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The One-Straw Revolution

Masanobu Fukuoka was a Japanese farmer and author of The One-Straw Revolution. As a young man he studied agriculture and worked as an inspector studying diseases and pests on imported plants. He was amazed at the “world of nature as revealed through the eyepiece of a microscope.” Fukuoka is famous for his approach to farming. He saw nature as ideally arranged and abundant. When we try to improve on nature, we inevitably introduce adverse side effects. Then we take additional action to...
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Eliot Spitzer, Your Dark Side and Being Calm

I had a very disturbing experience several months ago and I am almost reluctant to talk about it because it was so disturbing. I am hesitant because I recognize that your natural response might be to assume I am a little aberrated for being in the situation in the first place; however, I am human and must admit that at times I do find myself in situations that are a bit odd. This was one of the stranger situations I have encountered, and it really threw me into a tailspin. For several years a fr...
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How You Handle Chaos Will Determine Your Success or Failure

--> Yesterday, I received a telephone call at 9:00 am from an employee who had been working for a recruiting company of ours for less than 72 hours and was giving notice before boarding an airplane. We had brought this particular employee out to work for us from another city and were training her in Pasadena before she fled home to the city she is from. During this employee’s 72 hours with the company, she witnessed numerous changes we were forcing ourselves to go through. One of our largest bus...
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Do Not Stop Seeing Opportunity: Step Outside Your Mind’s Comfort Zone and Begin to Dream

Several years ago, I was sitting with someone in Carl’s Steakhouse in Detroit coaching him about his job search. The person was telling me about how he wanted to get a job and start a new career. He was in his early 50s and hadn’t had a real job for over two years. During that time, he’d been doing landscaping work around Detroit and not making very much money. The job was way beneath his skill level. He had a master’s degree from a top college and a variety of semi-important jobs before getting...
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The Most Important Advice You Will Ever Receive

I’ve been using the same driver to take me to and from the airport for years. The last time, the car he picked me up in was not as clean as it normally was. He also usually had a few chilled bottles of water waiting for me (and a Diet Coke). This time, there was nothing. The driver seemed a little agitated and wanted to talk about Uber: “Have you heard of Uber?” he asked me. I told him I had and had found it to be a useful service. Virtually anywhere I go, I can use Uber to summon a car with...
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The Top Five Ways to Be Positive (When Everyone and Everything around You Is Bringing You Down)

--> Several years ago, a friend of mine said something to me that I thought was very interesting. His family had been in the real estate business for over 100 years and owned many properties that my friend, I assumed, could also take over if he really wanted to. We were speaking about what sort of job my friend might like to do instead of being an attorney. “Why don’t you go into the real estate business?” I asked him. “I would never go into the real estate business,” he said. “The real estate b...
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Serving People in a Mass Market World

When I ordered books in December, I received an email from the author (slightly edited): hi darryl!i just wanted to say thank you for ordering all the books a few week ago!! i’m honored! and i hope they’re of help!congrats to you on all the good work you’re doing for the world!if there’s anything i can do for you from out in ann arbor, by all means let know!take good care I didn’t respond. I figured the email was automated. I couldn’t imagine that the author, who’s busy running a community...
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New Orleans Gets the Spotlight For Professional Black Girl Season Two

Dr. Yaba Blay is a woman I admire on several levels. You know the kind of woman who achieves all the things, inspires others, somehow keeps multiple plates spinning and looks gorgeous and undeniably cool while doing it all? She’s THAT kind of Professional Black Girl. Just by way of introduction, Dr. Yaba Blay is... Read More The post New Orleans Gets the Spotlight For Professional Black Girl Season Two appeared first on Afrobella.
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Gravitate Towards People and Organizations That Appear to Have Good Luck

The Rothchilds have another maxim: “Never do anything with an unlucky man or place.” That is to say, never have anything to do with a man or place which never succeeds, because, although a man may appear honest and intelligent, yet if he tries this or that thing and always fails, it is on account of some fault or infirmity that you may not be able to discover but nevertheless which must exist. –P.T. Barnum I have spent a large portion of my life finding jobs for people. In this career, I have gr...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: What the Lord’s Day Is As life progresses, I more and more find the Lord’s Day not just as the starting point of a new week, but the centre point of my existence. I cannot, will not, could not make it through life without it. The Strategic Friendship of Financial Supporters Many of the amazing moments in church history were made possible by generous friends behind the scenes. 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Ministering to the Sexually Abused inist...
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If You Want to Earn More, You Need to Be Worth More

