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You Can Now Buy a Boyfriend Pillow That Feels Like a Man, but Has None of the Drama

A lot of reviews on Amazon claimed it was a great gag gift, but ended up loving it way more than expected.
Tags: Amazon, Gadgets, Funny, Life, Amazing, Bizarre, Gallery

Teenagers Are Now Boiling Tampons to Get High

Police in Indonesia have arrested teens who are using sanitary devices to get high.
Tags: Indonesia, Life, Society, Bizarre, Gallery, Fails

Wendy’s Most Savage Tweets From National Roast Day

Wendy's brought their roasting A-game to Twitter and brought all of social media to it's knees.
Tags: Life, Amazing, Bizarre, Gallery, Food & Drink, Wendy, Trending. Gallery

This ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Faked an Australian Accent During Show’s Premiere

This 'Bachelor' contestant has gone absolutely bananas and created a fake accent to hook Colton. How long can this last?
Tags: Life, Bizarre, Gallery, Colton, TV & Movies

Girl Matches With Thief on Tinder and Then Matches With His Victim

This story just gets crazier and crazier.
Tags: Funny, Life, Bizarre, Gallery, Fails

J.K. Rowling Just Confirmed a Dark Theory About ‘Harry Potter’

The final book left many readers to wonder and elaborate on several theories about the story of the Deathly Hallows, and how maybe, it meant more than we gave it credit for.
Tags: Life, Amazing, History, Bizarre, Gallery, Intriguing, TV & Movies, Books & Lit, z - Uncategorized

The One Rule Everyone Breaks

If you say you haven't broken these rules, everyone will know that you're lying.
Tags: Funny, Life, Amazing, Bizarre, Gallery

Kylie Jenner Ties With Jay-Z for the 5th Wealthiest Celebrity in America

The part about this that gives me whiplash is that Jenner is 21 and Jay-Z is a 49-year-old artist whose prolific career spans decades. 
Tags: Music, Shopping, Entertainment, Jay Z, Life, America, Amazing, Bizarre, Gallery, Kylie Jenner, Jenner, Intriguing, TV & Movies, 5th Wealthiest Celebrity

Woman Tracks Down Mysterious Man Who Helped Her Travel to the U.S. After 15 Years

This beautiful story of a young girl rescued from a Sierra Leone airport by a total stranger is part of a greater Twitter trend.
Tags: Politics, Cute, Life, Society, Amazing, History, World, Bizarre, Sierra Leone, Gallery, Social Issues, Happiness Heroes

Ryan Reynolds Sends Perfect Gift To Guy Trolling ‘Avengers’ Website

"This isn’t to say I’m proud of what you did... Just that I happen to love you."
Tags: Entertainment, Funny, Life, Amazing, Bizarre, Gallery, Ryan Reynolds, TV & Movies, Guy Trolling ` Avengers

The Bizarre, Historical Reason White People Refuse to Season Their Food

White Americans love their meat, and hardly ever use seasoning, and after reading these studies, everything makes a whole lot of sense.
Tags: Funny, Life, Religion, Society, Amazing, History, World, Bizarre, Gallery, Social Issues, Food & Drink, Fails, Intriguing, Science & Nature, Bizarre Historical Reason White People Refuse

‘Yellies’ Toy Feeds Off the Screams of Children’s Terror

The rules are pretty simple. Talk quietly, and you can still escape it. Gentle, soothing tones in the vein of a mental health professional talking a person off a ledge are preferred. Talk louder and you risk your actual earthly life.
Tags: Shopping, Cute, Funny, Life, Holiday, Bizarre, Gallery, Fails

Vitaminwater Will Pay You $100,000 to Give up Your Phone for 1 Year

Face it, smartphone addiction is real. Can you go without your phone for a year?
Tags: Entertainment, Funny, Life, Tech, Amazing, Bizarre, Gallery, Hacks, Intriguing

‘Edible Anus’ Company Makes Chocolate Molds of Your (Or a Loved One’s) Butthole

For the reasonable price of $38.95, Edible Anus will mail you five boxes of white, milk and dark chocolate anuses.
Tags: Funny, Life, Relationships, Amazing, Bizarre, Gallery, Food & Drink, Intriguing

Extreme Body Modifications Through the Ages

Body modification is found in all crevices of the world — even tattoos qualify!
Tags: Art, Life, Society, Amazing, History, World, Bizarre, Gallery, Trending, Galley, Intriguing, Science & Nature

Freddie Mercury Gave Elton John an Amazing Present Just Days Before He Died

"Here was this beautiful man, dying from AIDS, and in his final days, he had somehow managed to find me a lovely Christmas present," Elton John wrote.
Tags: Music, Entertainment, Life, Relationships, Amazing, History, Bizarre, Gallery, Social Issues, Elton John, Intriguing, TV & Movies

A Giant Earthquake Just Rocked Alaska, Ripping Streets Into Pieces

According to eye witnesses in Anchorage, roads were ripped apart like cardboard and schools and offices were forced to evacuate.
Tags: Life, Amazing, History, World, Bizarre, Gallery, Anchorage, Science & Nature

Terrible Maps That Will Make You See the World Differently

Some maps are...not as useful as others.
Tags: Internet, Funny, Life, World, Bizarre, Gallery, Fails, Intriguing

Seth Rogen Shaved His Beard and Now He’s Unrecognizable

So, what do you guys think? Team Beard or Team No Beard?
Tags: Entertainment, Funny, Life, Amazing, Bizarre, Gallery, Intriguing, TV & Movies, Seth Rogen Shaved His Beard

Apparently In Texas You Get Pickles When You Go To The Movies

A quirky cinema snack in Texas. The gigantic whole pickle
Tags: Texas, Funny, Life, Bizarre, Gallery, Intriguing

You Might Have the Most Valuable Cabbage Patch Kids Just Sitting in Your Basement

If you rummaged through your childhood bedroom, what types of toys would you find?
Tags: Cute, Funny, Life, History, Bizarre, Gallery, z - Uncategorized

Tomi Lahren Accidentally Calls Trump a Clown In Huge Halloween Fail

Unfortunately, she seemed to miss the point of her own costume entirely.
Tags: Politics, Funny, Life, Bizarre, Gallery, Fails, Tomi Lahren, TV & Movies

Skateboarder Tony Hawk Tweets Every Time He Isn’t Recognized in Public

Tony Hawk is the man, the myth, and skateboard legend. 
Tags: Entertainment, Funny, Life, Sports, Amazing, Bizarre, Gallery, Fails, Tony Hawk, z - Uncategorized

Fish In Collarbone China Trend The Epitome Of Strange

Attention-seeking women have invented a brand new way to show off how beautiful and skinny they are as they have been uploading videos demonstrating that they can hold fish in their collarbone, a display that likely no one intelligent will care about. Originally started last year in China, the trend has finally come westward: It […]
Tags: Fashion, China, Animals, International, Fish, Bizarre, Anime, Social trends

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