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Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading: How to Kill a Church Want to fatten a church for slaughter? The steps are below. This is a true story. The Everlasting Impact of Faithful Shepherding Faithful shepherding secures souls. Where would Steve be today if his church and his pastors had taken seriously the charge to watch over his soul? 20 Quotes on How Your Church Should Exhibit Loving Authority So much of godly pastoring and parenting is about planting seeds and then waiting for God to give the growth…...
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Change Your Reactions

--> When you see a fight occurring between any two people (or groups of people), it is always the case that one side believes it is right about something and that the other side is therefore wrong. It could be a disagreement over a political or territorial issue, a religious belief, or something else. Countries take sides about one issue or another and entire wars commence and continue for generations–based on one country’s belief that it is right and the other is wrong. When you pick up any n...
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Why You Need to Love Yourself and When You Need to Change Your Friends, Job and Life

--> Recently, I returned home from Asia on a horrible airline ticket that made four separate connections before it finally arrived in Los Angeles. On my trip, I had the occasion to sit next to a series of businessmen also travelling back from various places I stopped along the way. The people were Japanese (1), American (2), Australian (1), and Indian (1). On trips, I like to start up conversations and get to know the people I am sitting next to. What I noticed was that each of the people I was ...
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21 Pieces of Career Advice No One Ever Gives You

--> 1. Your Attitude Is Just as Important as the Quality of Your Work In most organizations, there are various people who have a negative impression of the organization or, for whatever reason, do not like the management. There are also people who may have no problem with the organization but who, for whatever reason, get angry when they are being assigned additional tasks, or do not act enthusiastic and have a bad attitude. Most healthy organizations will generally not advance these people and,...
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5 Reasons Why I’m Considering Getting a Motorcycle

Recently, a few of my co-workers have invested in motorcycles and they’re really nice. After checking them out, I’ve talked to my wife about wanting to get one for myself. Of course, she wants me to make sure this is something I want. Honestly, I’ve been known to make spontaneous decisions and she thinks this is one of them. I’m sure there’s a lot of guys that’s in my current situation and trying to convince their significant others also. Below are some reasons why getting a motorcycle is well...
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Reflections on A Year of Books on Preaching

I’ve just completed a yearlong project reading, reviewing, and summarizing books on preaching. I introduced the project here: If you want to grow in your preaching ability, I’d like to invite you to a year of reading preaching books with me…My hope is that we will all grow as preachers this year by reading and reflecting on these books. I’d love for you to join me. Lessons Learned Here are some reflections on the project. Concentrated reading on a subject is both useful and helpful. I start...
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The Most Important Person You Communicate with Is Yourself

--> “The mind can make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven” -John Milton Several years ago, I was home after graduating from college and I met a guy who was friends with my girlfriend’s brother. He had graduated from Yale University a year or two before and was driving a truck all around Detroit delivering meat to restaurants. He typically drove this meat truck from 4:00am until noon each day. He got paid in cash at the end of each day by his boss. He’d been the first person from th...
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Concentrate on the Process, Not the Results

Some time ago, I was listening to a seminar about a company that was in the furniture business. This company decided that because it was doing so well, it should expand into the piano business, and also sell pianos. They went out and purchased a Steinway and took the piano apart to study all of the pieces. Then they made the same pieces themselves and built a piano. When they finally had built their own piano and tried to play it, nothing but thuds came out of the instrument. Discouraged, not kn...
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Catch Singer/ Songwriter/Musician Eliza Spear + Her New Single at The MINT!

When you hear about a new musician, singer or songwriter, it’s often that the person in question is all three things: singer/songwriter/musician- because that’s the nature of the music business. Often there multi-faceted elements of music or other skills like acting or writing are part of living with parents or other family members who are […]
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The Importance of High Standards in Your Life and Career: What High Standards Mean

--> It is important to have high standards. For the most part, life will pay any price you ask of it. The people who achieve the most in the world have incredibly high standards. It is like this with businesses as well. A great piece of machinery, or a great service, is like this because of the standards that are followed. For example, the best law firms generally have the best standards. When a document leaves their office, it is generally exceptional and very well done. There are no typos and ...
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Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading: Not Glamorous but Full of Glory A Christian congregation is not a glamorous place. But I’ve come to see it can be a beautiful place. Is It a Sin to Miss Church? The reason that flippantly missing church is so grievous is that the King himself is the one summoning us to the feast. Church Planting? Do These 5 Things First If I were starting out to plant a church in the next year, these five things would be a high priority in building foundations for a healthy church...
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Are You a Value Creator or Value Extractor?

