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More than just Marketing- Meet the 8WZYC Marketing Team

The 8WZYC Marketing Subcommittee’s main role will be to host fundraisers, social events and spread the word of our congress through social media and other channels to encourage a large number of participants from around the globe. Our social media pages will soon be launching to spread information for the upcoming Congress so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled! However, our role will extend far beyond simply posting. We plan on organising plenty of social events and fundraisers: these will ...
Tags: UK, London, Congress, Life, India, Cambridge, Poland, King, Suffolk, University Of Sheffield, Jess, Parsi, Ariana, Nagpur India, Arman, National University of Ireland Galway

Great strides: how Annie Hall’s ‘dad pants’ conquered the world

After a year of loungewear and dressing from the waist up, these tailored but informal trousers have won over everyone from Kendall Jenner to the Duchess of CambridgeScrolling through the Instagram page of model and Kardashian scion Kendall Jenner, one photo, posted on 28 April, stands out. In this one, she’s not on a Vogue cover or the deck of a yacht, but crossing a New York street. And instead of a bikini or cycling shorts and a crop top, she’s wearing a pair of tailored beige trousers, cinch...
Tags: Fashion, New York, Jennifer Lawrence, Instagram, Film, Life and style, Vogue, Cambridge, Philadelphia, Kendall Jenner, Kardashian, Kennedy, Annie Hall, Diane Keaton, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Katharine Hepburn

What Queen Elizabeth's relationship was like with every US president, from Truman to Trump

Queen Elizabeth II, pictured on a visit to Hull last month. Getty Images President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will meet Queen Elizabeth II on their visit to the UK. Since 1951, the Queen has met with 11 US presidents and helped facilitate diplomatic relations. Here's what the queen's relationships and meetings with US presidents have been like. Sign up for the 10 Things in Politics daily newsletter. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are set to meet Queen Elizab...
Tags: Politics, UK, England, London, News, Washington Post, Washington, France, Life, White House, US, America, Barack Obama, Trends, Reagan, Joe Biden

One iconic picture from each year of Queen Elizabeth's record 69-year reign

Queen Elizabeth II after her coronation. Associated Press Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating the 68th anniversary of her coronation on June 2. She technically became Queen a year earlier, after the death of her father King George on February 6, 1952. Charles Clark contributed to an earlier version of this story. See more stories on Insider's business page. 1953: Although she officially became Queen in 1952 after the passing of her father, King George, Her Majesty's coronation wasn't...
Tags: Asia, UK, England, London, Entertainment, Wales, Putin, France, Saudi Arabia, Life, White House, China, Germany, Iraq, Berlin, Nigeria

Most Britons cannot name all parts of the vulva, survey reveals

Nearly 40% mislabelled clitoris regardless of their gender in study conducted out of concern for female patientsDo you know your urethra from your clitoris? And could you locate either of them on a diagram? According to a survey of patients in hospital waiting rooms, half of Britons could not identify the urethra, while 37% mislabelled the clitoris – regardless of their gender. Meanwhile, just 46% correctly identified that women have three “holes” down below.Dina El-Hamamsy, a senior obstetrics ...
Tags: Health, Women, Life and style, Society, UK News, Cambridge, Dina El Hamamsy, Addenbrookes

The 10 best universities in the US, based on student experiences and outcomes, faculty research, and diversity

Harvard University ranks at the top of QS' list of the best US universities again. DenisTangneyJr/Getty Images QS Quacquarelli Symonds just published the second annual list of the best US universities. The research firm used four kinds of metrics to develop an overall score for 352 universities. The following are the 10 US universities that ranked at the top of the 2021 QS ranking. See more stories on Insider's business page. 10. University of Pennsylvania f11photo/Getty...
Tags: Education, Stanford, US, Careers, Los Angeles, Trends, Features, Mit, Harvard, United States, Harvard University, Cambridge, Universities, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, University Of California Berkeley

