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Parsi Kitchen: A Memoir of Food and Family by Anahita Dhondy

HarperCollins presents ‘The Parsi Kitchen: A Memoir of Food and Family’ by Anahita Dhondy HarperCollins is proud to present a warm and whimsical memoir about embracing the cuisine that one grew up with – The Parsi Kitchen A Memoir of Food and Family by Anahita Dhondy.Praise for the Book Anahita is part of a new generation of Indian chefs who build on the legacies of the past. Praise for the Book ”Anahita is part of a new generation of Indian chefs who build on the legacies of the past. She is ...
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Gulnar Cowasjee Serves Parsi Cuisine at your doorstep in Karachi

If you’re a food enthusiast and crave to try new delicacies, Ghar Se has something unique to offer. Ghar Se is a Karachi-based food service that serves Parsi cuisines at your doorstep. It was launched towards the end of 2020 by Gulnar Cowasjee, a former banker. “My journey began soon after resigning from a local bank,” Gulnar said speaking to Hasan Moosvi at SAMAA Digital. Gulnar wanted to be a beautician but she found her sifting through Parsi recipes after the pandemic turned everything upside...
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Indian Curry is Largely “Unmappable”—But This Writer Found Her Way Home Through One Recipe

Her mother’s Parsi-style, seafood-studded stew. By Meher Mirza | Updated Sep 3, 2021 4:18 PM When I came back to sun-brightened Mumbai after getting a degree in London, I had never felt so far from myself. The road ahead felt bouldered, the path itself lost to me. Then, as always, it was to food that I turned for reorientation. My mother, in a fluster of anxiety, poured out a flurry of dishes—all the Mumbai chaat that I had missed terribly, the chile cheese toast, the potato bhajias. But most...
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Parsi chef Anahita Dhondy on her newest passion

The young food expert launches a book and a passion project that focuses on her Parsi roots at the same time By Karishma Kuenzang | Hindustan Times PUBLISHED ON SEP 04, 2021 09:43 PM IST Last year was tough for the food & beverage industry and, like most restaurants across the country, Sodabottleopenerwala was completely shut from March to September. But chefs cannot sit idle at home, which is why chef Anahita Dhondy, 30, the former head chef and chef partner at the Cyberhub, Gurgaon outlet of ...
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Bringing out the real flavours of South Auckland, one food enterprise at a time

An innovative business accelerator programme is not only helping people get a foothold in the hospitality industry but, as Justin Latif reports, it’s also changing the way South Aucklanders think about their local cuisine. When it comes to food in South Auckland, greasy corner-store takeaways or brazen fast-food franchises might spring to mind. Article by Justin Latif | The Spin Off NZ But three local female entrepreneurs want to change that perception. The trio are part of a wave of newly es...
Tags: Life, South Auckland, Mumbai India, Parnell, Food And Beverage, Perzen Patel, Dolly Mumma, Justin Latif

Farohar Cafe in Udvada: How a mother-son duo is popularising Parsi cuisine through authentic recipes

A sleepy coastal town in Gujarat, about 180km from Mumbai, is home to one of the world’s oldest religions – Zoroastrianism. Udvada, also spelled Udwada, in Pardi taluka of Gujarat’s Valsad district, has been the custodian of the oldest continuously burning temple fire in India at Atash Behram – the most revered Parsi pilgrimage centre in the country. And it is in this very town that mother-son duo Hilla and Shezad Marolia is working towards preserving and popularising the 1,300-year-old Parsi cu...
Tags: London, Life, India, Iran, Mumbai, Itc, Shehzad, Bombay, Gujarat, Persia, Parsi, Hilla, Pardi, Udvada, Atash Behram, Daman

Delhi Woman Revives Grandma’s ‘Secret’ Parsi Spice Mixes; Exports Across The Globe

Shelley Subawalla in Delhi is taking generations of Parsi family masalas and chutneys recipes to the world through ‘Zarin’s Secrets’ – named after her grandmother. There remain few things that invoke the same sense of joy, nostalgia and unparalleled taste the way a grandmother’s cooking does. For me, it was my nani’s aloo parathe and pudina chutney, the taste of which I have spent years trying to find and recreate. For Shelley Subawalla, it was her grandmother’s Parsi-style kadhi-chawal and ...
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Parsis – The People from Pars — and the ancient tradition of Jamshedi Navroze

Niloufer is a cookbook author and cooking instructor with a great passion for food and a love of world travel. The people from Pars – a province in the Persian Empire — migrated to Gujarat, India, 2500 years ago. Persecuted, most of them fled, taking with them their rich culture, heritage, traditions and cuisine. The locals referred to them as Parsis, which continues to date. Article by Niloufer Mavalwala | The Cooks Cook Adopting and adapting to many of the local traditions, the Parsis are a...
Tags: UK, Life, India, Iran, Canada, Dubai, Rose, KARACHI, Freddy Mercury, Farsi, Parsi, Zubin Mehta, Gujarat India, Festivities, Food And Beverage, Navroze

