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“Life Is Tough, But Keep Going”: Colorful And Sunny Illustrations By Xi Zhang

Xi Zhang is a China-based illustrator and concept artist. She graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. Just go to the beach, relax and enjoy. More: Artstation, Instagram img src=”” alt=”” width=”1080″ height=”670″. Source
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Dosabhoy Framji Karaka

Karaka, Dosabhoy Framji [Dosoo] (1911–1974), journalist and writer, was born on 14 April 1911 in Bombay, British India, into a middle-class Parsi family, the eldest of three children of Framji Jehangir Karaka, imperial customs official, and his wife, Homai (d. 1952). He grew up in a house on Malabar Hill called The Cloisters, in a fashionable quarter of Bombay. His great-grandfather, Dosabhai Framji Karaka, was the author of the History of the Parsis published in Britain by Macmillan in 1884. Af...
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Andrew Scott thrills, queer dad in China, meth hustlers, love & cerebral palsy

Between small towns, big cities, foreign countries and everything in between, we've got no shortage of the scandalous this week.
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The Importance of Finding and Creating Demand

--> In 2000, I needed computer programmers in our company more than anything. At the time, however, it was exceedingly difficult to find a good computer programmer. I went through a lot of tough times trying to hire and keep computer programmers. Computer programmers seemed to have their pick of jobs and they would switch employers every few months, as they were offered better and better jobs, more stock options, and other employee perks. One day I hired a programmer and he immediately started w...
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Kirsten Gillibrand Speaks Mandarin, But All Anyone Can Talk About Is Mayor Pete.

On Saturday afternoon, Twitter users shared a video clip of presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in which she greeted a Voice of America News reporter in Mandarin. Gillibrand is known to be conversational in the language. She was an Asian Studies major at Dartmouth University and studied for six months in China and Taiwan, where she famously roomed with Friday Night Lights star Connie Britton.Unfortunately, Gillibrand's command of the language has made barely a blip in the news cycle....
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Gabe Newell Models Underwear for China

A post on Reddit’s /r/pcmasterrace has revealed the Chinese underwear manufacturer Long Dian has been using the face of Valve president Gabe Newell on one of their branded underwear products. The image marketing the size 4XL “Large Brief” underwear starring Gabe Newell: Redditors in the thread were quick to make all kinds of jokes at the expense […]
Tags: Fashion, China, Marketing, International, Bizarre, Reddit, Valve, Anime, Gabe Newell, Pantsu, Long Dian

PH5 is Revolutionizing Knitwear With Algorithms

We speak with Mijia Zhang and Wei Lin about transforming an antiquated technique with technology, sustainability and a distinct aesthetic The last time knitwear experienced seismic change was during the Industrial Revolution. Automation and large-scale machinery increased quantities and overall accessibility of fabric. Since then, there’s been little progress. “It hasn’t developed in decades,” Wei Lin—founder of the womenswear label PH5—says with a sense of …
Tags: Fashion, Design, Style, Interviews, China, Clothing, Tech, Chinese, Apparel, Algorithms, Fabrics, Chinese American, Mijia Zhang, Tech Fabrics, PH5, Wei Lin

5 reasons why Danish workers are the happiest in the world

You will often see Denmark listed as one of the “happiest countries on the planet.” Interestingly Danes are not only happy at home, they’re also happy at work and according to most studies of worker satisfaction among nations, the happiest employees in the world are in Denmark. Here’s just one data point: Gallup found that 18% of American workers are actively disengaged, meaning they are “emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive.” The same number for Danish...
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'Lewis Hamilton of pigeons' sold for world record €1.25m

Racing pigeon Armando goes for huge sum after bidding war between Chinese enthusiastsA racing pigeon has been sold for a world record €1.25m (£1.1m) as a result of prices being driven sky-high by a craze for bird racing among an elite group of Chinese enthusiasts. Related: The rebirth of coo: reconsidering the pigeon – in pictures Continue reading...
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A Beginner’s Guide to the Underappreciated Pencil

Editor’s note: This is a guest article from TJ Cosgrove. For most people, the humble pencil is a writing utensil that was once familiar, but is now largely absent from their everyday life. When you were a kid, you used a #2 pencil to fill out the answer sheet bubbles on standardized tests. Maybe you kept using the mechanical kind to do math in college. But as an adult, unless you’re a craftsman making marks on lumber or drywall, you may not use pencils at all, having dropped them in favor ...
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Modern Businesses: Local Versus Global

Not long ago, offshoring of goods and services was a foolproof way to keep costs down—if you could manage it. Now, however, due to changing markets, local sourcing is experiencing an upswing. Helped by Gabriele Rizzo, futurist adviser for private and public international defense organizations, and Alexander Bird, CEO of micronutrient food manufacturer  Kiss My Keto , let's look at the pros and cons of local versus global supply chains. Benefits and Drawbacks of Local and Global Supply Chain...
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Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, a Swadeshi who tried to make India a manufacturing hub

