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The Symphony of Berlin Streets: 24h in a Mini Berlin

Are you curious to spy what happens on the streets of a miniature Berlin on a single day? The six-minute long Minilook Berlin video will give you the chance to be an external spectator who checks out a teensy Berlin from the sky. After the stunning Little Big Berlin video  we felt the need to experience once again the fascinating urban atmosphere of these incredible city streets. This time as well, everything you are expecting will be served: grey skies, crowded roundabouts, and of course Berlin...
Tags: Videos, Fashion, Berlin, Mood, Miniature, Mini Berlin, Minilook Berlin, Efim Graboy, Daria Turetski

O.A.K. – A Café to Fall in Love with in Neukölln

photo: Martina Trovato With all the cool and cozy cafes in Neukölln, O.A.K. definitely stands out as one of the most delightful. It’s not only the ideal place to sip a cup of a well-brewed Italian cappuccino while chatting with your friends, but also a nice spot to get some work done on your laptop and fill your belly with homemade delicacies. O.A.K. Cafè is run by a joyful Italian couple: Giulia and Martino (plus the cute glasses-wearing koala in a Hawaii shirt enjoying a coffee, the symbol o...
Tags: Coffee, Cake, Fashion, Berlin, Breakfast, Hawaii, Cafes, Parma, OAK, Mitte, Martino, Giulia, Prenzlauer Berg, Neukölln, Martina Trovato, Laura Beltran

iHeartBerlin & Staatsoper Berlin Present a Cocktail & Movie Night with Solaris

»Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that he himself has sealed.«  ― Stanisław Lem, Solaris For many years now Berlin has opened new doors and possibilities to us as a magazine. Some collaborations where coincidences, others grew over time and space and became something as real and important as the digital work we do. Since the re-opening ...
Tags: Fashion, Movies, Berlin, Events, Opera, Solaris, Screening, Staatsoper, Staatsoper Berlin, Staatsoper unter den Linden, Russian Standard, Andrei Tarkowski, Stanislaw Lem Solaris, Violetter Schnee, Russian Standard Platinum

That time Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth got naked together at a Berlin fetish club

"There was a guy walking around fully naked and he had like a leather strap and it was holding things up."
Tags: Entertainment, Berlin, Lifestyle, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Ad Friendly, Queerty, KitKat Club

Ricardo Ramos' Three New Perfumes Inspire His Fashion Creations for Berlin's Fashion Week

Ricardo Ramos is a Colombian/Spanish designer based in Berlin who has been active in fashion since his childhood. Paradoxically he calls himself a self-taught designer, even though he studied Fashion at the Paris American Academy (Paris-France), Tailoring in a Westminster educational program (London-England), Experimental Fashion Illustration at the Central Saint Martin’s College of art and Desi... Read full article: Ricardo Ramos' Three New Perfumes Inspire His Fashion Creations for Berlin's F...
Tags: Fashion, Berlin, Fragrantica Perfumes, Ricardo Ramos, Paris American Academy Paris France Tailoring, London England Experimental Fashion Illustration, Central Saint Martin 's College, Desi Read

Go Ice Skating at Berghain this Winter

The festival of experimental electronic music CTM 2019 (Club Transmediale) is bringing two unlikely mediums together that are both very popular during winter time: Berghain and ice skating! What?! Yesss, you heard correctly! CTM is announcing „Eishalle“, an installation that will feature an ice skating rink inside the impressively huge Halle am Berghain. Starting on January 25th at 4 pm, you can officially go ice skating at Berghain! Of course, CTM won’t leave your ice skating performance withou...
Tags: Fashion, Winter, Berlin, Events, Activity, Ice Skating, Ctm, Berghain, Friedrichshain, Halle, Christopher Bauder, Wriezener Bahnhof, Skatebård Rabih Beani

This Photographer Captures Berlin’s Club Crowd

This Instagram account has only been around for two months and already managed to become an insider amongst the techno crowd in Berlin – meet @nachtclubsberlin! This account is dedicated to showcasing spontaneous pictures of all kinds of party people before and after clubbing in the biggest techno clubs of Berlin. Behind the camera, we met photographer Sabrina Jeblaoui. The former Parisian fell in love with Berlin upon visiting the city several times in the past until she decided to move here on...
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Berlin, People, Paris, Party, Portraits, Techno, Berghain, Sabrina, Sabrina Jeblaoui

