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3 steps to pivot your professional reputation and explore a new career path

A reputation pivot is the shift someone makes when their current career is no longer serving them. Westend61/Getty Images Lida Citroën is an personal branding and reputation management specialist. If you feel unsatisfied with your current job or career path, Citroën says it's never too late to consider a professional change. To pivot your professional reputation, assess your new target employers or clients to determine what skills they're looking for.  Visit the Business section of Insider...
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5 practices to improve your financial health, according to an elite business coach

Mental strength is key for escaping complacency when it comes to finances. Guido Mieth/Getty Images Derek Moneyberg is an entrepreneur and wealth coach who helps people improve their financial health. He says financial goals are more about security than freedom, and many Americans are financially insecure. To achieve security, he suggests cultivating an abundance mindset by practicing mental clarity and stamina.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. As we step into 2021,...
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Not everyone wants to return to the office - here's how the hybrid workforce may expand post-pandemic

Working in an office can help employees to explore collective creativity and team-build. Thomas Barwick/Getty Images Stav Vaisman is a marketing expert, startup founder, and writer on business and entrepreneurship. He says the pandemic shows workers can be just as productive working from home as they are in the office. With a hybrid work model, WFH productivity can be combined with team-building interaction.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The end to our global hea...
Tags: Productivity, Careers, Entrepreneur, Trends, Strategy, Nordic, McKinsey Co, Contributor, Pandemic, WFH, COVID, Contributor 2019, Hybrid Work, Thomas Barwick Getty Images Stav Vaisman, Stav Vaisman

5 lessons business leaders can learn from Jeff Bezos' handoff to incoming Amazon CEO Andy Jassy

Andy Jassy is set to succeed Jeff Bezos as Amazon CEO later this year. Mike Blake/Reuters; Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images Peter Cohan is an author, strategy consultant, and startup investor. He says company leaders can learn a lot from Jeff Bezos' succession planning with incoming CEO Andy Jassy. To find the best successor, plan ahead, set clear criteria, and time the announcement carefully. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Earlier this month, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos an...
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Foursquare cofounder Dennis Crowley on his decision to step down as CEO and what it taught him about success

Foursquare Cofounder and former CEO Dennis Crowley. Steve Jennings / Stringer Dennis Crowley says stepping down after being CEO of Foursquare for seven years wasn't an easy decision. He says he realized the job was his draining energy and keeping him from working on what he loved. If you're not energized, find a job that brings you joy and keep working until you find success, Crowley advises.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. In December 2013, Foursquare founder and ...
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4 things to consider before allowing your employees to work abroad

Allowing employees to work overseas is doable but may be complicated. FG Trade/Getty Images Post COVID, more professionals may want to combine remote work with international travel. While this can be doable and beneficial for both employee and employer, there are legal details to consider. Research whether or not healthcare and benefits can continue overseas and how local employment laws may differ. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Traditionally, the term digital nom...
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The most successful kids have parents who do these 9 things, according to science

Be honest with your kids teaches them to trust you. MoMo Productions/Getty Images To set children up for success, parents should practice honesty and let kids make their own mistakes. Setting limits on screen time and demonstrating a healthy work-life balance can help form good habits. Reading to kids and eating dinner as a family can also teach your child to be more open and outgoing. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.   Much has been written about the attributes of high-...
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4 ways to build a diverse and inclusive talent network when searching for new hires

Hosting a networking event, virtual or otherwise, allows potential new hires to feel more connected. Luis Alvarez/Getty Images Companies can use online talent networks to find qualified, interested candidates for open positions. Ensure job listings are mindful of inclusivity and avoid gendered pronouns.  To find new talent, ask your employees for recommendations and host virtual networking events.   Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. If one of your 2021 goals is to make diverse voi...
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3 ways to maximize the time in your workday and fight procrastination

Finding a scheduling format can help you organize your day and stop procrastinating. Getty Images It's important to take breaks while working from home and physically separate from your workspace. When it's time to work, start with the most urgent item on your to-do list and focus on one task at a time. Speak up when your plate is full, and delegate extra tasks to other members of your team.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Entrepreneurs are busy people. From virtua...
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Writing for Insider - Business