On Jamsetji’s 180th birth anniversary, ThePrint’s Remya Nair remembers the industrialist who set up India’s most well-reputed business empire. Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata was the founder of the entity that went on to become Tata Sons, an Indian conglomerate that now employs more than 7 lakh people and has a total revenue of more than $110 billion. His first cousin Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata would take his work forward and the Tata Sons would reach its zenith under Ratanji’s son J.R.D. Tata. Today, Ra...
Tags: Life, China, India, History, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Bangalore, Bombay, Gujarat, Tata, Jamshedpur, Nagpur, Tata Group, Navsari, Wacha, Surat

17 Amazing Women Who Made History — That You've Never Heard Of

Update: In honor of Women's Equality Day, we're sharing this slideshow on 16 history-making women you've probably never heard of. Ahead, a look at the barriers they broke in supporting rights for all women.This story was originally published on March 8, 2016.It’s a pretty great time to be a woman. A lot remains to be done to support women’s rights around the world, but more women now have access to education, economic opportunities, and leadership roles than ever before.This progress is thanks ...
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12 New Berlin Restaurants to Try Out in 2019

photo: CELL.  Not even a year has passed since our last new Berlin restaurants round-up of 2018. But my list of interesting new openings has already surpassed 10 so it’s about time for another one for 2019! The last couple of months have brought us quite an interesting wave of new gastronomic projects. Some hail from already established entrepreneurs while others are complete newbies in the food scene of the city. While recent years showed a slight tendency towards more exquisite places I f...
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China censors Rami Malek’s Oscar speech, scrubbing it of gay references

A major broadcaster removed references to homosexuality when Malek won Best Actor for 'Bohemian Rhapsody.'
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3 Unique Places To Stop When You’re Traveling The World

Many people like traveling the world for some unique ways to hunt down some retail therapy in interesting places. However, if you’re looking for a truly unique way of dressing yourself, and perhaps your home, then locating independent stores full of contemporary and old items will fill your suitcase with items that potentially no one else in your country will have. 1. Flower Markets If you turn into a magpie at the mere sight of something shiny or pearlescent, then swinging by a...
Tags: Fashion, Usa, France, China, Singapore, World, Shanghai, Belgium, Holland, East Asia, Delft Blue, Flower Markets If, Caojiadu, Holland Amsterdam

2019 Market Trends to Expect

The overall financial health of the global economy, as well as the resources we have available to make intelligent projections, will greatly impact business success in 2019. Let's have a look at two of the major market trends to expect this year. Continuing Stock Market Volatility We enter 2019 with the financial sector in a  bear market . (A bear market is an economy in which security prices drop 20 percent or more and stay low for a long time period.) The 2018 market was volatile and the...
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Chinese lunar new year 2019 – in pictures

To welcome the year of the pig more than a billion people across the world have begun celebrating. Food, fireworks and performances across Asia will mark the annual lunar new year. The pig is believed to be a symbol of optimism, enthusiasm and being hardworking Continue reading...
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The future of male contraceptives? A layered cocktail.

Scientist propose a layered cocktail as a future male contraceptive. Chemical layers block the flow of sperm and can be dissolved with near-infrared light.Tiny umbrella not included. None Layered drinks are definitely a thing. Whether it's a Paradise Cocktail for grownups or a California Adventure Infinity Fizz for kids, these colorful comestibles have been around a while — they first appeared as pousse-cafés in France around the beginning of the 20th century. The drinks involve a sciency mix...
Tags: Science, California, Sex, France, China, Pregnancy, Chemistry, Medical Research, Innovation, Invention, Contraceptive, Birth Control, Human body

No, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Doesn't Support "Aborting Babies Up Until Birth"

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is facing backlash after expressing support for women's right to terminate their pregnancies in the third trimester if medically necessary.In an interview with WTOP, Northam was asked about a bill that would loosen the restrictions surrounding third trimester abortions in Virginia. The state, which only has two abortion providers, currently bans the procedure after 24 weeks, except in cases where a woman's health is in danger.The HB2491 bill, introduced by state Del...
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Here's What Lunar New Year Red Envelopes Are All About

Lunar New Year is around the corner, this year falling on February 5. On this day, the year of the dog closes and we will begin the year of the pig — the twelfth sign of the Chinese zodiac, signifying wealth and prosperity.But regardless of the year, the Chinese New Year celebration has another financial component that you may have heard of before: the red envelope.Every Lunar New Year, it’s a tradition in Chinese and other Southeast Asian societies to gift a red packet or envelope — called hón...
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The incredible history of the traditional Parsi Gara sari

The timeless elegance of a traditional Parsi Gara is undeniable. Embroidered to life with photorealistic precision, the Gara sari is a unique member in the exhaustive variety of crafts found in the country. Predominantly worn by the Parsi community during weddings and special occasions, the exquisite Gara sari deserves not to be stashed away just for those big days. Vogue spoke to Ashdeen Lilaowala—one of the few creative minds carrying the legacy of the Gara forward—about the history of the emb...
Tags: Europe, Fashion, Life, China, India, Iran, Vogue, Mumbai, Bombay, Chine, Gandhi, Gara, Parsi, Margi, Shamu, Garas

What Connects Vivekananda and Jamsetji Tata? A Sea Voyage That Changed India!

