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Our best Christmas food gifts and recipes

From our archive: from festive pickles and homemade sweets to luxury biscuits and exotic oils, a a gift you’ve made yourself can make someone’s ChristmasA trio of presents that you’ll want for Christmas dinner: a ginger nut brittle to serve as is or to blitz into a toast-topping paste, crumbly cheese biscuits and an enticingly easy fig jam Continue reading...
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How to make shortbread – recipe | Felicity Cloake's masterclass

Christmas shortbread as made by our resident perfectionist, with a few choices of festive flavouringsThe world may have gone mad for spiced speculoos this year, but, for me, Christmas will always be all about two biscuits: gingerbread, for decorations, and shortbread, for actual consumption. Easy to make and a genuine crowdpleaser, shortbread will keep well for several weeks, which makes it the gift that keeps on giving well into the dark days of January. Not that it’ll last that long.Prep 15 mi...
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10 ways to use leftover Christmas booze – from prosecco chicken to amaretto cake

If you have an unloved stash of sloe gin, advocaat or Cointreau, these recipes offer delicious ideas for using them in the kitchenThere is a reason why dry January exists. It is because, after a long and gruelling festive season, there is usually a fairly good chance that you feel as if you have pickled your guts. The thought of putting any more rich, creamy, booze into your body is unappealing. Luckily for you, you drank most of it at parties.This year may be a little different, though. We are ...
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17 ways with leftover turkey, from warming ramen to rich risotto

With Christmas gatherings reduced in size this year, you may have more poultry than usual to eat up. But there are myriad ways to make that more interesting that in soundsOn top of all the problems we have faced in 2020, we could be experiencing a larger-than-ever glut of turkey this season: restrictions on large gatherings, combined with high demand for – and a corresponding shortage of – smaller birds, may have left a lot of us with more meat than we can eat in one, two or even three sittings....
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Chicken pulao and an orange and piquillo pepper salad: Nik Sharma's Christmas recipes

The perfect combination: spicy chicken jewelled with cranberries and cashews, and a sharp fruity sideThe simplicity and elegance of pulaos combined with their ability to moonlight as a one-pot meal stole my heart long ago. Pulaos saved my mother and grandmother hours in the kitchen; they’d make a large pot and all that was needed was a salad or pickle on the side. I’m keeping that principle in mind with this winter-themed chicken pulao, jewelled with cranberries and cashews, alongside an orange ...
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Turkey or nut roast? Felicity Cloake's perfect Christmas dinner recipes | Felicity Cloake's How to make the perfect …

What’s your perfect Christmas? A big, bronzed turkey or a sage and stilton nut roast this year? Or both? And not forgetting all the classic festive sides. Our resident perfectionist shows you howWhile there are people who see Christmas time as an opportunity to try out new and exciting recipes, my family is not among them. We have roast turkey only once a year, which means it’s always a big, bronzed, buttery treat – why would we want to change? That said, I’m always tempted to make a sneaky nut ...
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Benjamina Ebuehi's Christmas recipe for mini clementine ginger tarts | The sweet spot

The sweetness of clementine curd mellows the hit of fiery ginger in this tasty winter dessert We get through a ridiculous amount of ginger in my house. Whether it’s fresh, crystallised or stem ginger in syrup, it’s such a familiar comfort and makes many appearances in both my sweet and savoury cooking at this time of year. Sometimes I’ll lean in to the fiery heat that ginger can bring, but for desserts I prefer to mellow it out a little with sweetness. Enter sweet clementine curd. Continue readi...
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The Christmas taste test challenge: the chef v the critic

Ravinder Bhogal and Jay Rayner eat their way through the supermarkets’ mince pies, cheese, chocolates and more. Whose verdict do you trust? Taste the Difference Buck’s Fizz Marmalade340g, £1.60, My late dad was fond of marmalade - like gammon and pineapple it was a relic of his student years in England. I can almost see him scraping out the remnants of this jar onto his toast now – a dense set with chunks of peel, a cheeky whiff of booze and as bittersweet as my memories...
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Yotam Ottolenghi's alternative Christmas dinner – recipes

Turkey and all the trimmings is all very well, but to turn heads this Christmas, try out this roast spatchcock chicken in chilli butter with a Gruffalo-inspired stuffing cake, sweet potatoes roasted with pecan and lime, and a zingy sprout slawIf you’ve never spatchcocked a chicken, you can now add it to the list of “things I had time for in 2020 that I would never have done otherwise” (or ask the butcher to do it for you). If you want to get ahead, prepare the chicken the day before: refrigerate...
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Prosecco crisps, pigs in blankets pot noodles – please make these Christmas treats stop

What to do with festive specials in the supermarket aisles? Probably leave well aloneWhat really says Christmas to you? Is it a squeezy bottle of Sainsbury’s “Pigs in Blankets Mayo”? No? You surprise me. Or not, as the case may be. For the December issue of OFM I tasted that particular joy, and so many other Christmas products, alongside the fabulous chef Ravinder Bhogal. Oh, the things they make us do for you. It is, for the record, mayonnaise punched up with artificial smoke flavouring and, in...
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Bake me happy: 10 deliciously different mince pie recipes

From the perfect traditional version, to brownie hybrids, deep-fried delights and a throwback from 1591, homemade never looked so goodNothing should make the heart sink quite as much as the phrase “homemade mince pies”. The chance of failure is simply far too high. Pick a bad recipe and you run the risk of serving up a tray of inedible pastry bin lids gummed together with a miserly Marmite smear of mincemeat.But it doesn’t have to be like this. An endless array of mince-pie variations are now av...
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Chocolate thins and nut brittle: Rachel Roddy's recipes for sweet Christmas gifts | A kitchen in Rome

These easy walnut and honey brittle biscuits and little chocolate, nut and currant sweets make for glorious festive gifts“Light candles, gather shrubbery, do it, do it now,” was Signe Johansen’s advice the other day: small rituals against dark days. Advice is like plastic: there is just too much of it, and I am like plastic in the face of most advice – stubborn and impermeable. But this advice came at just the right moment, so I took it. Also because I needed bay leaves (which come from bay tree...
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The spirits of Christmas: drinkable homemade gifts – recipes

Festive tipples for family and friends with whom, in better times, you’d usually share a Christmas drinkThis will keep for three weeks in the fridge, so it’s not one to leave under the tree in the run-up to Christmas. Continue reading...
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My teenage respect for the rules led me to risk poisoning the whole family

We had my very picky uncle round for Christmas, and my sister and I were in charge of the food. Can turkey be served bloody?When I was a child, we always spent Christmas at my uncle’s. “Ogre” is a strong word, but everyone was scared of him. He had an insane number of rules. He would come to fetch us in his car – then insist we leave the dog behind in case he scratched the upholstery. It was never obvious when children were meant to speak and when they weren’t. If you chose the wrong time to go ...
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