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Steinbeck’s Salty Turkey and Thanksgiving in Amalfi

As an expat, holidays are always a bit different from what they once were. You can recreate traditions, but without the familiar places and, most of all, the familiar faces of family and friends, the holiday can feel quite flat. Of course, there are new families created and friends found, but it’s never the same. The holiday that feels the most that way to me is Thanksgiving, since it doesn’t exist here in Italy. Even though they have a name for it–Giorno del Ringraziamento–it’s just the fo...
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The Eden Project Built a Rainforest Ecosystem Inside Buckminster Fuller-Inspired Geodesic Domes Buckminster Fuller had a difficult time as an inventor in his early years. “Having been expelled from Harvard for irresponsible conduct,” notes The Guardian, “he struggled to find a job and provide a living for his young family in his early 30s.” Despite later successes, and a later reputation as legendary as Nikola Tesla’s, he was often, like Tesla, seen by critics as a utopian visionary, whose visions were too impractical to really change the...
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The Power of Decency in the Legal Profession

Decency in the legal profession – the phrase may cause lawyers and the general public to emit a collective guffaw. Yet we can, and indeed we should, strive for decency as it is sorely lacking in so many areas of daily life. How to do it in the midst of global turmoil and a profession that, by its nature, is contentious and adversarial, is a question many have asked for some time. Perhaps that once we overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic and get some time to reflect on life we will have ...
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How to fight 'Covid fatigue' as America heads for a deadly winter

Polls suggest Americans are exhausted after months of restrictions, so we asked experts for advice on how to convince loved ones to stay safe ahead of the holidaysFatigue with pandemic restrictions has hit many Americans at a time when it’s more important than ever that people take the virus seriously and stay home.While the US contends with a huge surge in cases and record hospitalizations, federal inaction has forced local officials to adopt their own rules and messaging, creating a patchwork ...
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How Rudy Giuliani went from a respected federal prosecutor and beloved NYC mayor to Trump's bag man

Rudy Giuliani. J Pat Carter/AP Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's attorney, has been at the forefront of the administration's response to several controversies and legal issues. Giuliani was once the widely hailed mayor of America's largest city who lead the country through national tragedy. Recently, Giuliani became a key player in Trump's impeachment inquiry, found himself under federal investigation, and has represented the Trump campaign's unsubstantiated efforts to overturn the r...
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The 25 best US cities for veterans to live, ranked

Members of the US armed forces hold a flag during the Veteran's Day parade in New York. Reuters According to the Veterans Association, there are currently more than 19.5 million veterans living in America. However, when it comes to adjusting to civilian life, some areas of the country are better for veterans than others. WalletHub ranked the 100 largest US cities in four major categories — employment, economy, quality of life, and health — to determine the best cities for veterans to l...
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Why It Had to Be Biden

The cover of this week’s Economist, that British bastion of business, intelligence, culture and policy, has a ragged, torn US flag flying over a government building. Above the flag is this lead: “Why it has to be Joe Biden.” In three articles, the magazine makes a strong case for Biden for the American voter. The subtitle of the first article summarizes their case: Donald Trump has desecrated America’s values. Joe Biden offers the prospect of repair and renewal. Though, happily, Joe Biden has wo...
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"If you’re going to work from home indefinitely, why not make a new home in an exotic place?..."

"It turns out there are drawbacks the trend stories and Instagram posts didn’t share. Tax things. Red-tape things. Wi-Fi rage things. Closed border things. The kinds of things one might gloss over when making an emotional, quarantine-addled decision to pack up an apartment and book a one-way ticket to Panama or Montreal or Kathmandu.... The anxious self-optimization pingpongs between 'Why aren’t I living my best life?' and 'Why aren’t I killing it at work?'... Ms. Smith-Adair’s office became a f...
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27 photos of some of the most adorable dogs to live in the White House

President Barack Obama and his dog Bo were very close. Getty Dogs are the most popular pet for a president to have during his time in the White House. President Donald Trump broke the presidential tradition when he didn't bring a dog into the White House, saying after two years in office that he would feel "a little phony doing so." President-elect Joe Biden is poised to reset the tradition of dogs in the Executive Mansion with his two German shepherds, one of whom would be the first shelt...
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Vice President-elect Kamala Harris comes from a family of lawyers and Stanford graduates. Meet the family.

