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A Love List About Men That Turn Off Your Alarm And Let You Mist Them With Vanilla Perfume

Good Morning friends. It’s been a very long time since we love listed together. What’s on your love list this week? Won’t you share with me? Today my love list goes out to the man who turned off the alarm on my phone this morning and made me sleep until 5:30. Sigh bad bad bad! I’m normally up every day, no matter how late I go to bed, at 4:45AM. As you know I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. Me in the morning: But I like routine, order, and discipline. So, every morning, at 4:45 AM my phone alar...
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A Primer on Wedding Etiquette

Editor’s Note: This is a guest piece by Cody and Paige Brandon.  As wedding coordinators, we have gotten to be a part of many beautiful, fun weddings. But, without fail, there is always “that guy” at a wedding. The guy who is underdressed, embarrasses the couple, or in some other way does something everyone wishes they could forget. We have learned it may be impossible to have a wedding without having “that guy” there — even if we still do our best to minimize his impact on the overall experien...
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20 Things to Stop Letting People Do to You (Setting Boundaries in Relationships 101)

Be with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you. This past Saturday, while Angel and I were enjoying a safe and peaceful backyard barbecue at our friend Sara’s house, her 16-year-old foster child, Cody, received an unexpected visit from his biological mother – a woman who has been in and out of prison and rehab her whole life. Although Sara was a bit hesitant about it, she let Cody and his mother talk privately on the front porch. We occasionally eavesdropped from the livi...
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On the road to nowhere: has the shine worn off the home workout?

In 2020, in response to Covid, gyms closed and moved online – with massive success. But can we really get fit at home?If Britney can get through 2007, you can get up this hill!” My quads are burning. Sweat soaks into the handlebars. But deep down? I know that Cody Rigsby, my Peloton instructor, a Hercules in Lycra, is correct. I can get up this hill. Furthermore, I can’t let Cody down. You don’t want to disappoint someone who calls you “boo” on a regular basis. “Get your life together, boo!” say...
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Best Maker YouTube Channels/Temi/Listen Notes

Check out our new Recomendo book! 550 of the best recommendations from the past two years. Best Maker YouTube Channels Most of my discretionary media time is spent watching YouTube. I derive immense pleasure in finding out how things work and how to make and repair things. Over several years of watching all kinds of video, lousy and great, I’ve collected a bunch of channels for dependable high-quality content. In a long post on our blog Cool Tools, I review the top 30 YouTube informational chann...
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The Most Stylish Men of 2018: We're Calling It

Style inspiration knows no gender—a point that's particularly hard to avoid when photo shoots like Joe Keery's for GQ happen. Today, we're here to highlight a whole dozen of our favourite stylish men, the ones who will take the fashion world by storm this 2018.The sartorially suave lads you're about to feast your eyes on come from all over the place, be it your favourite TV shows, hit movies, the music industry—even international social media influencers are included. Our goal once you're done s...
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Traveling and not sure what to do? Here’s how I stay on track at hotels + what I take on 12 hour plane rides.

Being away from home is where most people usually go off course. High-fives! Good job for being proactive and researching how you can stay on track. I spend 40% of the year traveling or in hotels for work and play… here are my 10 pro tips! #1 Have a good breakfast A good start to the day sets you up for success. Pack an oatmeal cup and a spoon. Hot water is available at any coffee shop, gas station, flight attendant, or via a coffee maker in your hotel room. Most hotel continental breakfasts als...
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USA Gymnastics Doctor Sentenced To 60 Years In Prison

UPDATE: On Thursday, December 7, a federal judge in Michigan sentenced Larry Nassar to 60 years in prison over child pornography charges, declaring that he "should never again have access to children."The charge was one in three criminal cases against Nassar, the other two of which he will receive punishments for in the state court in January. Nassar will not serve his 60-year sentence until he completes his sentences for sexual assault.Read on for our original story below.A former sports docto...
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USA Gymnastics Doctor Pleads Guilty To Multiple Counts Of Sexual Assault

A former sports doctor accused of molesting at least 125 girls and young women while he worked for USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University pleaded guilty to multiple charges of sexual assault and will face at least 25 years in prison.Larry Nassar, 54, admitted to digitally penetrating seven girls, mostly under the guise of treatment at his Lansing-area home and a campus clinic, between 1998 and 2015."For all those involved ... I'm so horribly sorry that this was like a match that turned in...
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Taking Meals on the Road and 3 Airplane Food Travel Hacks

Will you be driving a lot with overnight stays this holiday season? "I don't know what this says about me but the first thing I thought when planning this out was, what about my food and should I prep at home and transport? And how will I transport?" asked Kim F. These meal plan bags are the perfect answer to a stressful situation. Buy EDC Meal Prep Bag on Amazon. Buy EDC Meal Prep Bag on Amazon. You can also take your Meal Mentor meals in plastic bags on the plane. I do this all the time with...
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We Gave 5 Men Major Brow Makeovers — & This Is What Happened

