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‘I look at the clock… it’s 3am’: Why can’t women sleep

While her husband snores peacefully beside her, Mariella Frostrup, like women everywhere, is wide awake – mind spinning. But why? And what can she do about it?It is 3am. I know because I’ve checked the clock three times since I crept to the loo at 1.45am. Within minutes of my return to bed I feel the delicious fog of slumber evaporate, my heart rate rises and my brain begins its relentless scan for topics to keep me engaged. Occasionally, I get a laugh out of what I dream up as a priority worry;...
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'There is life outside of London': converts to Leeds sing its praises

Art, culture, nature and property prices are tempting people away from the capitalIn the past five years the number of Londoners moving up to Leeds has risen by 58%, from 2,720 in 2013 to 4,296 in 2018. Home to several universities and a cosmopolitan population, Leeds boasts a flourishing cultural scene, quality nightlife and large-scale regeneration that has transformed the West Yorkshire city in recent years.Beyond the Victorian architecture of the city centre, there are leafy suburbs of Victo...
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The Scent of Love: Choose a Valentine’s Fragrance from Love Potion Fragrances 1-4!!

  If you are looking for a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day,  birthdays or anniversaries, this might be your lucky day. Love Potion 1-4 fragrance collection is something you should check out because the collection features 4 unique scents and each has some amazing ingredients that ultimately create an interesting fragrance story. More […]
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Six things we learned from asking couples how they stay together

From respecting each other’s independence to seeking professional help if needed, long-lasting couples share their wisdom on loveEveryone knows that couple: the one that endures no matter what life throws at them. So how do they do it? Over the last few months, we’ve asked 15 couples that question – and, as Tolstoy suggested when he wrote “all happy families are alike”, there were some common themes. Related: Relationships: tell us how you stay together Continue reading...
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Wife recalls fateful day her husband said “I’m gay” and told her he was leaving for his “friend”

Janine Cole thought her life was perfect. She was happily married for over 20 years to her husband, Mike, with whom she had three beautiful children. Then three years ago, it all came crashing down. One morning at the breakfast table, Mike looked up at her and said: “I’m gay.” “I’d feared this day would come and some part of me knew it would, as we had spent the past two years on an emotional roller coaster incorporating his emerging attraction to men into our marriage,” she writes in a powerfu...
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Dad’s unfortunate response to son coming out could leave him alone and bitter forever

Learning to accept an LGBTQ family member can still be a process for many people, but one dad would be wise to speed up his timeline if he wants to keep his family. Writing into the popular advice column Dear Abby, “Supportive Mom in New York” opens up about her less-than-supportive husband who’s been acting like a toddler in a temper tantrum ever since their son, “Greg,” came out. Related: Advice columnist shuts down straight guy complaining about flirty gay friend AdBridg.cmd.push(function()...
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First same-sex marriage takes place in Northern Ireland

Belfast couple Robyn Peoples and Sharni Edwards make history after law changeA Belfast couple have tied the knot in the first same-sex marriage to take place in Northern Ireland.Robyn Peoples, 26, and Sharni Edwards, 27, made history at a ceremony in a hotel in Carrickfergus, County Antrim, on Tuesday afternoon. Their marriage came after a law change in the region. Continue reading...
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‘We’d been denied a personal life’: Northern Ireland’s long road to equal marriage

As the first weddings take place, the partner of murdered journalist Lyra McKee and others describe the fight for their rights Sara Canning, nurse and partner of journalist Lyra McKee, Derry Continue reading...
Tags: Family, Marriage, Life and style, Society, World news, Northern Ireland, LGBT rights, Sara Canning, Lyra McKee, Equal marriage, Lyra McKee Derry Continue

The power of six: what I've learned from having five siblings

Growing up in a big family was intense, chaotic and character-forming. This is what it taught meIf you have siblings, the chances are that your relationship with them will be the longest you ever have with anyone. It’s a tie that precedes the one you have with you partner, and that can last long after your parents and friends have gone.So why is so little attention paid to the brother and sister bond? The majority of sibling self-help books are aimed at parents who have young children locked in ...
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How to Juggle Your Creative Projects Around Family Life

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Ali Luke. It can be tough to make the space and find the energy for creative projects at the best of times. But when you have young children or a busy family life, it’s often particularly tricky. I’ve got two kids, aged five and nearly-seven. Eight years ago, I could spend whole Saturdays writing fiction, if I wanted to, and it was easy to work into the evenings on my blog posts and ebooks. But, like pretty much every parent out there, I’ve found that it’s...
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Deborah Orr on leaving home: ‘My parents were the jailers I loved’

