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Sitting at work is horrible for you, but there’s a simple way to counteract it

Walking meetings are a great way to give yourself a screen break. Westend61/Getty Images Walking meetings are becoming a more popular trend during the pandemic. Walking is one of the best things you can do to counteract sitting all day. Research found that workers who took walking meetings got more exercise. See more stories on Insider's business page. Employees are tired of meetings. They're burned out from looking at their computers and Zoom fatigue is on the rise. The number o...
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Midsummer 5k swim challenge coaxing UK ‘off the couch’

Outdoor Swimming Society app provides swim programme ending with long-distance crawl at solsticeWith gyms in Britain shut for much of last year downloaded an NHS-backed fitness app over three months in an attempt to get up off the sofa and out for a run.In subsequent lockdowns wild swimming converts have been evangelising about the healing powers of cold water. Continue reading...
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Beware sugar highs: seven healthy ways to get more energy – from stretching to sourdough

It’s tempting to use coffee and sweet treats as pick-me-ups, but they are only temporary solutions. Here’s how to keep yourself going for longerThe twin gods of conquering the post-lunch slump are caffeine and sugar. But such pick-me-ups are temporary: while a syrupy latte will help you power through until dinner time, you may well end up lying awake at 3am, staring at the ceiling. What if there were a way to have more energy that wasn’t unhealthy, addictive or expensive? (Those takeaway coffees...
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How to Remove Suffering From Pain

Don’t resist the pain. Experience the pain. When you experience pain and just observe it, it no longer exists as suffering. This was the message from Ronan Oliveira, who is one of the trainers for the fitness program that I am currently going through. He was making this point because one of the exercises in the program required you to hold the dumbbell you were using while keeping your muscle contracted until you literally couldn’t hold it any longer. He was talking about how training i...
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Back in the swing and the swim: England returns to outdoor sport – in pictures

From pools and lidos to tennis courts and golf courses, it has been an action-packed day around England as lockdown regulations are relaxed to allow outdoor sporting activity. People will now be able to meet up legally outside in groups of six or two households and organised outdoor sport can resumeCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage Continue reading...
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Secular pilgrims: why ancient trails still pack a spiritual punch

Where kings and abbots walked, tourists now follow. Are these increasingly popular trips just another holiday or are we getting more religious?The numbers are striking and puzzling in our secular, sceptical age when organised religion in the west is in steep decline. In the early 1980s, the annual tally of those walking the Camino, the thousand-year-old Christian pilgrim route from France to Santiago de Compostela in north-western Spain, had dropped to a few thousand at best. By 2019, before Cov...
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The Steve McQueen Workout

When I was a kid, an old guy told me only the strong survive. That’s somethin’ you gotta believe, man. —Steve McQueen Part of what made Steve McQueen so compelling, both as a private individual and as a movie star, was his kinetic, almost feral quality. He both developed and discharged this animalistic, coiled-up, ready-for-action energy by regularly working out. As biographer Marshall Terrill notes in Steve McQueen: In His Own Words, the King of Cool religiously exercised for two hours every d...
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From keep fit to sex: how Guardian readers have boosted their mood during the pandemic

Everyone needs a release from the stresses of lockdown life. Readers share the ideas that work for themWe bought some solar-powered garden fairy lights and set them up on our garden shed. We can see them when we are having dinner or letting the dog into the garden. It means that, during the day, we have the fun of the flowers and, at night, twinkling lights. They remind me of the stars, another mood-lifter – stargazing puts everything in perspective. Nicholas Vince, actor and YouTuber, London Co...
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The Gas Station Ready Workout

Editor’s note: This is a guest article by Adam benShea of Jailhouse Strong. Their motto is being “gas station ready” — which is to say, if you’re filling up on gas at three in the morning, and some wild-eyed degenerate accosts you, demanding your money/ride/lady, are you prepared to handle the situation? This workout will help get you there. At home or a hotel and looking for a workout? This is an excellent interval session for when you’re short on time, but you want a good bang for your buck....
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The Case for Not Listening to Music When You Work Out

For as long as I can remember, I’ve listened to music while working out.  When I lifted weights with my football team back in high school, Metallica and DMX usually blared over the crappy PA system in our dank weight room. When the iPod came on the market while I was in college, I created a workout playlist consisting of an eclectic mix of indie rock and Rage Against the Machine.  When I got my garage gym, I put a Sonos speaker in it so I could crank up the tunes while I lifted weights. Over th...
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Podcast #691: What You Can (Really) Learn About Exercise from Your Human Ancestors

We all know how indisputably good exercise is for you. Yet a lot of folks still find it a struggle to engage in much physical activity. To understand the reason that this conflict and tension exists and how to overcome it, it helps to understand the lives of our human ancestors. Though, not the way the popular culture understands them, but the way someone who’s actually studied them understands them. My guest is such an expert guide. His name is Daniel Lieberman, and he’s a Harvard professor ...
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Pilates & Yoga – Which One Should You Try?

