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7 best Alan Watts books on philosophy and life

Alan Watts wrote more than 25 books on the subject of philosophy and religion. He was among the first to bring Zen Buddhist thought to the west. Subjects ranged from dualism in philosophy to the troubles of modern man.Alan Watts was a gifted philosopher who tasked himself with the near impossible, putting that which transcended the knowable into words. A counterculture mystic and a spiritual entertainer with an eye on the divine, it's no surprise that Watt's philosophy and wisdom filled a numbe...
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Homophobic gang of 9 jailed for squirting acid onto men’s faces

Acid quickly burns through skin, fat and bone, permanently disfiguring and even killing some victims.
Tags: England, London, Lifestyle, Queerty, Acid, Gay Bashings

Does Alastair Cook still say ‘ahm’ every other word now that he’s a professional broadcaster?

Alastair Cook on Sky Sports We sat and watched a 30-second interview so that you didn’t have to. The most damning indictment of Britain as a country is that some people used to think Alastair Cook was ‘well-spoken’ even though he is actually The. Worst. Public. Speaker. Ever. Throughout his captaincy, Cook’s post-match interviews were 50 per cent English and 50 per cent a weird hybrid of ‘um’ and ‘ah’ of his own devising. Cook is a broadcaster now. An actual broadcaster...
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Meghan Markle Just Broke Her Biggest Beauty Rule — & It Looks Good

Ariana Grande, Melania Trump, and Meghan Markle are three famous women with nothing in common — or so you'd think. Look a little closer, and you'll see there's one quality the unlikely trio shares: They all largely stick to their own individual beauty uniforms, with Markle's involving a low bun, lightly contoured blush, and a neutral, usually glossy lip color.But on Wednesday night in London, while out with Prince Harry to see Cirque du Soleil, Markle switched things up by pairing her sparkly m...
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Maneckji Bhumgara: The Indian bowler who took American cricket by storm in the 1900s

Southern California discovered cricket in the late 19th century, two centuries after the sport reached American shores, but the region lost little time in taking to the game with enthusiasm. The cricketing season began every summer in May. Several counties—including Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Diego, and San Francisco (in mid-California)—had their own leagues. Practice matches between league teams would kick off the season and near its end, a combined Los Angeles team would take on Santa Mo...
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Movies You Won’t Believe Are Based On True Stories

At first glance, the script for War Dogs probably read like an outlandish action comedy.How could a couple of stoner dudes from Miami secure a $300 million contract to supply arms to the U.S. government? How could the Pentagon supply tens of millions of shoddy weapons to Afghani troops fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban? How could the U.S. government be tricked into purchasing decomposing, 40-year-old munitions that were culled from a Communist surplus stockpile or manufactured cheaply in China ...
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It’s not Shaun Marsh’s fault that he’s good enough to play Test cricket for Australia

Shaun Marsh being good enough to play for Australia (BT Sport) Australia have dropped Shaun Marsh. Again. The news was met with plenty of that particular brand of rejoicing where people look really sour-faced and say: “About time.” We’ve an inkling that the main problem with Marsh is that he’s good enough to play for Australia in the first place. Marsh averages 34.31 in Test cricket and everyone in Australia says that’s not good enough for a specialist batsman. But they’...
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That gay escort who ‘turned straight’ apparently went to a very gay party two weeks ago

If a guy identifies as straight, but hasn't slept with women and still dresses like a gogo boy and attends gay dance parties, is he really straight?
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Azhar Ali & Asad Shafiq have been Epic Failures

When Pakistan's greatest test batsman, Younis Khan, and most capped test captain, Misbah Ul Haq, retired in May 2017, we all thought; rather we all knew that Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq were ready to take over the role of Pakistan's leading test batsmen.Till that time, Azhar and Asad had played all their test cricket in a batting line up that was built around the backbone of Younis and Misbah.Azhar made the number 3 position his own and even excelled as an opener; while Asad always provided solid ...
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Have Australia fans become paranoid about opposition ball tampering yet?

Ball-chasing (via BT Sport) You already know that this is going to become a thing. The thought process is utterly predictable. It goes like this: Australia are no longer ball tampering and are no longer taking wickets with the old ball. The opposition are taking wickets with the old ball, ergo they must be ball-tampering. For a certain sort of fan, this is an entirely logical train of thought. The alternative – that Australia are less good at batting or less good at bowling ...
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Six ways to raise a resilient child

Want to help your children deal with stress and adversity? It’s easier than you thinkHelping our children navigate the stresses and strains of daily life is more important than ever. Figures released in November last year by NHS Digital show a worrying rise in young people’s mental health problems; sadly, my experience as a GP confirms this. One in eight children aged between five and 19 in England has a diagnosable mental health condition; the prevalence of emotional disorders, including anxiet...
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Which of Australia’s three banned ball-tamperers is being the most annoying (and which of them is being the least annoying)?

