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All the trains in my son’s train podcast ranked by how much I hate them | Ben Jenkins

Living in lockdown with small children means distracting them with the same thing, over and over again, until you – like Ben Jenkins – are driven insaneEvery parent of a young child in lockdown either knows this fact or is about to learn it: you don’t get to choose where they find their joy.For example, my two and half year old son likes to listen to the Thomas and Friends Storytime podcast. It is, by some margin, his favourite thing to do. By a similar margin, the opening “toot toot” of the pod...
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A moment that changed me: meeting the rescue dog who comforted me through unfathomable loss | Shirley Manson

When I first held my dog Veela in my arms, I was grappling with my mother’s dementia, which was followed much too soon by her death. The teachings of my little red dog helped me surviveThe first time I rescued an animal was almost 15 years ago, while I was on hiatus from my band, Garbage, in 2007. Shuffling around Los Angeles with little to occupy my time and my catastrophic imagination, my husband suggested we might consider adopting a rescue dog from one of the local shelters. I was a little h...
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‘Never apologise for being you’: disabled celebrities’ letters to their teenage selves

Don’t buy the pink wheelchair – but do eat your greens (and some pizza too). Disabled comedians, musicians, athletes, writers and mathematicians on what they wish they’d known growing upIf being a teenager is hard for everyone, being a disabled teenager can feel like a slog. No longer protected by the relative simplicity of childhood, you are confronted with the realities of your disabled body and, perhaps harder still to fathom, your place in a profoundly ableist society.Failed by a system that...
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New balance: will work be more parent-friendly than ever after the pandemic?

Between home schooling and hybrid working, the last year has brought rapid and radical shifts in our working habits, good and bad. Now it is time to see whether positive change can stickLast month, a video by Maggie Mundwiller, a mother in St Louis, Missouri, went viral on TikTok. It showed her one-year-old son accompanying her to a second face-to-face job interview. (She had asked for an alternative date because she had no childcare. The employer said: “Bring him with you.”) The video featured ...
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Guidance to induce minority ethnic pregnancies earlier condemned as racist

Draft Nice guidelines for England, Wales and Northern Ireland will not solve poorer maternity outcomes for women of colour, say doctorsProposed guidance that recommends inducing labour at 39 weeks in pregnant women from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds has raised concerns from doctors and midwives and been branded “racist” by activists.White women with uncomplicated pregnancies should be offered an induction of labour at 41 weeks, according to the draft guidelines from the National I...
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Nice guidance to induce minority ethnic pregnancies earlier condemned as racist

Draft guidelines for England, Wales and Northern Ireland will not solve poorer maternity outcomes for women of colour, say doctorsProposed guidance that recommends inducing labour at 39 weeks in pregnant women from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds has raised concerns from doctors and midwives and been branded “racist” by activists.White women with uncomplicated pregnancies should be offered an induction of labour at 41 weeks, according to the draft guidelines from the National Instit...
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‘Very pragmatic’: 42% of Australian women are open to egg freezing as a work perk

Demand for fertility preservation has ballooned in the last decade. New research by Monash suggests many are happy for their employer to pay for itLast year, while working from home as a result of the Covid pandemic, Emily went through the process of freezing her eggs.It was something the 26-year-old Australian had been interested in for several years, but she made the decision to undergo the procedure when her company introduced it as an employee benefit. Continue reading...
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What’s the Right Age to Get a Kid Their First Smartphone? 3 Tech Thinkers Weigh In

Parents have long had to figure out when to let their kids pass through certain “firsts” and milestones as they grow up. First time walking to the bus stop by themselves. First time riding their bike to a convenience store on their own. Getting a job. Getting a driver’s license.   In each case, the parent must decide whether in granting a new privilege, the child is ready to take on the responsibility that goes with it. They must weigh whether the risks that are attendant to the new freedom ...
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‘A world problem’: immigrant families hit by Covid jab gap

Families spread across rich and poor countries are acutely aware of relatives’ lack of access to vaccineFor months she had been dreaming of it and finally Susheela Moonsamy was able to do it: get together with her relatives and give them a big hug. Throughout the pandemic she had only seen her siblings, nieces and nephews fully “masked up” at socially distanced gatherings. But a few weeks ago, as their home state of California pressed on with its efficient vaccination rollout, they could have a...
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What Makes a Home?