There are two fitness practices that are on health-conscious girls’ minds today and a (few men to mention as well!) and that is Yoga and Pilates. However, the great advantage of practicing pilates is that it really helps with body posture and core strength. Healthy movements are everything. Pilates can also really help when it comes to recovering from an injury and learning correct movements again. However, as with everything,  fitness practice and sport, if you’re going to be learning ...
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3 Tips for Working Out While Wearing Facemasks

Are you one of the people who find it uncomfortable to exercise when they have a mask on? If you are, you need to embrace the new norm as face masks prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as Covid-19. Wearing it is safe since your respiratory rate, blood pressure, heart rate, and other important body functions will not be affected. However, there are tips that you need to remember when exercising with an exercise facemask on. Some of them are discussed below. 1. Put On The Righ...
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The 10 Physical Skills Every Man Should Master

With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve decided to republish a classic piece each Friday to help our newer readers discover some of the best, evergreen gems from the past. This article was originally published in May 2017 You probably started crawling when you were about nine months old, and walking at a year. You likely got running around a year later, and learned how to jump not long after that. In the months and years that followed, you got the hang of many other physical movement...
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12 Jumping Jack Variations to Kick Up Your Cardio

The jumping jack is a singularly effective exercise, used in elementary school PE classes and military PT training alike. Doing jumping jacks is kind of fun, and, in mobilizing the entire body, quickly gets one’s blood pumping and heart rate soaring. You can do them in a small space, without a lick of equipment. You can incorporate them into a full-fledged cardio workout, or intersperse them into your day; taking a jumping jack break is a great way to shake off malaise and regain focus when you...
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Kate Humble on walking – and how to improve it: ‘The rhythm is really good for your brain’

The TV presenter thinks our newfound love of walking will persist after lockdown. She talks about hiking around Britain’s coast, the joy of newborn lambs and the true meaning of liberationIt is a rare day that Kate Humble doesn’t get up and get outside, walking out from her farm in the Monmouthshire countryside. “I want to be outside for the first hour or two of the day: no phone, no distractions. I’m sure we all wake up with a million things going on in our heads, all these disjointed thoughts,...
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It’s never too late: elderly high-achievers

Joe Biden may have become US president at 78, but imagine becoming a comedian at 89 or writing your first book at 94. We talk to six senior high-flyers…It’s fair to say I didn’t expect, aged 93, to become Britain’s oldest debut author. My story is just my life, really. It never crossed my mind that anyone else might care to know more. Continue reading...
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My Battle with Exercise Apathy

It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it. – Tom Hanks, in “A League of Their Own.” I am not new to the fitness lifestyle. I have been doing workouts five to six times a week for the past four years. I find it helps tremendously with my mental health and overall outlook on life. I also enjoy feeling good in my skin and knowing that I am doing the best I can for my body. Normally I schedule my workouts and I have my routines all set in stone at the beginning of the w...
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Cook, eat, gym, repeat… has left me in need of major repairs

I burned off the calories, took all the pain – but all that working out has damaged my hipOn the screen it appears as a smudged white halo against the blackness. It doesn’t look like anything in particular, but this X-ray represents so much of me: the lottery of parentage, combined with certain behaviour patterns – a soggy euphemism for appetite – that in turn are combined with efforts to mitigate those behaviours. I have, my consultant tells me, developed osteoarthritis in my right hip. In the ...
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Fit in my 40s: this rock workout is a riot | Zoe Williams

You’re not moving methodically through your muscle groups: you’re trying to find your inner demonRockFit was a word-of-mouth suggestion, by way of social media. Launched and extremely popular in Plymouth, it probably would have stayed there were it not for the massive boost that online classes have had over lockdown. Now it seems to have a lot of fans. Or maybe, in the great echo chamber of modern life, the kind of people I like love it.The “rock” is exactly what you’d expect: every band that so...
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Podcast #682: Get Rucking

