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What Will Become Of Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods' Matching Tattoos?

All breakups are tough, but Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are proving that a friendship breakup can be the hardest of all.In the fallout of Woods reportedly getting caught kissing Khloé Kardashian 's boyfriend Tristan Thompson, not only has Woods had to allegedly move out of Jenner's home while Jenner begins strategizing what to do with Woods' Kylie Cosmetics collab, but now the two have to figure out how to (maybe?) remove their twin tattoos.In a celebrity matching-tattoo moment that was long...
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The Most Unforgettable Celebrity Tattoos Of 2019 — So Far

We thought we'd seen it all last year in terms of celebrity tattoos. After all, what could possibly top Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's matching butterflies, the Game of Thrones cast tributes, or Justin Bieber's... entire chest? Nothing — or so we thought. Then 2019 hit, and all our favorite stars flocked to their favorite artists asking for even more.From dainty designs to awkward cover-ups, celebrities can't seem to stay out of the tattoo chair for long. In fact, stars like Ariana Grande, Lad...
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Pete Davidson Covers up Ariana Grande Tattoo With Something Brutal

Couples tattoos are almost always a bad idea - and no couple prove that more than Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. But Davidson's latest tattoo cover-up is next-level in terms of savagery.
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Michelle Obama's Facialist Spills All Her Glowing Skin Secrets

When Michelle Obama took the stage at the 2019 Grammy Awards, she was positively glowing. In fact, since leaving the White House, the former FLOTUS has sported an omnipresent, lit-from-within radiance that'd make the women in a Vermeer painting jealous. And while a devotion to a healthy lifestyle is partly to thank, Mrs. Obama's glow also has a secret weapon: Jennifer Brodeur, the Montreal-based "skin guru" who's been working with Obama since 2014, and just recently tagged along with Obama's ma...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Obama, White House, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Montreal, Mrs Obama, Davidson, Winfrey, Vermeer, Brodeur, Carl Ray, Jennifer Brodeur, Michelle It, DCA airport

Pete Davidson Covered His Ariana Grande Tattoo — & It Says A Lot

Since calling off their engagement last October, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have started the long, painful process of removing the 16 tattoos they inked in each other's honor. Most recently, Grande covered up one of her Davidson-inspired tattoos (a tribute to the comedian’s late father) with “Myron,” the name of Mac Miller’s dog. And this weekend, while showing off his new sizable Tootsie Pop owl piece on his back, Davidson's tattoo artist John Mesa revealed yet another coverup from the yo...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson, Mac Miller, Davidson, Myron, Grande, Tootsie Pop, John Mesa, Mille Tendresse, Mesa on Instagram, Jon Mesa @jonmesatattoos

Alicia Keys' No-Makeup Routine Actually Costs $455

We’ll admit it: The immense ripple effect of Alicia Keys’ choice to skip makeup surprised even us. The move launched countless thought pieces on what makeup means to women, boosted a popular hashtag, and inspired a slew of other celebs to go without. (Even contour queen Kim Kardashian tried her hand at the look.) And, in the three years since, Keys has largely stuck to her commitment — even showing up to the 2019 Grammys without a stitch of makeup.But going sans makeup for Keys doesn’t mean enj...
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Trump Nominee Neomi Rao Wrote Articles Blaming Women For Sexual Assault

Neomi Rao — Trump's nominee for an influential seat on the D.C. Circuit Court and a potential candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court — has a history of writing articles that blame sexual assault survivors for being attacked, disparage people of color and LGBTQ+ people, and deny climate change.Rao is being nominated for Judge Brett Kavanaugh 's former seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, a powerful position on a court that often decides cases dealing with executive power, and th...
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Hollywood's Bleach-Blonde Bro Club Just Gained Another Member

Just when you thought getting an appointment with your colorist was complicated enough (with everyone going blonde nowadays), there's a new client base starting to book time under the bleach bowl. We're talking about dudes. Yep, the streets of L.A. are starting to resemble Eminem's performance of The Real Slim Shady at the 2000 MTV VMAs. A look well worn by stars like Frank Ocean and trademarked on classic movie characters like Draco Malfoy is now being embraced by more and more male celebritie...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Mexico, Ariana Grande, Eminem, San Diego, Zac Efron, Lindsay Lohan, Pete Davidson, Miguel Layun, Halsey, Javier Hernandez, Frank Ocean, Brown, Efron, Malik

