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Our best Christmas food gifts and recipes

From our archive: from festive pickles and homemade sweets to luxury biscuits and exotic oils, a a gift you’ve made yourself can make someone’s ChristmasA trio of presents that you’ll want for Christmas dinner: a ginger nut brittle to serve as is or to blitz into a toast-topping paste, crumbly cheese biscuits and an enticingly easy fig jam Continue reading...
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How to make shortbread – recipe | Felicity Cloake's masterclass

Christmas shortbread as made by our resident perfectionist, with a few choices of festive flavouringsThe world may have gone mad for spiced speculoos this year, but, for me, Christmas will always be all about two biscuits: gingerbread, for decorations, and shortbread, for actual consumption. Easy to make and a genuine crowdpleaser, shortbread will keep well for several weeks, which makes it the gift that keeps on giving well into the dark days of January. Not that it’ll last that long.Prep 15 mi...
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Chloe + Isabel Giveaway!

Today, I’m super excited to share with you all Chloe & Isabel merchandiser, Meggie Hunter with 2 Chic Cousins .  Meggie and I have been friends since college and she just has an unbelievable sense of style!  Meggie is an Mommy of 3 boys by day and a “jewelry fashionista” by night. Selling jewelry alongside her cousin Shea Brattian who is a school teacher. 2 Chic Cousins has generously donated a $48 Sand + Sky Convertible Pendant Necklace that I am going to giveaway to one ...
Tags: Jewelry, Giveaways, Fashion, Free, Anonymous, Baking, Birchbox, Chloe, Chloe Isabel Giveaway, Chloe Isabel, Meggie Hunter, Meggie, Shea Brattian, Chic Cousins, Chloe Isabel Memorial

DIY Blackhead Strips

I am a sucker for saving money, so when I heard about these DIY blackhead strips I had to give them a try! I was somewhat skeptical, but it actually worked out pretty well. Fair warning though, the concoction is a little smelly! What are your favorite beauty DIYs to save money?For more DIY videos subscribe to my YouTube Channel! [Author: Anonymous]
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From gummy worms to snickerdoodles: Yotam Ottolenghi’s Halloween recipes

Sweet and savoury treats for the big night: black lime gummy worms, a deep-fried noodle snack with fried peanuts and curry leaves, and pumpkin spice cookiesFor anyone doing the sweet-sweep rounds next weekend, Halloween can feel more like trick and treat, rather than trick or treat. No sooner have our kids been plied with sweets than we try to trick them out of eating them. Or did Scrooge just come early to our house this year? Anyway, for 2021, I’m going to lean into making Halloween snacks ins...
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All about that base! From eggnog brulee to spiced orange tart: 10 top biscuit-based dessert recipes

Sweet and crunchy, biscuit-bottomed puddings are perfection – and surprisingly varied. Here are 10 delicious desserts to tryIf you are a certain type of person – me, essentially – you will be unable to hear the phrase “biscuit base” without it immediately conjuring the sound of Gregg Wallace bellowing it over and over again against a wall of hardcore techno. If that has just happened to you, I can only apologise, but I promise these recipes will make it worth it. Puddings that require any amount...
Tags: Food, Cake, Life and style, Baking, Dessert, Biscuits, Gregg Wallace

Cake was my first love – it sees me through life’s highs and lows

There should be no guilt with cake, only romance – in the making, the display, the history… and, of course, the eatingThe Great British Bake Off is back! Sales of baking utensils skyrocket when the amateur baking show is on. It appears we’re all cake mad. But I’ve always been mad as a box of doughnuts for cake, long before the GBBO started. In fact, it’s one of my loves – not one of my vices.Cake and I are friends; we go back a long way. At school, we’d bake in home economics class and sell our ...
Tags: Psychology, Food, Cake, Science, Life and style, Health & wellbeing, Baking, Gbbo

Dog Cookie Recipe

Treat your four legged friends with this easy Dog Cookie Recipe! Cookies for canines? You bet! Just like my dog cake, pupcakes dog cupcakes, dog donuts and homemade dog treats, his pup approved peanut butter cookie was created specifically for dogs. Your furry family member will love when you whip up a batch of dog-friendly cookies just for them! Reasons You’ll Love This Recipe Your pup will be thrilled with these yummy dog cookies, just like the good ...
Tags: Cook, Life, Pets, Baking, Don, Dog Treats, Oats Oats, LoveFromTheOven, Baking And Desserts, kcal Author Christi Johnstone Ingredients, Vitamin B6 Peanut Butter Dogs LOVE

