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Half of clothes sold by online fashion brands ‘made from virgin plastic’

Fast-fashion boom fuelling rise in use of synthetic fibres made from fossil fuels, study showsApproximately half of the clothes sold by large online fashion brands such as Boohoo and Asos are made entirely from virgin plastic materials such as polyester, despite a push to reduce the huge environmental impact of the fashion industry.An analysis of 10,000 items added to the Asos, Boohoo, Missguided and PrettyLittleThing websites over a fortnight in May found an average of 49% were made entirely of...
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Repair or replace? An expert guide to fixing or ditching eight household items

It’s good for the environment and your wallet – so it’s no surprise that repairing is all the rage. From vacuum cleaners to microwaves, here’s what to fix and what to forgetMy kettle’s broken. It still boils water, but it doesn’t switch off – just boils on, converting the kitchen to a sauna, wastefully, expensively. Put another way, the Polly component still functions well, but Sukey’s lost it. Time to bin it, splash out on a new one. Or maybe not …Could it be repaired? Could I repair it? “It de...
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‘She wanted $4,000 or she’d post the video’: how to deal with dating scams

Romance scams on social media and apps are on the rise – but there are steps you can take if you fall victimThe dating game is full of the unexpected: it can quickly become apparent that photographs might have been in rotation for a few years or that someone listing their height as 5ft 10in could only achieve that height on tiptoes. But while those deceits may be forgivable if you hit it off with your date, at the other end of the spectrum are far worse cons.In 2020, with more of us stuck at hom...
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‘Will you wear it 30 times? If not, don’t buy’: the experts’ guide to online shopping

It has rocketed during the pandemic. But how do you make sure you like what you order online? From measuring up to editing down, we’re here to helpWe haven’t just been doomscrolling, homeschooling and working through our screens these past 12 months. We have also been shopping.Online shopping has rocketed: UK sales were up 61.4% in December compared with the same time last year, according to the Office for National Statistics. Last month, when Asos and Boohoo bought high street stalwarts Debenha...
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‘I thought buying things would make me feel better. It didn’t’: The rise of emotional spending

Many of us are living for the buzz of the doorbell – spending billions we can’t afford on stuff we don’t need. Here is how to recognise the problem and regain controlIn the past fortnight, I have bought the following items online: a hideous cat tree that takes up most of my living room, a lavender pillow spray, two scarves, a pair of gloves, two candles, a sheet mask, a pair of fleece-lined jogging bottoms (so comfy!), a card-holder and an under-eye brightening cream. None of these purchases wer...
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From Click Frenzy to Cyber Monday: how online sales became an 'unofficial sport'

It isn’t your imagination – there really are more online sales now, and they’re changing Australia’s retail calendarFive stores email you on the same day. There’s a big sale coming tomorrow. You make a note in your calendar, planning to get some Christmas shopping done. By the time you log off the next day, a little dazed, you have an extra set of bedsheets and a popcorn machine you had no intention of buying.It was that pop-up offer that did you in – a little red ticker ran across the screen sa...
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FTC seeks to add 2 investors as defendants in real estate training scheme

Well-known real estate investors Dean Graziosi and Scott Yancey are suspected of promoting sham coaching and training seminars.
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Boohoo booms as Leicester garment factories are linked to lockdown

Exclusive: Fashion brand profits from ‘stay home’ clothing supplied at speed from city now experiencing Covid-19 surgeCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageOn 27 March, even as the rest of the UK were trying to make sense of how to get through the coronavirus crisis, Boohoo seemed to have nailed it.It was a Friday, and usually the fast-fashion brand’s irrepressibly bouncy Twitter account would be pitching dresses and shoes to its followers ahead of a night out. But this was...
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Silly Billy: what the Ikea bookcase tells us about the true cost of fast furniture

A Billy bookcase is made every three seconds. But with a third of people admitting to throwing away furniture that they could have sold or donated, does the cheap furniture boom have a heavy environmental price?Jo Jackson remembers the day when it was clear that nothing was going to be the same for a while. It was mid-March and, an online purveyor of millennial-friendly furniture, had big plans for growth in the year of its 10th anniversary. Continue reading...
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So long, salt and vinegar: how crisp flavours went from simple to sensational

It was five decades after crisps were invented that flavouring was applied: cheese and onion. Now you can buy varieties from bratwurst to spiced cola. But what inspired this explosion?When she was a little girl in Essex in the 50s, Linda Miller would go over to her neighbour Barbara’s house every Friday night and together they would sit on the front step eating crisps. There was only one flavour widely available back then – Smith’s plain potato crisps, which came with a small blue sachet of salt...
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Lego accused of muscling in on fans after BrickLink takeover