My Inherent Racial Prejudices

An illuminating study of the acting of Rege Jean Page On two occasions recently, I’ve written glowing accounts of the mixed-race actor, Rege Jean Page. I concluded one post, “The best business course I’ve ever had (March 9, 2021),” by noting that direct change in human behavior is best facilitated by subversive activities. I provided a description of RJP as a superb example of subversive behavior in the role of Bridgerton’s Duke of Hastings. By subversive activity I refer to behavior which under...
Tags: Kentucky, Careers, Netflix, Cambridge, Beverly Hills, Charles, Naacp, Detroit, US Army, Slim, Duke, Blacks, Black, Eddie Murphy, Simon, Tom

Why Arabic Fashion Trends Are Actually Quite Stunning

Unless you’re of Arabic descent or you have been lucky enough to be widely traveled, you may not be aware of the fantastic diversity in fashion from this part of the world.  From Arabian dresses to Moroccan kaftans, the combination of intricate needlework with size flattering designs means that these designs can be a perfect choice for women worldwide.   It’s easy to fall back on stereotypes when it comes to understanding other cultures, so it’s important to know that a person’s age and...
Tags: Fashion, Atlantic, Morocco, Cambridge, Palestinian, Duke, Arab, Mediterranean, Arabic, Abayas, Don, Custom, Middle East Many, Fashion Advice, Arabian, Lalla Salma

The 20 best US schools for business and management studies

Steven Senne/AP QS Quacquarelli Symonds just released its annual world ranking of the best schools for 51 subjects. Harvard University ranked at the top of the business and management ranking. The following are the top 20 US schools from this ranking and where they placed on the global list. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Global higher education research company QS Quacquarelli Symonds just released the 11th annual World University Rankings by Subject.QS published...
Tags: Business, Texas, Education, Stanford, New York City, US, Careers, Los Angeles, Trends, Features, Mit, Chicago, Harvard, Harvard University, Cambridge, Philadelphia

The 20 best US schools for computer science and information systems

SeanPavonePhoto/Getty Images QS Quacquarelli Symonds published its World University Rankings by Subject on Wednesday. MIT ranked at the top of the computer science and information systems ranking. These are the top US schools for computer science and information systems. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Global higher education research company QS Quacquarelli Symonds just published its 11th annual rankings of the best global colleges and universities for 51 differen...
Tags: Education, Stanford, New York City, US, Careers, Los Angeles, Trends, Atlanta, Features, Mit, Chicago, Cambridge, Columbia University, University Of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Computer Science

To have and to hold: getting hitched in lockdown weddings

It hasn’t been the easiest year for wedding planners, but despite the restrictions these four happy couples proved that where there’s a will there’s a wayWhen it became clear that their planned December wedding in a church in Cambridge was going to be at best Covid-complicated, they shifted into “How do we make this into a virtual wedding?” says Christine, who works for a tech nonprofit in the city. “We didn’t want people travelling; we couldn’t risk a super-spreader wedding. My parents are in S...
Tags: South Korea, Family, Marriage, Relationships, San Francisco, Life and style, Cambridge, Matthew, Christine, Coronavirus

17 Filme, die auf wahren Geschichten basieren & sehenswert sind

Viele der Filme, die wir lieben, haben eins gemein: Sie basieren nach wahrer Begebenheit. Offensichtlich liebt es Hollywood, die Realität als Grundlage zu nehmen, sie dann aber noch mal etwas aufzupolieren, sprich: sie unterhaltsamer, kunstvoller oder dramatischer – kurz gesagt: besser zu machen, als sie es eigentlich war.Manche Filme zeigen außergewöhnliche Momente der Menschheitsgeschichte, wie die Legende von Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln). Andere zeigen, wie einzigartig das Leben gewöhnlicher Me...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Usa, Hollywood, New York City, Barack Obama, Pennsylvania, Paris, Cambridge, Jane Austen, Liam Neeson, Seoul, Michael Keaton, Columbia, Welt, Michelle

Ich trat mit meinem Bully aus Schulzeiten in Kontakt. Das ist dabei rausgekommen.