Goodbye wheat! Readers on 10 great gluten-free recipes – from katsu curry to cherry cake

Steering clear of wheat, rye and barley doesn’t mean avoiding delicious dishes. Here are some of the tastiest offerings, including soda bread, peanut butter cookies and banana oat pancakesMy favourite gluten-free recipe is poodla (small pancakes), which I make using gram (chickpea) flour, water, cumin seeds, garam masala, turmeric and salt, with added chillies (chopped), grated onion and grated courgettes (it also works with mashed peas, spinach, grated cauliflower etc). Simply make a batter to ...
Tags: Food, Life and style, Society, Baking, Allergies, Gluten-free, Bournemouth Continue, Rekha Shah

The world’s greatest dessert: 10 superb pavlovas – from peach melba to beautiful banoffee

There are no end of delicious variations on the meringue, cream and fruit original, whether you’re a vegan, have a sweet tooth or like sophisticated pink peppercornsWhen the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova visited Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s, she was honoured with the world’s greatest pudding. The influence of the pavlova – a huge disc of meringue topped with whipped cream and fruit – has since spread around the world. Here are 10 incredible pavlova variations for you to gorge on. Cont...
Tags: Food, Australia, Life and style, Fruit, New Zealand, Baking, Dessert, Anna Pavlova

‘Throw the ingredients together with reckless abandon!’: Guardian readers on their tastiest foolproof bakes

Want to rustle up something delicious that is guaranteed to work? Here are nine recipes to try Continue reading...
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‘Crumpets have been my saviour!’: readers on their 14 best comfort meals of lockdown

Food has felt more important than ever this past year – particularly meals that offer solace. From rösti to Coco Pops, here are the dishes that got us throughFor me, lockdown has meant an absolutely manic schedule, working from home with back-to-back Zoom calls and long hours. Crumpets have been my saviour. Yes, factory made, perfectly consistent and versatile: top with yoghurt and frozen berries at 8am, blue cheese and leeks at 1pm, followed by eggs and spinach at 7pm, and you have a full day’s...
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A maddening grief: my year of miscarriages and how I got through it

Navigating an uncharted landscape, I found solace in an unlikely placeAfter my third consecutive miscarriage I began baking bread.This was 2019, a year and change before quarantine boredom ignited a sourdough craze that lit up everyone’s lockdown Instagram feeds with images of fresh and hot loaves. Continue reading...
Tags: Family, Instagram, Pregnancy, Life and style, Health & wellbeing, Death and dying, Parents and parenting, Baking

23 last-minute gifts you can still get in time for Mother's Day, including gift cards and subscriptions

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Sephora If you're purchasing a Mother's Day gift last minute, there's still time to order something special. We rounded up 23 options - from luxurious hair products to cookbooks - that will arrive by May 9. If you're not in a hurry, check out these 54 Mother's Day gifts under $50. Mother's Day is around the corner and there are just a few days to get a gift for the moms in your l...
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Meltdown: Ravneet Gill’s recipes for using up Easter egg chocolate

Who wants to turn their excess Easter eggs into chocolate fondant, chocolate cereal clusters and chocolate and hazelnut spread? Bring it on!Can you bake with Easter egg chocolate? Sure you can. After getting my hands on a variety of Easter eggs this year (dark chocolate, caramelised white chocolate, orange-flavoured, nougat-filled mini eggs, the ones with pretzels stuck all over them … ), I found a place for them all: melted and turned into something else. For these recipes, I encourage you to u...
Tags: Food, Cake, Snacks, Eggs, Life and style, Breakfast, Side Dishes, Baking, Chocolate, Dessert, Easter, Ravneet Gill

Hot cross bun bonanza! Ten brilliant recipes – from the perfect classic to prosciutto and parmesan