--> When I was in my third year of college, I applied to a special accelerated program at the University of Chicago Business School, which would have allowed me to graduate from business school and complete my undergraduate degree in a total of five years–instead of the six years this normally would have required. At the time I was a very good student and I had also been running an asphalt business for the previous several years. I had started the business from scratch and believed that I would ...
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Now Also Posting at TGC Canada

I’m changing things up a little. I used to blog here Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then post my Saturday Links on Saturday, and my sermon on Sunday. I started a column today at The Gospel Coalition (Canada) site, so I’m changing my schedule a little. I’ll now be posting here on Tuesdays, and I’m moving my Thursday post to TGC Canada. Thanks to Wyatt Graham for the opportunity. My first one is posted today. I hope you’ll check it out and subscribe to the feed there. Stay tuned. I’m also unwrapping ...
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Shake Things Up, Do What’s Best for You, and Be Grateful

Several years ago, in the few days before Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I went home from Los Angeles to Detroit to see my family. At the time, I was practicing law and also working as a law professor. I had brought a bunch of final exams home with me to grade and sat there grading papers and tallying up my students’ final grades for the class for a week or so. I was not having a good week. I had been working nonstop without a vacation for probably more than two years while practicing law. During...
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Lessons on Suffering from Paul

I’ve been meditating on what Paul teaches us about suffering from 2 Corinthians 1:1-11. Here, in no particular order, are some lessons I’ve been learning. Those who follow God can expect to suffer. Forget the lie that suffering is always a punishment or a sign that you’re doing something wrong. It’s part of the normal Christian life. If Paul suffered, we can expect to suffer as well. For we do not want you to be unaware, brothers, of the affliction we experienced in Asia… (2 Corinthians 1:8) ...
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Pay Attention to the Details

One of the most important things you can do in your career, business, and life is pay attention to details. With very few exceptions, the most successful people I have met always have an extraordinary ability to pay attention to even the smallest details. In fact, the more you examine successful people, the more it becomes clear that they are often obsessed and incredibly knowledgeable about details. In my house, shows like The Hills and so forth are on all the time. (A quick aside: I was at a p...
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Are You Motivated by Information, People, Activities, Things or Places?

--> Most people are motivated by either information, people, activities, things, or places. You are probably focused on one of these as well, and this explains why some people interest you, and others you find boring. This also explains why you hit it off with certain types of people and do not hit it off with others, and why you are attracted to certain jobs and activities more than others. The rarest sort of person is the one who is interested primarily in information. For most of his life my ...
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Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading: 4 Big Challenges Facing the Church in the West Today The biggest challenges we face today are not from tyrannical regimes or oppressive governments. They are more subtle—proclivities and inclinations smuggled into our churches alongside the cultural sensibilities we’ve inherited. Holy Boldness is Needed in Hostile Climates What are Christians to do in hostile climates and with cultural topics where orthodox Bible believing values are seen as an invitation to a fig...
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Depression, Health, Boredom, Interesting People, and Self-Esteem

I remember my first encounters with the self-improvement industry when I was younger. In many areas of the United States, people look at self-improvement as something that is absolutely crazy. That is how the people around me viewed it when I was growing up. When I think about self-improvement, however, I think about people doing things like: …trying to improve their mood and level of happiness …trying to improve their health …trying to become interested in new things …trying to meet other inte...
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Do Not Allow Others to Hold You Back from Success

--> Imagine you are a doctor working in a small clinic in the suburbs of Chicago. You are surrounded by uninspired doctors who are happy going back and forth to work each day in exchange for a salary. You, in contrast, have no interest in money and are concerned with curing a fatal heart disease. In fact, you have been working on curing this disease for the past 15 years. You talk about the importance of curing this fatal heart disease to everyone you meet. You have a giant library at home of te...
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Uninterruptible Day

Last year I found myself overcommitted. I routinely worked into the evenings and weekends to try to get everything done. One thing helped to restore sanity to my schedule. It’s probably the most helpful action I took last year. I started scheduling an Uninterruptible Day. Tiger Time I work in a small church without a lot of administrative help. I also work quarter-time in training church planters. I face more demands than I have time. I’d often get asked if I was free for a meeting, or I would...
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Go Beneath the Surface to Find a Job

