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SUCCESS INSIDER: 6 side hustles you can start online to make extra money from home

Stephanie Smolders earns money online while traveling around the world. Stephanie Smolders Stephanie Smolders and her partner have been full-time traveling freelancers for four years. In that time, they've become experts at finding work from anywhere in the world.  They shared their best tips with Business Insider, from online tutoring to creating digital products. Read more here. Welcome to Success Insider, our regular newsletter for getting things done. This week we have info on "microsch...
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Officials linked at least 11 COVID-19 cases to a University of New Hampshire frat party attended by more than 100 people

Coronavirus clusters have been linked to Greek life events in multiple states. Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images Officials have identified a cluster of COVID-19 cases that are linked to a University of New Hampshire fraternity party.  More than 100 people attended the Theta Chi party last weekend and few wore masks, university officials said. At least 11 people explosed to the party, or those who have attended, have tested positive for the virus.  Visit Business Ins...
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Experience: I was married to an Islamic State leader

John was becoming more radical just as I was becoming more independent. He wanted to go to Syria; I was adamant I didn’t want to take our children to a war zoneI was born in north London in 1983 and grew up in a Bengali-Bangladeshi family. I just wanted to be English, but felt pressure from my family to be a “good Muslim girl” and to not integrate with western society. My family were dysfunctional. When you don’t trust your parents, you learn to distrust authority altogether.When I was 17, we mo...
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An erotic content site wants to help you pay for college — no stripping required

CamSoda, an erotic content platform, has been getting creative amid the pandemic, from creating safe pods for cam girls to use for free to starting an internship program for college students. CamSoda CamSoda, an adult entertainment site, is looking to hire three to five college interns over the age of 18 for the fall semester. Each would earn $10,000 toward their tuition.Interns can be based anywhere in the US.Responsibilities include social media management and watching live cam shows to "...
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It's more important than ever for kids to learn to code. Here's what parents can do to get them excited about it.

Interactive sites can offer a child-friendly introduction to coding. ASSOCIATED PRESS Carol Sankar is an author, TEDX featured speaker, and founder of a leadership firm that works to expand inclusion initiatives for high-achieving women.She explains that now more than ever, coding is a skill that students should be learning at a young age to prepare for careers in a tech-driven future.Parents can help their kids get into coding by exploring resources from their local library as well as free...
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5 ways higher education must change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

Virtual reality learning can replicate in-person labs and studios for remote students. Reuters Ishwar K. Puri is a professor and the dean of engineering at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.As colleges shift to virtual and hybrid learning models amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Puri explains that it's the responsibility of school faculty to reimagine what the future of higher education should be.Virtual education options should be made more widely and easily accessible, says Pur...
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Online learning is growing faster than ever — we compared 4 of the top platforms leading the way

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider The rise of online learning platforms has democratized education, allowing people to learn just about anything from home. However, there are countless types of online classes and platforms to choose from, which can be overwhelming.To make it easier, we compared and broke down the differences between four of the most popular online learning platforms: Udemy, LinkedIn L...
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Colleges across the US are turning to outdoor instruction for in-person classes this fall to combat the spread of COVID-19 infections

Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts is turning to outdoor instruction this fall amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Mark Yarchoan/Shutterstock While many colleges are deciding between in-person or remote classes this fall, Tracey Birdwell, a researcher who studies the design of educational spaces at Indiana University, believes they should consider a third alternative: the outdoors. Birdwell says that outdoor instruction could allow for socially distanced in-person meetups, and im...
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Rutger Bregman: ‘What if we give children the freedom to play and learn on their own?’

A school with no classrooms, homework or grades encourages creativity and imagination, rather than an ability to sit still and nod• Time to reset: more brilliant ideas to remake the worldIn many places around the world, education has become something to be endured. A new generation is learning to run a rat race where the main metrics of success are your résumé and your pay cheque – a generation less inclined to colour outside the lines, less inclined to dream or to dare, to fantasise or explore....
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You Ask, I Answer: Merging Liberal Arts with Computer Science?

