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How To Nail "No-Makeup" Makeup — According To Alicia Keys' Artist

There are makeup artists known for unapologetically bright lips, over-the-top contouring, and bold geometric liners. And then there's Dotti, who is better known for creating makeup looks in which the makeup itself is impossible to detect. An industry vet, Dotti has worked with Emma Watson, Cate Blanchett, and Alicia Keys — not that you'd ever know it.So how exactly does the queen of no-makeup makeup accomplish that natural afterglow effect? First, by extending her job title beyond just "makeup"...
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Alicia Keys Wore A $15 Drugstore Foundation To The Grammys

More often than not, no-makeup makeup is a misnomer. We've learned it actually takes an enormous amount of prep to give skin a glow that looks natural — like the way Alicia Keys' dewy cheekbones seemed to pulsate light from the Grammys stage last night. We felt vindicated by the realization that the famously "anti-makeup" star was, in fact, wearing makeup, but the real shocker wasn't that she was wearing foundation: It was that the full-coverage formula she chose is not rich-person fancy (like ...
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Alicia Keys' No-Makeup Routine Actually Costs $455

We’ll admit it: The immense ripple effect of Alicia Keys’ choice to skip makeup surprised even us. The move launched countless thought pieces on what makeup means to women, boosted a popular hashtag, and inspired a slew of other celebs to go without. (Even contour queen Kim Kardashian tried her hand at the look.) And, in the three years since, Keys has largely stuck to her commitment — even showing up to the 2019 Grammys without a stitch of makeup.But going sans makeup for Keys doesn’t mean enj...
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15 People Share Their Unfiltered Thoughts On 69-ing

When it comes to getting creative with oral sex, 69-ing is probably the most iconic position. Executed when both partners simultaneously perform oral sex on each other, usually with one on top of the other, the 69 position can be mutually satisfying and easily illustrated by a two-digit number. But people definitely have their opinions on it.While some dismiss 69-ing as awkward or even gimmicky, others are either curious about mastering it or flat-out love it. For whatever reason, it's become a...
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The Coolest Indie Products For Every Zodiac Sign

Do you consider Susan Miller to be your personal guide through the universe? Do you get shaky if you miss the latest "That's So Retrograde" podcast? Do you ask first dates their sign the moment after you order your drink? Are you a millennial? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, chances are you take planetary positioning pretty seriously.We figured, since astrological signs can help guide us in our relationships, travel plans, and career goals — why not look to them for our beauty ...
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The Major Way Moving Changed My Beauty Routine

I’ve prided myself on having nearly problem-free skin since my teens. This wasn’t due to expensive products or a carefully planned beauty routine, either — honestly, I took the opposite approach. Despite spending my early 20s in the Australian seaside town of Bondi Beach, where bare-faced beauty reigned supreme, I was the girl who didn’t leave the house without makeup on. As an online fashion and beauty editor, rarely a day would go by that I wasn’t gifted new makeup to test out. This was a tim...
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The 3 "No-Makeup Makeup" Products Alicia Keys Uses in Her Barefaced Beauty Routine

Since her announcement earlier this year, Alicia Keys is staying committed to her new no-makeup lifestyle. She's looking pretty damn stunning while doing it, too. While her decision has generated a conversation both in the media and online, it's also brought up one very important question: what skin care products is she using? Thankfully, her go-to beauty specialist, who simply goes by Dotti, shared her routine with W. Some of Alicia's skin secrets are what one might expect. Dotti said, "Alicia ...
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Alicia Keys' No-Makeup Look Actually Requires A Lot Of $$$

We’ll admit it: The immense ripple effect of Alicia Keys’ choice to skip makeup has surprised even us. The move has launched countless thought pieces on what makeup means to women in 2016, boosted a popular hashtag, and inspired a slew of other celebs to go without. (Even contour queen Kim Kardashian tried her hand at the look.)Maybe less shocking is the newest revelation about Keys’ fresh-faced look: Going sans makeup for her doesn’t mean enjoying a simple wash-and-go regimen. It takes a lot o...
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Get Your Notifications by Light with DOTTI, NOTTI, and Ingrein

Notifications can be selectively useful once you turn 99% of them off- even more so if you can make them look really cool.Read more...
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