10 Fun Activities to Get Rid of Your Winter Blues in Berlin

The beloved cozy Christmas atmosphere with all its lights, markets and holiday feels are gone, even the excitement and glitter of New Year’s Eve has faded. The new year leaves us longing for more happy celebrations, but instead, gloomy January has taken their place to spread his dreaded winter blues. I can’t tell you how bad it gets to me, every time. Since I was very quickly over Netflix and couch after the fourth night in the row, I thought about what other activities in Berlin could brighten ...
Tags: Wellness, Fashion, Music, Winter, Restaurants, Berlin, Bars, Fun, Netflix, Activity, Theater, Market, Hans Christian Andersen, Spa, Grimm, Botanical Garden

Art in Public Spaces: A Chronicle of Art Installations in Berlin

Berlin has an international reputation for being a paradise for artists of any kind. During the last 30 years, our beloved city has seen an incredible big amount of large scale art installations, constructed not only in exhibition spaces, but also in public spaces, like squares or streets. We are crazy about artworks, especially if they are emotionally touching, impressive, contemplative, and why not, also appealing to our eyes. We prepared a list of the most remarkable and unforgettable art ins...
Tags: Art, Fashion, Germany, Berlin Wall, Berlin, Syria, Installation, Beethoven, Wall, Aleppo, Ai Weiwei, Christo, Daniel Barenboim, East, Jr, Potsdamer Platz

5 Classic Berlin New Year’s Resolutions (and How to Not Fail at them Completely)

photo: Katja Stuckrath.  Everyday life in Berlin is often compared to a very forgiving journey into the uncharted depths of your own identity and Berliners aren’t exactly known for keeping their promises. That might be one reason why New Year’s resolutions tend to fall into the same category as the signs prohibiting alcohol consumption on the U-Bahn – we are aware of them. To a varying extent. But New Year’s resolutions don’t actually have to be these dreamed-up, unrealistic visions. We ca...
Tags: Fashion, Berlin, Love, Dating, Stories, Harry Potter, Peter Pan, New Year, Resolutions, Claudio, U Bahn, Katja Stuckrath, Riccardo Fissore Strike, Whisky Words, Nick Karvounis Stop, Alex Alvisi

What I Miss About Berlin When I’m Abroad

Every time I spent a longer period of time abroad, staying in big cities always make me aware of what I appreciate the most about life in Berlin. Granted, it is exciting to roam through the restless streets of Bangkok or indulge in some ice cream while watching the sky go up in flames at sunset hour in LA, but never would I trade in Berlin for any other city in the world. Maybe this feeling can be blamed on the fact that I grew up here, but I believe that if you fell for Berlin once, you will st...
Tags: Fashion, La, Berlin, US, America, Mexico City, Stories, Feelings, Bangkok, Chris, Guten Morgen, Späti, Steglitz, Franziska Müller Degenhardt, Berlin Even, Max Patzig

Today, I feel German: A reminder of sorts, for all the days I don’t.

Before I proceed, you should know that I am Black and a first-generation immigrant. Therefore, it is not completely lost on me that my feelings on this subject of identity will be met with resistance, disagreeing opinions and questions, all of which may emerge because “Today, I feel German” will be considered by many an atypical declaration. It is not every day a man who was born and raised at the heels of Mount Fako, Cameroon audaciously declares himself part of a giant colonialist nation, Germ...
Tags: Fashion, Identity, Germany, Berlin, People, German, Cameroon, Stories, Toni Morrison, Intégration, Expat, African, Humboldt, Berlin Kreuzberg, Dubois, Humboldt University

