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Ariel Bangs: Doughnut magnate, food educator and healthy-eating evangelist to the Seattle area’s communities of color

Ariel Bangs has spent the last decade trying to influence the minds and mouths of communities in and around King County afflicted by health problems and the notion that plant-based food is on par with grated cardboard.
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What do to with leftover matzo? Turn it into lasagna noodles

Here's a creative way to use leftover matzo — layer it with ricotta cheese and sauce for a quick lasagna.
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Hot pot is hot in Bellevue right now, but good luck trying to get a table at Liuyishou and The Dolar Shop

The hot-pot craze has caught on in Seattle, and Bellevue is Ground Zero. Liuyishou and The Dolar Shop are two of the hottest dining spots in the Seattle metro area right now. We tried both to see what the fuss was all about.
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Don’t overcook the wagyu! 12 tips for hot-pot newbies waiting to try Liuyishou or The Dolar Shop

Whether you're a seasoned hot-pot aficionado or a newbie to the hottest craze in town, here are 12 tips to help you maximize your hot-pot experience.
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Groats? Steel-cut? In a smoothie? However you eat them, oats deliver key nutrients

Oats may not be the new whole grain on the block, but this pantry staple is super nutritious — and far from one size fits all.
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Dinner at a Movie: Yikes — a downtown Seattle multiplex ventures into real food and ‘Jartails’

In the return of the movie-with-dinner series, Seattle Times food writer Bethany Jean Clement and film critic Moira Macdonald taste-test the new "Enhanced" menu and "Jartails" at Seattle's Regal Meridian 16. It isn't pretty … but "Captain Marvel" is pretty great.
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Love potato pancakes? Here’s the best-ever latkes recipe from Seattle’s Dacha Diner

If you sense a generosity of spirit emanating from the funny triangle-shaped building, you’re right — the owners want you to have this happiness at home anytime.
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For the advanced/intrepid baker: Here’s how to make Dacha Diner’s beautiful “Borodinsky” Black Bread

Seattle's new but already beloved spot for Eastern European and Jewish food shares the recipe for its heavenly brown bread — for those bold enough to try to make it.
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Here’s a saucy way to poach eggs in potatoes, just for two

This dish is a riff on a Mediterranean shakshuka, easy to make and easy to scale up for a quick, tasty weeknight dinner.
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From cereal French toast to loco moco, Watson’s Counter in Ballard gives your taste buds reason to do a happy dance

The colorful, French toast at Watson's Counter doesn't just look Instagrammable, it's one of several delicious menu options that might inspire you to do a little dance.
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Watson, Ballard

It’s National Grilled Cheese Day. Enjoy these takes on the old classic.

If any food deserves a national holiday, it could well be the versatile grilled cheese.
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Swanky Aerlume offers great views of Puget Sound and some menu highlights, but skip the dessert

The food at Aerlume is impeccably sourced, and the setting is picturesque. But like its enigmatic name, Aerlume ultimately feels contrived, less a restaurant than a luxury catering facility that is also open to the public.
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How to make the world’s best brownie — it’s from Edouardo Jordan’s Lucinda, and it’s whole wheat!?

Here’s the recipe for the brownies our food writer went nuts for — plus pastry chef Margaryta Karagodina’s 8 tips for making them at home.
Tags: News, Life, Lifestyle, Food & Drink, Pacific NW Magazine, Lucinda, Edouardo Jordan, Margaryta Karagodina

This crispy, pan-roasted chicken is dinner for two, with a side of vegetable hash

This is not a one-pan recipe, but it comes pretty darn close. And the end result is a pan of juicy, flavorful chicken thighs with delectably crispy skin.
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Advocaat doesn’t necessarily go over easy as a cocktail … but maybe as Easter dessert?

If you can’t stomach this gooey, boozy egg liqueur as a sunny-side bottom’s up, recipes abound for cakes and puddings (and, here, for eierlikör itself).
Tags: News, Life, Lifestyle, Food & Drink, Advocaat, Pacific NW Magazine

A star bartender from the Big Easy comes to Seattle — at The State Hotel’s Ben Paris bar

A star bartender comes to Seattle to open the cocktail bar Ben Paris in downtown.
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle, Big Easy, State Hotel 's Ben Paris, Ben Paris

Drunken shopping is a multibillion-dollar industry. Here are some weird things Seattle residents bought while inebriated

Shopping under the influence can result in surprises when the purchases arrive, some of our readers tell us.
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Don’t listen to a controversial study. It really is OK to eat eggs.