Kamala Harris with her husband and niece's daughter. Mason Trinca/Getty Images Kamala Harris made history last week when she and Joe Biden became the projected winners of the 2020 US presidential election. Born to immigrant parents from Jamaica and India, Harris is the first Black woman and the first Indian American woman to appear on a Democratic ticket and to become the vice persident-elect. We took a look at Harris' extended family, which has five lawyers and several Stanford gradua...
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I'm a poll worker in Georgia — here's what it's been like helping people vote in one of the most hotly contested states

Denise LeGree on a break after a long day at the polls. Denise LeGree Denise LeGree is a 58-year-old poll worker in Gwinnett County, Georgia, a suburban county of Atlanta. Votes in the state are still being counted. After a stint as a poll watcher during the 2008 election, LeGree decided to work the polls in 2020, devoting her time to helping set up voting booths and scanning IDs on Election Day. She says the job has exposed the convoluted process of voting, a system that she feels has oft...
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50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Stocking stuffers often get overlooked in the rush to see the bigger gifts Santa’s left. But they’re one of my favorite parts of Christmas. There’s something so fun about little gifts small enough to be stuffed in a giant sock. Yet once a man ages out of the novelty toys of his youth, it can be hard to know how to fill his stocking with things that are both neat and useful. For that reason, we’ve created this guide that includes 50 stocking stuffers a father, husband, or brother will find both ...
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The Self-Care Routines of 5 American Presidents

In the last several years, talk about the idea of “self-care” — doing things to care for your own mental, emotional, and physical health — has become more and more common. At first, the term felt a little cringey and self-indulgent, something used largely amongst women-focused lifestyle blogs to rationalize booking a spa day and by the wellness industry to sell pampering products. But if self-care has sometimes been overused as a buzzword, its fundamental premise is still quite sound. In any...
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The life of Dana Perino: the rare Fox News anchor who's worried about being boring

Dana Perino at Fox News Channel Studios on July 31, 2018 in New York. John Lamparski/Getty Dana Perino, 48, is the host of Fox News' "The Daily Briefing," a commentator on the "The Five," and co-host of the Fox podcast "I'll Tell You What." At age six, Perino told her family that she would one day work in the White House. She studied journalism at graduate school, but after refusing to interview the mother of a murdered 2-year-old child, she decided the profession wasn't for her. Perino tr...
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Meet the former social media manager for luxury fashion brands like Prada and Barney's who's launching a new virtual mentorship program for Black professionals

Candace Marie Stewart is a social media strategist in the luxury fashion space, an adjunct professor at the Parsons School Of Design, and the founder of Black in Corporate. Hunter Abrams Candace Marie Stewart spent some 10 years in the corporate world before starting her own social media consultancy for luxury fashion brands.  Over the course of her career, she encountered systemic racism. Specifically, she recalled having to work harder than her white colleagues for the same recognition a...
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Melania tells a joke in West Bend, Wisconsin.

"Joe Biden says he could do a better job leading this nation. Apparently, when you hide in a basement, you feel safe communicating your wishful thinking." I love the rough-hewn lumber background. It's almost as expressive of Melania's oneness with the place as Lady Gaga's pickup truck. Now, Lady Gaga was mocked for that effort at performing American rural culture — redneckface, we might call it. I’m voting for America #vote #election2020— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)...
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From rich kid to first daughter: The life of Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump, 38. Jemal Countess / Getty Images Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump's eldest daughter, has lived her life in the public eye. The 39-year-old has been a business executive, runway model, socialite, doting mother, and key advisor in her father's administration. Here's a closer look at her life, career, and time in the White House. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Ivanka Trump has lived her life in the public eye.Born to then real-estate mogul Donald Trump ...
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White Shoulders Evyan: An American Beauty of the 1950s

Today, I would like to recall one of the most classic US fragrances: the legendary fragrance, White Shoulders Evyan. It was not easy to find in Russia, but I managed to get it. Its story started with the happy love story of the Austrian Baron Walter Langer von Langendorff and his British wife Evelyn Diane Westall. The couple met in New York. After moving to America in the '30s, the Baron creat... Read full article: White Shoulders Evyan: An American Beauty of the 1950s from Fragrantica Perfume...
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Barrett, Scalia and the Tone Deafness of Legal and Biblical Originalism

I paid little attention to Clarence Thomas’ appointment in 1991 other than to recognize, given my background in nonverbal communication, that he was probably lying about harassment. The research reveals that telling whether a person is lying is not nearly as easy as some would like you to believe. So, my conclusion was “probable.” But in watching Anita Hill all the nonverbals indicated a high probability she was telling the truth. That was all very frustrating. My focus was completely upon the h...
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What You Should Know about Student Loan Hardship in 2020

There is no doubt that America has a massive student loan problem, as over 44 million Americans owe a U.S student loan debt of over $1.56 trillion. When I started Ascend Finance, I did not realize just how big the issue actually was.  The main source of this problem due to the lack of financial knowledge among students in colleges. In a survey conducted by Student Loan Hero, they found out that 10% of students in colleges think that they don’t need to pay their student loan debt even if...
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The Rise of Hookup Sex Culture

Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews The Rise of Hookup Sex Culture With an increasing number of adults indulging in casual sex, there is a shift in the social forces and ideas that shape popular culture. Today, adolescents and young adults in America are no longer... Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews The Rise of Hookup Sex Culture
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6 free online courses from Ivy League schools to educate yourself on race and America's long history of injustice

These humanities courses will help you understand the history of racial oppression and violence in the US. AP In the wake of protests against racism and ahead of a presidential election, now is an important time for Americans, especially non-Black people, to educate themselves on the history of race and racial oppression in the US. Business Insider found several free online courses on race and white privilege offered by top institutions like Yale University and Stanford University. The cou...
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I'm Chris Hemsworth's stunt double. I've been set on fire, smashed through glass, and fallen down dozens of stairs. Here's what my job is like.

Bobby Holland Hanton as Chris Hemsworth's stunt double in "Thor." Bobby Holland Hanton Bobby Holland Hanton is a 36-year old British professional stunt performer for film and TV. He's been Chris Hemsworth's stunt double since filming "Thor: The Dark World" in 2012, and has worked in other blockbuster hits like "The Dark Knight Rises," "Inception," "Skyfall," two Harry Potter films, and the latest Mission Impossible, to name a few. Hanton grew up as a national-level gymnast, played semi...
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7 haunted houses that were once worth over $1 million

The Pillars Estate in Albion, New York. Steve Shoemaker/Amity Photos Some haunted houses have been put up on the market in recent years, and the prices to live in one of these homes may surprise you. Despite their murderous or paranormal reputations, many haunted homes are listed for millions when they're put up on the market.  However, some haunted houses have sold for much less, perhaps due to either their sinister reputations or just dilapidation over time. Visit Business Insider's home...
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5 Most Common Types of Personal Injuries

Unfortunately, harmful accidents happen more than you think. The National Center for Health Statistics stated that, in the US alone, around 31 million people experience personal injuries that require medical attention each year. Two million of these cases are severe enough for hospitalization, whereas 162,000 are fatal. While we’re listing the five most common claims, there are many more that are worthy of a case. Are you unsure if your situation requires a personal injury lawyer? Click here to ...
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How billionaires stay rich amid skyrocketing rates of 'wealth erosion'

The number of one-time billionaires who dropped out of the three comma club was 10 times higher in 2019 than in 2010. Rana Faure / Getty Images Billionaire who stay rich tend to all do one important thing with their fortunes according to a new report —diversify it. The number of one-time billionaires who dropped out of the three comma club was 10 times higher in 2019 than in 2010. Not all classes of assets are equally beneficial to people looking to stabilize their net worths.   Visit Busi...
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Democracy of Style: mazi + zo’s “VOTE” Necklace Makes a Statement

A little box containing a delicate piece of jewelry seems unassuming, but mazi + zo’s “VOTE” necklace is a secret powerhouse that’s anything but passive. Comprised of recycled .925 sterling silver or recycled 14k gold, the “VOTE” necklace strings together four letters that mean almost as much to us in 2020 than they did in the mid-1960s. Voting has become a hotly debated issue over the last several months due to the grave amount of misinformation, needless doubt, and accessibility issues that...
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Google is planning to add new 'hub' offices to provide flexibility for employees, and experts say these networks of satellite offices are the future in Silicon Valley

Amazon's office in Boulder, Colorado. Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images The future of the tech office isn't clustered in Silicon Valley, experts told Business Insider. Instead, tech companies will likely adopt a "hub-and-spoke" model, with satellite offices peppered across the US. In a post-coronavirus era, employees may have a "remote-first" work schedule, and commute to a satellite office when they need to from wherever they live.  Amazon, Apple, and Uber have alre...
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Podcast #650: Why People Are Building Bunkers for the Apocalypse

When you think about bunkers, you might be apt to think of the 1950s and people building basement and backyard fallout shelters during the Cold War. But there’s a second “Doom Boom” going on right now, and people aren’t just burrowing into the earth to protect themselves from a nuclear bomb. My guest today traveled across four continents to explore what’s driving this phenomenon and how it’s manifesting itself in the modern age. His name is Bradley Garrett and he’s a professor of cultural geo...
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Turning Points and Milestones of Growth-Fostering Relationships

Every person who intends to exert leadership in his personal life, in business or any other vocation—and even in the family--will intentionally focus on personal growth. Research has shown us that effective business leadership growth inevitably requires mentors. Though true, that notion is plainly inadequate. The fact is that all living and all development takes place only with relationships . To put it still more directly, we experience growth because of our connections to other people. I can ...
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