Of all the features on the human face, many of us pay the most attention to our eyebrows. Perhaps it's because they're so easily altered, or maybe because they're one of our most expressive features. For some, they're a reminder of grooming gone wrong (those of us who rocked "tadpole" brows in the late '90s can attest to this), while others see brows as a source of glamour (fans of Instagram's ombré, feather, or soap brows know the feeling). But no matter which side of the spectrum you fall, ch...
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Coup de Coeur by Cody Chua

Time is on your side with these automatic watches from Coup de Coeur. Founder Cody Chua loves horology, a passion that begun at a young age. “I love the intricate world of mechanical movements but they often come at exorbitant prices. With Coup de Coeur, I wanted to create an affordable and sound alternative,” Cody tells us. The brand utilises the 24 jewel Japan automatic movement and has a triple-hand date function. Add a swap-out-the-strap option to it and you’ve got yourself a time-tellin...
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Lindsay Lohan's Baby Bro Is All Grown Up — & Modeling For Vogue China

The year was 2006. Lindsay Lohan had just been featured in a New York Times article titled "Portrait of the Party Girl as a a Young Artist," cataloguing the actress' post- Mean Girls journey from actress to daily tabloid fodder. Meanwhile, her adorably chubby-cheeked nine-year-old brother, Cody, made a rare appearance on the runway for a Child Magazine fashion collection. It was a truly special moment for American pop culture.But the past is past, and Cody Lohan is no more. In his place, Dakota...
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Dylan Sprouse Is Acting Again

Retired life must not have suited Suite Life of Zack and Cody 's Dylan Sprouse. According to MTV News, the Sprouse sibling is headed back in front of the camera with a new indie flick, Carte Blanche.While Sprouse has been keeping a low profile since his Disney Channel days on the S.S. Tipton, graduating from New York University and opening a hip meadery, his brother Cole has been creeping out fans on The CW's Riverdale.Earlier this year, Dylan did mention to The New York Daily News that he'd li...
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This Woman's Bath & Body Works Candle Exploded & She Ended Up In The ER

A Texas woman ended up in the emergency room this week after a lit Bath & Body Works candle exploded in her face when she tried to blow it out, NBC reports. This is not the news we wanted to hear about our favorite '90s-flashback-scents brand.The woman's husband, Cody Brawley, posted on Facebook that his wife Ashley became concerned when she smelled something burning in their living room; the candle had been lit for three and a half hours, according to the couple's Nest camera. Ashley ran in to...
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Ashley Tisdale Cringes When She Remembers This Red Carpet Look

Many of us would rather forget some of our past fashion faux pas. Prom? Let's leave that whole 10 Things I Hate About You -inspired tube top and ball skirt in the aughts, okay? And while T-Boz rocked that brown lipliner and clear gloss, not everyone else looked as great in the same look.Good thing we don't have the internet and paparazzi photos to document everything — but Ashley Tisdale can't say the same thing. The actor told People magazine what she considered her biggest fashion gaffe from ...
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Cole Sprouse Regrets This Comment About Girls Who Wear Makeup

Cole Sprouse has changed a lot since his child actor days — and one particular comment he made years ago now eats away at him, Teen Vogue reports.On Friday, the Riverdale star tweeted a photo of a magazine where he's quoted as saying, "I like a girl who is down-to-earth and doesn't get worked up over anything — not the kind of girl who is so worried about how she looks that she has to put on pounds of makeup.""Do you ever stay up tormented by something you said a long time ago? Lol yeah me neit...
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Cole & Dylan Sprouse Are Very Good At Trolling Each Other

Cole and Dylan Sprouse have a knack for trolling — especially when their target is each other.As Teen Vogue pointed out, the twin brothers, who the world know as Zack and Cody, are in a Twitter feud that has them going back and forth about their Disney past."Were you Zack or Cody?" Cole asked his brother, only to have Dylan bring out the big guns. "I don't remember actually," he wrote. "I was too busy carrying the show on my back."Shots fired, [email protected] I don't remember actually. I w...
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This Grandmother Will Carry Her Own Grandchild For Her Son & Daughter-In-Law

When Patty Resecker found out her daughter-in-law Kayla Jones wasn't able to get pregnant, she offered to be the surrogate. That means that when she gives birth, the baby that enters the world will be not her child but her grandchild.On March 7, the Texarkana, Arkansas 49-year-old will attempt to get pregnant with Kayla and her husband Cody's child via in vitro fertilization. She hasn't been pregnant in 20 years.The Facebook page Creating Baby Jones has been sharing updates about the process. O...
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7 sports movies to get in the mood for Super Bowl halftime show, cool ads and tight uniforms

Jane Russell once notoriously danced with a group of speedo-wearing male bodybuilders in Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, one of the most homoerotic scenes in Hollywood history. Yet somehow the idea that gay men and women can take part in the professional sports world remains absurd to so many Americans, gay and not-gay alike. The four major teams sports still lack a single openly gay active player. With the Super Bowl again on the approach, and with Hollywood having dumped most of its good movies out ...
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Cole Sprouse Was So Ready To Clip His Disney Wings For Riverdale

