that manufacturers have been grappling with for some time. Awkward flip-top caps with drippy squeeze tubes, clog-prone pumps, literal tubs that you scoop lubricant out of with your bare hands... these are all imperfect, sometimes messy ways of transporting lubricant from container to genital region. Really, lube bottles themselves are so last decade. In this new era, you need not suffer through even holding your lube bottle, much less struggling with its...
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Ready for these super queer Super Bowl teasers?

The Super Bowl always delivers queer ads nowadays, and t his year is going to be one of the busiest, chock full of LGBT celebrities. A host of pre-game teasers already star queer rapper Lil Nas X, “Queer Eye’s” Jonathan Van Ness, Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi, “RuPaul‘s Drag Race” stars Kim Chi and Miz Cracker, bisexual talk host Lilly Sing, and 2019 World Cup winners and newlyweds Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris. Once again setting a record, a 30-second commercial in Super Bowl LIV–pittin...
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Ex-Sean Cody performer Jarec Wentworth shares bizarre Amazon wishlist ahead of prison release

Just when you think a story can’t get any stranger — BAM — suddenly there’s a $200 Thor cosplay hammer involved. When we last heard from convicted extortionist and former Sean Cody performer Jarec Wentworth (aka Teofil Brank), he was getting released from prison early to spend the final portion of his sentence at a halfway home. To briefly recap (before we get back to the Thor hammer), in 2015, Brank was found guilty of extorting gay Republican millionaire Donald Burns. AdBridg.cmd.push(functi...
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What to Watch: Harley Quinn chic, ‘Katy Keene’ takes Manhattan and a gay boy hunts monsters

Katy Keene Stepping out on a movie date this weekend? Netflix and chillin? Whatever your entertainment needs, we got your back (and hopefully your mind) with Queerty’s weekly “Culture Club” column with some of the highlights of new releases, streaming shows, classics worth revisiting, and what to drink while you watch. The Catch: Katy Keene The Riverdale universe expands yet again, this time into the glory and gayness of New York City. This new spinoff follows the titular would-be fashio...
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Managers Need To Know: Just Exactly What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Everyone is talking about AI, but what is it really? Image Credit: PROO’Reilly Conferences Welcome to the 21st Century. For some reason everyone seems to be talking about artificial intelligence as of late. What’s the big deal? This stuff used to only exist in science fiction movies and now it sure seems like it is in the process of taking over the world. Managers are going to be affected by the arrival of artificial intelligence and so it sure looks like we are going to have to make sure ...
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The Best Super Low Rise Jeans [January 2020]

There are a lot of low rise jeans on the market these days. Most can be found on Amazon. The best so far are made by Wax Womens Super Stretch Skinny jeans that are made from dark denim. low rise jeans resource What Does Low Rise Jeans Mean? Low rise pants are also know as hipster or low cut jeans. They are also referred to as lowriders and rap pants. They sit low on the hips, usually 8 centimeters lower than the navel. Low rise pants are available since the 1900s but their popularity inc...
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Your Guide To Ultra Low Rise Jeans [January 2020]

What are the best low rise jeans? To determine the best low rise jeans, a good indicator on the internet these days is whatever is considered a top seller on Amazon. At this time, Hale low rise jeans, and Lily Parker low rise jeans are considered the best for comfort, style , durability and being true to size fit. The Best Low Rise Jeans When did low rise jeans come out? Throughout history, denim is a staple. Low rise jeans were introduced over a hundred years ago. Through out the deca...
Tags: Amazon, Fashion, Alexander Mcqueen, Hale, Best Jeans, Lily Parker

I Tried This Bestselling $8 Witch Hazel Toner - It's the Answer to All Your Skin Problems

I love using a toner after washing my face - it keeps my skin even and blemish-free. The one problem I have found, though, is that most toners include alcohol, which can be extremely drying in the wintertime. I would end up with unwanted flakes that were anything but cute. That's why I was thrilled to discover Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner ($8). The alcohol-free formula is a bestseller at Amazon, and I totally understand why. It keeps my skin clear without stripping it of moisture. The p...
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Discover the Disappearing Turkish Language That is Whistled, Not Spoken

We so often privilege individuals as the primary drivers of innovation. But what if technology is also self-organizing, developing as an evolutionary response to the environment? If we think of whistled language as a kind of technology, we have an excellent example of this self-organizing principle in the 42 documented whistled languages around the world. As we noted in a previous post, reports of whistled languages go back hundreds of years in cultures that would have had no contact wit...
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Pinterest launches virtual makeup ‘Try On’ feature, starting with lipstick

A new Pinterest feature will allow users to virtually try on products, starting with lipstick, before they shop from retailers like Estée Lauder, Sephora, bareMinerals, Neutrogena, NYX Professional Makeup, YSL Beauté, Lancôme, and Urban Decay from L’Oréal. To use the new feature, pinners will first open Pinterest’s smart camera, “Lens,” while in Search, then click “Try it” to explore the different lipstick shades available. To shop the products, you just swipe up. Another way to access Try on is...
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Saturday Startup Spotlight: Swayy

Capital Factory’s Saturday Startup Spotlight series features intimate chats with some of the latest founders taking hold of the startup ecosystem today. We’re returning this week with the co-founders of Swayy: Rajya Atluri and Clio Harralson. If you’re worried about the current state of the fast fashion industry but want to continue changing up your closet with exciting outfits, Swayy has a solution for you. They’re a carefully-curated clothing aggregator, with an emphasis on creating customiz...
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How To Plan the Perfect Anniversary Trip

An anniversary is the best time of year to do something special for your loved one. And what anniversary gift ideas could be more special than an anniversary getaway? Planning the perfect anniversary trip can be half of the fun but taking care of all the details sometimes causes unneeded stress. Fortunately, we’ve come up with some great tips to ensure your anniversary trip goes off without a hitch: Choose Nature A trip to the beach or other location steeped in nature is a perfect ...
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The Secrets to Power, Mastery, and Truth Is Now Available on Kindle!

Late last year, we released The Secrets to Power, Mastery, and Truth: The Best of William George Jordan as a handsome hardcover and ebook available exclusively in the AoM store. We’re happy to announce that it is also now available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook.  William George Jordan (1864-1928) was an editor of literary journals and mainstream magazines who came to public prominence in the late 19th century for lectures he offered on his system of “mental training.” Jordan felt that contempora...
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Two Outstanding Gardening Books for those Long, Winter Nights

Two rock stars of the gardening world have recently release significant works worthy of any gardeners bookshelf. Ken Druse's 'The Scentual Garden' and Amy Goldman's The 'Melon' will inspire, inform and entertain you this winter as you plan your summer garden. I promise. I just realized that these two books (The Melon by Amy Goldman and the Scentual Garden by Ken Druse) essentially deal with, well, sensuality. While one can certainly draw lines to why flowers are fragrant or why melons are...
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3 tech giants are teaming up to make smart home devices easier to use

Amazon, Apple, and Google have teamed up with the Zigbee Alliance to create a single, royalty-free wireless protocol that will make smart home devices easier to connect and use.
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