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The Art Highlights of Gallery Weekend Berlin 2019

Art lovers and exhibition goers have already been looking forward to this since months: the Berlin’s Gallery Weekend! The 15th edition will take place from the 26th to the 28th of April. With 45 galleries and around 1000 international and national guests, the Gallery Weekend Berlin successfully continues to draw in 30.000 visitors every year. It has also developed into a high-selling event on the art market, that many collectors from Russia, the USA or even China come to visit. The event reveals...
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A New Subway and Train Map for Berlin

The Berlin transit map is probably one of the very first images a newcomer in the city gets familiar with. For a variety of reasons – the most obvious one being that it’s the ultimate guide when you’re coming back from a night out and your phone dies. But did you ever question the design of the map? Were your tired eyes ever lost along the rigid straight lines? Well, the bright minds behind the New Berlin Rapid Transit Route Map project thought the current official map needed some updating – rea...
Tags: Fashion, Design, Subway, Berlin, Transit, Map, Public Transport, New Berlin, Ubahn, New Berlin Rapid Transit Route Map

A Stunning Video Tribute to Notre-Dame de Paris

International travel videographer Alex Soloviev has already blessed us with his two stunning Berlin travel videos The Inner Layer and Everyday Berlin. Now, on the quite sad occasion of the fire at Notre-Dame, he released a beautiful tribute video of the French Icon that he shot on the roof of the famous church – a place that is probably not going to be accessible for years to come. From here you see those parts of the church that were probably the most destroyed by the devastating fire earlier t...
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The Best Chocolatiers of Berlin

Whether as nourishment for your nerves, a mood-lifter or a loving gift – chocolate is a special indulgence for every occasion. Us Germans truly love chocolate among all the other sweets the most. Per person, we eat about 9 kilos of chocolate each year – preferably full milk! For the sweet-toothed among our readers, we put together a great selection of the best chocolate makers and shops located in Berlin. I hope you have a piece of chocolate near you because, after this, you might be tempted to ...
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Spooning Cookie Dough: Sweet Dreams Come True in Prenzlauer Berg

Berlin is a city of vices and few of them are as innocent as sweet tooth. But the Berlinerin Diana Hildenbrand has elevated her habit of scooping on raw dough into a yummy business idea. Those of you looking for a candy haven where you definitely won’t have to add extra sugar – read on! Her store in Prenzlauer Berg looks like it was taken out of a Wes Anderson movie – and the fairytale aesthetic is a perfect setting to experience the luscious snack. Raw cookie dough is not yet a very popular con...
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Ode to Cologne: A German city full of views and brews

Gothic architecture, modern art and ‘singing beer’ give this cultural city its liberal atmosphereYou could think of Cologne as a sixth-form college to Berlin’s infinitely cooler art school. In comparison it feels as if it is all student cash bars and puppyish idealism, spider plants at every turn, and still a lot of love for the Beatles – Germany’s fourth largest city has been twinned with Liverpool since 1952.Go into any street in the centre and you’ll see a glorious muddle of architecture, 19t...
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Der Palast – A Dance Competition About Gentrification

photos: Vismante Ruzgaite, GIFs: Frank R. Schröder.  Finding a nice apartment in Berlin has become a serious hustle. You have to compete with lots of other people for a little one-bedroom apartment for 800 Euros in Wedding – if you are lucky. All these other people have better jobs, more savings and a much more stable personality than you in stress situations. But imagine that instead of having to prove your financial security you would need to partake in a dance competition in front of your ...
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UY: The Label That’s Making Waves on the Streets of Berlin

The Berlin-based all-black-everything design collective number one takes on the city in their new photo series. Staying true to their drapey and genderfluid aesthetic the Neukölln collective UY sends an array of diverse personalities from the studio into the urban jungle, creating visual disruptions and unexpected synergies in front of the lens. UY –  that’s Scandinavian minimalism fused with Middle Eastern influences in front of a rough Berlin backdrop. The collective, founded by Idan, a Tel...
Tags: Fashion, Berlin, Barcelona, Stockholm, Techno, Monochrome, Neukölln, Fanny, Queer, Metal Magazine, Tel Avivian, Idan, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Uy, Genderless, Melisa Minca