Your financial requirements and what you would like to earn have nothing to do with what you are worth in the market. In running my various organizations, I have hired superstars from the very best universities with the very best work histories who ended up contributing next to nothing to the organization. I have also hired people who started out making close to minimum wage, and whose contributions were so great their salaries doubled, and in some cases even quadrupled. Several years ago, the c...
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Your Job Is about the Transference Energy

A few years ago I was in India and was interested in going to see what is called “an energy healer”. I was interested in this because I had been to several seminars where I had heard about people changing outcomes and healing others with energy by transferring energy from the universe. I went to see a Reiki energy healer and they did something called “balance my Chakras”. This was an experience in itself, but the real knowledge I got out of energy and its place in our lives between people happen...
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Future Refuses to Boycott GUCCI: “If you want to give me my money back, then we can talk” (VIDEO)

NEWSFLASH!! If you expect to see Future Hendrixx without his favorite Gucci flip flops… think again! Many have publicly “cancelled” the popular fashion house after their racist blackface scandal (click HERE if you missed that), but Future is not one of them. The popular entertainer spoke about the controversy in a recent interview with Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 and explains why he plans to continue to wear Gucci despite all of the backlash. Details + video below… (more…) Related Posts Future...
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Three Challenges in Apologetics

When I started as a church planter in a secular city, I thought I’d face a sophisticated set of questions about Christianity. I was surprised to discover that many people don’t have questions about Christianity: that would assume that they’ve thought about Christianity. I had my arguments lined up, and discovered that I was trying to answer questions that most weren’t asking. I also discovered that many people believe in the supernatural. I’ve encountered some atheists, but not many. Generall...
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The Importance of Environment

I have decided that I do not like exercising in the gym in our building in Las Vegas anymore. The facility itself is very nice and new, and it has excellent equipment. It is also very clean and well maintained; in fact, it is one of the nicest gyms I have ever seen. The window views of the stratosphere outside are also pretty cool. However, it is what is going on inside the gym that bothers me. Almost every time I have been to the gym I have seen men running with their shirts off on the treadmil...
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The Madman

The Lebanese American artist, poet, and writer Kahlil Gibran, in his book The Madman, presents a thought-provoking collection of short parables and poems ranging in length from a single paragraph to a few pages. With a touch of class that is unique to Gibran and that is visible in all his works, an ironic light is cast on the beliefs, aspirations, and vanities of humankind. The unrivaled scriptures in the emotions that Gibran’s writings invoke are truly amazing and I am sure you will thoroughly ...
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The Truth In Your Hands, Courtesy of Lisa Greenfield ,!

Here’s a guest post from Lisa Greenfield that can help you transform your life and perspective!     What does the soft animal of your body want? Mary Oliver asked this in Wild Geese and I was hooked. Can you answer that question? How long has it been since you asked yourself what truly brings […]
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: Discipleship and the Sacraments When Jesus commanded his church to make disciples he didn’t leave us to our own imaginations and programs. He also gave us a process. Don’t Preach Microwaved Leftover Sermons Schedule your weekly ministry around your sermon prep, not the other way around. The Value of Word Ministry More significant than the Lord’s apparent work week-by-week is the imperceptible work that God is doing by his Spirit over the ...
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You Need to Stop Competing and Seeing Differences Between You and Others

--> If you are looking for a job, trying to improve in your current job, or simply wish to experience a better life, there’s one thing you need to do: You need to be friends with everyone you meet in business, and stop competing and seeing differences. This is a statement that falls on deaf ears for most people. In fact, this is the exact opposite of the way most of us think. Instead, we view others as competitors and the slices of pie as limited. We view opportunities as few and limited, and fe...
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Why You Need to Be Calculating

Years ago I was seeing a woman who was romantically involved with another man — her boss at the time.  I knew about this from picking up numerous clues, but the most damning evidence was a diary that for some reason had been left open on the nightstand by my bed.  Needless to say, I was confused about the entire thing.  I was also quite young at the time. This woman and I were planning a trip a distance away for a wedding.  It happened that her boss was also going to the same event and offered u...
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8 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. If you get enough sleep every night, you’re in your bedroom for at least a third of the day. That’s almost 3,000 hours every year, and that’s only when you’re sleeping! For a lot of people, bedrooms are also a sanctuary. It’s where they work, get dressed, hang out, watch TV, etc. So it’s important to have a nice bedroom that makes you feel good, inspired, and comfortable. If your bedroom doesn’t make you feel any of these things, maybe it’s time for an up...
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Smart & Final Employees Line Up in LA Dodgers Logo Formation for Opening Day!

