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The World’s Best Hope for Enough Covid-19 Vaccine Comes from India

▲ Adar Poonawalla, CEO of the Serum Institute, and his wife, Natasha, at their ranch in Pune, India. Photographer: Subhash Sharma for Bloomberg Businessweek The Serum Institute of India is preparing to crank out a billion doses. And that’s just the beginning. By Ari Altstedter | Bloomberg As chief executive officer of the Serum Institute of India, the largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world, Adar Poonawalla can produce about 1.5 billion doses a year of almost any inoculation. He has ma...
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You swine! German nudist chases wild boar that stole laptop

Photographer who captured moment naked bather gave pursuit says he ‘gave it his all’A nudist bather who chased a wild boar near a Berlin lake after it stole his laptop was applauded by onlookers after a successful pursuit.The photographer who captured the drama said the unidentified nudist was happy for him to share the images, which show him in bare-bottomed pursuit of the boar and her two piglets while fellow bathers look on in amusement. Continue reading...
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Covid led to ‘brutal crackdown’ on garment workers' rights, says report

Brands including Primark, Zara and H&M accused of failing to protect workers at factories in Asia from ‘union busting’Some of Europe’s biggest retailers, including Primark, Zara and H&M, are failing to stop Covid-19 being used as a pretext for union busting, human rights activists are warning.Millions of garment workers in some of the poorest parts of Asia have lost their jobs since coronavirus shutdowns hit the retail industry worldwide. Continue reading...
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The last of the Zoroastrians

My grandfather had never been a tall man, and now he looked absurdly small, no bigger than a child. Swaddled in off-white sheets like a newborn, with just his head and the soles of his feet visible, his eyes were open and mouth disconcertingly agape, as if in surprise. His corpse was slightly raised from the floor, lain atop a rickety wooden stretcher. Beside the body, three priests in white robes intoned in Avestan, the long-dead language of the Zoroastrian scriptures, as a small fire burned i...
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Fried Food Gone Wrong!

Choosing what to eat and what to feed your family can feel like an overwhelming task. There is so much information out there about food, and so much of it is contradictory. When I set out to create this blog, my goal was to help people ask the right questions about what they are eating. What I didn’t want to do was add to anyone’s fear. Food choices can be scary! When you read stuff online, you have to dig through marketer’s buzzwords, food advertisements, and misleading diet fads. ...
Tags: Food, Europe, Fashion, Restaurants, Oil, European Union, Cooking Oil, French Fries, Food & Snacks, Air Fryer, Fried Food, Kitchen Regulations, Fried Food Gone Wrong

Sinatra swinging, Hepburn swimming: Terry O’Neill’s most celebrated images – in pictures

The first retrospective show since the death of the celebrated photographer is full of striking shots of performers at their most outrageousTerry O’Neill: Every Picture Tells a Story is at Maddox Gallery, Gstaad, Switzerland, until 29 August Continue reading...
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Santa Maria Novella: Old World Fragrances

As the Dowager Countess Grantham from Downton Abbey once said, the time of huge receptions is over.   Santa Maria Novella Basilica, Florence   Historians date the beginning of modern times differently, with some claiming it started with the end of WWII, while others simply say that it started with the beginning of the twentieth century. I would say that, for Europe, it was rather the beginni... Read full article: Santa Maria Novella: Old World Fragrances from Fragrantica Perfumes and Cologne...
Tags: Europe, Fashion, Downton Abbey, Maria Novella, Countess Grantham, Santa Maria Novella Basilica Florence

Indian drug mogul says Americans will pay too much for the Covid vaccine—and wants to change that

Adar Poonawalla is seizing on the Covid-19 fight to try to break down the policies protecting Big Pharma. Adar Poonawalla, chief executive officer of Serum Institute of India Ltd., says he’s in talks with Washington about clearing the way to sell some of his company’s earlier vaccine products in the U.S. market as low-cost generics. | Dhiraj Singh/Getty Images By SARAH WHEATON | Politico Adar Poonawalla may be the most important figure in the global vaccine race who isn’t working in a laborato...
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Top 5 Glamping Destinations in North America and Europe

For many of us, the simple idea of camping under the stars is much more attractive than the reality. Heading out into the wilderness with a tent, sleeping mat and all other accoutrements that go with a camping trip often ends up in an uncomfortable night which is blighted by the cold and damp. If this is what usually puts you off from camping, there may just be a more comfortable and luxurious solution in the form of something called ‘glamping’. The word ‘glamping’ comes from a portmanteau of t...
Tags: Europe, Fashion, Camping, United States, Slovenia, Alps, North America, Glamping, Miles, Swiss Alps, Tulum, Whitepod, Slovenia Lake Bled, Men's Style, Glamping Destinations, Atlantic Tulum Quintana Roo Mexico