Get Creative at the Mumm ArtNight Experience at Silent Green

Advertisment.  Leading into all of the fantastic art events happening in Berlin later this month Mumm is hosting a very unique ArtNight special this coming weekend to celebrate the launch of the 5th limited art edition of their sparkling wine. And the best thing: we have exclusive tickets for you to win for a sparkling experience! This new ArtNight special is not just one night actually, it’s an experience happening four times over the course of the weekend at the brand new event hall i...
Tags: Fashion, Germany, Berlin, Painting, Events, Workshop, Mumm, Kristian Schuller, Silent Green

Explore The Hidden Canals Of New Venice In Berlin

photo: © A.Savin, WikiCommons.  Many big capitols worldwide have parts of their cityscape inspired by each other. Like there is Little Italy in New York or a small China Town in London. Up until now, I thought that Berlin – in its authentic and unapologetic ways – is simply Berlin, no sugar added. But little did I know, that in the vast residential area of southeast Berlin, you can find a charming Adriatic idyll named New Venice. This peaceful and unexpectedly beautiful place has been charmin...
Tags: Fashion, New York, London, Berlin, Boat, River, Places, Little Italy, China Town, Savin, Köpenick, Excursion, New Venice, Neu Venedig, Mügelsee, Dämeritzsee

A Techno Ballet: Half Life by Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar

The contemporary dance piece “Half Life” by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar that is performed by the Staatsballett Berlin takes the viewer to an abstract world where intensity is marking every gesture and every decision. A driving electronic beat makes the half-naked bodies of the dancers pulsate almost trance-like. The whole ensemble moves in unison as if it was one organism totally in synch with the music. The sweat on their skin makes every muscle glisten in the minimal light in front of the black ...
Tags: Fashion, Berlin, Dance, Ballet, Theater, Techno, Sharon Eyal, Gai Behar, Contemporary Dance, Staatsballett, Staatsballett Berlin, Anna Agliardi, Komische Oper

Capturing the Excitement and Anticipation of Spring in Berlin

After his lovely poetic film Berlin, Berlin: Autumn, talented filmmaker Nehemias Colindres follows up with another beautiful Berlin film focussing on another special season of the year: Spring. The lovely film perfectly captures this feeling of waking up and getting excited that we also feel every Spring when the temperatures rise and the trees start to blossom. There is something so magical about the season filled full of hope and anticipation for the following months that will be filled with c...
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A Guide to Berlin’s Best Affordable Restaurants

In the last couple of years, Berlin’s gastronomic scene has certainly gained a lot in terms of diversity, originality and also quality. Understandably, this comes at a certain price. When I look at our listings of new restaurants of recent years the price tag for the most hyped new places has continuously risen. While it is probably a blessing for gastronomy entrepreneurs that people are finally spending more money on elaborate restaurant experiences – it also means that especially younger peopl...
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Sneak a peek inside the locker room of the Berlin Bruisers gay rugby club

The Berlin Bruisers is a gay rugby team formed in 2012 that plays in the Regionalliga Nordost League.
Tags: Photos, Berlin, Lifestyle, Rugby, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Adrian Lourie, Goods, Meat magazine, Berlin Bruisers

3 True Berlin Stories of Ridiculous Dating Fails

illustrations: Berk Karaoglu.  I once compared the struggle of finding a soulmate in Berlin to doing groceries on a Sunday in that it only seems possible on limited occasions and in selected spots. Without acquiring a detailed schedule, you may just end up investing much hope and energy into an effort that won’t get you any further than the glass door through which you can only cast a longing gaze on what could have been. But since growing bitter seems to be the cardinal sin of undesired sing...
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Deutschland – Rammstein Breaking Down Problematic German History