A New Era for Music Made in Berlin: Watch these 12 Great Music Videos

Berlin in 2018 represents Europe’s creative metropolis number one. “Berlin reminds me of what New York was like in the early ‘80s,” Honey Dijon, iconic DJ, and cultural encyclopedia, told Clash in an interview in 2017, “It hasn’t been tainted as bad. It retains its rawness and roughness, it’s really young and still somewhat affordable. So there’s a lot of young artists.” – The European city that attracts musical talent ain’t London no more. Take a look at the following list of exceptionally tale...
Tags: Videos, Europe, Fashion, Music, New York, London, Molly, Berlin, Los Angeles, Courtney Love, Netflix, United States, Alaska, Musicians, Montreal, Lou Reed

5 Things to do during the Christmas Season in Berlin

Ah, December in the city. Have you spent winter in Berlin before? No? Well, then here’s a list of my Top 5 things not to miss during my favorite time of the year – because all of a sudden, everything’s magically different. 1. Discover a whole new world for your olfactory sense Take the smells for example. Begin your every day with the unique scent of fresh urine in your staircase – it’s cold outside now, so the fact that your Hausverwaltung chronically lacks f**** to give about your front d...
Tags: Fashion, Winter, Berlin, Christmas, Netflix, Rant, Humor, Stories, Mario Kart, Brandenburg, U Bahn, Glühwein, Kiez, Neukölln Arcaden Kaufland, Hausverwaltung, Berk Karaoglu Katrin Strohmaier

Ankle scarves are only trending online, not on the streets

Nope, ankle scarves are not the latest thing to come out of Italy or Germany or wherever. I was skeptical when I came across this Country Living article that declared them a "trend," as the image is clearly Photoshopped. So, I started digging. First I went to its source, an Italian website called Lercio. Then I clicked to Lercio's source, a German site called Der Postillon and that's when I knew my suspicions were true. Ankle scarves are fake news parading around on English sites as a real trend...
Tags: Post, Fashion, News, Germany, Berlin, Italy, Lost In Translation, Trend, Nick Douglas, Fake News, Ankle Scarves, Lercio, Der Postillon

A 10-Day Party Marathon: Your Berlin Holiday Party Guide

Ditch your desk and roll up your sleeves, because we gotta get ready to take this holiday madness by the horns! I don’t know about you, but I’m in such a festive mood, I can’t get enough of raising my glass to a kinky new year. Right on time, Berlin quenches our party thirst with a crazy 10-day party marathon, that will satisfy all your festive needs for sure. We pre-selected some cool events for you, one for every day around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. So… ten days – are you ready for it? ...
Tags: Fashion, Berlin, Gay, Trade, Nye, Party, Kreuzberg, Ronson, Arena, Mina, Janus, Dez, Dinamarca, Neukölln, Berghain, Friedrichshain

Studying in Berlin: 4 International Students Share Their Experience

Deciding to move away from your home country to study abroad can probably be one of the most difficult decisions in your life. Choosing the right city is not about spinning the globe with eyes closed and dropping a finger on a random destination. Unfortunately, the choice is way more complicated, and even if it is not easy to realize it at the very start, it can be literally life-changing. Sending applications to university in other countries means to gradually plan your future and to figure out...
Tags: Fashion, Japan, Greece, Education, Study, Berlin, US, People, University, Italy, Stories, Student, Istanbul, Alice, Expat, Michael

Learn Deutsch with iHeartBerlin: Our New Book

It’s been nearly a month that we celebrated our relaunch and book release at Hallesches Haus. But with our Uncensored Berlin exhibition following right after we had to take a tiny break on spreading the news of our new book. “Learn Deutsch with iHeartBerlin” is our Christmas present to all those Deutsch A1 drop-outs in need for some other kind of motivation to get into the German language. We collected some of our most beloved features about the German language (such as the one about casual Germ...
Tags: Books, Fashion, Berlin, German, Humor, Deutsch, Friedrichshain, Berk Karaoglu, learning German, Stella Manouseli, Daniel-ryan Spaulding, IHB/IRL, Michalina Gorajek, Kreuzberg Hallesches Haus Tempelhofer Ufer, Mitte Soda Books Weinbergsweg, Charlottenburg LNFA Bikini Berlin Budapester Str