'Show that never happened': Prada's digital hangover in Milan

Miuccia Prada’s swansong was captured in five films in new era of online fashion showsSix months since the last fashion week shows were held in front of an audience and after a week of streamed couture and men’s shows in Paris, there was somewhat of a digital hangover at Milan fashion week.“Can we go back to real shows now?” was the plea from one of those with a compromised posture and dry eyes from squinting at a tiny computer screen as Miuccia Prada got Milan under way with a series of five vi...
Tags: Europe, Fashion, Milan, Life and style, World news, Paris, Italy, Prada, Miuccia Prada, Fashion Weeks, Milan Fashion Week

How the first English novels by Parsis were written in the backdrop of the plague and politics

The histories of the novels ‘My Friend, The Barrister’ and ‘Pootli, A Story of Life in Bombay’ The library of the University of Mumbai, housed in an 1870s edifice flanked by the Rajabai Tower, is perhaps the grandest repository of literary treasures in the city. Shelved under its lofty vaulted wooden ceiling are the last surviving copies of many obscure Bombay publications in English, Marathi, Gujarati, Persian and Urdu. Article by Murali Ranganathan | In the early 1900s, the collect...
Tags: Europe, Books, UK, England, London, Congress, Life, India, Bombay, Great Britain, Calcutta, Gandhi, Hindustan, Madras, Lizzie, Times of India

Sephora and the Retail Equation Collecting Data Without Permission Leads to Lawsuit

Sephora is allegedly being sued for sharing customer data without permission to determine if shoppers are fraudulently returning products according to a class action lawsuit taken out in Califronia that was posted today on Here on Musings of a Muse we have long since spoke about people abusing the return policy at certain stores and even some of them who have revised their generous return policies due to this issue. We’ve also discussed how returns are tracked using th...
Tags: Europe, New York, California, Beauty, Reddit, Pentagon, Sephora, Linda, Ulta, Beauty News, Califronia, Ulta Lawsuit Kat Von D, Retail Equation, More Huda Beauty Lawsuit for Unsafe Eyeshadow

Quarantine with my ex changes my opinion about good careers

Things Nino hates about me: I yell. I’m ungrateful. I threw things when we were married. Things I hate about Nino: That he left. Five years ago I supported the kids after the divorce, so he’s always had save-the-world jobs that pay almost nothing. But he came to the farm every weekend to see the kids. Once he had to skip two weekends for a work trip. I said, “Are you going to Europe?” “No,” he said. “Georgia.” “For two weeks? For what?” “It’s actually just one week, but I’m taking the bus th...
Tags: Europe, Boston, Careers, Georgia, Diversity, Black Lives Matter, Madison, Mom, Dad, Hamilton, Tchaikovsky, Niño, Elmer Fudd, George Floyd, Hamilton on Broadway Nino

France bans Dutch bike TV ad for creating 'climate of fear' about cars

Ad for VanMoof bike unfairly discredits automobile industry, says watchdogA TV commercial for a Dutch-made bicycle has been banned by France’s advertising watchdog for creating a “climate of fear” about cars.Despite being aired on Dutch and German television, the Autorité de régulation professionnelle de la publicité (ARPP) said the ad for the VanMoof bike unfairly discredited the automobile industry. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Business, Media, France, Germany, Advertising, Life and style, World news, Cycling, Netherlands, Automotive Industry, ARPP

France bans Dutch bike TV ad for creating 'climate of fear'

Ad for VanMoof bike unfairly discredits automobile industry, says watchdogA TV commercial for a Dutch-made bicycle has been banned by France’s advertising watchdog for creating a “climate of fear” about cars.Despite being aired on Dutch and German television, the Autorité de régulation professionnelle de la publicité (ARPP) said the ad for the VanMoof bike unfairly discredited the automobile industry. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Business, Media, France, Germany, Advertising, Life and style, World news, Cycling, Netherlands, Automotive Industry, ARPP

Boys, Ferocity, Frontiers, and Sports

Editor’s Note: This is a guest article by Karl Zinsmeister. Organized sports, from college athletics to local Little League teams, are slowly coming back to life after being on lockdown. There are those who will say that these activities aren’t “essential.” But they’ve been saying that since before the pandemic. And they couldn’t be more wrong. There are folks who have long argued that sports are just escapism. Plenty of teachers and professors think athletic teams are nothing but a distraction...
Tags: Europe, New York, Australia, Navy, Life, White House, Sports, Britain, Yale, Ivy League, Little League, Great Lakes, Herman Melville, Cooper, Tahiti, Health & Sports