One of the most interesting theories about life on earth involves the notion that it exists in conditions in which conventional wisdom says it shouldn’t. Carl Wirson of the Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institution wrote in a 1991 paper: In 1991, scientists aboard the submersible Alvin were in the right spot at the right time to witness something extraordinary. They had sailed into the aftermath of a very recent volcanic eruption on the seafloor and found themselves in a virtual blizzard. They were ...
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Hot? Or Nah? Usher Raymond Rocks Perm For The New Year… (PHOTOS)

NEWSFLASH!! Usher Raymond & Yung Joc have something in common and it’s not their connection to Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. Usher hit the net on New Year’s Eve 2018 to reveal that he’s got a new look. The superstar partied the night away with a fresh new fifties inspired up ‘doo. Photos + video below… (more…) Related Posts Club Shots: Angela Simmons, Yung Joc, Tammy Rivera & Bambi Party At The Gold Room… [PHOTOS]New ‘Doo Alert! Toya Wright Goes Gray (On Purpose)… [PHOTOS]Hot? or Nah? #RHOA Nene L...
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Do Not Create Too Many Rules

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are looking for a job, working in a job, and in life is this: They have too many rules. They have rules about the jobs they can apply for. They have rules about how they apply for jobs. They have rules about where they can apply for jobs. They have rules about whether they will or will not use recruiters. They have rules about how many jobs they apply for. They have rules about the type of work they will do. They have rules about the hours they ...
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24 Hour Fitness’® Float for Tournament of Roses® Symbolizes the Heart, Soul, Sweat + Passion of Spartan Competitors + Everyday Athletes !

The “Tuned for Any Challenge” Themed Float is Designed to Inspire Everyone to Tune Up Mentally and Physically to Achieve Their Personal Results that Inspire Confidence and Pride!   24 Hour Fitness’ 2019 Tournament of Roses float, “Tuned for Any Challenge” celebrates both the Spartan athlete — represented by a larger than life figure tuning […]
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See Things The Way They Are

--> During the summer of my second year of law school, I worked in a law firm in New York City. One day, I was in the library of the law firm, and I found a report about the law firm which had been written by an outside consulting company. This is what strategic advisors and various consultants often do for various organizations such as law firms, accounting firms, and others. They analyze the facts, numbers, people, attitudes, market, and other things about an organization, analyze the market t...
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Why You Should Never Miss a Company Holiday Party or Invitation to Your Boss’s Home

--> A few years ago, I spoke with a man (now retired) who had worked in a large corporation for forty years and in his last twenty years, he basically did nothing. He was paid very well and was more or less forgotten—doing very little of anything. He would show up at the office at 9:00 a.m. each day, try to look busy—do a task now and then—and then get in his car at 5:30 p.m. each evening and drive home. When he finally retired from the company, he felt as if he had achieved a great victory. For...
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Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading: Skip Resolutions in 2019 — Make a Rule of Life This year, skip resolutions—make a Rule of Life instead. 4 Mistakes That Will Sabotage Your New Year’s Resolutions Why do we find it so difficult to keep our resolutions? Part of the reason, I’m convinced, involves some strategic blunders. Merry Christmas, Pastor, and Don’t Lose Heart Appropriate all year long: Keep fighting the good fight, reverend. Keep your hand to the plow. Keep sowing that seed. Don’t lose heart....
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Carrot Peelers, Sales, Personality and Your Job Search

--> A couple of years ago, I saw a bunch of articles in Vanity Fair, The New York Times, The Village Voice, and other publications about a guy named Joe Andes. Here is a portion of one profile of him from the May 2006 Vanity Fair: I n the early 90s a man named Joe Andes began showing up in the bar at the Pierre, Manhattan’s famously posh hotel on the corner of Fifth Avenue and East 61st Street. Joe liked the crowd at the Café Pierre, but the real draw for him was Kathleen Landis, the dimp...
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Kick off 2019 with These TastyHemp Mocktails Courtesy of Papa & Barkley’s Essentials, Day 6 of 12 Drinks of Xmas!

Dry January is almost upon us, but detoxing from an indulgent holiday season doesn’t have to be boring – particularly if you are sipping hemp- infused cocktails.  Wait!! I know you are thinking   ” Is she crazy?”  I might be crazy but when it comes to tasty beverages (note I did not say cocktails), I […]
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