Berlin’s very own hard rock export goods, Rammstein, made a comeback last week with a brand new single and a music video directed by Specter Berlin. And although the band definitely caused many a controversy in their career spanning over a quarter of a century, the song ”Deutschland” has propelled them to the levels of scandal they might not have ever reached before. To me, the song itself begins in a way slightly reminiscent of Rammstein’s earlier work, and the very first line of the lyrics obv...
Tags: Videos, Fashion, Music, Germany, Berlin, Rock, German, Stasi, Deutschland, Nazi, Rammstein, Specter Berlin, Ruby Commey, Till Lindemann, Richard Z Kruspe, Christoph Schneider

Berlin is Blooming: Spring Re-Openings 2019

photo: Klunkerkranich.  Hurrah! Spring has sprung! And you know what this means: Outdoor locations are becoming a thing again! No more standing under heating lamps, clutching to your thick coats. The last fluff of your scarves is scaling off your necks and many heads turn to other people again. With rising degrees, the core areas of the capital shift from the inside to the outside. Berlin awakens in Spring. And along with it the people, the cafes, restaurants, urban parks, and festivals are re...
Tags: Fashion, Berlin, Events, Spring, Kreuzberg, Tulipan, Tanz, Klunkerkranich, Friedrichshain, Biergarten, Badeschiff, Internauten Basis CC, Myfest, Haubentaucher, Klunkerkranich Hurrah Spring, Britzer Garten Starts

New scented ink turns body art into ‘visual fragrance’

It’s a perfume you can see. AMKIRI, a new beauty brand that just launched last Thursday (aka International Fragrance Day), infuses unisex scents into ink that you can apply to your skin. Founder and creator Shoval Shavit Shapiro studied design in Tel Aviv and Berlin, and worked with a chemist and cosmetics expert, Aliza, who...
Tags: Fashion, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Aliza, Shoval Shavit Shapiro

Whole United Queer Festival: Creating Inclusivity through Community and Sound

Berlin’s queer nightlife joins forces once again. The electronic music festival fighting for a space for inclusivity and self-expression for the WHOLE queer spectrum returns for its third edition this June bringing you a killer lineup of local and international artists and party crews to kick off your festival season with a BANG. The festival’s third year is still a first-time in many ways, not only for the individual festival-goers and organizers but for the global queer electronic underground....
Tags: Fashion, Music, New York, London, Berlin, Festival, Moscow, Madonna, Christian, Party, Techno, Julian, Unter, Ferropolis, Queer, Jennifer Cardini

The Abandoned Spreepark Will Open Its Gates Once Again

photo: Tonkberlin / CC Berlin, are you ready for the Spreepark to finally (legally…) open its gates again?! You probably heard some stories of this abandoned amusement park in the Southeast of Berlin, but we got the real crazy sauce for you. So, why was it abandoned and how come no-one ever tore it down? And how can you get in there to see some of the crazy old rides of the park? Let’s start from the beginning. The Spreepark Berlin was an amusement park in the north of the Plänterwald in...
Tags: Fashion, Senate, Germany, Berlin, Stories, Peru, Norway, Witte, EUR, Spreepark, Plänterwald, Spreepark Berlin, Berlins Treptow Köpenick, Spreepark Gmbh Together, Norbert Witte, Joachim Spremberg

Fantastic Beasts of Berlin: A Safari Park at the Tempelhofer Feld

I’m sure we’ve all experienced some bizarre sightings on Tempelhofer Feld – but still, the pictures that you’ll about to see in this post will most definitely surprise you. Wild animals running free along the same stretches of land that are usually frequented by skaters? Read on to see some fantastic impressions of wildlife captured in one of the most iconic urban locations of Berlin and find out what it’s all about. Few places epitomize Berlin’s free and open spirit like Tempelhofer Feld doe...
Tags: Photos, Art, Photography, Fashion, Animals, Berlin, Safari, Zoo, Endangered Species, Giraffe, Tempelhof, Tempelhofer Feld, Malte Jensen, Tempela National Park, Tempela Malte Jensen, Tempela