Bhicoo Manekshaw: Indian women chefs who left indelible culinary footprints across the nation

Indian women chefs who left indelible culinary footprints across the nation From cookbook writers to chefs in commercial kitchens of hotels and restaurants, several Indian women too have emerged as path-breakers in the culinary world. Kitchen was their battlefield and vision and grit, their commander. Let’s take a look at who these superwomen are! The first Cordon Bleu chef from India, Bhicoo J Manekshaw is a champion of Parsi cuisine – At 83 years of age, she still popularises Parsi cuisine...
Tags: Life, India, Parsi, Food And Beverage, Bhicoo Manekshaw, Bhicoo J Manekshaw, Basil Thyme Delhi

Welcome to My Parsi Party

Welcome to My Parsi Party Parsis revel in their reputation as hedonistic gourmands. Every gathering, celebration, religious occasion, and even loss is marked by food. Writer Sabrina Medora shares never before printed recipes for the dinner parties of her childhood. By Sabrina Medora | Food and Wine February 19, 2021 NEWBORN BABIES IN MY PARSI FAMILY get a little mithu monu (sweets for the mouth) by way of a lick of ravo—a semolina porridge— from their mother’s finger to grant them a sweet natu...
Tags: Life, Singapore, America, Mumbai, Coke, Mary, Jolly, Eva Kolenko, Persia, Yardley, Zoroaster, Ravo, Food And Beverage, Chalo, My Parsi Party, Sabrina Medora

Mahrukh Mogrelia: How the Gujarati Influence in Parsi kitchens helped create a whole new cuisine.

Sundays on #FinelyChoppedTV are #foodocracyforher days and in this episode, I speak to Mumbai based Parsi home chef, Mahrukh Mogrelia who runs Mahrukh’s Kitchen. Mahrukh’s food talks of the times of yore and has a certain rustic flavour that one does not see in the Parsi food of Mumbai today. This made me order from her weekly menus Sunday after Sunday for my wife who is Parsi. She loves Mahrukh’s food, as do I. I am Bengali of course. In this chat Mahrukh, who hails from Navsari in south Guj...
Tags: Life, India, Iran, Mumbai, Gujarat, Parsi, Navsari, Food And Beverage, Mahrukh, Mahrukh Mogrelia

Pervin Todiwala recognised at the British Curry Awards 2020

Pervin Todiwala, Co-Founder of Café Spice Namaste, was recognised at the 16th annual British Curry Awards, streamed live on 17th December 2020 with comedian Rory Bremner as the host. Pervin was honoured with the Inspirational Woman Award for working tirelessly behind the restaurant businesses, raising two sons, and supporting highly demanded celebrity TV chef Cyrus Todiwala OBE. The British Curry Awards, sponsored by Just Eat, are a landmark event in the hospitality industry calendar. Yesterda...
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A Parsi Love affair: An afternoon with Meher and Dara Hansotia in Parsi Dharamsala Kolkata

Meher Caterers 9 Bow Street Kolkata 700012 contact 9831403863
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In passing of Yazdani’s Zend, Mumbai has lost a master baker

“Get rid of your cough, eat my ginger biscuit.” The baker who kneaded such happy prescriptions into Mumbai’s gut via the blackboard of the iconic Yazdani bakery in Fort is no more. Zend Meherwan Zend, the jovial co-owner of the six-decade-old Irani bakery who said bread must have a bite to it and who did not let Parkinson’s disease keep him from sipping tea or relishing ice-cream at the cash counter, passed away at age 86 this past Sunday. Article by Sharmila Ganesan Ram | TNN With the departu...
Tags: Life, Mumbai, Bombay, Alexander, Fort, Parkinson, Colaba, Zend, Irani, Food And Beverage, Deepak Rao, Mantralaya, Kurush Dalal, Yazdani, Zend Meherwan Zend, Kalyan Karmakar

Co-owner of Fort’s Yazdani Bakery, Zend Meherwan Zend, dies at 86

Food historian Kurush Dalal recalls Zend as the baker who wasn’t afraid to experiment and wished to give his customers quality products. Sitting behind the cash counter or instructing staff by the woodfire oven, Zend Meherwan Zend was synonymous with Yazdani Bakery. He was a regular at the iconic bakery in Fort, even after being afflicted with acute Parkinson’s in his later years. On Sunday, Zend died due to advancing age. He was 86. Food historian Kurush Dalal recalls Zend as the baker who ...
Tags: News, Life, Mumbai, Fort, Parkinson, St Peter, Zend, Individuals, Dalal, Food And Beverage, Tirandaz, Yazdani Bakery, KARMAKAR, Mantralaya, Kurush Dalal, Yazdani

