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Fanny’s Restaurant Channels Old Hollywood Style at New Academy Museum

It’s easy to imagine comedian Fanny Brice spending many a festive night at storied Hollywood eateries like Perino’s and the Brown Derby. Newly opened for dinner service, Fanny’s — at Los Angeles’ recently launched Academy Museum of Motion Pictures — interprets the comfortable, classy feel of those vintage spots in its own sleek, contemporary way. […]
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What is the best Christmas party food? | Kitchen aide

Cheese and chocolate are your friends, but keep them bite-sized. Top chefs share their favourite nibbles …• Got a culinary dilemma? Email [email protected] makes the best party snacks?Rachel, Hove“Anything that can be eaten cleanly in a mouthful is ideal,” says Guardian food columnist Ravinder Bhogal. “Anything too big, messy or that requires lots of chewing should be avoided – there’s nothing worse than those awkward, mouth-full moments when someone suddenly strikes up a conversation.” ...
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Fromage fictions: the 14 biggest cheese myths – debunked!

Received wisdom says older cheese is better, you should pair it with red wine and wrap any leftovers in clingfilm. Here is what the experts say‘I hate to dictate to people. I don’t like too many rules,” says Iain Mellis, a cheesemonger of 40 years, with cheese shops bearing his name scattered across Scotland. Mellis has spent his life trying to make artisan cheese more accessible; the last thing he wants is to be so prescriptive that people are put off.Yet the world of good cheese is already mir...
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I'm a refugee who came to the US and started a business with $20,000. 12 years later, it's going strong.

Courtesy of Paul Her Oklahoma is poised to resettle 1,800 Afghan refugees, third in the nation behind California and Texas. Former refugee Vang Pao Her, who also goes by Paul Her, 41, opened a restaurant in Tulsa 12 years ago after resettling in the US. This is his story, as told to writer Kristi Eaton. This as-told-to essay is based on a transcribed conversation with Oklahoma business owner Paul Her. It has been edited for length and clarity.My parents are refugees from the war in Laos. We a...
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Make’s Green Chile Spinach Dip Recipe for Parties!

  If you are having holiday parties or a get-together for football games, you should make this dip. It’s pretty easy, and it turns out GREAT!.  This recipe for Green Chile Spinach Dip is from!     This recipe isn’t hard to make and it’s also easy to tweak by adding other ingredients and […] The post Make’s Green Chile Spinach Dip Recipe for Parties! first appeared on
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‘Taste this, it’s salty’: how rising seas are ruining the Gambia’s rice farmers

The farmers, mostly women, once grew enough but must now buy imported rice as the climate crisis edges them into povertyIn the sweltering heat of the late-morning west African sun, Aminata Jamba slashes at golden rice stalks with a sickle. “The rice is lovely,” she says, music playing in the background as her son, Sampa, silently harvests the grain. But even if the quality is high, the quantity is not.While once Jamba could have expected to harvest enough rice to last the whole year, this year s...
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Our best Christmas food gifts and recipes

From our archive: from festive pickles and homemade sweets to luxury biscuits and exotic oils, a a gift you’ve made yourself can make someone’s ChristmasA trio of presents that you’ll want for Christmas dinner: a ginger nut brittle to serve as is or to blitz into a toast-topping paste, crumbly cheese biscuits and an enticingly easy fig jam Continue reading...
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Toys for Tamales! Chicas Tacos Is Collecting Toy Donations for Children in Need!

TOYS FOR TAMALES Is Donating Toys to  Children in Need in  VENICE COMMUNITY HOUSING! CHICAS TACOS Partners with Legendary Boyle Heights Tamale Maker This Holiday Season!       WHO: —Chicas Tacos, the award-winning Mexican fast-casual concept and home to “A Better Taco”, –Legendary Boyle Heights Tamale maker Angeles Lopez and James Beard Award-Winning Chef […] The post Toys for Tamales! Chicas Tacos Is Collecting Toy Donations for Children in Need! first appeared on ...
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How to make shortbread – recipe | Felicity Cloake's masterclass

Christmas shortbread as made by our resident perfectionist, with a few choices of festive flavouringsThe world may have gone mad for spiced speculoos this year, but, for me, Christmas will always be all about two biscuits: gingerbread, for decorations, and shortbread, for actual consumption. Easy to make and a genuine crowdpleaser, shortbread will keep well for several weeks, which makes it the gift that keeps on giving well into the dark days of January. Not that it’ll last that long.Prep 15 mi...
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Stirring stuff: 10 simple and delicious risotto recipes, from Anna Del Conte, Yotam Ottolenghi, Meera Sodha …

Whether you’re looking to feed the kids, getting over a cold or just using up a few leftovers, we’ve got you coveredRisotto is perfect food. Warm, starchy and comforting, it is one of the most versatile dishes the home cook can learn. It is an ideal first food for young children who don’t quite have it in them to chew yet and it’s perfect for anyone under the weather. My mother always taught me, in a manner that would have purists running for the hills, that risotto was basically a dustbin for a...
Tags: Food, Life and style, Giorgio Locatelli, Anna Del Conte Yotam Ottolenghi Meera Sodha