Wir schrieben das Jahr 2010 und Rihannas Musik war der Soundtrack dazu. Ich war 16 und für mich begann gerade ein neues Kapitel in meinem Leben. Während dieser Sekundarschulzeit wurde ich gnadenlos gehänselt, weil ich der Meinung der anderen Kinder nach unnötig „lange Wörter“ benutzte. Rückblickend ist mir klar, dass es sich dabei um Mobbing handelte. Ich war nur deshalb von Büchern besessen, weil meine Lieblingsromane es mir ermöglichten, der Realität eine Zeit lang zu entkommen. In den Som...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Oxford, Cambridge, Somalia, James, Wald, Claudia, Tanz, Kopf, Mauer, Jahren, Schule, Sie, Dann, Hause

SEX CRIMINALS #69 is a nice climax to a surprisingly touching story about mental health (and sex jokes)

I have fond memories of the first time I read issue #10 of Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. I just gotten off the T at Mass Ave in Boston and hopped on the 1 Bus towards Cambridge, where I had a job at MIT. — Read the rest
Tags: Reviews, Post, News, Comic Books, Sex, Boston, Mental Health, Sexuality, Cambridge, Sex Work, Sex Education, Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky, Sex Criminals, Mass Ave, Sex Is Fun

25 small and midsize companies with the best work-life balance, according to employees

Gympass is one of the best small to midsize companies with great work-life balance, according to Comparably. Courtesy of Comparably Working at a company where you can balance your time between work and everything else is important, especially to avoid burnout and to take care of your mental health amid the pandemic. Career website Comparably released a new ranking of the small and midsize companies with the best work-life balance. To do this, the company analyzed 10 million employee rating...
Tags: Boston, US, Careers, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Trends, Work Life Balance, Company Culture, Bloomberg, Features, Chicago, Higher Education, Bellevue, Healthcare, Portland, Cambridge

Fluid Jurisdictions and Solid Perpetuities: A Review By Leilah Vevaina

Editors’ Note: Continuing HistPhil‘s forum on waqfs, Leilah Vevaina reviews Nurfadzilah Yahaya’s Fluid Jurisdictions (2020), while discussing her own research on religious endowments in India and the Straits Settlements. Vevaina writes: “This axis of what colonial authorities recognized as public, and hence, as charitable giving, versus familial hence private giving, was the key evaluator of why endowments for ancestor worship ceremonies within the Straits settlements and Hong Kong were void, wh...
Tags: Hong Kong, Books, New York, London, Supreme Court, Life, Southeast Asia, India, Cambridge, Mumbai, British Empire, Bombay, South East, Chung, Straits, Strait

The 25 best small companies for compensation, according to employees

Employees at accounting software company TaxJar said they felt they were compensated well. TaxJar Career site Comparably released a ranking of the highest-rated small and mid-size businesses for compensation, according to employees. Employees from top-ranked companies with 500 employees or fewer were asked if they were paid fairly, and a large majority of them agreed that they were. Pendo, a computer software company based in Raleigh, North Carolina, was named the best company for compensa...
Tags: Career, Jobs, Boston, Careers, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Trends, Strategy, Features, Companies, Chicago, Compensation, Portland, Cambridge, Career Advice, Santa Clara

"'Teaching,' for figures of her calibre, is often a word that means giving scripted lectures and then fleeing into the wings, or charging mega-dollars for a sun-drenched guru experience at a resort."

"Glück is a classroom teacher, at home in a small group, around a table. Dozens of great books, winners of awards, were shaped by her vigilant editing in the classroom, which often continues in her apartment and garden in Cambridge. This is part of why so many people seemed to feel that their own lives had somehow been recognized by the announcement of the Nobel. When I was growing up in Vermont, a few mountains over from her, Glück’s work was everywhere; she still feels to me like a seventies f...
Tags: Law, Sex, Cambridge, Joni Mitchell, Vermont, Gluck, Chiasson, Beatniks, Louise Glück, Nobel Prize, Ann Althouse, Dan Chiasson, Joni Mitchel, Wild Iris