Rucking, that is, walking with a weighted backpack, started as something that soldiers did to carry the gear and equipment needed for combat. In recent times, rucking has become an increasingly popular form of exercise, and if you’ve wanted to try it, or have already started but would like to improve your practice, my guest today has some advice. His name is Josh Bryant and he’s a strength coach and the author of multiple books on fitness, including Rucking Gains. Josh explains how rucking go...
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Close-ups, cats and clutter: what the online yoga teacher saw

Teaching via Instagram and Zoom is both more and less intimate than a real-life classFifteen people lie down in rectangles on my screen. I am telling them to relax their jaws and soften the muscles around their eyes. I am also having a silent, hand gesture-based conversation with a five-year-old girl in one of the rectangles. This morning the girl’s mother sent me an email that read: “I’m going to attempt as much of the class as she will allow me to do – sometimes she is fine with it, and someti...
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The menstrual month: how to exercise effectively at every stage of your cycle

The physiological changes that take place around a woman’s period can affect her training. Experts assess when to take it easy – and when you should go hardWhen Evgenia Koroleva started learning about her menstrual cycle and the effect it was having on her, week to week, she says: “It blew my mind. Why did I know so little about my body?” A gym owner, Koroleva has since created a training programme based around an individual’s cycle, which she says will optimise results. Hers is not the first to...
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Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle When Juggling Between Family and a Full-time Job

To many adults, the common source of stress and anxiety arises in their need to balance their work and family life. It is a challenge that many American workers are finding hard to maintain with... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Recovering from Exercise

One of the things that makes keeping a regular exercise routine difficult is the recovery period – it’s not so much the exertion of going for a run as the knowledge of the exhaustion and aching muscles to come.  If you learn how to recover from exercise better and quicker, then you can approach your next run, swim or gym session with less trepidation and more enthusiasm! Today we’re taking a look at how you can recover faster and better, and feel more confident about getting started with a re...
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Podcast #678: Physical Benchmarks Every Man Should Meet, At Every Age

As men, we all want to be physically capable. We want to be able to save our own life in two ways: in the more metaphorical sense of wanting to preserve it in healthy, fit form for as long as possible, and in the more literal sense of being able to make it through an emergency unscathed. How do you know if you do possess that kind of lifesaving physical capability? It’s time to do more than wonder, and really check in with yourself. My guest today has some helpful benchmarks that guys from ag...
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The joy of steps: 20 ways to give purpose to your daily walk

Has the novelty of a prescribed stroll long since worn off? From tracking animals to uncovering hidden history, here’s how to discover a new world in your neighbourhood The weather is rubbish, there is nowhere to go and, bereft of the joys of spring, the daily lockdown walk can feel pointless. But, of course, it is not: the mental and physical health perks of exercise are immune to seasonal changes. We need to gallivant around outside in daylight so that our circadian rhythms can regulate sleep ...
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On the road to nowhere: has the shine worn off the home workout?

In 2020, in response to Covid, gyms closed and moved online – with massive success. But can we really get fit at home?If Britney can get through 2007, you can get up this hill!” My quads are burning. Sweat soaks into the handlebars. But deep down? I know that Cody Rigsby, my Peloton instructor, a Hercules in Lycra, is correct. I can get up this hill. Furthermore, I can’t let Cody down. You don’t want to disappoint someone who calls you “boo” on a regular basis. “Get your life together, boo!” say...
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How To Feel Good About Yourself In 2021

The New Year is nearly here, and it feels like it’s been a really rough ride in 2020 to get us here, doesn’t it? 2020 has proven to be a challenging year for most, with the global health crisis leading to economic worries and a sharp rise in unemployment. This can make it feel like spending time worrying about yourself should be the last thing on your mind, but studies show that when you feel better about yourself, you’re likely to radiate out that good feeling and improve the lives of ...
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I’ve taken up outdoor swimming. I just thought you should know | Fiona Maddocks

OK, I only started last month and I don’t know how long I’ll manage it, but for now it’s making me glowWe all eat our words. “No way” sneakily turns into “OK, maybe”, then “yes”. You vow never, ever, to wear Crocs, then you see your smart friend in a yellow pair and British Vogue has named them the It-shoe of the winter season (true) and suddenly you’re weakening. My volte face is more extreme. I’ve joined the thousands who’ve taken up outdoor swimming during lockdown. I don’t much like swimming...
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