Man’s severe migraines ‘completely eliminated’ on plant-based diet

Migraines disappeared after man started diet that included lots of dark-green leafy vegetables, study showsHealth experts are calling for more research into diet and migraines after doctors revealed a patient who had suffered severe and debilitating headaches for more than a decade completely eliminated them after adopting a plant-based diet. He had tried prescribed medication, yoga and meditation, and cut out potential trigger foods in an effort to reduce the severity and frequency of his sever...
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Claridge’s to part ways with chef after rejecting plan for all-vegan menu

Mayfair hotel says it respects Daniel Humm’s plant-based vision but it ‘is not the path we wish to follow’The five-star Claridge’s hotel in Mayfair has lost its chef after it rejected his vision for an all-vegan menu at his restaurant.Daniel Humm, 45, will leave Davies and Brook at the end of the year after talks with management about transforming the kitchen in his London restaurant at Claridge’s hotel to serve only plant-based dishes. Continue reading...
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One restaurant has been a part of our family. Now we mourn its passing | Jay Rayner

We measured out the landmarks of our lives at London’s Y Ming. So long, and thanksMy family has suffered a great loss. We will still have our memories, of course, each one suffused with a warm glow. But the source of those memories? After 35 years, that has gone. We have lost our family’s restaurant: the one that was so much more than somewhere to eat out. It was where my wife and I went before the kids arrived, and when those kids were young, and when a treat was needed, and when a treat wasn’t...
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How Chipotle catering remedied my genetic defect

My mom and sisters are hostesses extraordinaire*. They actually enjoy throwing together a party, planning myriad ways to delight their guests. I, on the other hand, do not enjoy party planning any more than I enjoy tooth extractions. I am much better suited to being the guest who is delighted. So I was thrilled to learn that Chipotle Mexican Grill offers catering. for groups from 20 to 200. My [Author: Lori Lavender Luz]
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Bacetti, a Roman-Style Trattoria, Is Echo Park’s Stylish New Spot

Echo Park’s restaurant scene has had a rocky ride during the pandemic, but it’s about to get a warm embrace from Bacetti, a secluded new neighborhood Italian trattoria tucked away on Echo Park Avenue. Owner Jason Goldman, an art historian-turned-Italian culture and food obsessive, has been working on turning the vintage building into an Italian […]
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Be polite and don’t eat it first: the art of sending food back at restaurants

Chefs, waiters and hospitality professionals weigh in on the age-old conundrum: when is it OK to complain? And how can you do it nicely?Sometime before the last Sydney lockdown, I was in a local cafe, staring down a pretentious bowl of chickpea-centric vegetarian fare I’d had countless times before. But that day I took a bite and all I could taste was salt. This had never happened before. I had a few more mouthfuls, hoping the rest would be fine, but the whole meal was uncomfortably salty.I didn...
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35 places to shop for gifts that give back

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Cotopaxi is a B Corp that puts 1% of its yearly revenue toward grants to nonprofits making sustainable changes in poverty alleviation. Cotopaxi/Instagram These 35 companies make gifts that give back via charitable initiatives or profit sharing. If you shop from the following brands, you're also supporting several worthy causes. Need more gift ideas? Check out our ultimate gift guide. Aside from vo...
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Sugar and spice: 10 deliciously simple Diwali treats from crunchy nippattu to moreish jalebis

Celebrate the symbolic victory of light over darkness, good over evil and syrupy sweet treats over healthy eating with our Diwali roundup This year, early November offers you two choice festivals: Bonfire Night and Diwali. In one, we burn effigies of a centuries-old failed revolutionary as a brutal reminder that we are for ever doomed to struggle under the unknowable power of the state. And then there’s Diwali, a five-day-long celebration observed by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists, created t...
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I went to Subway for the first time and I struggled to see why its sales are plummeting

I went to Subway for the first time. Grace Dean/Insider My friends were shocked I'd never been to Subway before, so I decided to try it out. Subway's sales are falling and it's been hit by a lawsuit over its tuna. But my sandwich was delicious, and the store I went to was bustling with customers. Subway has hit the headlines recently, from its menu revamp to a lawsuit over its controversial tuna. A Subway tuna sandwich. Jörg Carstensen/Getty Images Sources: Insid...
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Merriam-Webster added 455 new words to the dictionary, here are the oddest ones

A Merriam-Webster dictionary sits atop their citation files. AP Photo/Stephan Savoia Merriam-Webster added 455 new words to its dictionary. Merriam-Webster editors study the language and add new words to the dictionary every year based on their usage. The new additions are related to internet slang, the coronavirus pandemic, politics, and pop culture. Logophile's rejoiced this week as Merriam-Webster added 455 new words to its dictionary...."because." Words like air fryer, dad bod, de...
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This Hollywood Restaurant Has More Than 20,000 People Trying to Get a Reservation