Insider covers the people, companies, and ideas changing our world - and we welcome outside voices to help us do that. There are two main ways to write for Insider: as a contributor or as a freelance writer.  Contributors at Insider - Business On a case-by-case basis, we accept one-off posts from outside contributors that fit in seamlessly with the areas we cover: Business News, Tech, Finance, Politics, Transportation, Retail, Strategy, and Executive Lifestyle. We're looking for submissions that...
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How to quit your job and leave on good terms, including sample resignation letter templates to use

If you can't resign in person, schedule a phone or video call with your boss. JGalione/Getty Images If you're working remotely but ready to quit your job, there are several best practices you should follow to leave on good terms. While it's ideal to initiate the conversation in person, during the pandemic you can start with a phone or video call with your boss. It's also important to confirm your vocal resignation in writing through a formal email. Keep the message brief, avoid complai...
Tags: Careers, Trends, Strategy, Linkedin, New York Times, Bosses, Career Advice, Work Advice, Pollak, Contributor, FlexJobs, Name of Company, Heitmann, Julia Pollak, Quit Job, Contributor 2019

Holiday music may be bad for your mental health, according to science

Santa and Mariah Carey. James Devaney /Contributor/Getty Incessant repetition of holiday music can have a psychological impact. At first, holiday music can be uplifting, but after a certain period of time, it can cause boredom — and even distress. It can remind listeners of the other stressors of the holiday season, like finances and family. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The sights and sounds of the holidays are here - and they're completely inescapable. No matter whe...
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'Humans of New York' creator Brandon Stanton on the power of good habits, growing his passion project into a business, and how to gain a social media following

Polina Marinova and Brandon Stanton. Polina Marinova. Polina Marinova is the founder and author of The Profile, a newsletter that features longform profiles on successful people and companies. She recently interviewed Brandon Stanton, creator of popular blog Humans of New York, on everything from how discipline helped him turn a profit and the "eureka moment" that changed the trajectory of his content.  Stanton dives into his methodology for choosing who to photograph, which quotes and sto...
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4 ways to revamp your professional networking strategy while working from home

Don't spend every day in huge virtual conferences — ask your connections to introduce you to someone specific. FreshSplash/Getty If you're finding it hard to network effectively during the pandemic, these tips can help you leverage your contacts and virtual resources.  Ask colleagues to introduce you to their professional friends, and reconnect with people in your network to discuss new experiences or challenges you're facing.  If you have to cold contact someone, make sure your introd...
Tags: Networking, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Linkedin, Job Search, Career Advice, Wall Street Journal, Job Hunt, Nordic, Don, Inc, Contributor, Networking Advice, Pandemic, Contributor 2019

“Tips to Prepare your Business for Black Friday and Cyber Monday” by Naomi Shaw!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most massive shopping days of the year, and both dates are considered hallmarks of the holiday season. Black Friday has been a cultural fixture for years, but Cyber Monday is a relatively new invention aimed at online sales. In recent years, Black Friday has taken on […] The post "Tips to Prepare your Business for Black Friday and Cyber Monday" by Naomi Shaw! first appeared on
Tags: Holiday Shopping, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Music, Featured, Shopping, Women, Lifestyle, Holiday, Events, Entrepreneurs, Strategy, Social Media, Seo, Small Businesses, Going Green

11 signs that your job is making your life miserable and that it may be time for a change

Physical signs of depression include stomach pain and headaches. WAYHOME studio/Shutterstock Every job has its ups and downs. But there can be a serious issue if your job is constantly downs, according to Amy Morin, the author of "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do." If your job is dominating your every thought — particularly all of the things that have gone wrong, or all of the reasons you don't want to go — it can negatively impact your time away from work. If something good happe...
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I've sent more than 200 cold emails over the course of my career and only been rejected 3 times. Here are 6 rules I follow to get the attention of people I admire.

Michael Thompson. Courtesy of Michael Thompson Michael Thompson is a career and communication coach who helps business executives and entrepreneurs be successful by making the right connections.He says he's reached out to more than 200 people via cold email throughout his career with great success — only three people declined to meet with him.Thompson recommends first reaching out to friends of friends, then making sure your email has a clear purpose and thinking about what you can offer be...
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Not voicing your fears could be the cause of work-related anxiety. Here's how you can express yourself more openly.