For the purists, there is Felicity Cloake’s failsafe recipe. But if you want to buck tradition, how about chocolate, cherry bakewell or Marmite?People get awfully territorial about hot cross buns. If you have ever trailed around a supermarket with a hot cross bun purist at Easter, you’ll know what I mean. They’ll spot a bun that dares deviate even slightly from the tried and true hot cross bun blueprint – maybe it’ll have cranberries in it or, God forbid, chocolate – and they’ll act as if they’v...
Tags: Food, Life and style, Bread, Baking, Chocolate, Easter, Felicity Cloake

Hungry for Higher Education

Life has undergone some drastic changes for most of us in the past year. Facing pressure on all sides from rising expenses and a plummeting employment rate, the job market feels especially volatile, especially if you’re the sort of person who wants to do what they’re genuinely passionate about. The good news is that jobs in the food industry are more important than ever, and with so many people changing careers now, this is a great time to invest in further education. Is that even possible to g...
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10 delicious treacle recipes, from the classic tart to dumpling and gingerbread

Unsure what to do with that tin of goop at the back of the cupboard? These brilliant sweet and savoury dishes will make the most of itThere comes a point in everyone’s life when you look – really look – at black treacle and, instead of seeing a familiar larder mainstay, decide that it is an unpalatably bitter, weirdly coloured, metallic-tasting goop. This is why everyone has an almost full tin of treacle in their cupboard. But don’t be so quick to write it off: this is an ingredient that can shi...
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'No respite between holidays!' Hot cross buns' early arrival prompts joy and fury

The debate over when hot cross buns should be sold is almost as much of a tradition in Australia as the Easter treat itselfFor years supermarkets have released hot cross buns well before Easter, and as the yeasted treats arrive, so too does the pro- or anti-bun outrage.“No respite between holidays!” my mum texts me on 3 January, after sighting off-white crosses on New Year’s Day. “Buy buy buy pure consumerism in your face!” She insists she’s only mildly annoyed by the baked good’s drawn-out shel...
Tags: Food, Australia, Life and style, Baking, Easter, Australian lifestyle

Benjamina Ebuehi's Christmas recipe for mini clementine ginger tarts | The sweet spot

The sweetness of clementine curd mellows the hit of fiery ginger in this tasty winter dessert We get through a ridiculous amount of ginger in my house. Whether it’s fresh, crystallised or stem ginger in syrup, it’s such a familiar comfort and makes many appearances in both my sweet and savoury cooking at this time of year. Sometimes I’ll lean in to the fiery heat that ginger can bring, but for desserts I prefer to mellow it out a little with sweetness. Enter sweet clementine curd. Continue readi...
Tags: Food, Eggs, Christmas, Life and style, Fruit, Baking, Dessert, Pastry, Christmas food and drink, Benjamina Ebuehi

No ginger spice? Here’s how to make your recipes sing without it

A global shortage means supermarkets have all but run out of ginger. We ask some top chefs for their substitutesAs if 2020 were not bad enough already, now we have a global ginger shortage. Output in China, which accounts for almost half the world’s exports, is down, following a bad harvest. Factor in other supply chain failures as a result of the pandemic, and the result is that supermarkets have almost sold out of fresh and ground ginger.But never fear. If you have been struggling to get your ...
Tags: Food, UK, China, Life and style, Baking, Chefs

17 delicious loaf tin recipes (that aren’t banana bread)

The traditional 2lb baking container isn’t just for using up fruit – you can create everything from paté to panna cottaA traditional 2lb loaf tin does not weigh two pounds, nor does it cost £2 – even the cheapest model will set you back about £2.50. It is called that because it is designed to accommodate 2lb of bread dough – about 900g.So, it is not a size, but a rough measure of capacity – any 2lb loaf tin will hold about 1.5l of water. The shape, however, will vary from tin to tin – some are b...
Tags: Food, Cake, Life and style, Bread, Baking, Ice-cream and sorbet

Chocolate thins and nut brittle: Rachel Roddy's recipes for sweet Christmas gifts | A kitchen in Rome

These easy walnut and honey brittle biscuits and little chocolate, nut and currant sweets make for glorious festive gifts“Light candles, gather shrubbery, do it, do it now,” was Signe Johansen’s advice the other day: small rituals against dark days. Advice is like plastic: there is just too much of it, and I am like plastic in the face of most advice – stubborn and impermeable. But this advice came at just the right moment, so I took it. Also because I needed bay leaves (which come from bay tree...
Tags: Food, London, Snacks, Christmas, Life and style, Rome, Italian food and drink, Baking, Chocolate, Dessert, Rachel Roddy, Signe Johansen, Monte Testaccio, Christmas food and drink