The Most Unconventional Berlin Bucket List

illustrations: Berk Karaoglu.  We decided to rethink the concept of a conventional bucket list and came up with scenarios that shamelessly embrace Berlin’s potential as the backdrop of some memorable experiences. And ‘’memorable’’ is actually somewhat of an understatement here – some of these shenanigans are simply unforgettable, even if some parties involved may indeed wish otherwise. While we are by no means condoning every single one of these actions, let alone encourage anyone to draw any...
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Sasha Waltz: Rauschen – The Machine can hear you dance

photos: Olga Khristolyubova.   How might the world be like if machines were kings and humans were slaves? If powers were shifted and the automatization would prevail over emotion? In her newest piece Rauschen which premiered last week, Sasha Waltz managed to create a kaleidoscopic dystopian nightmare. The main topic: the struggle of man against machine and the toxic way our society revolves around our egos. For Sasha Waltz Rauschen is her first piece produced for the big stage of Volksbühne...
Tags: Fashion, Hollywood, Berlin, Sasha Waltz, Olga Khristolyubova, Sasha Waltz Rauschen, Rauschen, Sasha Waltz April, Rosa Luxemburg Platz Linienstraße

This Celebrity-Approved Tattoo Trend Is Perfect For Summer

In a year that's so far been dominated by dainty, delicate tattoos, it's unlikely that the latest trend would be the furthest thing from dainty or delicate — but it is. Chalk it up to Lady Gaga's A Star Is Born -inspired rose tattoo or Halle Berry's leafy reveal, but suddenly, everyone is talking about back tattoos.We're not talking about lower-back tattoos — those have yet to fully re-enter the zeitgeist. For now, we're talking about the kind of tattoos that run down your spine, often featurin...
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Brits, Berlin, and Brexit: How British Citizens Can Stay in Berlin

Brexit checklist: a valid passport, Anmeldung, a print-out of your online registration form for the Ausländerbehörde, a paying job, German health insurance, a German bank account, a German driving license, and a year’s supply of decent cider. The 29th of March is nearly upon us, and after more than two years of “robust” negotiations, it’s looking more and more like we’re headed for a no-deal Brexit. So what does that mean for those of us from the UK who have decided to make Berlin our home? As w...
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The Talented Female Photographers of Berlin

Today is the very first time in history that the International Women’s Day is celebrated in Berlin as an official public holiday. What better occasion could there be to introduce you to a hand-picked selection of our favorite female photographers in Berlin? As with many creative guides on iHeartBerlin, with this article, we want to create a supportive space to celebrate the many many talents, that Berlin has to offer. Especially in the field of photography and visual content creation, there is a...
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Discover a New Side of Berlin with these Awesome Female Hosts

Sponsored.  When people come to visit Berlin they don’t necessarily want to tick off the major sights of the city. Many visitors want something different: that edgy Berlin feeling and way of life the city has become famous for. This real side of Berlin is best experienced by mingling with the local people who live and breathe the city’s heart and soul. As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, we have combed through Airbnb’s extensive catalog of experiences to identify some of Be...
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Berlin’s Very Own Mona Lisa

Berlin can boast some impressive murals, and it’s no surprise that the newest addition to the bunch has drawn immediate attention. The huge version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is impossible to miss. She occupies the side wall of the East Side Hotel in Friedrichshain and presents an interesting contrast to the often abstract artworks from the East Side Gallery, which is just on the opposite side of the street. The Berlin art collective Die Dixons has previously been involved in noteworthy co...
Tags: Art, Europe, Fashion, Berlin, Graffiti, Mona Lisa, Mural, Streetart, Leonardo da Vinci, Dixons, East Side Gallery, Friedrichshain, Warschauer Straße, Alejandro Arretureta, Die Dixons, East Side Hotel

12 New Berlin Restaurants to Try Out in 2019

photo: CELL.  Not even a year has passed since our last new Berlin restaurants round-up of 2018. But my list of interesting new openings has already surpassed 10 so it’s about time for another one for 2019! The last couple of months have brought us quite an interesting wave of new gastronomic projects. Some hail from already established entrepreneurs while others are complete newbies in the food scene of the city. While recent years showed a slight tendency towards more exquisite places I f...
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A Week In London On A $325,000 Income

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Today: an associate working at a hedge fund who makes $325,000 per year and spends some of her money this week on waffles. We previously published a diary from this OP in September 2018, when she lived in NYC. Editor's note: All prices have been converted to...
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