Perfume PosseWhat Makes a Home? Today I want to write about what “home” is.  This is a long meander. I’ve moved, I’d imagine, a not-unusual number of times for a woman of my age in the US, including twice (oops, now three times!) 1,900 miles… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseWhat Makes a Home?
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Anne Theroux: ‘I want to have my say’

Her marriage to the prolific author Paul Theroux fell apart in 1990. He has written about the divorce, now she tells her side of the storyIn 1996 the author Paul Theroux wrote a short story about the final evening of a marriage, where the characters talk poetically and drink champagne. “The reality”, writes Anne Theroux today, “was different.”I arrive at the café early, but Theroux had arrived earlier still. She greets me from the far side of a wisteria- strung patio, elegant in the shade. We ar...
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‘I see people ageing - I don’t always see us’: one family, 30 years, 30 photographs

It was a simple idea: one family, photographed at the same time every year. Zed Nelson has traced Sue and Frank’s transition from new parents to grandparents. What’s it like to see your life pass in front of you?In the summer of 1991, photographer Zed Nelson, then 25, invited a couple of new parents he was acquainted with to visit his London studio. Oh, and bring your baby, he said. At the time he had ambitions to be a travelling photojournalist. Within the year, he would fly out on the first of...
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‘They said I don’t exist. But I am here’: one woman’s battle to prove she isn’t dead

Five years ago, Jeanne Pouchain was declared dead by a French court. It was news to her – and just the beginning of a Kafkaesque nightmareThe trouble began in 2016. When Jeanne Pouchain’s passport application was declined, she was annoyed – but assumed she must have forgotten an important piece of paperwork.Several weeks later, at a doctor’s appointment in her town of Saint-Joseph, outside Lyon in south-east France, both Pouchain, then 53, and her GP were perplexed when his computer spat out her...
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Experience: I was pregnant at the same time as my partner

The first three months were torrid. Kathleen would be sick in the morning, and I’d be sick in the afternoonI met my partner, Kathleen, when we were both aid workers in Zimbabwe, when I was 28. I liked her politics and her blue eyes. Four years later, in 1993, my family lost a generation when my beloved niece, Lucy, was killed in a car crash. Like many lesbian couples in the 90s, Kathleen and I had discussed having children, but this crushing loss changed the conversation: I was 34 and she was 36...
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Great Reasoning on Why You Need to Make a Will Now

Most of us will face the loss of a parent or close relative at some point and have to be involved in winding up their estate. It may be tempting to think that you can save money by doing this alone, but this is usually unwise as there are so many potential pitfalls. A simple estate may mean a family home and its contents, a bank account, maybe a car, and may seem relatively easy to sort out. However, suppose the estate includes a commercial or tenanted property or a business. In that case, mat...
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Pregnant women in England denied mental health help because of Covid

In 2020-21, only 31,261 out of 47,000 managed to access perinatal mental health services Thousands of pregnant women in England were denied vital help for their mental health because of the pandemic, analysis from leading psychiatrists shows.In 2020-21, 47,000 were expected to access perinatal mental health services to help with conditions such as anxiety and depression during or after giving birth, but only 31,261 managed to get help in the most recent data for the 2020 calendar year only, acco...
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‘I knew how dangerous things could become’: the perils of childbirth as a Black woman

When she was pregnant, Anna Malaika Tubbs was thrilled – then terrified, knowing the shockingly high death rate of Black women in childbirth. Could she find a way to stay safe?In the bathroom of a friend’s house in Washington DC, I waited anxiously for a few minutes before turning to look at the pregnancy test. It was positive. My eyes filled with tears; I was overjoyed, grateful and excited, but also very scared.I think many parents can relate to this feeling, which seems to start as soon as we...
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In praise of fathers: the making of the modern dad

Once they were only seen as breadwinners and disciplinarians. A leading anthropologist highlights 10 ways in which the role of fathers has been transformedThe role of dads in the UK has changed beyond all recognition in the past 50 years. Today, fathers no longer want to be limited to the role of family breadwinner and disciplinarian; they want to be true co-parents, providing nurture and care to their children. This change is due in part to the rise of two-earner households, reductions in hospi...
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Quick & Easy Hacks To Make More Time for Your Family

If you are concerned because you are spending less and less time with your kids, then you have to know that so many parents are in the same situation as you are right now. That being said, there are things that you can do to make sure that the time you spend with your kids is always treasured. Eat Together Nothing quite compares to being able to sit down and eat a meal with your children. Most children in this day and age don’t actually know the meaning of having a family dinner. T...
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‘Your baby’s heart has stopped’: hell and healing after the stillbirth of my son

In 2010, Katie Allen was days from giving birth to her second child when she felt his movements slow. She talks about the ordeal – and how she was helped through itI woke to the barely there contractions of early labour. It was a few days before my due date in my second pregnancy – a pregnancy seemingly without complications. The Moses basket was out and my hospital bag packed; everything was ready for our baby boy. He was kicking as normal.As the day went on, my contractions remained mild and f...
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Lilibet Diana: the baby name that represents a royal rift – and audacious hope