B. Merwan & Co. Bakery in Mumbai

An interesting short documentary on the iconic B. Merwan & Co. Bakery
Tags: Life, Mumbai, Food And Beverage

Perzen Patel: ‘There’s more to Indian food than butter chicken’

Perzen Patel was a finalist in the University of Auckland’s Velocity $100k challenge after cooking up an idea for a tasty business. Perzen Patel: By day she’s communicating the services of the General Library; by night she’s working on her Indian paste business. Perzen Patel is a digital engagement and communications adviser for Te Tumu Herenga, Library and Learning Services at the University of Auckland. But she’s also trying to excite Kiwis’ tastebuds. Recently you were a finalist in the ...
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Perzen Patel on Radio New Zealand

Our dear friend Perzen Patel was recently featured on Radio New Zealand. Per RNZ… NZ Made: Perzen Patel of Dolly Mumma Each week we talk to a small New Zealand business and this week we’re talking to Perzen Patel who’s business is called ‘Dolly Mumma’. They make ready-to-cook Indian products which you can use to make curries and to compliment your everyday Kiwi cooking. Their motto is ‘no more Butter chicken’. Perzen spoke to our Producer Ellie Jay about why the ...
Tags: Life, New Zealand, Radio New Zealand, Food And Beverage, Perzen Patel, Perzen, Dolly Mumma, Ellie Jay

The ritual of Parsi ‘choi’

The ritual of Parsi ‘choi’ Tea time is an indulgent affair for Parsis. Come evening, a full tea service is laid out complete with snacks and bone china crockery Article by  Aravinda Anantharaman | Live Mint Once, during pre-pandemic times, I stopped to chat with a neighbour. Not one to let anyone leave empty-handed, she thrust some lemongrass picked from her garden into my hands, saying, “For your chai.” That was my first cup of lemongrass chai and I loved it. Along the way, I learnt that...
Tags: Life, Buckingham Palace, Assam, CTC, Parsi, Dalal, Food And Beverage, Dahanu, Kurush Dalal

In My Kitchen: Perzen Patel

Our dear friend and amazing chef, entrepreneur and now Kiwi Podcaster Perzen Patel a.k.a Bawi Bride featured in Eat Well New Zealand Perzen is happiest when she is at the intersection of cooking food, eating and telling a good story. When she’s not working, she is shining a light on New Zealand’s diverse food scene through her podcast, Kiwi Foodcast and, thanks to the support of Panuku’s The Kitchen Project, Perzen has been working on the launch of her latest venture Dolly Mumma. Named for her g...
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Zoroastrians of Pakistan: Pakistan on a Plate

The Zoroastrians of Pakistan are an integral part of the fabric of us- in all aspects; similar to all who chose to come to Pakistan and make it their home. They are one of the prominent communities who built the towns and communities we call home, the Zoroastrians came to our shores from Iran in many waves over several centuries. Who are the Zoroastrians? We share with you. The community is the oldest Monotheistic tradition and influenced many faith-traditions that followed. Pakistan on a Pl...
Tags: Life, Iran, Pakistan, Quetta, Jimmy, Food And Beverage, Jamshed Marker, Shoe Tree House

Meherwan Irani Wants to Change Stereotypes About the South, Starting With Dinner

In Person of Interest, we talk to the people catching our eye right now about what they’re doing, eating, reading, and loving. Next up is Meherwan Irani, a chef and the founder of Brown in the South, a dinner series that aims to bridge the American South with South Asia. Article by Elyse Inamine | Bon Apetit I had heard of Meherwan Irani as the chef-owner behind a bunch of beloved restaurants in the South: Chai Pani in Asheville and Decatur, Botiwalla in Atlanta, and Buxton Hall Barbecue, a BA 1...
Tags: Europe, Mississippi, Life, India, Atlanta, South, Emmett Till, Brown, Gomez, Jose Andres, Asheville, Irani, Vish, Deccan Plateau, Chai Pani, Food And Beverage

“Cooking Is an Art”- Chef Zurath Kamdin

1. Tell us about your background and journey.I grew up in the tea plantations of South India. Born and brought up in Ooty. Studied catering and architecture, spent many years doing Architecture and Trade Fair Pavilion design in India, and other countries in the world. Moved to Hong Kong 10 years ago, and decided to stop architecture and design and follow my passion for food.  2. What led you to take up this career path?I changed my career path 10 years ago, as I was not too challenged to do ...
Tags: Hong Kong, Usa, Life, India, Canada, Ooty, Food And Beverage, Zurath Kamdin, South India Born, Hong Kong Noticing