Cameron Bancroft hand-down-pants shot via Sky Sports The Tamperer was an Italian dance music act. They had a number one with Feel It. The most memorable element of Feel It was that the bridge section (there wasn’t really a chorus) went: “What’s she gonna look like with a chimney on her?” There you go. There’s a nice reminder for you. Feel free to have that play in your mind’s ear every time you see an interview with Cameron Bancroft, Steve Smith or David Warner. (There’s even a...
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Motivation Over Discipline

There’s a popular maxim in personal development circles that goes: “F**k motivation. It’s fickle and unreliable and isn’t worth your time. Better to cultivate discipline.” Everywhere you look these days, people are exalting the sentiment behind this mantra; they’re down on motivation and high on discipline. Your Instagram feed is probably full of “influencers” shouting at you to get disciplined. Discipline, discipline, discipline! We used to beat the discipline drum ourselves. In fact, we were...
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Jason Holder: Lord Megachief of Gold 2018

Jason Holder (via Windies Cricket YouTube) Our annual Lord Megachief of Gold award is the highest honour in cricket. The title is recognition of performance over the previous calendar year. Here are all the winners. There was some half-decent batting in 2018 – Virat Kohli played a couple of blinding innings, while Henry Nicholls averaged 73 – but it was the bowlers who stood out, and the pace bowlers in particular. Full respect to Kagiso Rabada, the top wicket-taker with 5...
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Meghan Markle Quietly Blew This Tabloid Rumor Out Of The Water On Boxing Day

Meghan Markle spent her Christmas holiday with the royal family — quietly debunking some persistent rumors in the process.The Duchess of Sussex attended the annual Boxing Day hunt this past week with Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and other royal relatives (Boxing Day is celebrated in England the day after Christmas). The Daily Mail reports that the family gathered at Wood Farm, Prince Philip’s farmhouse, for a traditional feast before a group headed out to shoot.Markle and Middl...
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Australia were far and away the funniest cricket team in 2018 – but who was their MVP?

The story of international cricket in 2018 is really just all the stuff that happened with Australia. This seems a bit narrow and exclusive for an end-of-year retrospective, so we thought we’d instead focus on all the funny things that happened in 2018 to try and broaden it out a bit. Having taken this approach and then edited it all down a bit to make it more concise, we were left with… all the stuff that happened with Australia this year. To try and inject a note of tension ...
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Depression of fathers and their daughters linked, survey finds

Study of 3,176 UK families finds raised risk of 18-year-olds with depression if their fathers had similar feelings after their birthA teenage girl is more at risk of developing mental health problems if her father has experienced post-natal depression, according to research.A study of more than 3,000 families in the Bristol area in England found that one in 20 fathers experienced post-natal depression in the weeks after their child was born. Researchers found a link between men with the conditio...
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The 10 Best Movie Capes of 2018

Capes: They’re not just for superheroes. And they never were, thank you very much. Throughout the history of film , capes have been giving high drama to every genre, from historical epics to horror films to character-based dramas to high-fashion romps to, yes, the superhero movie. They’re dramatic, impractical (yes, Edna Mode, “no capes!,” we know ), and too, too damn cool. The cinematic capes of 2018 were no exception. Join me, please, as we traipse together down this cape-lined road of...
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What Ever Happened To The Stars Of Love Actually?

It's that time of year: The holidays are here. Along with good tidings and cheer comes a list of must-haves. On that list — for most people — is a required viewing of Love Actually. Whether you love it or hate it, you know it's true.Love Actually came out in 2003 — that's 13 years ago — and in the time since, the movie has come to be associated with everything warm, fuzzy, and British. Who doesn't love watching Hugh Grant dance to "Jump For My Love"? Doesn't everyone love it when that little gi...
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On the Charge Of Selection Errors

After India lost at Perth, a truism about the current Indian side has emerged in the press and among observers on twitter. The charge against the India is that they are prone to picking the wrong team. From a distance, you can see the picture this charge is trying to paint. It suggests incompetence on the part of India's team management (specifically, the head coach Ravi Shastri, and the captain Virat Kohli). This sense is encapsulated by this observation which appeared on my timeline yesterday....
Tags: England, Australia, Sex, India, South Africa, Johannesburg, Perth, Nathan Lyon, Virat Kohli, Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja, Wilde, Kumar, Rahane, Ravi Shastri, Umesh Yadav

Ten important questions after watching the trailer for that new England documentary ‘The Edge’

The Edge is a 1997 film starring Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Elle Macpherson and Bart the Bear, a kodiak bear who also starred in Legends of the Fall among other things (actual fact). It is a lost-in-the-wilderness-getting-hunted-by-a-kodiak-bear film. The Edge is also going to be a 2019 documentary about the last England team that got to number one in the world but then fell apart. You can watch the trailer here. Here are ten important questions that arise after wat...
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I Rewatched Love Actually 15 Years Later & It's Still The Worst