While it's obvious that the new hot teen soap, Riverdale, will overlap with a few other famous comics (Josie and The Pussycats, Sabrina the Teenage Witch), it's safe to say there's one kid-friendly universe it will won't — Disney's. Cole Sprouse, who plays Archie's best friend, Jughead made sure of that.In an interview with Vulture, Cole — famous for his role alongside his twin brother, Dylan in The Suite Life of Zach and Cody on the Disney channel as well as Adam Sandler's son in Big Daddy — s...
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This Former Disney Star Just Opened A Meadery & We Have So Many Questions

Depending on your age, you may know Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin from T he Suite Life Of Zack And Cody or as the kid that Adam Sandler adopts in Big Daddy. However, it seems that Sprouse has made a surprising career jump since his days on the Disney Channel. New York Magazine 's neighborhood blog Bedford + Bowery recently reported that a new meadery called All-Wise will soon be opening in Brooklyn with Sprouse aat the helm.Mead, in case you are unfamiliar since it's no longer the Middle Ages, i...
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CMT star Cody Alan comes out as gay

CMT and iHeartRadio host Cody Alan has come out as gay, via an Instagram post on Thursday. In an open and heartfelt message, Alan wrote, “there is something I want to share with you. You see, I’m gay. This is not a choice I made, but something I’ve known about myself my whole life.” 2017. As we start a new year, there is something I want to share with you. You see, I’m gay. This is not a choice I made, but something I've known about myself my whole life. Through life's twists...
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Country Music Radio Host Cody Alan Comes Out As Gay

Cody Alan, a radio host for CMT and iHeartRadio, came out as gay today on Instagram. The Nashville native is a prominent figure in country music broadcasting — he hosts Hot 20 Countdown on CMT once a week as well as two weekly radio shows. In addition, Alan has a podcast where he interviews some of the biggest names in country music. As a radio host, the 32-year-old has shared a lot with his fans. But, as of January 2017, there was something he hadn't shared, and Alan took to social media to co...
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Vanessa Hudgens Is Quirky & Brilliant In New TV Role

Vanessa Hudgens is no Supergirl, but she does have an extraordinary ability to surprise us. The High School Musical star — who most recently slayed as Rizzo in Grease Live! — is returning to the small screen for something completely different.Hudgens will star on upcoming NBC sitcom Powerless, and the new trailer proves that it's her quirkiest role yet.The new D.C. Comics series is a twist on the ever-popular superhero show. Instead of revolving around a particular hero, like The CW's Arrow, th...
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30 Roles You Completely Forgot Your Fave Celebs Ever Played

Here’s something every person living in the age of internet and social media should know: Your past is searchable. Anyone can find who you were and what you did in your past life.The same holds true for celebrities, too.Thanks to the web, it’s easier than ever to find your favorite celebs' old TV and movie roles — the ones they took on before they were superstars. Some are classics that we’ll always love. Some are awkward moments that they probably wish we’d just forget. But how can we, when th...
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This Is The Last Father-Daughter Wedding Dance You Ever Need To Watch

Even if you think you're sick of watching videos of choreographed wedding dances, you need to make this video an exception. We've seen plenty of impressive choreography from wedding parties and the bride and groom, but Mikayla Ellison Phillips and Nathan Ellison's father-daughter routine is something special.There's no fancy lighting or special costumes. No over-the-top tricks or weird of music. This is just really, really good dancing by bride and a middle-aged dude in suspenders at a weddin...
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My First Love Became A Heroin Addict

People are obsessed with the concept of a zombie apocalypse: hordes of the undead, including former loved ones, walking the streets with hungry snarls and blank stares as if in constant pain and unrest, looking to eat you body and soul until you feel the same way they do — tortured and alone. I’ve seen what that apocalypse looks like firsthand — in the form of loved ones dealing with heroin addiction.For as long as I can remember, I have known what heroin is. My dad was a drug and alcohol couns...
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Inside Ashley Tisdale's Gorgeous $2.7M Home (But She's Selling It!)

You may recognize Ashley Tisdale from hit Disney Channel roles like Maddie Fitzpatrick in The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody or Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical movies. These days, the former Disney star is all grown up and owns some impressive properties.Last year, she purchased a 5,000-square-foot home in Studio City for $2.5 million. She put that Disney money — and the paychecks she's been most recently earning from producing and acting in ABC Family's Young & Hungry — to good use when ...
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A Flickering Blue Light In The Night Of Part 5, "Season Of The Witch"

We are officially more than halfway through the series and the show's pace is quickening. This means fewer montages and lingering shots that make the audience wonder, What does it all mean?, and more nitty-gritty scenes detailing what life is like for Naz as a Rikers inmate. We also get a glimpse into the life of John Stone, a man trying to defend a client who has everything stacked against him.The symbolism of this particular episode, "Season of The Witch," is dense. To start with, I'm guessin...
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