How Former Refugees Give Something Back To Berlin

Community integration is a goal we are all working towards in Berlin. The fact that our city is home to individuals from many different backgrounds is something we should cherish and never take for granted, especially given the current trends in politics. We have already written about the actions you can take against the xenophobic far right – be it taking part in demonstrations or supporting particular initiatives. Today, we want to look at things from a more positive angle and focus on the ama...
Tags: Fashion, Germany, Berlin, Syria, People, Pakistan, Refugees, Stories, Community, Sudan, Intégration, Mohammad, Refugio, Schöneberg, Markthalle Neun, Fahd

A Christmas Gift Guide for Berlin Fans

Without even realizing it, another year as almost flown by. Once again, Christmas is already upon us and besides the bitterness of not having achieved all the unrealistic goals we have established for us during the year, we have to face “the final year challenge”: searching and buying the perfect Christmas presents. Most of us consider it as a demanding task (because come on, let’s say the truth: most of us do not enjoy spending time searching for the perfect gift to buy in crowded shopping mall...
Tags: Fashion, New York, Berlin, Christmas, Gifts, Present, Products, Kreuzberg, Andrea, Andrea Wan, Carphiles, Daniel Ryan Spaulding, Hallesches Haus, Herr Pong, Herr Pong Berlin, Bikin Berlin

Impressions of the Uncensored Berlin Exhibition Opening Party

On Thursday we celebrated the opening of our new group exhibition Uncensored Berlin here at Blogfabrik. It was an amazing night bringing together all the artists of the show and many of the muses, performers, and models from the artworks. For me, Uncensored Berlin was one of the most creatively fulfilling endeavors of recent time and I am really proud of what we have accomplished here at Blogfabrik. As many of you know this was not our first exhibition. After animated GIFs, portraits of Berliner...
Tags: Photos, Art, Fashion, Berlin, Party, Daniel, Justin, Alejandro, Volker, Blogfabrik, Olga Khristolyubova, Uncensored Berlin Exhibition Opening Party, Uncensored Berlin, Boesner, Pornceptual Missy Magazine and Daddy Magazine, Andreas Dohmen

Meeting Atelier Oblique

    The German perfume house Atelier Oblique started its perfume mission in Berlin with the creation of its Perfume Alphabet scented candles collection in 2016. The candles were named with a twist, like B Beauty Remains or Z Inner Zoo. The choice of scents and moods is huge. Among the smells are representatives of all possible fragrant families: the sea wind freshness and luxurious white f... Read full article: Meeting Atelier Oblique from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
Tags: Fashion, Berlin, Fragrantica Perfumes

How Using the Power of a Routine Can Make You a Top Performer

--> In the early 1990s, a very rigorous scientific study was done in Berlin on music. The study’s objective was to understand why certain violinists were more talented than others. This study is relayed in a fascinating book by Geoff Colvin called Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World Class Performers from Everybody Else. In order to do the study, the researchers created three groups of violinists–best, above average, and good. Each of these three groups were spending the same amount ...
Tags: Featured, Berlin, Careers, Goal Setting, Yale, Life Lessons, Job Search, Legal Profession, Musical Instrument, Malibu California, Public School, Geoff Colvin, Find Jobs, Looking For A Job, Getting Jobs, How to Succeed

When The Party Becomes A Ball

When it comes to Berlin’s nightlife you better dress to impress – or in the case of our friends from Pornceptual: undress to impress because at their sex and body positive parties less is simply more in terms of clothing. The club life has never been as diverse, colorful and eccentric as now and we love it! So many beautiful characters that you can encounter in the dancefloor. So much to look at, so much too admire. It’s not simply just a party anymore – it’s a ball! With their new portrait seri...
Tags: Photos, Fashion, Berlin, People, Party, Nightlife, Chris Phillips, Ballroom, Pornceptual, Pornceptual party, Eric Maj Potocnik, Schwarzer Reiter, Marmol