10 Celebrity Couple Tattoos We'll Never Get Over

Remember when becoming "Facebook official" was a thing? That was cute. Nowadays (and now that we know the social-media stalwart allegedly handed out our personal information to big tech companies), couples everywhere are confirming their relationship statuses with the much more dramatic — and permanent — display of matching tattoos. And if anyone takes their ink-worthy relationships seriously, it's celebrities.The one thing stars enjoy more than getting tattoos dedicated to their partners (of s...
Tags: Facebook, Fashion, Music, Hollywood, Instagram, California, Snapchat, Graham, Melbourne, Jay, Jonah Hill, Jonas, Turner, Jenner, Scott, Justin

Ansel Elgort Went White-Hot Blonde For Winter

Just when you thought getting an appointment with your colorist was complicated enough (with everyone going blonde nowadays), there's a new client base starting to book time under the bleach bowl. We're talking about dudes. Yep, the streets of L.A. are starting to resemble Eminem's performance of The Real Slim Shady at the 2000 MTV VMAs. A look well worn by stars like Frank Ocean and trademarked on classic movie characters like Draco Malfoy is now being embraced by more and more male celebritie...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Ansel Elgort, Mexico, Ariana Grande, Eminem, San Diego, Pete Davidson, Miguel Layun, Halsey, Javier Hernandez, Frank Ocean, Brown, Malik, Davidson, MTV VMAs

21 Celebrity Tattoos That Made Headlines In 2018

A lot of seriously strange, exciting, and heartbreaking moments happened in 2018: Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber eloped; there were two royal weddings (both featured messy buns); and we found out Bradley Cooper can sing suspiciously well. But still, none of that tops the constant barrage of shocking celebrity tattoos we had to endure this year. You know what they say: Every time a bell rings, an angel gets it wings a celebrity gets a new tattoo.Stars like Ariana Grande, Brooklyn Beckham, ev...
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‘I was on Instagram. The baby fell down the stairs’: is your phone use harming your child?

As new research looks at the impact of distracted parenting on child development, we talk to families about the battle with ‘technoference’Earlier this year, Sara Davidson had what she calls “a massive wakeup call” about the damage our relationship with our phones can do to our children. Davidson (not her real name), a 34-year-old mother of two from London, was mindlessly scrolling through her mobile, “sucked into the Insta-vacuum”, when her eight-month-old baby crawled across the bedroom floor ...
Tags: Family, Technology, London, Life and style, Mobile Phones, Parents and parenting, Davidson, Sara Davidson

Ariana Grande Covers up Pete Davidson Tattoo With Mac Miller Tribute

Fans got so heated that Davidson had to apologize for some of his jokes. But at least he was able to reconcile with his mistakes.
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Ariana Grande's Tattoo Cover-Up Is A Tribute To Mac Miller — & His Dog

If anyone knows how to get over a break-up, it's Ariana Grande. After her most recent heartbreak (a broken engagement to SNL cast member Pete Davidson), the 25-year-old singer dropped a new single, "Thank U, Next," which quickly went on to become her first number one debut. And just last week, she released a record-breaking music video to go along with it. For most people, that might be enough to replace memories of an ex, but for Grande it wasn't even close. At some point — off camera — she we...
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Ariana Grande Covered Up Her Pete Davidson Tattoo With a Special Tribute to Mac Miller

Ariana Grande has a lot of memorable tattoos, but one of them just got a makeover. During a behind-the-scenes video for her "Thank U, Next" music video, the singer revealed that she covered up her 8418 tattoo on her foot, which was in honor of ex-fiancé Pete Davidson's father, Scott Davidson. The tattoo was the firefighter badge number, 8418, which Davidson also has tattooed on his forearm. The singer's tattoo now pays tribute to ex-boyfriend Mac Miller's dog. In the video (around the 2:33 mark...
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You Might Be Surprised What's In Youtube Star Liza Koshy's Purse

Liza Koshy Spills Her Bag From Chapstick and perfume to sentimental trinkets, we carry our entire lives in our handbags. In Spill It , our favorite trendsetters show and tell their bare necessities and beauty secrets — both the practical and the personal.There's a reason why 22-year-old actress Liza Koshy has over 16 million subscribers on Youtube — and all you have to do is start one of her videos to understand why. Her comedy is the kind that sucks you in and makes you laugh until the c...
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11 Sephora Gift Sets That Will Impress Everyone On Your List