Italian fashion needs to confront its racism, say industry insiders

Scandals including Gucci’s blackface jumper point to colonialist ideas about identity How culpable is Italy in fashion’s current race crisis? Very, according to black members of the Italian fashion industry.When the media cites examples of fashion houses co-opting centuries-old racist imagery and making it new (Gucci’s blackface jumper, Prada’s golliwog trinket, Dolce and Gabbana’s pizza advert) one commonality is often overlooked: Gucci, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana are Italian companies. Continue...
Tags: Europe, Fashion, Race, World news, Italy, Colonialism, Prada, Dolce Gabbana, Gucci, Black Lives Matter Movement, Milan Fashion Week, Dolce, Gabbana, Gucci Prada

L'Oréal to remove words like 'whitening' from skincare products

Announcement comes against backdrop of global anti-racism protestsL’Oréal al has announced it will remove words like “whitening” from its products, as global anti-racism protests continue.“The L’Oréal Group has decided to remove the words white/whitening, fair/fairness, light/lightening from all its skin evening products,” the cosmetics company said in a statement on Saturday. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Business, Fashion, France, India, Race, Unilever, Life and style, World news, South and Central Asia, Beauty, Bangladesh, L'oreal, Black Lives Matter Movement, L'Oréal Group

The stranded babies of Kyiv and the women who give birth for money

Lockdown exposed the scale of the commercial baby business in Ukraine, and now women hired for their wombs are speaking outSome are crying in their cots; others are being cradled or bottle-fed by nannies. These newborns are not in the nursery of a maternity hospital, they are lined up side by side in two large reception rooms of the improbably named Hotel Venice on the outskirts of Kyiv, protected by outer walls and barbed wire. They are the children of foreign couples born to Ukrainian surrogat...
Tags: Europe, Life and style, World news, Ukraine, Parents and parenting, Surrogacy, Kyiv, Hotel Venice, BioTexCom Centre for Human Reproduction

DIY Terrarium: How To Make Your Own Tiny Garden

It is true when many interior design experts say that natural green always gives the final touch to the house decor.  But let’s not forget that plants are not there just to make your house look good, they can improve both your mood and psychological state. Plants in a DIY terrarium can relieve stress symptoms and there are indications that it is positively correlated with battling depression and anxiety. Caring for plants in a DIY terrarium can do wonders for your own wellbeing and also te...
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Babushka, Svetlana and me: a photo essay

Russian-born photographer Maria Quigley grew up in Britain. For this project she returned to her grandmother’s small flat in St Petersburg to explore themes of memory, isolation and female identity across three generations of her familyThe images in this series address questions of claustrophobic spaces. They convey a sense of being locked down, however they were taken last year before the emergence of Covid-19. They were snapped inside my grandmother’s small flat in St Petersburg, which for man...
Tags: Europe, Russia, Women, Life and style, World news, Culture, Britain, Art and design, St Petersburg, Babushka Svetlana, Maria Quigley

'The older I get, the less I fear': meet the Italian Larry David

A decade after his two much-loved comedies about the vicissitudes of ageing, director Gianni Di Gregorio explains why, against his own expectations, he had to make anotherIn 2000, after a decade of caring for his ailing mother in her large flat in Rome, Gianni Di Gregorio wrote a comedy about a bloke called Gianni who looks after his 93-year-old mother in a large flat in Rome. No one was interested in the story, in which the unemployed bachelor ends up running around after a cohort of old ladies...
Tags: Europe, Family, Comedy, Science, Film, Life and style, World news, Rome, Culture, Italy, World cinema, Ageing, Larry David, Gianni, Drama films, Comedy films

Byram Jejeebhoy Passes Away

Noshir Dadrawala informs us that Byram Jejeebhoy passed away today. Noshir reminisces… He had contested the BPP elections in 2008 as a member of the Adult Franchise for Progress (AFP7) comprising eminent Parsis like Legal Luminary Mr. Nadir Modi, Director of Tata Memorial Hospital Dr. Katy Dinshaw, Managing Director of HDFC Mr. Keki Mistry, Media Baron, Muncherji Cama, former BPP trustee Mr. Maneck Engineer, Mr. Byram Jejeebhoy, tax expert Mr. Soli Dastur (he was added later and opted out). I t...
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Hemin Bharucha: Why London is a hub for global fintech talent