I’ve Cried At Work & Other Things I Wish Women Would Talk About

Business Insider recently ran a profile of a young Silicon Valley banking executive’s daily routine that looked something like this: tennis and phone calls before work, an hour-and-a-half lunch break, a home-cooked dinner, yoga, and a leisurely stroll with her boyfriend after work. It was so unrealistic that social media called BS — and some people even went so far as to question whether it was a parody.I’m not here to criticize the article or anyone who is able to pull off this type of routine...
Tags: Fashion, Music, California, Berlin, Silicon Valley, Facebook Twitter, Berlin Cameron, JONAS Priyanka Chopra, Kantar Health Lightspeed, Jennifer DaSilva

Uncensored Berlin: iHeartBerlin’s New Exhibition Challenging Social Media Censorship

photo: Majdi Laktinah.  Censorship in digital spaces is pushing against a zeitgeist of sexual diversity and sex positivity. It establishes a dangerous moral code, especially among younger users. iHeartBerlin’s latest exhibition #UncensoredBerlin centers those representations of the human body that are affected by digital censorship and offers the participating artists a unique platform to express themselves freely. “Your post has been removed as it doesn’t follow our community guidelines.” – F...
Tags: Art, Photography, Fashion, Instagram, Nudity, Berlin, Porn, Social Media, Nude, Exhibition, Berlin Kreuzberg, Uncensored, Valentin Braun, Spyros Rennt, Majdi Laktinah, Florian Hetz UncensoredBerlin

iHeartBerlin’s Relaunch Celebration & Book Release

Last Wednesday, we had a grand old time with you over at Hallesches Haus! With a generous supply of ice-cold beer sponsored by Pilsner Urquell, we’ve celebrated both the new look of our website and the launch of our very first sassy little book. It was an unforgettable night for so many reasons – even nature acknowledged it by sprinkling this winter’s first snow down on us. But don’t despair in case you couldn’t make it – now you can check out our impressions from the party! The relaunch of o...
Tags: Photos, Books, Fashion, Berlin, Book, Events, Humor, Daniel, Pilsner Urquell, Berk Karaoglu, Daniel-ryan Spaulding, IHB/IRL, Hallesches Haus

The Most Unique Christmas Markets & Events in Berlin

Gendarmenmarkt, photo: Michael Setzpfandt December is upon us, degrees are dropping down and Berlin winter has come. Even if we haven’t had any snow yet, we can feel it in the air: it’s almost Christmas markets season! Even when it comes to Christmas events, Berlin has style and originality. If you were thinking that Christmas markets in this city are just about drinking smoking hot glühwein, eating “ich-liebe-dich”- gingerbread hearts or thousand different chocolate delicacies, you are wrong....
Tags: Fashion, Germany, Berlin, Christmas, Events, Market, Latin America, Kreuzberg, Brazil Argentina, Glühwein, Klunkerkranich, Neukölln, Markthalle Neun, Bassin, Holzmarktstraße, Sameheads

Hybrid Art in Berlin – When Fashion meets Contemporary Dance

Dance is an expression of the body, while fashion design gives the body new form and function. Can both become one in an only and unique genre? Last Saturday the new Hybrid-Art Space TRAUMABARUNDKINO presented its first in-house production combining contemporary dance choreographies with the presentation of four young fashion talents. We had the opportunity to experience the performance NOW YOU MAY TELL THAT I’VE BEEN SEEN BY YOU and were incredibly stooked by so much creativity from different a...
Tags: Art, Fashion, Design, Berlin, Dance, Diana, Performance, Fashion Week, Ovid, Olga Khristolyubova, Michael John Harper, Conteporary, Trauma Bar, Don Aretino, Johanna Liebl Johanna Liebl, Maria Miottke

A Night of Italian Food Culture with Bertolli in Berlin

Sponsored While the grey November is already in full swing, we had the chance to escape the cold and darkness of Berlin Winter for one night. We recently had the chance to travel with our eyes and our taste buds to one of our favorite countries to visit for holidays: Italy. The Italian olive oil brand Bertolli invited us to take part in a workshop about Italian food culture. Together with 10 other media colleagues, we spend an evening with Aperol Spritz, little Italian delicacies and lots and ...
Tags: Food, Fashion, Milan, Berlin, Italy, Stories, Frank, Olive Oil, Kappa, Bertolli, Aperitivo, Bar Milano, Anna Cane, Piadina Bruschetta, Mozzarella di Buffala

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