Ignoring even minor stresses too regularly can cause anxiety to boil over. Crystal Cox/Insider When it comes to work-related anxiety, many people rely on phrases like 'I'm worried' or 'I'm stressed' to articulate their concerns. Jeff Steen, a content marketing expert who works with startups, says using a more specific phrase like 'I'm afraid' can be a powerful way to address the deeper cause of your worries. Bringing the topic of fear into the conversation can help things slow down, and gi...
Tags: Work, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Stress, Mental Health, Anxiety, Nordic, Don, Inc, Contributor, Crystal Cox, WFH, Juliana Kaplan, Contributor 2019, Jeff Steen

How small business owners can benefit from hiring full-time employees instead of freelancers

Full-time employees can offer greater flexibility and loyalty to your business. Luis Alvarez/Getty Images If you need extra help for your small business, hiring contract or freelance workers can be useful for seasonal needs or specific expertise. But you're aiming for long-term growth, full-time employees can often make a more meaningful impact. Full-time employees will be more engaged as team members, offer more flexibility to pitch in on different tasks, and will be more invested in the ...
Tags: Small Business, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Employees, Freelancers, Hiring, Nordic, Don, Inc, Contributor, Juliana Kaplan, Contributor 2019, Raj Jana, Luis Alvarez Getty, Amazon and Shell

3 ways to give yourself a 'behavior makeover' after getting a job promotion

Harrison Monarth is the CEO and founder of Gurumaker, an executive coaching firm. Harrison Monarth Harrison Monarth is an executive coach and the CEO and founder of Gurumaker, a leadership development service. When his clients land job promotions, Monarth says he helps them analyze how they have to shift their workplace behavior and habits to be successful in their new role. It's wise to examine your biases towards certain colleagues, avoid playing favorites, and be more assertive when mak...
Tags: US, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Ucla, Promotions, Nordic, Jeff, Allison, Contributor, Jeff Kaplan, McGraw Hill Financial, Naomi Eisenberger, Career Advancement, Harrison Monarth, Contributor 2019

I'm a preschool teacher who is teaching virtually during the pandemic. Here's how my job has changed, and my advice on how parents can best support their kids.

Julia Weaver is a preschool teacher in Ohio teaching virtually during the pandemic. Julia Weaver Julia Weaver is a preschool teacher in Ohio who has been teaching her students virtually during the pandemic. She teaches a group of 17 preschoolers through a mix of live Zoom calls and pre-recorded lessons uploaded to a Google Drive. Keeping her 3-year-old students' attention spans engaged has been a challenge; so has staying flexible for their parents' work schedules. The experience has made ...
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A hiring manager for Google and Amazon says she's wary of candidates who can't admit they're wrong — here's what she looks for instead

Amazon gets its pick of top talent, but not everyone makes the cut. AP/Mark Lennihan Nancy Wang has been a hiring manager at both Google and Amazon, two companies that get their pick of the best and brightest candidates in tech. She says the most desirable candidates — and the ones who ultimately make the cut — are naturally curious people who like solving problems and can learn as they go. Wang has also figured out how to quickly identify candidates who probably won't work out: They're...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Ap, Huang, Wang, Inc, Contributor, Tech Insider, Hiring Managers, Chieh Huang, Betsy Mikel, Nancy Wang, Contributor 2019

I quit my job during the pandemic to start my own media company. Here are 10 things I've learned, and my advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

At the start of the pandemic, Polina Marinova quit her job to devote herself full-time to building her own media company. Polina Marinova Polina Marinova is the founder and author of The Profile, a newsletter that features interesting longform profiles on successful people and companies. Marinova started The Profile in 2017 while working as an editor and writer at Fortune Magazine. At the start of COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to quit her job and begin working on The Profile full-time. Af...
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A psychologist explains why people cling to conspiracy theories during uncertain times