It’s no surprise Hollywood’s hidden tasting-menu restaurant Phenakite is one of the toughest reservations anywhere, with more than 20,000 people on the waitlist. Chef Minh Phan had to close her indoor-only café Porridge + Puffs during the pandemic, and had no idea Phenakite, which came together in 10 days, would go on to win a […]
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One tin of coconut milk – 17 delicious ways to use it, from lime dal to soda bread

This store-cupboard staple is fantastic in curries and works brilliantly in sweet dishes too, whether you fancy panna cotta, grapefruit cheesecake or a super-rich hot chocolateCoconut milk has a reliable transformative power, turning humble ingredients into something exotic, enticing and a little festive. In a short amount of time, a couple of aubergines become aubergine curry, for example. Discovering a tin of coconut milk in the cupboard opens up possibilities.But if you are not a regular user...
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How to make pumpkin soup – recipe | Felicity Cloake's How to make the perfect…

A good squash is your best bet for this substantial seasonal soup, so forget those grown-for-looks-not-flavour orange pumpkinsIt’s that time of year when the cookery writer’s thoughts turn, somewhat reluctantly, to pumpkins. Reluctantly because there’s only one reason an editor suggests a pumpkin recipe in October, and that’s a well-meaning, but ultimately doomed attempt to help readers “make the most” of their Halloween jack o’lanterns.Unfortunately, as I discovered early in life with an almost...
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‘I hug them’: meet the farmer raising 2,000lb pumpkins

Armed with ‘golden seeds’, Leonardo Urena is part of an elite group of global growers – and this year produced California’s largest specimenIt starts with a tiny seed.Leonardo Urena opened his palm to show a small plastic bag containing a single special specimen. Smooth and white, it wasn’t yet remarkable, but it will be, because it has the potential to sprout a squash as heavy as a walrus. Continue reading...
Tags: Food, California, Life and style, US news, Agriculture, Pumpkin, Leonardo Urena

From gummy worms to snickerdoodles: Yotam Ottolenghi’s Halloween recipes

Sweet and savoury treats for the big night: black lime gummy worms, a deep-fried noodle snack with fried peanuts and curry leaves, and pumpkin spice cookiesFor anyone doing the sweet-sweep rounds next weekend, Halloween can feel more like trick and treat, rather than trick or treat. No sooner have our kids been plied with sweets than we try to trick them out of eating them. Or did Scrooge just come early to our house this year? Anyway, for 2021, I’m going to lean into making Halloween snacks ins...
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All about that base! From eggnog brulee to spiced orange tart: 10 top biscuit-based dessert recipes

Sweet and crunchy, biscuit-bottomed puddings are perfection – and surprisingly varied. Here are 10 delicious desserts to tryIf you are a certain type of person – me, essentially – you will be unable to hear the phrase “biscuit base” without it immediately conjuring the sound of Gregg Wallace bellowing it over and over again against a wall of hardcore techno. If that has just happened to you, I can only apologise, but I promise these recipes will make it worth it. Puddings that require any amount...
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Who needs apples when you can have sausages? 10 unusual but delicious crumble recipes

From Dan Lepard’s strawberry and mascarpone to Claire Thomson’s leek and cheddar, these mouthwatering dishes redefine the humble dessert. But in a good way …There are two types of people in the world: pie people and crumble people. As we all know, you cannot trust a pie person. Their need for structure is too restricting; their pursuit of rules loses them friends and respect at every turn. Give me the loose informality of a crumble any day. A warm bowl of crumble, lazily spooned out of a dish an...
Tags: Food, Life and style, Dessert, Dan Lepard, Claire Thomson

From fringe to mainstream: how millions got a taste for going vegan

First, it was a fad. Now, as meat consumption falls, it’s part of everyday life … the unstoppable rise of the plant-based dietIt says something about the gathering momentum of veganism that last week it breached not one but two bastions of British culinary culture. First there were complaints after that fanfare of eggs, butter and cream, The Great British Bake Off, was left with separated yolk on its face when its first vegan contestant, 19-year-old Freya Cox, was given animal products to use du...
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Vrimp your shrimp: Nestlé launches faux seafood product made from seaweed

Swiss food firm says product boasts ‘authentic texture’ as it seeks to capitalise on rise in meat-free dietsCadbury to launch vegan Dairy Milk alternative called Plant BarFirst Vuna salad was added to the menu, now Vrimp is on there too as the world’s biggest food company capitalises on the growth of vegan and vegetarian diets with a new faux-seafood product.Nestlé describes Vrimp, made out of seaweed and peas, as an exciting innovation, with the alt-seafood having the same “authentic texture an...
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Cake was my first love – it sees me through life’s highs and lows

There should be no guilt with cake, only romance – in the making, the display, the history… and, of course, the eatingThe Great British Bake Off is back! Sales of baking utensils skyrocket when the amateur baking show is on. It appears we’re all cake mad. But I’ve always been mad as a box of doughnuts for cake, long before the GBBO started. In fact, it’s one of my loves – not one of my vices.Cake and I are friends; we go back a long way. At school, we’d bake in home economics class and sell our ...
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