As innovation and cutting-edge technology have transformed financial services in the last decade, London’s status as a leading financial centre has meant the UK capital has emerged as a global hub for fintech innovation. In fact, 2019 saw record levels of investment into the UK fintech sector, with London being internationally recognised as a destination that provides the right environment and support for fintech companies to thrive and scale their businesses. Article by Hemin Bharucha | My Mobi...
Tags: Europe, UK, London, Life, Finance, China, India, US, Mumbai, Ola, Oyo, Monzo, Starling Bank, Hemin Bharucha, Favourable R D

Adar Poonawalla on producing a Covid-19 vaccine, handling the pressure and preparing for the future

Any other summer, Adar Poonawalla would’ve been aboard a yacht on the French Riviera. But Covid-19 upended all plans, and the CEO of the world’s largest vaccine company finds himself in the thick of the action Article by Che Kurrien | GQ India Few news stories today are being tracked with greater fervour across the globe than the race for a Covid-19 vaccine. And the privately held Serum Institute of India, the largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world by volume, is central to many of these...
Tags: Europe, UK, England, Medicine, Life, China, India, US, Earth, United States, Bill Gates, Oxford, Oxford University, Mumbai, Skype, Gates

The Benevolent Businessmen From Aden

Meher Marfatia: The Benevolent Businessmen From Aden The Cowasjee Dinshaw Collection of the Adenwalla Archive reveals rare records of a family of merchant-princes, last of the philanthropic Bombay sethias, who fronted the golden age of Parsis in Aden Article by Meher Marfatia | Mid-Day Aden House, the Cowasjee Dinshaw & Bros. building They were the uncrowned kings of Aden in an age of Empire. Tempering entrepreneurial acumen with gentle philanthropy, Cowasjee Dinshaw (1827-1900) and his heirs ...
Tags: Asia, Europe, England, London, Wales, Australia, Life, China, India, History, Middle East, Ethiopia, Leo, Prince Of Wales, Customs, Mumbai

Spanish Puig snaps up Charlotte Tilbury makeup empire

Barcelona-based firm is thought to have fought off bids from Unilever, L’Oréal and ShiseidoThe celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has handed a control of her namesake makeup and skincare empire to a Spanish fashion and fragrances business in a deal that could have valued the company at up to £1bn just seven years after she started it.Tilbury, 47, personally owned between half and 75% of the company until signing a deal with the Barcelona-based Puig will likely have handed her a cash payou...
Tags: Europe, Business, Fashion, Makeup, Unilever, Spain, Barcelona, UK News, Mergers and Acquisitions, Luxury goods sector, Charlotte Tilbury, Puig, Tilbury, Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne Jean Paul Gaultier

"The historian Grace Vicary has argued that codpieces were, in a sense, the P.P.E. of their day, born as a means of containing a disease..."

"... in this case syphilis, which was then sweeping through Europe. Treating the French pox, as it was known, called for 'a whole galaxy of herbs, minerals, syrups, and decoctions,' Vicary writes, applied directly in 'a variety of messy unguents and poultices.' If you wanted to protect your fancy wardrobe from stains, the reasoning goes, you would do well to isolate the whole package in an oversized box. Plus, Renaissance men carried a lot of junk on their belts—this was the era that gave us the...
Tags: Art, Europe, Fashion, Law, History, Cleaver, Montaigne, Michel de Montaigne, Eldridge Cleaver, Black Panther Party, Ann Althouse, Charles V, Genitalia, Vicary, Grace Vicary, Jakob Seisenegger

Exploding Your Mindset Box

Some of the biggest traps in self-development are mindset traps, usually because they’re invisible to us. We get ourselves into a mindset box but can’t see the walls. What if the mindset box you’re in doesn’t contain any solutions to your biggest problems? What if those answers exist only outside the box? A common symptom of this trap is when you think you’ve tried just about everything and still aren’t getting results in a particular area. This is often true of financial, career, relation...
Tags: Europe, Disney, Lifestyle, Careers, Disneyland, Walt Disney, Steve, Don, Vegas Strip, Yada, Church of Scientology, Apple Amazon, Abundance, Creating Reality

Huda Beauty Lawsuit for Unsafe Eyeshadow Palettes

A class action lawsuit has been allegedly taken out on Huda Beauty due to last year’s Neon Obsessions Palettes being falsely advertised as eyeshadows. A lot of people tend to jump on me when I mention in my reviews that certain eyeshadows or palettes are not safe for eyes. “But it’s safe in the Europe….! It’s just a US thing!” First off, I live in the US so, yeah, it’s a US thing and in the US certain dyes are deemed unsafe for eye use. Secondly, they are deemed unsafe for eye use for good rea...
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