Conspiracy theories blaming 5G for the coronavirus have exploded online. Cindy Ord/Getty Images Conspiracy theories frequently surface after traumatic events and during times of uncertainty, such as in the aftermath of mass shootings or during the COVID-19 pandemic. Far-fetched theories can spread rapidly online and via social media. Recently, a study indicated that nearly one third of Americans believe in a conspiracy theory about the coronavirus, such as one that claims the outbreak is li...
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6 ways to answer 'Do you consider yourself successful?' according to an HR executive

Recruiters usually want to know specifics about your achievements. MoMo Productions/Getty It can be hard to talk about your achievements in a job interview, but Angela Smith, an HR executive with extensive experience in recruiting and interviewing, says it's an important element of your evaluation.  Before the interview, note two to three achievements that best demonstrate your capabilities or particular skills that make you a great candidate for the job. The achievement can be personal or...
Tags: Careers, Trends, Strategy, Job Search, Job Interviews, Job Interview, Ghana, Nordic, Don, PMP, GPA, Contributor, The Muse, Angela Smith, Job interview tips, Contributor 2019

3 ways to answer 'What are your salary expectations?' in your next job interview

There are several strategies you can use if you're asked about salary expectations in a job interview. 10'000 Hours/Getty If you're asked about your salary expectations in your next job interview, don't panic — these three strategies can help you come up with a reasonable, honest answer. Do research on typical salaries for your position, industry, and geographical location, so you can have a solid understanding of the range you should consider.  Then, you can also flip the question...
Tags: Careers, Trends, Strategy, Job Interview, Salary, Muse, Start, Nordic, Don, Atlanta Georgia, Orlando Florida, Crawford, Fink, Salary Negotiation, Contributor, The Muse

7 remote work habits to keep up when the office reopens

Working from home has had many benefits for both employers and workers. FS Productions/Getty Images As companies closed their offices during the coronavirus pandemic, many worked to develop a strong remote-work culture to keep employees motivated and productive. Tiffany Delmore, the cofounder of SchoolSafe, says that certain aspects of this culture can be continued even after office buildings reopen.  The focus on employee health and well-being, improved communication methods, and regular ...
Tags: Business, Careers, Entrepreneur, Trends, Strategy, Remote Work, Nordic, Contributor, WFH, Juliana Kaplan, Contributor 2019, FS Productions Getty, Tiffany Delmore, SchoolSafe

4 things you should do if you get demoted at work, and how to bounce back

Being demoted at work can hurt. Here's how to move forward. Thomas Barwick/Getty Images Being demoted at work can be anything from taking a pay cut to being downgraded in your job title and responsibilities. It can sting, but it doesn't necessarily spell the end for you at that company. Ask your boss or HR representative why you were demoted, and seek constructive feedback on what you could be doing better. Take time to consider whether or not you really want to stay on at the same com...
Tags: Work, Jobs, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Career Advice, Monster, DANIEL BORTZ, Contributor, OfficeTeam, Juliana Kaplan, Contributor 2019, Thomas Barwick Getty, Demotion

6 ways to learn more about a company's culture at your next job interview

Use these tips at your next job interview to properly evaluate company culture. Pawita Warasiri/EyeEm/Getty Images It can be tough to know if a company's culture is right for you, but luckily, there are strategies you can use to assess whether it's a fit or not in your next job interview.  Take some time to research the company beforehand — you can learn a lot from perusing their website or speaking to people who've worked there.  At the interview, ask critical questions about company cult...
Tags: Milwaukee, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Company Culture, Staples, Chicago, Job Search, Interviewing, Monster, Nordic, Job Searching, Massachusetts General Hospital, Martinez, MGH, Contributor

Meet Drake's architectural designer, who designed the superstar rapper's palatial mansion and has worked on some of the world's most expensive homes

Ferris Rafauli. Ferris Rafauli In an interview with Robb Report, interior designer Ferris Rafuali talks about how he creates some of the most expensive homes on the planet. Recently, he garnered much attention for designing Drake's palatial Toronto mansion. He previously spoke to Business Insider about his designs, including his latest creation: a $400,000 mattress made of stingray skin and horsehair. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Ferris Rafauli predicts that in the u...
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