In an extract from her posthumous memoir, the writer recalls her escape to university – and how her mother’s disapproval haunted herWhen the letters came, that was when it all blew up – for ever. I told my parents, Win and John, that I’d been offered a place at St Andrews university, they warned me that I’d be out of my depth, mixing with people who had very different lives to me – more money, posh, snobs. I wouldn’t be able to keep up. This, they told me again, had been my perennial problem: I ...
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Sex is for married heterosexual couples only, says Church of England

Pastoral guidance also calls for Christians in gay or straight civil unions to be abstinentThe Church of England has stated that sex belongs only within heterosexual marriage, and that Christians in gay or straight civil partnerships should be sexually abstinent.Bishops have issued pastoral guidance in response to the recent introduction to mixed-sex civil partnerships, which says: “For Christians, marriage – that is, the lifelong union between a man and a woman, contracted with the making of vo...
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'Marriage Story was stunningly on-point': what divorce lawyers want you to know

If you have gone from hoping that your marriage will last for ever to hoping that it will all be over cheaply and painlessly, the experts have some bad newsThere is a moment early on in the film Marriage Story, Noah Baumbach’s Oscar-nominated exploration of divorce, that sparked rueful recognition from Tom Kretchmar, a divorce lawyer. “Right at the outset, the actors Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson are like: ‘What’s there to fight about? This is going to be easy – we’ll take half each and go ...
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‘She said she’d be babysitting our embryo’: what’s it like to carry a child for a friend?

Surrogacy between friends can be life-changing. The people who have done it talk emotions, legal hurdles – and WhatsApp birthing groupsIn a flat in north-east London, Abi is cradling her best friend’s baby. At 15 weeks old, the little boy is smiling up at her, testing out his first sounds. His mother, Rachel, prepares his bottle while Abi rocks him, showing all the love she would to any of her friends’ children. The only difference is that Abi gave birth to him.Abi and Rachel, both 35, met on th...
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Culture shock: can trailblazing Japanese minister change minds on paternity leave?

Shinjiro Koizumi’s move raises hopes that more new fathers will be emboldened to stay home with their babiesShinjiro Koizumi’s break from his job as Japan’s environment minister began on Friday when his wife, the TV personality Christel Takigawa, gave birth to the couple’s first child.While the daytime TV shows cooed over the new addition to the celebrity couple’s family, his decision to become the first cabinet minister to take time away from work to be with his wife and son has raised hopes of...
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100+ Bittersweet Memorial Tattoos to Honor Your Loved Ones

Nothing can replace being with a loved one, but if they've passed on, a tattoo is a lovely way to keep their legacy alive. Getting inked in honor of someone you love and admire can also be a therapeutic part of the grieving process. For many, it's the only way to keep a loved one close when they can't be there in person anymore. Need inspiration? Think of something that always stuck with you or a symbol that represents what they mean to you, or consider a vivid memory you have of them. Here a ...
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My grandfather's whole family were murdered – but he found a way to forgive the killers

After 12 of his relatives were killed in a single night, where was his anger and pain? And what does his refusal to permit himself these feelings mean for me?I don’t know when I first heard my grandfather’s story. But I do remember the little green book with the white cross on it. The book was kept in a black steel cabinet in our living room, one that was usually locked, its contents mysterious. There must be important things in there, I thought, that were not for me to see.My paternal grandpare...
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6 Reasons Why Your Family Might Need A Lawyer

You might think that lawyers are only there to help you when you get into trouble with the law or you have business dealings to manage, so you probably haven’t considered hiring one before. But there are actually a lot of different situations where you and your family could benefit from hiring a lawyer. If you don’t seek legal advice when you need it, you could find yourself in a tough situation. These are some of the situations when you and your family may need to speak to a lawyer. Injuries ...
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Father Made Me Read to Him While He Showered

I’ve recently been reckoning with the abuse I experienced growing up. My father was physically abusive and in addition to regular beatings (spankings), he would often threaten to smash me against the wall, or hit me in the head, sometimes doing just that. I was often made to prepare his breakfast, usually being woken up by my mom to do it. Something I’m trying to figure out is whether or not something he did commonly counts as sexual abuse or just him being extremely inappropriate. From the time...
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The family in 2050: artificial wombs, robot carers and the rise of single fathers by choice

Technology and economics could radically change our understanding of the family in years to come – and deepen inherited privilegeIn 2004, when the year 2020 sounded futuristic, the Guardian predicted it would by now be “very hard” to talk about a “typical family”. Domestic units would be formed in myriad ways and “children living with both their biological parents in the same household” would be in the minority.This hasn’t quite panned out. In the UK today, 84% of babies are born to parents who ...
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I Wonder if My Wife Has a Personality Disorder and if It Has Contributed to Infidelity

