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‘Drag Race’ casts its first-ever cisgender female competitor

As Felicia Heals joins 'Drag Race Thailand,' she ushers in a new era of the show.
Tags: Feature, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Thailand, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Dragaholic, Drag Race, Dragaholic Features, Felicia Heals

Carol Channing, one-of-a-kind star of stage and screen, dead at 97

Broadway legend and Tony winner Carol Channing has given her final curtain call.
Tags: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Broadway, Rip, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Tony, Carol Channing

People are upset because Lady Gaga allegedly wants to play African queen Cleopatra in a film

Is it appropriate for white actresses to play a famous monarch who more than likely had an African mother?
Tags: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Cleopatra, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Whitewashing, Racism In Hollywood

You Can Now Make Sick Beats by Having Siri Crunch Numbers

Start the year off right, and dance your way into 2019.
Tags: Gadgets, Entertainment, Life, Tech, Amazing, Gallery

That time Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth got naked together at a Berlin fetish club

"There was a guy walking around fully naked and he had like a leather strap and it was holding things up."
Tags: Entertainment, Berlin, Lifestyle, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Ad Friendly, Queerty, KitKat Club

Catch Singer/ Songwriter/Musician Eliza Spear + Her New Single at The MINT!

When you hear about a new musician, singer or songwriter, it’s often that the person in question is all three things: singer/songwriter/musician- because that’s the nature of the music business. Often there multi-faceted elements of music or other skills like acting or writing are part of living with parents or other family members who are […]
Tags: Videos, Twitter, Music, Featured, Style, Entertainment, Women, Lifestyle, Strategy, Social Media, Seo, Art and design, Innovation, Singer, Expert, Focus

What to watch now: drug deals gone wrong, sex cults and Auntie Mame

Queens, classics, cocktails and sex cults. How better to spend your weekend?
Tags: Feature, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Queens, Sidecar, Ad Friendly, The Favourite, Wild Wild Country, aUNTIE mAME, The Q List, Wishful Drinking

Netflix takes $60 million stand for LGBTQ rights

The streaming giant is putting its money where its mouth is.
Tags: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Netflix, North Carolina, Ad Friendly, Queerty

Memers can’t get enough of the Fiji Water Girl

People can't stop talking about the Fiji Water Girl, one of the young models hired to distribute bottled water to celebrities at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards.
Tags: Instagram, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Memes, Golden Globes, Fiji, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Photobomb, Fiji Water Girl

Lady Gaga refused to speak out against accused sexual abuser R. Kelly … until now

Sexual assault survivor Lady Gaga had previously refused to speak out against her one-time collaborator.
Tags: Entertainment, Sexual Assault, Lifestyle, Lady Gaga, Ad Friendly, Queerty, R. Kelly, Kelly

Creators of the gay/bi drama ‘Green Book’ get called out for Islamophobia & sexual misconduct

'Green Book' recently won three Golden Globes, and then unsavory details about its writer and director surfaced.
Tags: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Donald Trump, Islamophobia, Muslims, Ad Friendly, Queerty, September 11th, Peter Farrelly, Nick Vallelonga

Finally, the X-Men just introduced their first ever drag queen superhero: Shade

A drag queen has finally infiltrated the X-Men, and she's fierce, y'all.
Tags: Entertainment, Comic Books, Lifestyle, X-men, Queerty, Iceman, Sina Grace, Gay Comic Book Characters, Marvel Comics X-men

Stormy Daniels Will Fold Laundry in Her Underwear Tonight as Alternative to Trump’s Address

Do you think she'll be using the KonMari method?
Tags: Politics, Entertainment, Funny, Life, Society, History, Gallery, Trump, Intriguing

Ewan McGregor is going gay again

The 'Star Wars' hunk will bring the epic rise and fall of a fashion icon to life.
Tags: Feature, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Ewan McGregor, Ad Friendly, Halston

Grow up, you monsters! Glenn Close defenders clap back at Gaga fans for being sore losers on Twitter

Glenn Close supporters are clapping back at those mean Little Monsters. Here's what they've been saying...
Tags: Twitter, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, Golden Globes, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Best Actress, 2019 Golden Globes

Kevin Hart apologizes to the LGBTQ community again while blaming us for not accepting his ‘change’

Why does Kevin Hart keep blaming the LGBTQ community for bringing up his anti-gay "jokes"?
Tags: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Comedians, Kevin Hart, Homophobia, Ellen Degeneres, Apologies, Queerty

One of the world’s most popular video games recently outed its ultra-macho character as gay

Soldier 76 from 'Overwatch' just came out as gay, but fans are reacting in different ways.
Tags: Video Games, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Overwatch, Coming Out, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Soldier 76

Former Pussycat Dolls singer goes on wild ant-trans rant; Twitter responds

Former group member Kaya Jones went on an anti-transgender rant after seeing a gender-neutral bathroom.
Tags: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Evergreen, Ad Friendly, Pussycat Dolls, Kaya Jones

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