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The Federal Government Will Pay You $1,000 to Adopt a Wild Horse

If you've wanted a horse your whole life, well, now is the time because the U.S. government will give you a whole grand to adopt one.
Tags: Life, Animals, Amazing, Bizarre, Gallery

Kim Kardashian Reveals the Reality of Her Psoriasis With Brutally Honest Photo

Kim bravely showed her face during a psoriasis flare-up and people are applauding her honestly.
Tags: Music, Kim Kardashian, Entertainment, Life, Society, Gallery, Kim, Trending News, Intriguing, Science & Nature, TV & Movies

This Thai Model Makes Low-Cost Cosplay of Famous Characters Using Food

22-year-old Sine's parody cosplay career began as a means of promoting her own plus-size clothing shop.
Tags: Art, Entertainment, Cute, Funny, Life, Amazing, Gallery, Intriguing, Sine

New Study Proves the Price of Wine Will Change What You Think of It

If you think you know your wine, this study might surprise you.
Tags: Life, Amazing, Gallery, Food & Drink, Intriguing

Paris Jackson Hospitalized for Suicide Attempt

According to TMZ, police and paramedics were called to the scene at 7:30am after Jackson reportedly cut her wrists at her home.
Tags: Music, Life, Society, Gallery, Social Issues, Jackson, Trending News, Paris Jackson Hospitalized for Suicide Attempt

Parents Rejoice, There Are Now Slippers to Prevent You From Stepping on LEGOs

After 60 years of LEGO, we're finally getting the foot protection we need.
Tags: Funny, Life, Gallery, Hacks

Lori Loughlin Has Been Fired From All Hallmark Productions and Netflix Show ‘Fuller House’

After Operation Varsity Blues, Lori Loughlin's career is paying the price.
Tags: Life, Gallery, Social Issues, Fails, Trending News, TV & Movies, Lori Loughlin, Netflix Show ` Fuller House

Netflix Has Canceled Its ‘One Day at a Time’ TV Series

As heartwarming as it was to see the inspired revival of such an old classic, it's just as heartbreaking to hear that Netflix has canceled the show.
Tags: Entertainment, Life, Netflix, Gallery, Trending News, z - Uncategorized

Doughnut Shop Owner’s Son Tweeted About His Dad’s Shop And People Showed Up

This is one of those stories of the internet being fantastic.
Tags: Cute, Life, Gallery, Food & Drink, Trending News

The #Trashtag Challenge Has People Cleaning up Parks and Beaches All Over the World

Hundreds of before and after photos are being posted from across the globe. This is a viral challenge we can get behind :clap:
Tags: Life, Gallery, Trending, Gallery. Trending

Ex-Navy Seal Shows Chris Evans his ‘Captain America’ Glass Eye

Chris Evans had the perfect reaction :clap:
Tags: Entertainment, Life, Gallery, Chris Evans, Ex Navy, Gallery. Trending

The Newest, Weirdest Parenting Trend is Sonogram Nails

It is the newest trend for pregnant women.
Tags: Funny, Life, Bizarre, Gallery, BPM, Gallery. Trending

Map Shows All the Places Eagles Visit in a Year and People Are Guessing Why They Avoided the Sea

After finding an eagle on his walk a young man made a truly incredible discovery . . .
Tags: Life, Gallery, Science & Nature, Gallery. Trending

Science Proves That Husbands Are Big Babies That Cause Wives Stress

I'm sure this comes as a surprise to absolutely no woman at all...
Tags: Funny, Life, Relationships, Society, Gallery, Evergreen, BPM, Gallery. Trending

We Can’t Get Over This LEGO-Style Bike Helmet

They teamed up with a Danish development company called MOEF to make their dream a reality using an awesome 3D printer to develop their design.
Tags: Shopping, Cute, Funny, Life, Amazing, Gallery

Female Virgin Atlantic Flight Attendants Officially No Longer Forced to Wear Makeup to Work

Of course companies want their staff to look presentable, but they don’t need to enforce outdated gender stereotypes to achieve that.
Tags: Life, Society, Gallery, Social Issues, Intriguing

Horrifying New Details Emerge From Michael Jackson ‘Leaving Neverland’ Documentary

"When someone is sexually abused as a child, especially by such a prominent figure, it changes the course of their lives.”
Tags: Music, Entertainment, Life, Society, History, Gallery, Social Issues, Michael Jackson

We’re Obsessing Over Netflix’s ‘Someone Great’ Trailer From the Creator of ‘Bridesmaids’

The movie is being released on Netflix April 19, and that date just can't come any sooner.
Tags: Entertainment, Funny, Life, Netflix, Gallery, TV & Movies

97-Year Old Fashion Icon, Iris Apfel, Just Signed with IMG Modeling

If you're ever feeling like you haven't accomplished enough in your life, 97-year-old Iris Apfel is now being represented by the prestigious IMG Models which proves that you can pursue a career at any age.
Tags: Life, Amazing, Gallery, IMG, Iris Apfel, Gallery. Trending

Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek Has Been Diagnosed With Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Trebek has been hosting the popular show for over 30 years.
Tags: Entertainment, Life, Gallery, Alex Trebek, Trebek

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