Sale has alarmed secondhand brick collectors but Danish toymaker claims it is about reconnecting with customers For 20 years the website BrickLink has been the best kept secret in Legoland, used by superfans to track down those elusive missing pieces and trade coveted minifigures for big profits.Nicknamed CrackLink, it is the world’s largest online community of adult brick fans – called AFOLs [adult fan of Lego] in Lego speak – who, with more than a week’s pocket money to burn, are important cus...
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New boiler, £0? The plumber, hairdresser and beautician who work for free

Haircuts for rough sleepers. Beauty treatments for cancer patients. Boilers for disabled people. A wave of specialists are providing skills – and hope – for those in needGoodwill, it appears, is in high demand. One thing all the altruists I met while researching this article have in common is that they’re on the phone the whole time. Perhaps if mobiles had been around in Robin Hood’s day he would have had one pressed constantly to his lughole. “Marion … yes, love. I’m just having a fight on a br...
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New altruists: the hairdresser, plumber and beautician who work for free

Haircuts for rough sleepers. Beauty treatments for cancer patients. Boilers for disabled people. A wave of specialists are providing skills – and hope – for those in needGoodwill, it appears, is in high demand. One thing all the altruists I met while researching this article have in common is that they’re on the phone the whole time. Perhaps if mobiles had been around in Robin Hood’s day he would have had one pressed constantly to his lughole. “Marion … yes, love. I’m just having a fight on a br...
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'I'd get 400 toilet rolls at a time': how it feels to win a lifetime supply

Five big winners tell what happens when you hit the jackpot, from free milk for life to a mountain of KFC‘When I moved, I had to rent a trailer to take the toilet rolls.’ Frank Cazares, 30, costume designer, Palm Springs, California, USI’ve always been pretty crafty. At school, I could make anything from scraps and, in 2014, an old teacher contacted me with details of a competition running on a bridal blog. Participants were asked to design a wedding dress out of toilet paper. I procrastinated f...
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Mattress firm tells customers beds do not record them sleeping

Privacy policy reference to collecting audio alarmed Sleep Number’s customersAn American mattress company has sought to reassure customers that it is not hiding microphones in their beds, after alarmed snoozers noticed references to audio recording in the company’s privacy policy.Under a heading explaining which personal information Sleep Number collects, the company, which makes smart mattresses with adjustable firmness, said it “may” collect “audio in your room to detect snoring and similar sl...
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Upgrade Your Career and Life by Finding Work to Be Done

--> Several years ago, I decided I didn’t want to work in a law firm anymore. The problem was that I didn’t know what else I could do besides practice law. Also, I didn’t have any money. In order to continue to make a living, I needed to do something that is among the most important skills we can have: I needed to create work for myself. I have written extensively about the importance of creating work before, because without the ability to create work for yourself, you might as well settle for a...
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Thermomix fined $4.6m after users burned by faulty appliances

Australian consumer watchdog says company misled customers about product safety Thermomix has agreed to pay a $4.6m penalty after it misled consumers about the safety of its appliances, which were recalled in Australia after a number of users were burned by hot liquids owing to a faulty part.Lawyers for the appliance company and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission appeared before the federal court in Melbourne on Wednesday for a penalty hearing after Thermomix admitted four contra...
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'They are like animals': French shoppers brawl over cut-price Nutella

Hefty discount on chocolate hazelnut spread causes chaos at supermarkets across countryFrance has seen nothing like it: supermarket aisles of brawling customers throwing punches, pulling hair and shoving the elderly out of the way.A decision by the Intermarché store chain to offer a hefty discount on jars of Nutella – France’s favourite chocolate spread – caused near riots in shops around the country. Continue reading...
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Amazon Echo, Google Home or Sonos One: which smart speaker should I buy?

Voice-control devices that can play music, answer questions and buy goods are one of the hottest gifts this Christmas. Here’s what they can do – and our pick of the best buysSmart speakers are set to be the hottest Christmas gift this year. On Black Friday, Amazon dropped the price of its core Echo product to £79 (it is back up to £90 now), while Google slashed the cost of its Home device from £129 to £77.50 at most outlets (it is also back up now). Meanwhile, Apple is promising to launch its ve...
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UK shoppers face 'year of anxiety' over food prices as La Niña returns

Weather event could drive up costs of commodities such as coffee and cocoa as Britons face Brexit and inflation squeezeUK consumers could be hit by a new bout of food price inflation next year after the return of the La Niña global weather phenomenon, which may hit production of key commodities including coffee and cocoa.The UK is expected to be particularly exposed to the effect of the event, which tends to prompt dry weather in the US midwest and heavy rainfall in south-east Asia and Australia...
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'In eastern Europe, we don’t prefer to eat garbage': readers on food inequality