Aside from the awkward family debates dripping in political tension at the dinner table, there are plenty of things to look forward to in the next month, like cozy candles, festive cocktails, and Netflix finally dropping the sequel to A Christmas Prince. But even better than all that: it's gift set season at Sephora.During the holiday season, retailers roll out a ton of new gift sets that include three, four, even five products inside that make paying the higher price tag totally worth it. Even...
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Pete Davidson's New Tattoo Is A Tribute To A Very Special Woman

Pete Davidson has a history of imprinting the women in his life onto his body, for better or for worse. Last December, over a year after the fateful 2016 election, he got Hillary Clinton tattooed on his arm; this year, Davidson spent the majority of his summer rubbing Aquaphor on his body for Ariana Grande -inspired ink. And just today, at exactly 3:12 a.m., he added another famous woman to his collection: Ruth Bader Ginsburg.This might come as a shock to some Davidson fans, since just last mon...
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Ariana Grande Dropped “Thank U, Next” As Pete Davidson Said Their Breakup Is “Nobody’s Business”

God is a woman — and a great publicist. While all eyes were on Pete Davidson, awaiting his response on last night’s Saturday Night Live to the breakup heard ‘round the world, Ariana Grande dropped a brand new single right before the show went to air. “Thank U, Next” is Grande’s last word about her ex-boyfriends. While Davidson certainly did say his piece (which we’ll get to in a minute), Grande stole the show.“Thank U, Next” is a love letter to herself more than her exes. Through her lyrics, Gr...
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Pete Davidson's New Hair Color Might Be His Most Dramatic Look Yet

Pete Davidson is changing up his look following his split from Ariana Grande. After the Saturday Night Live actor spoofed his breakup during a recent sketch, he headed to the salon to dye his hair. Perhaps this is his equivalent of the "breakup haircut." Stylist Aura Friedman at NYC's Sally Hershberger Salon gave a glimpse of the comedian's new sky-blue hair, and we're kinda digging it. This isn't the first time Davidson has experimented with his look. Shortly after he started dating Grande i...
Tags: Beauty, Pete Davidson, Davidson, Friedman, Hair Color, Celebrity Beauty, NYC s Sally Hershberger Salon

Ariana Grande Got New Ink To Cover Her Pete Davidson Tattoo

Ariana Grande has had a rollercoaster year. She dropped her fourth album, Sweetener, to rave reviews, met a boy — Pete Davidson — got engaged, wrote a song about how damn happy she was. Then in September, news broke that rapper and ex-boyfriend Mac Miller was found dead from a suspected overdose. So, she took a much-deserved mental break, adopted a pig, and ended her engagement.But in between all of that, Grande was racking up an impressive tattoo collection (some fan sites report that she has ...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Ariana Grande, Kiernan Shipka, Pete Davidson, Mac Miller, Pete, Davidson, Ari, Grande, Ariana Grande Instagram, Pete Davidson Tattoo, Instagram Story Grande

Pete Davidson's Breakup Cut Is Not What We Expected

It's officially been 10 days, 1 hour, 58 minutes, and 8 seconds since we first heard about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's break-up. The $100,000 ring has been returned and the 16 tattoos are in the process of being covered up or removed. Although we're still struggling through the grieving process, both Grande and Davidson appear to be moving on. How? Well, Grande is going back on tour and taking a quick break from social media, while Davidson is... getting a haircut? Yes, time heals all wou...
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"I've Been Covering a Bunch of Tattoos,” Pete Davidson Says After His Split From Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson made his first stage performance since his split from Ariana Grande on Saturday, and he couldn't help but mention the relationship in his set. The pair called off their engagement earlier this month, and while Grande's first public statement was to announce she was taking time off social media as she was "tryin very hard to keep goin [sic]," Davidson's reference was a little more irreverent and referenced the permanent reminders he now has of the relationship. "Um, I've been coveri...
Tags: Beauty, Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson, Pete, Davidson, AG, Grande, Celebrity Tattoos

Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Have Reportedly Broken Up

Is it all over for Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson? Sources tell TMZ the couple have ended their romantic relationship and that the engagement is off.Apparently things ended between the two with no ill-will, it "simply was not the right time for their relationship to take off." Which has serious undertones of "it's not you, it's me."People also confirmed the split, with a source calling the relationship "way too much too soon."Grande's last Instagram post was of her new pet, Piggy Smallz. David...
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Matt Damon Is “Proud, Drunk Virgin” Brett Kavanaugh On SNL