Smart & Final Celebrates Opening Day as Official Grocery Partner of the Los Angeles Dodgers     Hundreds of Smart & Final Employees Line Up to Create Los Angeles Dodgers Logo Formation       In the ultimate expression of fan pride for the Boys in Blue, hundreds of Smart & Final employees gathered today […]
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Saks OFF 5TH Launches Beauty Private “FIFTH CITY”

Saks OFF 5TH’s exclusive FIFTH CITY brush set SAKS OFF 5TH announced this week the arrival of the retailer’s private brand beauty collection, “FIFTH CITY” — a line of high-quality and luxury beauty essentials at exceptional value. FIFTH CITY offers a one-stop shop for all beauty needs, inclusive of face, lip and eye makeup, brushes, and accessories. Each makeup item is exquisitely designed with rose gold and black packaging, adding elegance to the accessibly priced collection. FIFTH CITY mark...
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Don’t Be Dead Weight-Contribute More Than You Take

--> One of the most important things you can do for any employer is produce value far in excess of what you receive as compensation. When you look at a highly compensated salesperson, for example, the chances are very good that he or she is producing a lot more value than he or she is paid for. A salesperson who makes $100,000 a year is probably producing at least $500,000 in revenue for the company he or she works for. It is like this with every profession. Lawyers who bill clients $700,000 a y...
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Pillage the Past

In his book Managing Ourselves, Ari Weinzweig describes three types of creativity: Creativity that moves forward — new innovationsCreativity that shifts sideways — introducing something from one territory to another, or putting together two already well-accepted ideasCreativity in reverse — rediscovering old ways Speaking of the last type of creativity, Weinzweig writes: This is what we do at Zingerman’s with so much of our food — we don’t “invent,” we just go back and find the old ways...
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The People You Work and Associate with Can Either Make or Break You

--> When I was practicing law, there was a partner at my law firm that everyone warned me to stay away from—she was apparently quite difficult to work for. It seemed that once someone got involved in a project working for this woman their career practically imploded. -One girl (a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School) became a waitress at TGI Fridays after working with her. -Another guy who had been making at least $150,000 a year dropped out and took a job with Lexis-Nexis paying $4...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: Pastor, Why Do You Want a Big Church? In this post I hope to explore the pastor’s desire for a big church. Three Ways We Impede Gospel Ministry in Deprived Communities I am delighted more people are talking about church in deprived communities. This is long overdue. But there are still several ways we continue view and treat deprived communities that are not serving the cause of gospel ministry. Matthew 18 is Not Instructive for Book Reviews...
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How to Dress Your Kids on a Tight Budget

Let’s be honest — raising a family isn’t easy. It’s even harder when your family’s on a tight budget. It complicates even the simplest task like keeping their wardrobes stocked. You have to be resourceful if you expect to dress them in comfortable and fashionable clothes while simultaneously saving for their college fund. If you’re worried your bills at the mall are threatening your ability to save for the future, check in with these financially savvy, family-friendly tips for the next time you ...
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Employers Want to Hire You

--> One of the most important things for you to realize when you are looking for a job and you see a position advertised is this: the employer wants to hire you. If the position is advertised, the employer is actually desperate to hire you. When I say ”desperate,” I mean the employer wants you yesterday, not today. The employer is losing money, or has a need that is really “calling out” when they start advertising jobs. A few years ago, I was running a company that was growing like crazy. We cou...
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He Who Sees True Opportunities Shall Always Prosper

--> People lose their jobs. Often people are released, even from the best jobs they might have ever had. People may find themselves in a position where they cannot find a job that is as good as the one they lost. What is important, however, is what people do when they are in this position. I cannot tell you the number of people I have seen completely blow it when it came to reestablishing their careers, after losing their prior jobs. I do not want you to be one of these people. I grew up in a ci...
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