Mbeiza asks, “Merging Liberal arts with science helps make what one has to offer unique. How can I merge the liberal arts with what I want to do in order to have a unique skill or product to offer?” Fundamentally, a successful marketer has to be both qualitative and quantitative – the ability to be […]
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How To Keep Your Best Team Members

Employees are your most valuable asset. Here’s how to hold on to them Image Credit: Joshua Ganderson Follow During the course of a normal day, a manager has a lot of different things that we need to spend time worrying about. However, using our manager skills to keep the team that we have onboard is often not one of the things that we worry about on an average day. However, perhaps we should be. If we hold off until they are walking out the door in order to find out why they are lea...
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Online BSc Course by IIT Madras

The application for the foundation level is open. If you have interest in perusing career in programming or data science. I think this is a good start. Given the amount of effort staff have put for NPTEL courses and videos. I think this course will be wonderful. I also have some good news related to this. but that needs to wait for now. Online BSc Degree program in Programming and Data Science. I like many things about the program. One one most important thing being, IITM scaling to reach wide...
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Top 3 Education Courses For Moms In The Time Of COVID-19

In over 100 countries, schools have been closed to stop the spread of coronavirus, leaving 1 billion children to be homeschooled or attend classes remotely. Many parents do not have a choice but to play a more active role in their children’s education while they attend school from home. It’s a change for both parents and their kids but it’s also an opportunity to not only positively influence their children’s development but also bring the family closer together in the time of crisis. Moms...
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Massiah Foundation challenge gift to fund UCI chair in Zoroastrian studies

$1.5 million endowment will establish first chair of its kind in the U.S. The University of California, Irvine has received a $1.5 million challenge commitment from the Massiah Foundation to establish the Ferdowsi Presidential Chair in Zoroastrian Studies – the first of its kind in the United States. Additionally, the University of California will support the chair with up to $500,000. The Massiah Foundation was founded by Fariborz Maseeh, Ph.D., an Iranian American businessman and pion...
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One school, 25 bereavements: Essex head fears emotional impact of Covid-19

Vic Goddard is one of many school leaders daunted by the burden of supporting pupils and staff through their griefCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageVic Goddard is trying not to cry. The headteacher of Passmores academy in Harlow and star of the 2011 TV series is thinking about the 23 pupils and two staff at his school who have been bereaved during the coronavirus pandemic.His greatest fear, a fear that keeps him awake at night and is making his voice tremble, is what ...
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The coronavirus backlash: how the pandemic is destroying women's rights

Women are bearing the brunt of the economic fallout and taking on a greater share of domestic work and childcare – while visits to the Refuge website are up 950%. Is this the biggest ever leap backward for women?When lockdown began, Naomi initially hoped she could muddle through. She was used to working from home as a management consultant, and her boss was flexible about when the work got done. But, as a single parent to two children, seven and six, a few weeks of home schooling by day and work...
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'My heart jumps when a patient misses a session': the Brazilian students helping prevent suicide

More than 1,500 people at high risk of suicide have been supported by an innovative mental health programme Iana Raíssa is a 21-year-old psychology student, but her skills and training are already being put to use in a highly responsible professional setting.Every Thursday afternoon Raíssa treats suicidal patients at Walter Cantídio University hospital in Fortaleza, a city in north-east Brazil. Continue reading...
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‘We were let loose’: my art school days, by Peter Blake, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Steve McQueen and more

Eight great British artists on graduating, and their advice for the Class of 2020 I joined in 1953, after my national service. I’d applied to study graphic design, but was accepted as a painter – I had sent them a portrait I did of my sister. So I studied painting but knew about graphic design, which accounts for a lot. I was so grateful to be there, and used it well. Continue reading...
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‘The waste and excess is more visible’: how coronavirus is shaking up fashion

The industry has been taken apart at the seams. Is this the end of lavish shows and packed front rows?It was on the morning of 18 March, when Glastonbury was confirmed cancelled, that Sarah Gresty, BA course leader in fashion at Central Saint Martins (CSM), realised that the class of 2020 would be a graduating year unlike any other. “That was when we thought: OK, this is only heading one way. After that, everything happened really fast. That evening many of the international students started get...
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3 Reasons Why Going Back To School Would Be Great For Your Family

Whether it is at 30 or 50, pursuing further education and a college degree can open wonderful new doors for you and your family. According to  an Insitute of Women’s Policy Research report, 26 percent of adult Americans head back to school while caring for dependents, including children. As a parent, you are seen as a primary and one of the most influential presences in your children’s lives from the day they are born. Although heading back to school can call for some great mother-stud...
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5 Things To Consider Before Choosing a Tutor for your Child