‘Vigilantes’ on a mission to reunite owners with their stolen bikes

Britain’s cyclists take matters into their own hands as criminals cash in on post-lockdown popularity of cyclingIt’s the buzz he gets from reuniting the cyclists of Cambridge with their stolen bikes that has turned Omar Terywall into a self-proclaimed “vigilante”. He said: “You get really hooked on it when you start seeing major progress – and, well, it’s just nice helping people really, isn’t it?”Like others across the country, from Portsmouth to Glasgow, Terywall runs a local Facebook group wh...
Tags: Facebook, Crime, Social Networking, Life and style, UK News, Britain, Cycling, Cambridge, Bristol, Portsmouth, Omar Terywall, Glasgow Terywall, Terywall

Unemployment diary: I'm a 34-year-old bartender, teaching assistant, and retail worker in Hawaii who's been out of work since April

Julia Cornell. Courtesy of Julia Cornell; Shayanne Gal/Business Insider The Unemployed States of America takes readers deep inside the decimated American workforce. Julia Cornell is a 34-year-old bartender, teaching assistant, and retail worker based in Honolulu, Hawaii. She quit her jobs at the height of the pandemic, relying solely on savings and her pandemic unemployment assistance money as funds from regular unemployment slowly came through.  She says quarantine wasn't at all what she ...
Tags: Pua, Careers, America, Trends, Strategy, Mit, Unemployment, Brooklyn, Hawaii, Cambridge, East Coast, Chinatown, Nordic, Honolulu, HONOLULU Hawaii, University of Hawaii

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are already worth at least $30 million — and none of that money belongs to the crown

Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped back from royal duties at the beginning of the year. The decision made it so they no longer receive money from the crown through the "sovereign grant" and are both eligible to earn a professional income. Now, they're positioned to build a billion-dollar brand. They've settled in Los Angeles and just founded their own production company and signed a multiyear deal with Netflix. Even without those developments, the...
Tags: Post, UK, Washington Post, Life, US, Los Angeles, Trends, Ap, Bbc, Features, Netflix, New York Times, Cambridge, Prince Charles, Cornwall, Diana

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks on Powerful Books, Mystics, Richard Dawkins, and the Dangers of Safe Spaces (#455)

Illustration via 99designs “Win the respect of people you respect, and you can forget the rest.” Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (@RabbiSacks) is an international religious leader, philosopher, and respected moral voice. He was the chief rabbi of the UK and Commonwealth from 1991 to 2013 and the recipient of the 2016 Templeton Prize, in recognition of his “exceptional contributions to affirming life’s spiritual dimension.” Rabbi Sacks has been described by HRH The P...
Tags: Facebook, South Korea, UK, London, Wales, US, Lifestyle, House Of Lords, Hungary, NHS, Oxford, Cambridge, Tony Blair, Helix, Charles Darwin, Lincoln

Art of Persia: Time to question Alexander’s Eurocentric history

Cyrus, a declared Zoroastrian and follower of the single god Ahura Mazda is mentioned in several instances in the Old Testament. Article by Farrukh Dhondy | Asian Age OF CABBAGES AND KINGS “Rhyming is the occupation of foolsLanguage and music have so many other toolsBut Bachchoo, you, in this foolishness are stuckYou can’t even find a rhyme for –that last line….”— From Pardesi Paradox by Bachchoo Many of you, gentle readers, know that this column is named after a verse from Lewis Carroll. The ...
Tags: Life, Jerusalem, Iran, Bbc, Oliver Stone, Cambridge, Lewis Carroll, Hitler, Goa, Ali, Derek, Alexander, Persia, Cyrus, Samira, Darius

Duchess of Cambridge floral mask prompts face covering to sell out

Kate’s first official outing in Amaia mask leads to spike in ‘ditsy print’ searchCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageIt is a truth universally acknowledged that anything the Duchess of Cambridge wears sells out. In the past week the so-called “Kate effect” was put to public health use when she was photographed, for the first time, wearing a face mask.The £15 mask, from the London-based childrenswear brand Amaia, swiftly sold out, while the digital fashion aggregator Lyst ...
Tags: Health, Fashion, London, Society, UK News, Cambridge, Monarchy, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, Lizzo, Amaia, Coronavirus outbreak

Lily Cole: ‘We need to be more forgiving’