By combining the names of the Queen and the Princess of Wales, Harry and Meghan have highlighted two very different approaches to the monarchy. But which will define the future?The joyful delivery of a baby girl to Prince Harry and Meghan is lovely news. But it has been lost, ever so slightly, in the couple’s naming choice: Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.I don’t think they had any say in the surname, so let’s stick with the forenames. Lilibet is, of course, the Queen’s nickname; not, as you m...
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‘Alice the rat was so special’: readers on their brilliant, beloved pet tattoos

During the pandemic, every pet became an emotional support animal – and many people decided they wanted to commemorate them indelibly and incredibly Alice was a double rex rat we adopted from the local RSPCA. She was such a special girl and we had a great bond, so she was the natural choice for my first tattoo. Sadly, Alice died earlier this year, so I’m getting a second tattoo in tribute in a couple of weeks, on the spot where she loved to sit. Sarah, student, Greater Manchester Continue readin...
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My beloved parents treat me as if I am still 10 years old

It’s time to break free, says Mariella Frostrup. They may be acting from the most caring of motives, but you can’t allow your family to prevent you being your best possible selfThe dilemma I am a woman in my early 30s. I have financial independence, a job I love, my own home, wonderful friends, and pets I adore. Despite all of this my parents, who I love dearly, still treat me as if I’m 10. How I spend my money (even on groceries) is monitored. New clothes or books are noted and commented on. I ...
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Gleefully single seniors: ‘If I wanted to feel complete, it had to come from within’

Far from being isolating, for some older Australians single life has major benefits – from a closer attachment to friends and community, to the joy of doing things on your own termsBeing “self-partnered” is not just for those in their 20s or 30s, but for some seniors too.Although being alone in the later years of one’s life often comes with a stigma of loneliness attached, some people just prefer living life on their own terms – whether it means not having to share the bed, or eat dinner on anyo...
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Kim Leadbeater on running for her sister Jo Cox’s seat: ‘I know this is what she would want me to be doing’

Five years after Jo Cox MP was murdered in her constituency, her sister is standing for Labour in a crucial byelection there. She explains why she’s ready to take on Cox’s political legacyIt was the most shocking day in British politics this century. On 16 June 2016, a week before the Brexit vote, brooding tensions came to a climax with one horrific act of violence: the murder of Jo Cox. It was only 13 months since she had been elected to parliament as Labour’s MP for Batley and Spen in West Yor...
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‘I’d like to think my daughter is proud’: the life of single parents – in pictures

When photographer Polly Braden became a single mother, she set out to capture the unique joys and frustrations faced by other lone parents in the UKOn 14 February 2012, Fran took her two children, both aged under five, and left her partner of 10 years. Their relationship had broken down. “He went to work. By the time he came back, we’d gone. We took no clothes, nothing. We just walked. I went into a photo booth and took a photograph of the three of us: I call it my liberation photo. I never look...
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Why I started streaming video games on Twitch at the age of 43

Over lockdown, comedian, mother of two and former games journalist Ellie Gibson took up livestreaming, loved the community – and learned to love playing againLike so many things in my life, it began as a daft experiment. I love learning new stuff, and over the course of my 43 years I’ve tried all sorts. Some things have stuck, like comedy, running, and having kids. Some haven’t, like kung fu, olives and holidays in Germany. To be honest, I thought that livestreaming games on Twitch would fall in...
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My closest friend, my biggest enemy: can I make sense of my sister’s life and death?

When Arifa Akbar’s artist sister died suddenly, she was left wondering why their relationship had been so fractious. Could a trove of sketchbooks reveal the truth?My sister’s illness was a mystery until the day before she died. In the spring of 2016, Fauzia was taken to hospital twice and each time she stayed in intensive care for days on end. Her doctors conducted tests, drew up hypotheses, disproved them, and called in more doctors until her medical team was engorged with expertise but no clos...
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‘I cringe at it now’: what happened to the kids of reality TV?

Whether lurking in the background of The Real Housewives, or starring in their own show, a generation have had their childhoods captured on screen. How did it change them?Shane Keough’s mother, Jeana, is a former Playboy model. His father, Matt, was a professional baseball player. He grew up in a sprawling mansion and wanted for little. When a TV executive called Scott Dunlop decided to make a reality show about the rich, glamorous and drama-loving residents of Orange County, California, he had...
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‘I was losing my mind’: can baby sleep gurus really help exhausted parents?

Growing numbers of frazzled parents are paying a fortune to people who claim they can help them get a good night’s rest. Are they being taken for a ride? Plus a doctor’s top tips for children of all agesBy the time her baby was four months old, Zara, a psychologist and executive coach from Surrey, was able to open a bottle of wine and have “a bit of an evening”. He was sleeping in four-hour stints, waking twice in the night. Then, at four and half months, his sleep pattern changed: “It was five ...
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