Our report highlighting claims that some food brands are ‘cheating’ eastern and central European shoppers with inferior products prompted a huge response. While many were outraged, few were surprisedMy husband and I both studied and lived abroad for many years, and we can honestly say what we find in supermarkets here [in Romania] is not food. Lots of people become vegetarians only because they fear the quality of the meat and meat products available. Many say certain products contain no meat at...
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Bank of England to keep animal fat in banknotes despite complaints

Central bank says it will continue to produce plastic notes containing tallow because palm oil alternative is too costlyThe Bank of England has decided to stick to plastic banknotes despite complaints from vegans and religious groups that they contain tallow, an animal byproduct.The central bank concluded after “careful and serious consideration and extensive public consultation” that switching to palm oil alternatives would be costly and raise questions about environmental sustainability. Cont...
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Is inequality bad for the environment?

From buying stuff to eating meat to wasting water, there is growing evidence that countries with a bigger gap between rich and poor do more harm to the planet and its climate, writes Danny DorlingThat equality matters in terms of health and happiness has been clear for some years. But it is also better for the environment. The evidence (which is still emerging) suggests the most unequal affluent countries contribute more to climate change via pollution than their more equal counterparts.They may...
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The 8 best cycling innovations: from dockless bikes to solid tyres

Smart traffic lights, bike paths in high-rises and paying people to cycle are among the trends that stood out at the recent Velo-City 2017 conferenceBike-sharing has come a long way in the last few years, and we are moving fast into the so-called fifth generation of these systems. Soon we’ll probably see a worldwide explosion of the “dockless” bike-shares that have already taken over in Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou. The idea is that you don’t have to return the bike to a set pla...
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Revealed: chocolate and drinks shrink since Brexit vote with no price drop

Minutes from meeting of port officials show UK shoppers are getting less value for money due to exporters’ concerns over sterlingExporters to the UK have been shrinking the size of products such as chocolate bars and fruit juices since the Brexit vote but not reducing the prices they charge British consumers in the shops, the government has been privately warned by European port officials.Minutes of a meeting between the Department for Transport and ports on either side of the Channel reveal con...
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Fresh warning to holidaymakers about bogus food complaints

Portugal joins countries clamping down on fake food poisoning claims prompted by no-win, no-fee law firmsBritish holidaymakers in Portugal have been told they face prosecution if they lodge bogus food poisoning claims against hotels. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has updated its travel advice to urge visitors to only pursue genuine complaints. It said fake cases could lead to legal action in the UK or Portugal. Continue reading...
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Slavery laws would force Australian fashion labels to be more ethical – report

Ethical Fashion Report finds Mighty Good Undies, Etiko and RREPP among brands leading the way in keeping tabs on supply chainsIntroducing modern slavery laws would force Australian clothing companies to clean up their supply chains and catch up with international competitors, the authors of the annual Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Report have said. The report, released on Wednesday, investigated the workers’ rights policies of 106 clothing companies that operate or sell in Australia. It foun...
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Got it covered: fashion wakes up to Muslim women’s style

With the Islamic economy growing at double the global rate, mainstream designers are jumping on the ‘modest wear’ bandwagon A year or so ago the term modest wear would have drawn puzzled looks. But what a difference a year – or, in fact, a few weeks – makes.This month, Vogue Arabia launched its first ever print issue, with Saudi Arabian princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz as its editor in chief. Days later, Nike pioneered a hi-tech hijab for Muslim female athletes. London has seen its first modest...
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First courgettes, now cod: Iceland trawler strike to hike fish prices

UK consumers face higher prices for cod and haddock as fishermen dispute halts imports and costs jobs at British suppliersThe price of a fish supper could rise in the coming weeks as a strike by Icelandic fishermen threatens the UK’s supply of fresh cod and haddock.The dispute, which has been fuelled by currency swings following the Brexit vote, has now started to affect British fish industry jobs, with business owners warning consumers that price hikes could be on the horizon. The news threaten...
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Dreaming of a frugal Christmas? Meet the people who’ve stopped shopping

There is a growing ‘minimalism movement’ that puts less emphasis on buying things, and more on people, places and happinessGeoffrey Szuszkiewicz told his family he didn’t want anything for Christmas. But when he opened his stocking to find a roll of duct tape, some cling film and tin foil, he relented. “I was ecstatic. I could use everything,” he saysThe 33-year-old dancer from Canada was in the middle of a “buy nothing” year when he opened his present, and had managed to cut out spending on any...
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