Not sure whether it’s OK to eat eggs? Media coverage of a study released last month in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) may have added to the confusion. Let's look at the facts.
Tags: Wellness, News, Life, Food & Drink, American Medical Association JAMA

For huge sandwiches, delicious pub grub in a family-friendly setting, visit Uncle Eddie’s Public House

Uncle Eddie's Public House, in Seattle's South Park neighborhood, delivers on its specialty — yummy grilled sandwiches that come in generous portions. They don't have any burgers, but do yourself a favor and try their meatloaf sandwich that will satisfy all your burger cravings.
Tags: News, South Park, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle, Eddie, Public House, Uncle Eddie

Seattle star chef Renee Erickson shuts down her General Porpoise doughnut shop in Los Angeles

James Beard award winning chef Renee Erickson closes her doughnut shop in Los Angeles because of low sales. But, she does not rule out a return to the Los Angeles market later.
Tags: News, Life, Los Angeles, Food & Drink, Seattle, James Beard, Renee Erickson

Flank steak meets stir-fry: Here’s what happens when you treat the ingredients right

Believe it or not, this recipe suggests you slice the flank steak with the grain for this stir fry concoction. But it'll work out for the best, really.
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Spring 2019 Seattle Restaurant Week: 11 places to hit up if good ambience is your priority

Something special about the setting makes these normally pricey places worth considering during the restaurant promo bonanza.
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle

Spring 2019 Seattle Restaurant Week: Want bang-for-buck? Here are the 13 best places for overall value

Where can you get the most for your Seattle Restaurant Week money? Here's our take on the best deals.
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle, Seattle Restaurant Week

Spring 2019 Seattle Restaurant Week: Welcome the newbies! Here are 15 new places to try

With 165-plus restaurants taking part in Seattle Restaurant Week, how do you choose? One strategy is to hit a new — or new to SRW — place that you've been meaning to try anyway.
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle

This Seattle 12-year-old has won Tom Douglas’ respect. Now, she’s out to win ‘MasterChef Junior.’

Sadie Suskind fell in love with food and cooking after she discovered Julia Child. Since then, the middle schooler has become a culinary wunderkind, and she's impressed judges on "MasterChef Junior."
Tags: Television, News, Entertainment, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle, Local News, Tom Douglas, Sadie Suskind, Julia Child Since

Americans are drinking more ‘gourmet’ coffee. This doesn’t mean they’re drinking great coffee.

Is America is becoming a coffee snob country? Here are a plethora of coffee facts from the National Coffee Association USA's annual survey.
Tags: Travel, News, Life, America, Food & Drink, Local News, National Coffee Association USA

Feels like family: Seattle’s Dacha Diner might be your new favorite place

That pretty triangle-shaped building on Capitol Hill gets an affordable new place that feels like the world's best old friend. The food is wonderful, the people are warm. Dacha Diner is a place where everyone feels welcome.
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Capitol Hill, Seattle, Dacha Diner

How to Make Ballpark Pretzels

Spring is here, and so is the baseball season, and with these atmospheric and athletic shifts, my thoughts are turning to warm evenings spent at the stadium with a cold beverage in one hand, and a big pretzel — with a soft inside and a crisp brown crust — in the other.  Happily, however, one need not live out this picturesque scene only on game days: you can in fact make delicious ballpark pretzels right at home.  These are admittedly a little bit involved, so it’s not a great project for the ...
Tags: Cooking, Cook, Life, Travel & leisure, Food & Drink, Recipes

Channel your inner lumberjack-and-Jill. Ax throwing comes to Seattle at Blade & Timber on Capitol Hill

Forget darts. How about ax throwing? One company thinks this sport has a bright future in the Pacific Northwest.
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Capitol Hill, Seattle, Jill Ax

Canlis up for two James Beard awards including best chef in the Northwest

Three Seattle chefs are in the running for Best Chef in the Northwest.
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