Supermodel, Cambridge graduate, activist – Lily Cole has many strings to her bow. Now she’s written a book that tackles our most urgent challengeI am tramping through the long grass of a Sussex nature reserve with supermodel-turned-activist Lily Cole. Beyond the gorse and the bracken, a vast open sky stretches before us. It certainly beats a sterile Zoom call. “How amazing is this?” she says. “I’ve been talking about moving to nature for years and then, finally, I decided to do it two years ago....
Tags: Books, Fashion, Elon Musk, Climate Change, Environment, Tesla, Life and style, Cambridge, Sussex, Lily Cole, Wizards, Extinction Rebellion

Cambridge University Professor Cooks 4000-Year-Old Recipes from Ancient Mesopotamia, and Lets You See How They Turned Out

Those of us who’ve dedicated a portion of our isolation to the art of sourdough have not suffered for a lack of information on how that particular sausage should get made. The Internet harbors hundreds, nay, thousands of complicated, contrary, often contradictory, extremely firm opinions on the subject. You can lose hours…days…weeks, agonizing over which method to use. The course for Bill Sutherland's recent culinary experiment was much more clearly charted. As documented in a series of now...
Tags: Travel, Google, Books, College, Life, History, Food & Drink, Cambridge, Cambridge University, Sutherland, Martha Stewart Living, Facebook Twitter, Near East, Mesopotamia, Conservation Biology, Bill Sutherland

Glimpses of Kekoo Gandhy’s Mumbai

Kekee Manzil – The House of Art chronicles a micro-history of the city anchored in a century-old family home Filmmakers Behroze Gandhy and Dilesh Korya’s documentary, Kekee Manzil – The House of Art offers a glimpse into the interiors of a heritage home, shedding light on its iconic residents Kekoo and Khorshed Gandhy. Kekoo established the only picture-framing company in Asia in the 1940s and later opened the city’s first contemporary art gallery, Gallery Chemould, now known as Chemould Pres...
Tags: Asia, UK, London, Film, Life, Germany, India, Heritage, Cambridge, Mumbai, Bombay, Anish Kapoor, Dara, Indira Gandhi, Rusi, Adil

7 Cool Engagement Rings for an Unforgettable Social Media Proposal

Are you planning on sharing your proposal on social media? Create an unforgettable moment! Start with these unique and cool engagement rings for 2020. We’re fast coming up on one of the hottest times of the years to get engaged. According to a recent survey, July and August are two of the most popular months for partners to get down on one knee. If you’re hoping to get engaged soon, you need two things: a ring and a whole lot of courage. While we can’t help you with the courage part,...
Tags: Fashion, Social Media, Marriage Proposal, Cambridge, Prince Charles, Diana, William, Queen Victoria, Ceylon, Catherine the Duchess, Jackie Kennedy, Engagement Rings, Proposal, Weddings & Parties, Engagement Ring, Propose

Avesthagen Releases The First Complete Zoroastrian-Parsi Mitochondria Reference Genome

Avesthagen releases “The First complete Zoroastrian-Parsi Mitochondria Reference Genome: Implications of mitochondrial signatures in an endogamous, non-smoking population” – The study unravels mitochondrial signatures linked to persian origin, longevity and associated health conditions Avesthagen Limited, with support from the Foundation for a Smoke Free World, New York, USA is developing a systems biology-based approach for the early predictive diagnosis of tobacco related cancers suc...
Tags: Science, Life, India, US, Cambridge, Persia, Parsi, ` Foundation, Avesthagen, Avesthagen Limited, Foundation for a Smoke Free World New York USA, CMD Avesthagen Limited

Charli XCX: ‘It’s weird yelling into a mic while my boyfriend does a puzzle’

She’s written hits for Lizzo and Rita Ora, plus a string of her own. Next up: an album she wrote with fans while on lockdown in LANineteen years post-Pop Idol, there is not much left to demystify about the way pop music is made. Fans follow the industry’s movements as obsessively as football supporters do the Premier League; songwriters and producers have their own followings. There are podcasts where artists explain a song’s path from genesis to completion. And yet, watching Charli XCX handwrit...
Tags: Music, Instagram, Los Angeles, Life and style, Culture, Pop and rock, Premier League, Charli Xcx, Cambridge, Rita Ora, Lizzo, Charlotte Aitchison

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