Microwave cakes and old fish: chefs’ seven most controversial cooking tips

We asked the professionals to give us their most unconventional kitchen suggestions, from omelettes cooked in crisp packets to boiled mushroomsIn June, the chef Jim Fuller caused something of a firestorm when he announced that we have all been cooking mushrooms the wrong way. The longstanding convention is that raw mushrooms hate moisture; you are even meant to brush the dirt off rather than washing them before cooking.On Channel 9 in Australia, Fuller professed to always boiling his mushrooms i...
Tags: Food, Australia, Snacks, Eggs, Vegetables, Life and style, Fish, Baking, Chefs, Fuller, Jim Fuller

Forget chocolate chip! 20 delicious cookie recipes – from custard yo-yos to a tiramisu sandwich

From cookies masquerading as seashells to multicoloured pinwheels and salty savouries, there is something here for everyoneBiscuits – like so much of life post-lockdown – may never be the same again. We are no longer content with a stale Hobnob for our tea break. Now, we want homemade gooey, chewy perfection.The obvious crowd-pleaser is the chocolate chip biscuit. But, home-bakers, it is not your only option. (By biscuits, we mean everything from chocolate digestives to custard creams – includin...
Tags: Food, US, Life and style, Baking, Biscuits

5 Common Baking Mistakes Novice Bakers Should Avoid

Baking is as much a science as it is an art. Unlike cooking, there’s a much narrower margin for error when you bake: even the smallest mistake at any stage of the process could cost you dearly.  For example, when you make grilled chicken wings, you don’t have to stick to the exact measurements of a marinade recipe, and you can adjust seasoning as you go.  With baking, it is important to follow the steps accurately, as it is quite hard to correct the common baking mistakes midway thr...
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Juicy fruits: 17 ways to cook with cherries – from sorbet to vodka to black forest gateau

Paired with chocolate for dessert or pickled and served over mackerel, there’s so much you can do with cherries this season – just invest in a stoner first As cherry season gets into full swing, allow me to recommend a small, but judicious, purchase – buy yourself a cherry stoner.You may already have one in a drawer somewhere – a tool you’ve inherited without ever knowing what it is: little sprung jaws featuring a spoon with a hole in it on one side and a corresponding protrusion on the other. Y...
Tags: Food, Life and style, Fruit, Baking, Salad, Pastry, Ice-cream and sorbet

One punnet of strawberries - 17 ways to use them, from cake to ketchup

There is more to strawberry recipes than just cream and sugar. Try pairing them with tomatoes, avocados, basil or harissa – if you dareIf you are not going to get out there and pick strawberries, the least you can do is eat them. Britain, farmers tell us, is facing a huge strawberry glut, thanks to the cancellation of major events such as Wimbledon (where 33 tonnes of strawberries were eaten last year), along with thousands of weddings and summer parties. As civic duties go, eating loads of stra...
Tags: Food, Cake, Life and style, Britain, Fruit, Cocktails, Baking, Dessert, Salad

Just add chocolate, or dates, or banana … 10 delicious flapjack recipes to suit every taste

Sweet, comforting and endlessly flexible, flapjack is the perfect lockdown bake. Whether you’re a vegan, a hipster or a millionaire, we’ve got you coveredPerhaps I am over-generalising, but I feel that the flapjack rarely migrates from the home economics class into everyday adult life. Yet at this moment, it hits all the notes: it is wholesome, very simple, you can bake it with children and you can throw any old nonsense in to no obvious ill effect. Plus, it needs no flour, which is great if you...
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Family cooking under coronavirus: 'I've become a chef with two grumpy regular customers'

Cooking and clearing up has been relentless – and that’s without adding a special birthday cake to my range of signature dishesI’m sitting down to write this having just cleaned fox poo out of the tiny grooves in the soles of my four-year-old’s sandals. She also, somehow, smeared it all over her legs, her dress, my legs, my shorts. The only plus I can take from it is that, for once in our crowded corner of south London, social distancing was not an issue.Of course, even in non-coronavirus times,...
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