Almost every kid will go through periods in which they struggle with school. Whether it is an overall issue or problems with a specific subject, tutoring is always a good option to help, even if you’re homeschooling. But choosing the perfect tutor is not an easy task. It means that a stranger will be entering your home and be in direct contact with your child, so you have to be careful. While there are online directories that vet candidates, they may be more expensive. If you have decided ...
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5 Most Expensive Purchases You Won’t Regret Making in 2020

Did you know that getting a typically expensive product on sale leads to a crazy dopamine spike in your brain? This, of course, explains why shopping is such an addictive venture. However, more and more people have started to question their spending habits and now make smarter choices on what to spend on. For instance, why buy a super expensive couch when you can cop a beautiful one in a thrift store for less? That said, there are some expensive purchases that you cannot compromise on. The...
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Imagine learning empathy at school. Global Oneness Project does just that.

Stories are at the heart of learning, writes Cleary Vaughan-Lee, Education Director for the Global Oneness Project. They have always challenged us to think beyond ourselves, expanding our experience and revealing deep truths. Vaughan-Lee explains 6 ways that storytelling can foster empathy and deliver powerful learning experiences. Global Oneness Project is a free library of stories—containing short documentaries, photo essays, and essays—that each contain a companion lesson plan and learning ac...
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WHO: “Children 0-4 Should Learn to Masturbate & About Gender Identities!”

The World Health Organization, despite seemingly being lapdogs for communist China, has somehow attracted further ire as their Regional Office for Europe and Federal Centre for Health Education released a document suggesting that children aged 0-4 should learn “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation” and gain “the right to explore […]
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'I feel I've come home': can forest schools help heal refugee children?

They have a middle-class reputation, but one outdoor school near Nottingham is reconnecting disadvantaged 10-year-olds with nature and a sense of freedomWhen Kate Milman was 21, she paused her English degree at the University of East Anglia to join protests against the Newbury bypass. It was 1996, and the road was being carved out through idyllic wooded countryside in Berkshire. She took up residence in a treehouse, in the path of the bulldozers, and lived there for months. It was a revelation. ...
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I was calm until I read about colleges staying closed until September 2022

Each night before I go to sleep, I lay in bed torturing myself with the day’s news. I know we are not supposed to do that, but there are very few vices I can fully engage in when we have five people living in a 1000-square-foot apartment. Screen-time news right before bed is one of few vices that takes very little space and does not involve the bathroom. Wait. You’re wondering about the five people, right? I didn’t know our apartment is actually approved for only two people. I found it out wh...
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5 Ways To Stay Busy At Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, the Coronavirus outbreak has forced even the most powerful countries of the world to implement quarantine throughout. While under quarantine, many are struggling to adjust to the new ‘boring’ life safe at home. Considering the fast era of today, many of us are not even accustomed to asking for leaves from work. From leading such spontaneous lives at work and school, people are apparently baffled worldwide on how to survive at home.  ...
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The Importance of Education for At-Risk Youth

Youth development and education is a critical part of equipping young people with the tools they need as they transition into adulthood. At the same time, the solid foundation of a focused education will help them reach their potential. Sadly, for at-risk youths the path is not always quite so simple and whilst there are many organizations supporting education for this group, there are many reasons to continue to focus on and improve educational opportunities. In this article, we take a lo...
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You Ask, I Answer: Free Digital Marketing Courses?

Isabel asks, “I’m sheltering in place in the Bay Area and thought it would be a good time to up my skills through an online class —specifically in digital advertising but also digital marketing in general. I work at a non-profit theater so I’m looking for very practical stuff to help our small team (assuming […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Free Digital Marketing Courses? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn - Marketing Data Science Keynote Speaker.
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Schools are closed. Kids are home. What’s the long-term impact of that?

Sometime in February, it was clear that the US was headed toward crisis, and every day we don’t take major action would make the crisis geometrically worse. Suburban schools closed first. The last school districts to close are bigger cities, because they had to figure out how to get breakfast and lunch to the kids who depend on it . For homeless kids, and hungry kids, school is a home away from home.  Taking kids out of school is the silver lining of coronavirus. Coronavirus presents a snaps...
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