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate hearing was already a national nightmare. His foaming anger, his “cover emotions,” his disrespectful evasiveness towards Sen. Amy Klobuchar — it would be comedic gold if weren’t mocking an egregious display of male entitlement. And sometimes, laughter is one of the few healthy ways to deal with tragedy. Luckily, Saturday Night Live returned for its 44th season, and its cold open roasted Kavanaugh like a marshmallow over a campfire. Starring Matt Damon as Kavanaugh...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Senate, Matt Damon, Fox News, Pete Davidson, Leslie Jones, Pj, Senate Judiciary Committee, Damon, Davidson, HARRIS FAULKNER, Kavanaugh, Sen Chuck Grassley, Sen Sheldon Whitehouse, Brett Kavanaugh

The Summer Of Love Was Fun — Now, Pete & Ariana Should Be Drafting A Prenup

If this was the summer of love, then this fall will be the autumn of lawyers. Of the three A-list engagements that sprang up this year — Priyanka and Nick, Hailey and Justin, and Ariana and Pete — all will likely be mounting prenuptial agreements before officially tying the knot. Or postnuptial agreements, depending on their timeline.“In these types of situations, whether it be a Justin Bieber-Hailey Baldwin situation or whether it be an Ariana Grande situation, I would bet in both marriages th...
Tags: Fashion, Music, New York, Hollywood, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Nick Jonas, California, New York City, Ireland, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Chris Martin, Kardashians, Angelina Jolie, Nashville

Nari Contractor: A Captain with Grit and Impeccable Character

Nariman Jamshedji Contractor was born on March 7, 1934 at Godhra Gujarat by accident. His pregnant mother was coming on a train from Dahod in Gujarat to Bombay for delivery when all of a sudden she went into labour. Contractor’s uncle was the driver of the train. He arranged medical assistance and dropped her at Godhra as an emergency case. His father owned a distillery and Nari grew up in Nasik. Article By Najum Latif | Scoreline After playing successfully for Gujarat, Nari Contractor made hi...
Tags: England, Australia, Life, India, Sports, Pakistan, Old Trafford, New Zealand, Imran Khan, Nottingham, Watson, Kingston, Delhi, Sachin Tendulkar, Hall, West Indies

Pete Davidson's New Neck Tattoo Pays Tribute to 1 of Ariana Grande's Favorite Films

Pete Davidson recently made his love for Ariana Grande permanent, again, with some Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired ink. The 24-year-old Saturday Night Live star was spotted with a neck tattoo that matches one his fiancée has had for years. The script reads "mille tendresse," which translates to "thousand tendernesses" and refers to a line in Audrey Hepburn's classic film where she says, "Bless you, darling Fred. Please forgive the other night. You were an angel about the whole thing. Mille tendr...
Tags: Beauty, Ariana Grande, Tattoos, Pete Davidson, Tiffany, Davidson, Celebrity Tattoos

Pete Davidson's New Tattoo Is A Copy Of Ariana's Old Ink

Four days ago, Pete Davidson got two tattoos in New York — both of which likely have a connection to his fiancée Ariana Grande. Yesterday, he got another one. Tomorrow? Well, that's still a mystery.After returning to Instagram via one cryptic video on his feed, Davidson and Grande had one of their usual New York outings last night, with half-empty Starbucks cups in hand and proof of yet another tattoo parlor appointment. On the back of Davidson's neck, there is now visible script that reads, "M...
Tags: Fashion, Music, New York, Instagram, Ariana Grande, Starbucks, Pete Davidson, Tiffany, Davidson, Ari, Grande, Noah Centineo, Mille, Romeo Lacoste, UMV Star Max GC Images Getty Images Still

After After Party Episode 29: What's Up With All The Reboots In Hollywood?

The After After Party is letting their Pride Flag fly as Sonia Denis and the panel (Matt Rogers, Taylor Ortega, and Bowen Yang) discuss Bert and Ernie’s romantic status. Then, we’re taking it back and flipping it up as we discuss some of the biggest television reboots and revivals of 2018!Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?Pete Davidson Broke His Instagram Silence To Send A Clear MessageColette Is A Decadent Fempowerement Story That's More Relevant Than EverC...
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