My wife and I have been together since high school. I love her. We have created so many special memories. We now have two sons. However, in many ways being with her has taken a toll me. I am aware of new information and behaviors that have me worried. Throughout our relationship, she has always been too flirty with other guys. She has also always been a people pleaser and attention seeker. For the first several years in our relationship, and right after we got married, I would have to point thin...
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I’m Convinced a Celebrity Is My Soulmate

From a teen in the U.S.:  I’ve been a fan of a celebrity since I was twelve. I become obsessed in the way that I watched their every interview and kept up with everything they were involved in and read fan fiction about them. I now know that I was doing this as a way to cope from my anxiety and depression, or perhaps it’s just a hyper-fixation (seeing as I have ADHD)? But a week ago or so I started suddenly fantasizing about this person, creating situations in my mind about how we’d meet and sta...
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My son swore in front of his grandparents. I was blamed. It made my Christmas

My children had grown up in France, and I was worried about whether they would ever speak English. Then, with two words, all my fears vanishedChristmas 2003 will always live in my memory as the Christmas that turned me off all Christmases, for ever. Almost.We were living then, as now, in Paris, and decided in a moment of madness to undertake a fortnight-long UK tour to showcase our recently recorded greatest hits, namely our son, then nearly three, and our daughter, then seven months. Continue r...
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How to fend off your conspiracy obsessed relatives during the holiday season

When Uncle Ted has a few drinks and starts screaming that the world is flat, have a few tactics ready to counter his bizarre rantsIt’s the holidays: time for eggnog, ironic Christmas sweaters, and interactions with relatives you’d avoid like the plague if you didn’t share DNA.Perhaps in past years, you’ve argued politics over the dinner table. But thanks to our internet echo chambers, things may now get even weirder. You could find yourself not just arguing over Donald Trump’s impeachment, but a...
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Mom Cheating on My Dad

I’m 19. Two years ago, I and my younger sister found my mom cheating on my dad. Actually I’ve guessed it long ago. We saw sexts, nude pics on her phone. We were so depressed about it. I don’t live at my home. When I come home on holidays, my sis shares all the nasty things that my mom was doing. Recently, she’s taking videos of us at home without our knowledge and he’s sharing with him. I’m so angry and disappointed with her. I once asked if she’s cheating. She lied on my face. She tortured us b...
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You’re home for the holidays and about to lose your damn mind

It’s the end of another year. You’re psyched that work has slowed down, and you’re about to have a nice stretch of time off, but there’s still that deep dark pit in your stomach because… you’re going home for the holidays. It can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming to return to the place that originally shaped us. For many of my clients, it took moving away and forming their own lives or families of choice to heal from the wounds of growing up LGBTQ in well-meaning but oppressive environmen...
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How not to respond to your gay son’s wedding invitation

I’ve never been particularly skilled at turning lemons into lemonade on my own, so it’s much better when the juice flows naturally. That’s what happened when one of the more excruciating incidents from my childhood led to a truly heartwarming moment to remember. I had just come home from the eighth-grade formal, where I asked the girl I had a crush on to dance. (The song playing was Journey’s “Open Arms” — so romantic, right?) Her answer: Well, she never actually gave me one. She just started l...
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Our first Christmas as empty nesters

The kids have left home, and we’re not really coping, so this seems like the perfect chance to lure them backMy husband and I don’t think we have the condition until, one day last month, hundreds of miles from home, we find ourselves outside our younger son’s university accommodation at 11.30 on a Sunday morning. I am clutching supplies in a little brown paper bag. Our son knows we’re in town, but isn’t expecting this rude awakening. It’s a surprise.“Do you think we should have called first?” I ...
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'I felt compelled to hug strangers’: a day at the gathering of my ancestral clan

When Megan Nolan received her invitation, she wasn’t convinced of the importance of a shared name. Could 20 Nolans change her mind?In June this year I received an email inviting me to Carlow, Ireland, to receive an award from the Nolan clan. The award was in recognition of my writing career, a little gesture of thanks for promoting the Nolan name in the world. I was dimly aware of Irish clans, largely from gift shops near tourism hotspots, where you can sometimes buy a horribly expensive sweater...
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I Might Be Some Sort of Pedophile

I want to start this post by saying I am primarily attracted to women my age (23), but throughout my teenage and young adult life I have felt small amounts what might have been sexual attraction towards some teenagers (when I was a young adult) and towards some girls (mainly over the last couple weeks). I have never acted on these thoughts and usually use brushed them off. I work one part time job at a library and another at a museum, and in both jobs I am around/interact with a lot of children ...
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