Love Actually turned 15 this year, so while I appreciate this review is a little tardy, I was curious to see if it had aged better than I have.On occasion, rewatching a 'classic' with fresh eyes can be elucidating (although my advice is to leave the DVDs of Pretty Woman and The Notebook to languish in the bargain bin at WH Smith along with Davina’s Toned in 10). In this case, the second viewing (alone in bed with a bowl of tiramisu and the electric blanket cranked up to 'gates of hell') was mos...
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How Going On Antidepressants For The First Time Changed My Skin

In 2014, after a particularly tough breakup, I started taking antidepressants for anxiety and OCD. I'd struggled with my mental health since around 2010, but had never tried medication because I was scared of the side effects. I expected to experience insomnia and headaches, but one thing I never really considered was whether taking the drugs I was prescribed would affect my appearance — mainly, my skin.According to figures obtained by The Guardian, more than 4 million people in England are lon...
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Why India deserved to lose in Perth – explained with reference to a videogame that it turns out wasn’t actually Ikari Warriors after all but was pretty similar

India picked four seam bowlers and no spinner in Perth and lost. Australia picked Nathan Lyon, who took eight wickets. Crucially, Lyon broke India’s biggest partnership of the match (Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane) and also dismissed their most important batsman (Kohli) in the final innings run-chase. Now let’s talk about Ikari Warriors. Or rather, let’s start off talking about Ikari Warriors but then segue into talking about a game that we thought was Ikari Warriors but apparently wasn’t. W...
Tags: England, Australia, Sex, India, North West, Perth, West Indies, Nathan Lyon, Australia Cricket News, Virat Kohli, Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, India cricket news, Ikari, Ikari Warriors, Crucially Lyon

Why are India so keen to keep Ravindra Jadeja in his pigeonhole?

Ravindra Jadeja (right) (via BCCI video) In the lead-up to the second Test in Perth, Ravindra Jadeja spent some quality time with horses. There wasn’t much point practising his cricket because India never seem mad keen on picking him outside India. It’s true that Jadeja’s bowling average in India (19) is quite a bit better than his bowling average outside India (36), but it’s also true that only 11 of his 39 Tests have been overseas. Earlier this year we made the case that he should play i...
Tags: England, Sex, India, Perth, Bcci, Australia Cricket News, Ravindra Jadeja, Ashwin, Jadeja, India cricket news

10 Free Christmas Movies You Can Stream This Weekend

You've been looking forward all December to spending time with the family. Or you've been waiting for days for this opportunity to escape all other humans and curl up with your favorite screen. Either way, chances are you are so ready for that particular brand of mind-numbing entertainment that comes with watching a Christmas movie. And after spending so much cash on presents, you probably would also like to stream those Christmas movies for free.What with the constant ebb and flow of movie stu...
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How 4 Witches & Wiccans Define Their Faith For Themselves

Despite the success that pop culture witches have seen this year (from the reboot of Charmed to the reboot of Sabrina to every sage-burning crystal healer who comes across your Instagram feed), it seems like we, as a mainstream audience, only get to hear from real-life practicing witches and Wiccans when their faith is being misrepresented in the media.But, even that overlooks the fact that Wicca and witchcraft are highly personal spiritual practices — every person who identifies with these fai...
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India v Australia, Adelaide 2018, Day 3

I watched most of India's batting on the 3rd day after waking up early on Saturday morning to do so. When I went to sleep on Friday night, I feared that Australia might still be batting, with Mitchell Starc and Travis Head doing their best impression of Jason Gillespie and Steve Waugh. But India earned lead of 15, which, from 127/6 still meant that the last 4 Australian wickets added 108.Murali Vijay played as though he knows he is keeping the spot warm for Prithvi Shaw. KL Rahul played like a l...
Tags: England, Australia, Sex, India, Adelaide, Lyon, Mitchell Starc, Jason Gillespie, Oval, Monty Panesar, Steve Waugh, Graeme Swann, Nathan Lyon, Kohli, Rahul, Cummins

White Makeup, Wigs, & Smallpox Scars: How Margot Robbie Became Queen Elizabeth I

The new film Mary, Queen of Scots, in theaters today, is not really about Elizabeth I, Queen of England (Margot Robbie). As the title implies, the story centers around Elizabeth's cousin and rival, Mary Stuart (Saoirse Ronan), the supposed rightful heir to the Scottish and English thrones, and the brewing clash between the two. But it's Elizabeth's depiction in the movie that has gotten the biggest amount of buzz so far — with good reason.The first photos of Robbie on set dressed as Elizabeth I...
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