“Rooted in the past, full of pride in India’s prestige, Vivekananda was yet modern in his approach to life’s problems, and was a kind of bridge between the past of India and her present.” – Jawaharlal Nehru The year was 1893. On May 31, aboard a steamer that sailed from Yokohama to Vancouver, two great Indians met for the first time. One was an industrialist who would go on to become one of India’s greatest visionaries, Jamsetji Tata. The other was a monk who would take India’s spiritual tradit...
Tags: Japan, Life, China, India, History, Chicago, Vancouver, Bangalore, Buddhist, Institute, Yokohama, Jawaharlal Nehru, Swami Vivekananda, Tata Group, Vivekananda, Jamsetji Tata

Ashdeen Lilaowala: The ‘gara’ goes mod

Traditional Parsi embroidery finds contemporary expression with fresh motifs and colours while retaining its multicultural roots in the hands of textile designer Ashdeen Z. Lilaowala Ashdeen Z. Lilaowala at his flagship store in Delhi. Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint Article by Sohini Dey For his most recent collection Vintage Tales, textile designer Ashdeen Z. Lilaowala has taken inspiration from old Parsi photographs. One of the standout saris in the collection borrows its motifs from a gara s...
Tags: Fashion, Life, China, India, US, Delhi, Leno, Gara, Parsi, National Institute of Design NID, China Iran, Ashdeen Lilaowala, UNESCO Parzor Foundation, Ashdeen Z Lilaowala, Lilaowala, Ashdeen Z Lilaowala Ashdeen Z Lilaowala

Are You a Value Creator or Value Extractor?

--> When I was in my third year of college, I applied to a special accelerated program at the University of Chicago Business School, which would have allowed me to graduate from business school and complete my undergraduate degree in a total of five years–instead of the six years this normally would have required. At the time I was a very good student and I had also been running an asphalt business for the previous several years. I had started the business from scratch and believed that I would ...
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Apple Is Reportedly Dropping A New iPhone With Three Cameras

Apple will reportedly be releasing three new iPhone models this fall, according to the Wall Street Journal.So if you just finishing setting up your memoji on your new XR, buckle up — you might be tempted to upgrade, because these could be really good.Here are the deets, according to WSJ: The new set of phones will feature a higher-end model with a triple rear camera and two lower-end models with double rear cameras. The two more expensive models will come with the OLED (organic light-emitting)...
Tags: Apple, Fashion, Music, China, Samsung, Tim Cook, Huawei, Red Carpet ActionAttention Bachelor Nation

Movies You Won’t Believe Are Based On True Stories

At first glance, the script for War Dogs probably read like an outlandish action comedy.How could a couple of stoner dudes from Miami secure a $300 million contract to supply arms to the U.S. government? How could the Pentagon supply tens of millions of shoddy weapons to Afghani troops fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban? How could the U.S. government be tricked into purchasing decomposing, 40-year-old munitions that were culled from a Communist surplus stockpile or manufactured cheaply in China ...
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Why Everyone Is Selling Beauty Products Online

The global e-commerce cosmetics industry has changed dramatically in the last decade thanks to the rise of social media and the demand for online beauty retailers. Consumers are buying beauty products online at a rapid pace, with an annual sales growth of 11.5 percent in the US alone. On and offline, skincare remains the top beauty category globally, with a 36.4 percent market share, while China dominates the entire beauty e-commerce market, taking in an 18.1 percent share of all onli...
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The company behind YouCam Makeup app launches a new set of AR tools for beauty brands like Ulta

Released in 2014, the year before Snapchat put face filters on the road to ubiquity, Perfect Corp’s YouCam Makeup app gave many smartphone users their first taste of augmented selfies. At the beginning, it let users experiment with different makeup looks and portrait-editing tools. Since then, YouCam Makeup has expanded beyond selfies into e-commerce and retail with tools for over 200 beauty brands and retailers, including L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, Cosmopolitan, and Target (the big-box retailer’...
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China’s #1 hook-up app halts new users after being blamed for a rise in HIV among young people

Blued is China's top gay hook-up app, but a recent report says underage boys are logging in and becoming poz.
Tags: Life, China, Lifestyle, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Hiv/aids, Blued, Hook-up Apps

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