Trademark Watch: Gucci, Penfolds, Maasai and More

• Kenya’s Maasai people have struck their first deal to license their distinctive tribal fabric designs, according to The Fashion Law blog. Koy Clothing, a UK-based brand, has agreed to pay a license to use the Maasai’s Kikoy cloth in men’s jackets (above) that are “dyed in Kenya with locally produced dyes. Each jacket is named after a Kenyan tribe by reference to its colouring. 5% of all sales are donated to support and respect the indigenous cultures that inspire us.” • Treasury Wine Estates...
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Trademark Watch: Maasai, Penfolds, Gucci and More

• Kenya’s Maasai people have struck their first deal to license their distinctive tribal fabric designs, according to The Fashion Law blog. Koy Clothing, a UK-based brand, has agreed to pay a license to use the Maasai’s Kikoy cloth in men’s jackets (above) that are “dyed in Kenya with locally produced dyes. Each jacket is named after a Kenyan tribe by reference to its colouring. 5% of all sales are donated to support and respect the indigenous cultures that inspire us.” • Treasury Wine Estates...
Tags: Fashion, UK, Design, Legal, California, China, Uncategorized, Advertising, IP, Beer, Retail, Lawsuits, Super Bowl, Kenya, Philadelphia, Packaging

From Poutine VR to Edible Insects, London Pop-Ups Woo the Curious

Increasingly popular as an experiential marketing tool—and to fill empty storefronts and create buzz with target audiences—branded pop-ups have become a mainstay of retail, particularly during the holiday season. From Irish hooch to edible insects, flirty fashion to daring design to Canadian comfort food (with a side of VR and free flights) here’s a look at ten pop-ups in London that London locals, holiday shoppers and tourists can now check out: Hi London, we’re coming over Get all the deets ...
Tags: Fashion, UK, London, Alcohol, Singapore, Air Canada, Americas, Uncategorized, Advertising, Holiday, Ireland, Retail, Vr, Virtual Reality, Miami, Westfield

Amazon Looks to Foodies, DIY Fans and Fashionistas For Growth

Amazon continues to redefine what a brand in today’s omnichannel digital world can be. Over the last 15 years, Amazon returned more than 8,000% to investors, outpacing competitors and the overall stock market. The online bookseller that opened its doors online in July 1995 has morphed into a universe that includes original programming, cloud services, voice-activated devices, The Washington Post, private label food and fashion brands such as Find, which Amazon is promoting with a UK ad campaign...
Tags: Amazon, Home, Food, Fashion, UK, TV, New York, Technology, Washington Post, Youtube, Advertising, E-commerce, New York Times, Retail, Kin Community, Ai

Häagen-Dazs Scoops Up ‘Extraordinary’ Brand Refresh

Authenticity hasn’t been a long suit of the Häagen-Dazs brand. For example, its name—which sounds like something straight out of Scandinavian mythology—is actually a made-up moniker that was meant to inspire just such a brand impression for an ice cream that was born in the Bronx and first sold in Brooklyn, NY. But given the importance of true and relatable stories, and sublime values, to brands in the millennial era, the General Mills-owned premium ice cream line has launched the biggest br...
Tags: Amazon, Europe, Fashion, UK, Design, London, Campaigns, Alcohol, Advertising, US, Sports, Social Marketing, Unilever, Amazon Prime, Canada, Brooklyn

Prada, Moncler, Burberry Raise the Bar for Luxury Branded Entertainment

It’s Oscar season for movie releases at cinemas in your neighborhood, but online it’s a gold derby race for branded short films. In the last two weeks, branded entertainment — short narrative films produced by brands with award-winning Hollywood directors and talent — have premiered for a trio of elite European luxury brands: namely Prada, Moncler and Burberry. First let’s take a look at Past Forward, starring Freida Pinto, Kuoth Wiel, Jack Huston, John Krasinski and Allison Williams in mirror ...
Tags: Fashion, UK, New York, Hollywood, Instagram, Entertainment, Films, New York City, Advertising, Nike, Automotive, Brooklyn, South Africa, Luxury, Vogue, Lexus

Quaker Aims to Make Breakfast Chic With Jamie Chung Sweepstakes

The breakfast cereal business is in trouble, especially with millennials, as shirking cold cereal (or skipping that first meal of the day altogether) over the last couple of decades. But optimism abounds at General Mills and Kellogg, each of which expect US cereal sales to return to growth this year. PepsiCo’s Quaker Oats is also looking for a turnaround by fashioning oats into new breakfast items for time-pressed consumers who can’t commit to a warm bowl of oatmeal first thing, or even a class...
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